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Using social media to empower Assistants

Practically Perfect PA

Despite my passion for social media I haven’t always been adept at it and was a twitter virgin until The Assist Conference 2015.

15 social media and technology trends for 2015

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Be fun but be professional when using Social Media. Getting the most out of all of your social media platforms.

How to Use Social Media and Stay Productive


Let me start with a confession: I really like to use social media. I don’t like to use news websites or watch the news on TV, so social media is my main source of information. Working as a content writer, I also use social media to find out the challenges people face. Be intentional with social media.

Measuring the Impact of Social Media

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This post is part of the Social ROI Blog Carnival at Think Customers: the 1to1 Media blog. What are the costs? Measuring the gains.

The Link Between Branding and Social Media

Small Business CEO

We’ve talked before about the use of promotional products in your branding efforts. accounts across social media and is active on 2-3 of them.…

Top 5 social media tips for small businesses

Ian's Messy Desk

The post Top 5 social media tips for small businesses appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. (NC) Do you own a local floral shop?

Embracing Social Media for Business

The Small Business Blog

Social media sites are not longer just the realm of individuals, and those who regularly read my blog know I’m a huge advocate of the power of social media for small businesses. Here are a few ways to take advantage of social media for your business. Social Media Social media for business

Infographics: Restricting Social Media at Work

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How using social media sites affects productivity at work? Are you for or against allowing employees to use social networks while at work? Please grab my free productivity ebook! Productivity social media at workMaybe it depends, but do we need [.] Thank you for subscribing!

Social Media Basics for Bootstrap Businesses

The Small Business Blog Recent Trackbacks uberVU - social comments : Social comments and analytics for this post. Also success stories.

Is Your Social Media Campaign Falling on Deaf Ears?

Small Business CEO

Presumably, your company’s reasoning for using social media in the first place is more than likely at fault. Big mistake!

Should Employees be Allowed to Use Social Media?

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Since social media hit the front page almost a decade ago many employers have debated allowing employees’ full social media access.

Considerations For Social Media Use In The Workplace

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Social media has become so commonplace that many employees engage in its use at work on a daily basis. Provide a social media policy.

Strategies for Automating Some (Hopefully not All) of Your Social Media Content

Productive & Organized

I have been talking with people about social media a lot lately.  Have a Social Media Plan. Start with a plan! 

Social Media, Experiences and the Fear of Missing Out

Small Business Labs

 The reason is simple - social media allows people to record their experiences and share them with the world.

Our Social Media and Tech Training course is two weeks away!

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I just wanted to remind you that our Social Media and tech training course is two weeks away! Here are all the details: . The Trainer.

How Well Do You Manage Your Social Media Content Assets?

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I was on the phone the other day with one of my private clients and we were talking about her social media strategy. 

Social Media, Joint Venturing and Building a Kick Butt Workshop Speaking Biz

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We also connected via Twitter, LinkedIN and Facebook and she is a member of my secret Productivity Pros group on social media too.

Social Commerce: How Social Media Can Have A Major Impact On your Business

Small Business CEO

These days, social media is everywhere. Have you just received a new shipment of a highly sought after product?

Administrative/Clerical: Social Media is Here to Stay

Office Dynamics

Social media has the power to connect professionals and consumers, making it a valuable tool in everyday business operations.

4 Simple Productivity Hacks to Always Wake Up Productive

Dumb Little Man

The post 4 Simple Productivity Hacks to Always Wake Up Productive appeared first on Dumb Little Man. Your time is precious.

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Assistants Can Use Social Media To Their Advantage

Office Dynamics

Social Networking Tips. Do your homework and learn to use social networking to your professional advantage. Be kind. Joan Burge.

Four Ways to Systematize and Simplify Social Media

Andrea Kalli

Here are a few ways to systematize and simplify your Social Media efforts. Social media ‘gurus’ have invested thousands of hours in their online brands, often losing track of more important metrics in the process. Social media marketing is as much about opportunity cost as it is real results.

Featured Soloist Amy Pryor: “Embrace Social Media”

The Solopreneur Life

I think the best thing so far has been getting involved in social media. Embrace social media completely. Amy Pryor.

Social CRM: An Idea Whose Time has Come?

Customers Rock!

Social Media CRM, or Social CRM, is getting a lot of air time these days. Product Knowledge. But where does it fit? Laurie.

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Social Networking Tips for Executive and Administrative Assistants

Office Dynamics

Social Networking Tips. Do your homework and learn to use social networking to your professional advantage. Be kind. Joan Burge.

How Guy Kawasaki Manages His Social Media Presence

Ian's Messy Desk

It is a good insight into how “one” person, Guy Kawasaki , manages a large social-media presence. Productivity Tools

Are Social Media Websites The Next Collaboration Tools?

Small Business CEO

Social media has invaded modern life and anyone not on any of the big three platform is practically unknown. Businesses on Social Media.

Customer-Obsessed Service

Customers Rock!

Social media has pushed customer service to the forefront for many organizations. In my book , I talk about Killer Customer Service.

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Social Media Pre-Marketing: Three Ways to Build Value Before You Market a Launch

Andrea Kalli

Ideas for Using Social Media Pre-Marketing: Here are Three Ways to Build Value Before You Market. If there is one part of social media marketing that is particularly daunting, it is the product or service launch. 2) Empower other social media users to work with you. Not sure how all this works?

Infographic: Productive Offices

The Small Business Blog

Business Infographics infographic office space productivity

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Social Networking Tips for Executive and Administrative Assistants

Office Dynamics

Social Networking Tips. Do your homework and learn to use social networking to your professional advantage. Be kind. Joan Burge.

How to effectively complain using social media

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Social media, namely Facebook and Twitter get unhappy customers attention. Start with the traditional customer service steps first.

10 Productivity Musts for Freelancers

Dumb Little Man

Follow these 10 productivity tips for freelancers to get more out of your workday. It takes a great deal of integrity to be productive all day.

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5 Easy Ways To Find Potential Customers On Twitter

Small Business CEO

You may find a number of unbiased tweets regarding your company’s products and services.… Do you need more customers? The result?

Social Media Creates Productive Employees

Catch Friday

Generations of today have been so familiar with social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and blog sites. In the corporate world, social media can affect the productivity level of the employees in a positive or negative way. In what way does social media help employees to become more effective?

Using Instagram for business

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You can change this if you have a big campaign or product you are promoting. With everything social media related, consistency is key.

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Top 7 Ways to Improve Your Productivity

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When you have a lot of things to work on, maintaining your productivity level can be a struggle. Cool Tools Productivity Workplace

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Great resources for assistants on Twitter

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Twitter really is a great place for learning as well as being social. MarshaEgan: Workplace productivity and leadership coach.

4 Ways Smartphones Can Increase Workplace Safety

Office Dynamics

Put Social Media to Good Use. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest can also be used to boost workplace safety.

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How Businesses Can Embrace Google Plus to Launch New Products

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Google Plus is Google’s entry into the world of social media, and competes directly with social media giant Facebook.