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Word of Mouth is How Freelancers Find Jobs

Small Business Labs

It's not surprising that independent workers (freelancers, temps, self-employed, etc.) rely on word of mouth/referrals for getting business.

Many Americans Planning to Go Freelance

Small Business Labs

As part of the MBO Partners State of Independence study a national, statistically significant survey of adult (ages 21+) Americans is conducted.

A business case outline for an internal PA network

Practically Perfect PA

PA retention rates will be at an all time high and this will remove company expenditure on temps. Have a launch event to promote the PA network.

More on Academic Freelancers

Small Business Labs

Adjunct faculty is what colleges and universities call temp or part-time professors.   The report covers the result of a survey of academic freelancers (the adjuncts).  Many  colleges and universities are in financial trouble , which means more temp faculty members. According to the report, there are about 1.8

MBO's Independent Worker Study

Small Business Labs

  This study will examine the significant and growing independent worker (self-employed, freelancer, contractor, temps, etc.)   The study has both qualitative and quantitative components, including interviews and focus groups of independent workers and a national survey.  movement in the US.

Is Freelancing More Secure Than Traditional Employment?

Small Business Labs

One of the more interesting data points from the MBO Partners State of Independence surveys is how independent workers (freelancers, temps, self-employed, etc.)   In our 2012 survey, 39% of the respondents said independent work is more secure than traditional employment. look at job security.

Corporations Hiring More Contingent Talent

Small Business Labs

  Supporting this forecast, 70% of corporate respondents to their survey say they expect their contingent workforce to grow over the next year.

225 Foreign Phrases to Inspire You

Daily Writing Tips

autres temps, autres moeurs : other times, other customs. tour d’horizon : circuit of the horizon (general survey). Here’s another writing challenge for you, a sequel to 150 Foreign Expressions to Inspire You. I’ve listed foreign phrases that eloquently draw, in just a few words, a portrait of a person or a situation. Expressions

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