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The RideShare Guy's 2017 Driver Survey

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The RideShare Guy released their  2017 Survey Results: Driver Earnings, Satisfaction and Demographics.  This confirms something we see across all our survey work on the gig economy.

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Survey: 29% of American Workers Have Side Jobs

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  So we're just getting to a survey on side gigs that CareerBuilder released in September. Key quote from the survey press release : According to a new CareerBuilder survey, 29 percent of workers have a side hustle, a trend that is especially strong among the millennial demographic.

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Most Small Businesses Started by Investing Less than $30,000

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Census 2014 Survey of Entrepreneurs. Regular readers may remember back in 2014 we reported on a survey that said most small businesses are started with less than $10,000. The data from the 2014 survey was for small businesses with fewer than 50 employees.

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The Rise of Solopreneur Manufacturing Companies

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Federal Reserve study  2015 Small Business Credit Survey: Report on Non-Employer Firms  also found a high rate of contract worker usage by non-employers.

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Growing Direct Selling Industry Employs Over 20 Million Americans

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A Bloomberg Government survey found that 77% of direct sellers are highly satisfied.  According to the Direct Selling Association (DSA), about 20.2 million Americans are involved in direct selling the U.S. This is up from 15.8 million in 2010. 

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Staffing Industry Research Firm Says There are 44 Million Gig Workers

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  They surveyed 7,700 U.S. The Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA)  recently released a study showing that nearly  30% of the U.S. workforce are gig workers. This works out to be about 44 million Americans. They also found that contingent workers represented $792.4

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Most Small Businesses are Started with Less than $10,000

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Intuit recently did a survey of small business owners. A key finding was 64% of small business owners surveyed said they started their business with less than $10,000 in invested capital.

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Corporate Layoffs Make Independent Work Look More Secure

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In our spring 2016 MBO Partners State of Independence survey , 43% of independent workers surveyed reported being independent is more secure than holding a traditional job. Cisco announced last week it's laying off 5500 employees. This is about 7% of their workforce. Cisco

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The London Times on the Future of Work

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The report chart below shows (click to enlarge) the results of two surveys on the potential impact of AI, robotics and automation.  The London Times has an interesting special section on the future of work that was developed by the marketing content agency Ranconteur. 

2016 72

LinkedIn on the Power of Weak Ties - Implications for Coworking & Freelancers

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Key quote: But over and over again, studies and surveys show us that "weak connections" are key to getting the job of your dreams—not the strong ties that everyone places so much weight on.

2016 86

Using On-Demand Economy Platforms to Start and Build Businesses

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According to the survey results, 37% of those using online, on-demand platforms have an existing business and 21% have a desire to run their own business.

2017 64

Coworking Spaces are Human Spaces

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Last week the results from the spring coworking space member survey were released at the Global Coworking Conference Unconference (GCUC). Emergent The key results from the survey illustrate this.  Emergent Research (that's us) partnered with GCUC and Jacob Sayles of Office Nomads on this study. The key finding is while coworking spaces are definitely workspaces, they are also much more. They are places where members work, network, learn and socialize together. 

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The Federal Reserve Recognizes the Gig Economy

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The Federal Reserve Board's Survey of Enterprising and Informal Work Activities (EIWA) provides a detailed look at those working in the online and offline gig economy.

2016 70

Only 58% of Employers Think Employees are More Loyal Than Freelancers

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We were very surprised by the results from  a recent survey  on contingent work done by a group consisting of the Aspen Institute’s Future of Work Initiative, the Markle Foundation, Burson-Marsteller and TIME Magazine. They surveyed employers and found that only 58% think their employees are more loyal than their contingent workers.   The survey also reports that almost all employers are satisfied with the performance of their contingent workers.

2016 73

Survey: 1 in 3 Americans are Freelancers

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The Freelancers Union and Elance - oDesk released a study showing that 34% of the American workforce freelances in some form. According to the study, 53 million Americans said they engaged in some form of freelance work in the past year. The study breaks these folks into 5 segments: "Independent Contractors" (40%, or 21.1 million) don’t have a traditional employer and do freelance, temporary or supplemental work on a project-to-project basis. Moonlighters” (27 percent, or 14.3

Most Americans Don't Want to Be Gig Workers, But 60 Million Do

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Late in August Deloitte released survey results under the headline Deloitte survey finds 67 percent of Americans who have worked as independent contractors would choose not to do so in the future.    This led to a series of articles suggesting that this shows the gig economy is doomed because no one wants to be a freelancer ( click here for an example from Forbes ). More recently the Staffing Industry Analysts released their Gig Workforce study.

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Contingent Labor Comprises 38% of Corporate Workforces

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  The study is based on a survey and series of interviews with mostly HR and procurement professionals at large corporations.  Ardent Partners recently released their 2016-2017 State of Contingent Workforce Management report. 

2016 64

Attitudes Towards Freelancing Improving

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The chart below (click to enlarge) shows some of the key data on the improvement from our annual survey of independent workers.

2016 75

The Institute for the Future's Profile of On-Demand Economy Workers

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We used statistical clustering based on the results of a survey of about 4500 on-demand economy workers.    We're currently in the field with this year's On-Demand Economy survey.

2016 61

Defining and Achieving Small Business Success

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  The study consisted of a survey of over 400 small business owners coupled with a set of 26 in-depth interviews with "successful" business owners.

2016 64

Seeking Freelance Flexibility With Full-Time Stability

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The study the article refers to is Deloitte's 2017 Millennial Survey. Deloitte surveyed 8,000 Millennials from 30 countries and found: "In spite of perceived across-the-board advantages of working as freelancers or consultants, nearly two-thirds of millennials said they prefer full-time employment. The Inc. article What Do Millennials Want From Their Employers, Exactly?

2017 28

Take the Freelancers Union Live and Work Survey

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The Freelancers Union is conducting a survey on how freelancers work and live. The goals of the survey are to better understand how freelancers are changing the definition of success and how they are working with one another to improve their business outcomes.

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Small Businesses Turn to Their Accountants & Each Other for Advice

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According to one of their recent surveys, small business owners turn to a number of sources for advice and as the chart below shows, accountants are their first choice. We were somewhat fascinated that the survey asked about Google.

2015 80

Somewhere Between 2.5 million and 59 Million Americans "Work" in the Online Gig Economy

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Their survey asks: "In the last year, did you earn money by selling something online?" " 18% of adult Americans surveyed said yes. 8% of the survey respondents said yes to this.

2016 52

Why People Choose Self-Employment

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  We like seeing other surveys finding similar results to ours. TD Ameritrade did a study late last year on retirement savings and the self-employed.  One of the questions they asked was why people chose self-employment over traditional employment.

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Stride Health's Study on Gig Workers and Health Insurance

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  The study's key findings are: Gig workers are uninsured at three times the rate of average Americans : 35% of those surveyed were uninsured while only 10.5%

Microbusiness Owners and Second Jobs

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A new tracking survey by Sam's Club and Gallup has some interesting data on microbusiness owners and 2nd jobs.

2014 84

Have We Reached Peak Gig Economy?

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According to the National Technology Readiness Survey , in 2015 22.4 Last week's always excellent O'Reilly Next Economy newsletter asked the question Have We Reached Peak Gig? They asked this in response to a number of recent negative press articles on the gig economy.

2017 37

Coworking, Independent Work and Happiness

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The 2015 MBO Partners State of Independence survey results , which we worked on with MBO Partners, shows that most independent workers report being happier (79%) and healthier (59%) working on their own.

2015 71

Most Small Businesses Have Less Than $400,000 in Annual Revenue

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Annual Survey of Entrepreneur s, the median U.S. According to data from the  2014 U.S. employer small business (those with paid traditional employees) generates less than $400k in revenue.

2014 46

1 in 3 Small Business Owners are 65 or Older

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  For over a decade Barlow has fielded a quarterly survey of businesses on topics of interest to financial institutions. Because of their history and the comprehensive nature of the their surveys, Barlow has lots of interesting and insightful information on small businesses. 

2015 75

Freelancers and the Rise of Multiple Income Sources

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  As the article's title states, 87% of the surveyed freelancers reported having more than one source of income. But its been very hard to quantify this information via surveys.

2014 76

Why Surveys Show Wide Differences in Small Business Social Media Use

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You many have noticed that different surveys show very different small business social media usage rates. For example, the Wall Street Journal article Facebook Tops for Small Business reported on a survey that found small businesses quite positive about social media.    Key quote on the survey results: "About seven in 10 small-business owners say they “strongly agree” that social media is important to their business."

The Decline of Employee Training & The Rise of Side Gigs

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  In our most recent survey of people with 2nd jobs, about 20% of these "side giggers" said "learning new skills" was the reason they had a 2nd job.   We don't have historical survey data on this.

2015 71

What Small Businesses Want from their Accountants

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It's clear from the Sleeter survey that small businesses are looking towards their accountants to move beyond providing just tax prep and bookkeeping and become trusted business advisors.

2014 87

For Many Boomers, Work is the New Retirement

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retirement survey.  Transamerica's Center for Retirement Studies recently released the results from their 17th annual U.S.   As with prior years, it's full of interesting data on the retirement preparations and plans of Americans of all ages. 

Consulteering - A New Approach to Retirement

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Key quote from the article: "A sizable 60 percent of retirees surveyed last year by the nonprofit Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies  said they were pushed out of their jobs before age 65, largely for reasons out of their control, according to Catherine Collinson, president of T.C.R.S." Work a Little, Play a Little: A New Retirement Strategy from the New York Times covers the  growing trend towards people working part-time in retirement.

Fast Food Declining; Food Trucks Increasing

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The Forbes article Survey Says Americans are Losing Their Appetite for McDonald's, Taco Bell and Burger King covers a study showing that consumers - and especially Millennials - are choosing fast casual restaurants over fast food places. Key

2014 71

How Large Corporations See Contingent Workers

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The study surveyed around 300 global business leaders to understand the talent challenges large organizations are facing and identify the best practices among leading companies working with external talent.

2015 65

Self-Employed Happier With Lives Than Employees

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  These findings are very much in alignment with the results of our work surveying and interviewing the self-employed. Life Satisfaction and Self-Employment is an interesting academic study out of the UK.

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