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Top tips for writing press releases

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I recently volunteered to draft a press release to promote an e-petition on behalf of micro-enterprises in the UK. I’m not a Marketing/PR expert though I have written a fair few press releases in my time, but faced with a blank screen I had a minor panic about whether I could do the initiative justice…

Online Invoicing App CurdBee To Shutdown As Users Move To

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Business PR invoicing press release

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Press Release: Video Series for Executives Maximize the Time and Talents of Your Assistant

Office Dynamics

. Just Released Video Series for Executives. MAXIMIZE THE TIME AND TALENTS OF YOUR ASSISTANT. Set the bar high. Build a strategic partnership.

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Leading Administrative Training Company Donates Program to Deserving Organizations

Office Dynamics

Share your thoughts below about this news release, “administrative training company donates program.” The solution?

Press Release: Better Working Relationships Attract Employees To SMEs

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Top 5 Public Relations Tactics for Your Eco Friendly Business

Eco-Office Gals

Send out press releases on days that catch a lot of people’s attention when it comes to being eco-friendly, such as Earth Day.

2017 Top 10 Pet Product Trends

Small Business Labs

Package Facts recently released their list of 10 Pet Product Trends to Watch in 2017.  pet industry. But we still don't get it.

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The SEO Minefield

Small Business CEO

10 Press Releases. 20 Backlinks A Month. 30 Retweets. 50 Facebook Shares. On Page Optimisation. 1 x 500 Word Article. xx.xx.

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Enterprise Rockers: Response to Lord Young’s Report

The Small Business Blog

Enterprise Rockers #MicroBizMatters enterprise rockers Lord Young micro business Micro Business Matters

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2013 35

Small Business Labs: Moody's Small Business Information Zone

Small Business Labs

Follow us on Twitter Emergent Research EMERGENT RESEARCH is focused on better understanding the small business sector of the US and global economy.

Canadians Caught in Time Crunch

Ian's Messy Desk

Ian’s Messy Desk Helping you get the most out of the 24 hours in your day. Or, if you prefer, you can subscribe to my blog posts by e-mail.

Age of Conversation 3: It Is In BookStores and Available On-Line

Make or Break Moments

Yours truly has a chapter in this book as well as in the Age of Conversation 2. Read all about it and then order your copy.

Tips for Optimizing and Promoting Video Marketing Material for.

Andrea Kalli

Today, videos are fast becoming the standard medium for promoting products as well as publishing press releases, interviews, music, and so much more.

Survey: 29% of American Workers Have Side Jobs

Small Business Labs

  So we're just getting to a survey on side gigs that CareerBuilder released in September. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports.

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Tech Savvy Small Businesses Outperform Peers

Small Business Labs

The chart below, from the study (free registration required), nicely summarizes their findings. We agree.   trends Web/Tech

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2013 UPS 52

WinWeb Establishes Partnership With The IOEE For Small Business Success

The Small Business Blog

Tags: Announcements Press Releases WinWeb IOEE

Boost Your Online PR: Public Relations as Part of Online Marketing Strategy

Small Business CEO

A stunning article, a jaw dropping video or a killer press release could go viral instantly. This sounds really easy, in theory.

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Regus Claims - and Validates - Coworking

Small Business Labs

This week Regus , a very large global operator of business centers, issued a press release claiming that they are the world's largest provider of coworking facilities.    I find this press release interesting because Regus is basically validating the coworking trend.    Obviously Regus agrees. 

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2011 UPS 28

Coworking for Moonlighters

Small Business Labs

 According to their press release the new service provides: dedicated "after-work" and weekend hours, specifically for those who are working a second job, creating a new venture, building a side business or any other reason that might warrant the need for time outside of traditional business hours.

Why a Lot of Small Business Don't Need to Use Twitter

Small Business Labs

  Key quote from their press release: “Twitter has continued to gain traction but at more moderate levels than we had expected,” Verna said. eMarketer reports that 9% of the adult (18+) US Internet population currently uses Twitter at least once a month.  In other words, the hype around Twitter exceeded the reality. 

How To Develop Your Niche — 5 Quick Ideas Based on My Experience

The Solopreneur Life

Include a press release; your bio; list of potential interview and/or speaking topics; testimonials; and a photo of yourself.

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Cleveland's Startup Accelerator Program

Small Business Labs

  Their press release provides the following program description: The LaunchHouse Accelerator program aims to help entrepreneurs take their ideas to validation during the length of the program. Shaker LaunchHouse is a 23,000 square foot startup accelerator located in Shaker Heights, a suburb of Cleveland.

The Biggest Secret of Stellar Copywriting

Men With Pens

I wrote press releases for the music industry, which was pretty cool. Is there a secret copywriting conspiracy going on? Yes, they do.

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4 Reasons Why Media Exposure Is Essential To Kick-Start Your Small Business

The Small Business Blog

Tip – When distributing a press release , consider reaching out to the reporter directly via email notifying them of your news story so that if they are interested they have a chance to develop the story first. For more resources to help you craft a killer press release, read Jiyan’s posts and more on the PRWeb blog.

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The Changing Face of Entrepreneurs

Small Business Labs

  In early 2007 we released the Intuit Future of Small Business report The Changing Face of Entrepreneurs.    The Kauffman Foundation just released their annual Entreprenurial Activity Index for 2010 and I'm pleased to report our forecasts from 5 years ago (we did the research in 2006) are on target. 

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Small and Independent Brewers Continue to Gain Share

Small Business Labs

Key quote from their press release: In 2015, craft brewers produced 24.5  Retail dollar value was estimated at $22.3

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Master the Art of Re-purposing Your Work and You'll Save Multiple Hours - 50 Ideas To Get You Started

Productive & Organized

I've used client news on emerging trends that debuted originally as a press release to create speaking abstracts for conference and panel pitches.

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Speak for Yourself

Step It Up VA Coaching

There are many ways to market your business – email marketing, social media, press releases, attending networking events. by Donna Toothaker. But to really “kick it up a notch,” you have to put yourself out there, in person, in front of people. This is a hurdle worth jumping. Becoming the “Go To” Person…. Promoting Your Business….

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Why Surveys Show Wide Differences in Small Business Social Media Use

Small Business Labs

 They recently released a survey and their press release headline is  Citibank Survey Reveals Small Businesses Not Joining Social Media Conversation. You many have noticed that different surveys show very different small business social media usage rates.   Another point of view comes from Citibank.

Despite What the Government Statistics Say, Moonlighting is on the Rise

Small Business Labs

UpWork and the Freelancers Union recently released their 2016 Freelancing in America study. workforce. economy. Moonlighters (25%/13.5 million. 

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AP StyleGuard and the Death of Editing

Daily Writing Tips

But StyleGuard is fact, not fiction: The Associated Press announced it last week in a press release. Of course — if I adhered to Associated Press style. Thanks to a new software program called AP StyleGuard, human intervention in improvement of written content is no longer necessary. That’s a joke, folks. (So’s

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On-Demand Economy Work Primarily Part-Time

Small Business Labs

Intuit will be releasing additional data from this study in January.    Three of the key findings from this research are: 1.

2015 11
2015 11

How to improve customer service in the digital world

Service Untitled

Americans changing banks because of fees and poor customer service Market Watch issued a press release earlier today about studies.

Landlords Rolling out the Red Carpet for Dogs

Small Business Labs

Regular readers know we love pet trends here at Small Business Labs. Dog City will even post your dog's activities to social media. Pet Trends

How I Made My First $10,000: Selena Templeton

The Solopreneur Life

I’d been writing my whole life (stories, novels, screenplays, fake press releases about myself, to-do lists; anything!) Kidding.

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Principles of Plain English

Daily Writing Tips

Stationary corporate communications, including Web site copy, press releases, and mission statements, frequently fail to enlighten the target audience as well. Perspicuous written communication is fundamental in every aspect of human interaction — or should I say, “Clear writing is important whenever people interact”? Government.

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Social marketing 101: respond to your customers about social issues too

Service Untitled

My first post was deleted, but the second time I received a reply denying that animals were still being used, but also directed me to a press release link explaining that the company was working on alternative skin testing methods. Nowadays businesses are either riding the social media train or stranded at the depot. an ounce.

Label Maker Innovation and Atoms Versus Bits

Small Business Labs

Epson recently announced a new line of labeling products.    This product sells for just $39.99.    trends

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Transportation Security Administration criticized for poor customer service

Service Untitled

Americans changing banks because of fees and poor customer service Market Watch issued a press release earlier today about studies.

5 Reasons Not to Criticize First Drafts

Men With Pens

We are our own worst critics. One of the most daunting tasks facing writers is the task of finishing the rough draft. Instead, they nitpick. See #1.

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