Are You Making These Social Media Mistakes

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When asked about the most common social media mistakes that take job seekers out of the running for a position, 45 percent of human resources (HR) managers cited writing negative or inappropriate comments. View an infographic of the survey findings about social media mistakes.

Using social media when organising an event

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Over the last few years the events industry have wholeheartedly embraced social media and assistants should also be doing this when they organise internal events for their businesses. Here are 6 examples of how social media can help you with the events you organise: 1.

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Does Social Media Work for Sales and Marketing?

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Gallup has caused quite a stir with a survey showing that social media has little to no impact on the purchasing decisions of most consumers. Nearly every social media platform has gone through significant changes since Gallup collected its data. social media

Why Surveys Show Wide Differences in Small Business Social Media Use

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You many have noticed that different surveys show very different small business social media usage rates. They also show very different views on how effective social media is for small businesses. For example, the Wall Street Journal article Facebook Tops for Small Business reported on a survey that found small businesses quite positive about social media.    The Citibank survey was done using a random sample and by phone.  A

The Millennials’ Mania Over Social Media

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The way they take back steps to evaluate their social media use, which platforms they should use, and what content they want to have access to can greatly affect the way social media works. Facebook started out as a social platform for college students. According to a recent survey, 41% of millennials still use Facebook every day. Younger Millennials Favor Disappearing Media.

Solopreneur Survey Results: 2013 Was a Good Year, Expectations Are Very High for 2014

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Those are among the key findings in The Solopreneur Life 2013 End-of-Year Survey. This is the third year for The Solopreneur Life survey, which was conducted during the first three weeks of December. The survey attracted 204 responses. Download the complete survey results (PDF).

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Customer-Obsessed Service

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Social media has pushed customer service to the forefront for many organizations. Responses are often faster in social media than they are in traditional service channels, since social media makes everything extremely visible.

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Survey: Most Business Owners Remain Optimistic in California

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Most California-based entrepreneurs want to invest more resources to grow their company, according to a recent survey by California Bank & Trust (CB&T). … CEO Leadership business surveys business trends california business trends

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27% of Small Businesses Using Facebook

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Network Solutions recently released its 2010 State of Small Business report and it has lots of interesting information, including data on social media usage by small businesses.   You may wonder why this survey shows lower social media usage than other surveys

2011 Survey Results: Solopreneurs Are Optimistic About 2012, Despite Challenges

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Those are among the findings in The Second-Annual Solopreneur Life 2011 End-of-Year Survey. The anonymous survey, which was conducted using Survey Monkey and attracted 77 responses, consisted of 25 questions and was conducted during the first three weeks of December. Respondents were able to complete the survey only once. Here are the major takeaways from the survey. Nearly half of the solopreneurs surveyed take little or no vacation. Social Network ROI.

2012 25

Solopreneur Survey: More Outside Vendors Will Be Hired in 2011

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T his is the last in a series of articles that examine the results of The Solopreneur Life 2010 End-of-Year Survey, which was conducted between December 12 and December 21. Join community and receive the complete survey results free. Surveys

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Why Don’t You Engage Your Customers in Social Media?

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Simply put, they’re avoiding using social media to attract and engage consumers, therefore dropping the ball when they could be scoring a touchdown. Social Media No Longer a Fad. Connecting Social Media and Customer Relationship Management.

Recruiting With Social Media Can Backfire

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Why using social media as a means of recruitment can backfire. billion people use their mobile device in order to access social media sites, and with Facebook home to over 1.15 Anti-social networking.

Is Corporate Social Media Sales Media?

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Small Business Labs Tracking and Forecasting the Trends Impacting the Future of Small Business Welcome to Small Business Labs Small Business Labs, from Emergent Research , covers the key social, technology and business trends impacting small business.

106 Thoughts on Overcoming Overwhelm in a Freaked-Out World

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  I hear it from my clients and workshop participants as well as my connections on social media sights.  Change the settings on your social networking sites that automatically notify you of new activity. Productive & Organized Home Contribute to P&O!

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Communicating With Small Businesses Using Facebook

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The blog post I found most interesting shows that Facebook is the preferred social media network small businesses want their suppliers to use to communicate with them.    The chart below is from the ECSB blog post on this topic and based on a January survey

InboxQ's Excellent Twitter Q&A User Survey

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I wasn't familiar with InboxQ until I saw a reference to a survey they'd done in Entrepreneur's Why Savvy Businesses Field Customer Questions on Twitter.  " Because of our blog, we get sent a lot of surveys to review.    But the big problem is not survey methodology, it's how the results are presented.    It was a non-scientific online survey, which I think is fine given their goals, objectives and market. 

How to Find a Job Using Social Media

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We thought social media would be cheaper and would reach our exact target since most public-relations professionals are participating in it." If they pique my interest on social media, then I'll call and have a conversation."

9 Useful Tools for a Small Business to Manage Work Better

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You can also use it to create many different kinds of forms such as for orders, meetings and customer surveys. It is important nowadays for a small business to have a substantial online presence, especially in social media.

Is Using Social Media at Work a Good Idea?

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Helpful information and advice from Americas favorite workplace columnist About Anita Blog Books Syndicated Column Interviews Career Links Contact Thursday, July 22, 2010 Is Using Social Media at Work a Good Idea? Do you think its OK to use social media at work?

Word of Mouth is How Freelancers Find Jobs

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Survey data from the MBO State of Independence study shows that 67% of independent worker respondents listed word of mouth as the most important source for getting assignments.    Social media was distant 4th, with only 3%.

5 Things You Need To Get Rid Of To Become Successful In Life

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According to surveys, the majority of Americans are ignorant even about basic nutritional facts. Don’t be too dependent on social media and television. Do you get paid for watching too much TV or posting too much on social media? If you’re not paid, then avoid television and social media. Studies show that social media is highly addictive. Furthermore, this social media addiction could also lead to other substance addiction.

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Fast Food Declining; Food Trucks Increasing

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The Forbes article Survey Says Americans are Losing Their Appetite for McDonald's, Taco Bell and Burger King covers a study showing that consumers - and especially Millennials - are choosing fast casual restaurants over fast food places. Key

2014 71

Small Business Owners Charge Full Steam Ahead

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The survey of over 1,100 small business owners found more than half (56 percent) think the first quarter of 2013 was successful and 79 percent believe the second quarter will be positive for their companies. Entrepreneurs Marketing Social Media management mobile marketing

Is Mobile Tech Making You Uneasy At Work And Home?

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The blurring of lines, however, has meant that social media intrudes on what would be work time. Many of us check social media during meetings or other work obligations. You can find the research results, along with visuals, here: Mobile Tech Survey Assets.

2016 61

I’ve Completed a Massive Update to the ‘Tools That Work’ Page

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Social Media Software Starting Out Surveys Time Management WordPress Tools That Work After I launched, one of the first pages I created was the Tools That Work page. It’s a resource page for solopreneurs’ online-commerce and website needs. This is a heads-up — I’ve completed a massive update to the Tools That Work page. Check it out. A lot of trial and error goes into selecting […].

Sources of Contingent Talent Shifting

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The Ardent Partners chart below from the article shows survey data on this shift. Social Media and Social Networks  Social media and social networks are expected to grow by 60 percent over the next two years.

2015 52

How Administrative Professionals Can Prepare for the Office of the Future

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They are being asked to become involved in and even take charge of areas such as social media and corporate responsibility. Almost an equal number of those surveyed (46 percent) said they would like to use their administrative skills to help in this area.

Please Take "The Organizational Use of Video Storytelling" Survey

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Small Business Labs Tracking and Forecasting the Trends Impacting the Future of Small Business Welcome to Small Business Labs Small Business Labs, from Emergent Research , covers the key social, technology and business trends impacting small business.   Click Here to Take the Survey.

How important is office culture?

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Our lovely friends over at Career Moves recently conducted a survey to find out how important salary is when looking for a new role. The Career Moves Office Support team recently sent out a Salary and Insights Survey, which produced some surprising results.

2016 77

Why You're Annoying Your Colleagues

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Stand up, walk to somewhere that’s a little bit more private to have those private conversations,” says Sydney Sloan, Jive’s social media expert. Another OfficeTeam survey finds that 44% of workers say that making a mess for others to clean up is the most annoying break room behavior.

Facebook Strategy For Your Small Business

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Here’s what no one in the social media space seems to want to say: Facebook is a difficult place to reach new eyeballs organically if you do not already have good brand awareness. Tags: Marketing Social Media facebook marketing strategies online branding

LinkedIn on the Power of Weak Ties - Implications for Coworking & Freelancers

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In fact, weak tie impacts are likely even stronger due the Internet and social media.

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‘Social listening’ can help businesses become more effective

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The buzz phrase “social listening,” also known as social media monitoring, can help organizations and businesses be more effective and build stronger brand relationships.

9 Stats About Small Business Digital Marketing in 2017

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In order to help small business digital marketing agencies and SEO professionals effectively forecast this year’s online marketing trends, white label SEO company HubShout conducted a survey which collected data on the digital marketing investments of small- to mid-size agencies. This report details the online marketing data for 2017 and compares it to the data taken from HubShout’s 2016, 2015, and 2014 surveys. For the first time ever, survey respondents reported that 30.3%

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Surprise! Your Customer Service Ain’t All That.

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In fact, when founder Mike Blumenthal conducted a survey, although business owners themselves believed that 75% of customers were experiencing excellent customer service, the customers themselves had something else to say. I could probably write a book on how many ways online technology can improve your customer service, but let’s start with: Conduct customer satisfaction surveys. Using social media the right way earns fierce customer loyalty.

What can assistants expect in 2015?

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Technology now allows individuals easier access to new opportunities and recruitment agencies are much more adapt at targeting the right candidates through social media and networking websites. Every January I seem to find myself in a bit of a confused state.

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Survey Shows Younger Workers Most Comfortable Job Hunting While Employed

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And, judging by a recent survey, many professionals are heeding this advice. Almost half ( 48 percent ) of survey respondents between the ages of 18 and 34 said they are likely to conduct job-search activities at work.

Majority of Holiday Shoppers Will Buy From Retail Stores This Year

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Recently Intuit conducted a holiday sales survey and produced The Small Business Owner’s Holiday Season Cheat Sheet infographic. Marketing Sales Social Media customers holiday sales holiday shoppingI found many of the statistics on this particular infographic interesting but one stood out most surprising to me. According to Intuit, 69% of holiday shoppers will still shop in retail store locations. That number seams really high to me.

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Home About Service Untitled Subscribe for Free Consulting Contact Archives Customer satisfaction surveys Cheryl April 19, 2010 Behind the Scenes , Customer Satisfaction , Customer Service , Surveys 3 Comments I used to dabble in some online survey groups to gain experience in identifying customer satisfaction criteria. The survey companies paid a ridiculously low compensation or offered lotteries, sweepstakes or points to keep us participating.