13 Security Tips for Your Android Phone

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You most likely use your phone much more than you use any other device, and it’s probably loaded with your personal information. We want you to keep your Android device secure, and this is why we’ve rounded up some of the easiest and best security tips available.

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Repair or Replace Phone? Here’s Why You Need to Fix That Broken Phone

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What happens when you drop your cell phone and the screen cracks? Do you repair or replace the phone? Eventually, we get a new phone. Unfortunately, phones are getting more and more expensive. So, why don’t more people fix phones instead of throwing them away?

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Raise your hand if you like automated phone message systems…

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hard disk recovery on With cloud computing, who needs to back-up their data? Home Blog About Us Who we are About the Program Program Specifics Execs, HR Depts.

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13 Things You Can Do With Your Old Phone

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This leads most people to discard their phones, but it doesn’t have to be this way. There are still many surprising and creative things you can do with that old phone. You can download an eReader app to your old cell phone.

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Why I Discourage Phone Calls. Should You?

Tips From T. Marie

I’ve had a couple of people mention the fact that my phone number isn’t so easy to find on my Clerical Advantage website. Because I tend to discourage phone calls. I certainly see value in a phone (or Skype) call for certain situations.

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Mobile Phone Recycling – Promoting Proper Disposal of Electronic Gadgets

Eco-Office Gals

Mobile phone recycling is the best practice to save the planet and also to generate money in the process. Improper disposal of phones only fills out the landfills. Despite an economic downturn, the consumption of cell phones is on a steady rise. How are Old Mobile Phones Treated?

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Preparing for the Phone Interview

Job Advice Blog

Many of my clients have asked me to help them prep for a phone interview. What do you do on the phone? Despite the limitations associated with a phone screen you can still make a powerful impression – powerful enough to get the real deal – an invite to the office.

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Smart Phones: Master or Servant?

Simple Productivity Blog

They were all glued to their smart phones, only looking up from the tiny screens when their waitress would come by and ask a question. Why Get A Smart Phone? Most of the people I know have gotten smart phones for one of two reasons: either they wanted the latest toy for the sake of having the latest gadget; or they believed that having a smart phone was a sure-fire answer to productivity issues. Smart Phones: Master or Servant? Phone-Free Meals.

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5 Things to Help You Ace a Phone Interview

On The Job

They think they'll get some kind of warning that a phone interview will take place, when that's often not the case. Sometimes a hiring manager will just pick up the phone and call. Before you pick up the phone, take a deep breath so that you don't sound winded or rushed.

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4 Tips for Doing Well in a Surprise Phone Interview

On The Job

I've written before about phone interviews , and my friend Scot Herrick over at Cube Rules recently addressed the issue in a helpful post. I think anyone can do well in a phone interview if they're prepared, but what happens when you get an ambush call?

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We Know We're Rude With Our Phones -- But We Don't Do Anything About It

On The Job

Employees used their phones to do just about everything -- banning them from work would be like asking them to work with both hands tied behind their backs. But the one thing that hasn't changed is that people are still annoying others with their phone use.

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10 Tips for Taking Effective Phone Messages

Ian's Messy Desk

Home About Contact Me Links Sitemap 10 Tips for Taking Effective Phone Messages Posted by Ian McKenzie Written on October 14, 2010 If youre new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Write it down on a piece of paper, preferably a phone-message pad.

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Is Your Phone Hurting Your Career?

On The Job

Are you being held hostage by your phone? In my personal experience, mindlessly relying on my phone and computer has been a useful, albeit insidious, way of avoiding uncomfortable feelings," writes Charlotte Lieberman , a New York-based writer and editor in the HBR article.

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5 Options for Setting Appointments that Don’t Require a Phone

Tips From T. Marie

If you’re someone who has done business the traditional way for years you may not be able to fathom the idea of an office that doesn’t rely on the phone to do business. Did you know there are amazing online tools that can eliminate not only phone tag, but the phone itself for scheduling.

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Shake It Up!

Office Dynamics

It’s time to shake things up. This week I’d like you to really step out of your comfort zone—shake it up! It might be related to technology; how to use your sophisticated office phone system; how to use color coding for emails; how to have daily huddles with you and more.

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5 Ways to Nail a Surprise Phone Interview

On The Job

I think anyone can do well in a phone interview if they're prepared, but what happens when you get an ambush call? into the phone as you step in dog barf (the dog didn't like the cushion so much) and suddenly your career is teetering on the abyss. Children with less than stellar telephone-answering skills should be asked to refrain from answering the phone, unless they can tell from caller i.d. Don't answer the phone when you're in rush hour traffic or eating lunch.

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Streamline Phone Numbers To Boost Productivity

Simple Productivity Blog

It used to be that there was one phone per physical location. And I am old enough to remember when that phone was provided by the phone company, mounted to the kitchen wall, and there was a long cord attached to it. Here are some suggestions for streamlining the phones: Taking Stock. Most people have a work-provided phone. Most of us have cell phones. Do you have a work-provided cell phone or pager? Home phone. Do you need a home phone?

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Should You Follow Up After an Interview?

On The Job

No phone calls or emails from the hiring manager. Should you follow up? But if a week goes by and you've heard nothing, now is the time to follow up. If you feel like you didn't mention something that makes you right for the job, you can mention it in your follow-up.

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How to Beat the Competition: 24/7 Phone Answering Service

Small Business CEO

There are a number of things a small business can do, but today I’m going to suggest setting your business up to be able to take more calls — immediately!… … Information Technology business competition phone answering service

10 tips to tidy up your inbox

Practically Perfect PA

So today, I am sharing my 10 tips to tidy up your inbox. Set up a free email address (Hotmail or Gmail for example) that you can use for newsletters, updates, subscriptions etc. The post 10 tips to tidy up your inbox appeared first on Practically Perfect PA.

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Cellphone vs. Landline – Do You Need Both? How to Save on Your Phone Bills

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It’s hard to believe now, but up until about 20 years ago, a wireless phone was a luxury that only the wealthy could afford. Even in the early 1990s, the cellphone was considered to be a frivolous item, while the landline phone was a necessity.

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Sir, Please Put the Phone Down. 5 Tips to Free You From The Shackles of your Phone

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Are there Twitter or Facebook alerts popping up every three seconds? Research has proven that workers distracted by email and phone calls suffer from many issues, even including a fall in IQ during the period of distraction. Use your cell phone; don't let it use you.

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Moxie Tip 329: No More Phone Tag

Virtual Moxie

I hate being interrupted, and I hate playing phone tag. That's so true that my voicemail (office and mobile) is set up witha greeting meant to get more people to send me email so that I’m not interrupted. In part, it shares that if there’s any time sensitivity to what they need, they’d be smart to send it via email rather than leaving voicemail.

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Phone Coaching to Get You Organized

Clutter Coach

We discuss what you got done last week, how it went, what problems came up and how to deal with them, what you're planning for next week and how you'll make that happen. Click the link above for more details, or the one under Phone Coaching in the left column. As always, the initial half hour phone consultation is free. Republished by Blog Post Promoter The post Phone Coaching to Get You Organized appeared first on Clutter Coach.

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How to Manage Your Phone Call Mayhem

Productivity Bits

Here at Finmouse we use approximately 5 packs of post-its a week, we have an average of 500 plus contacts in our Phone Books, we talk to at least 50 phone contacts a day and probably have to remember 30 to 40 tasks related to those contacts. To get rid of this phone call mayhem, we came up with Call Reminder Notes an app that allows you to assign Reminder Notes to Phone Contacts, showing Reminder Notes during call with that Contact.

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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Phone Answering Service

Small Business CEO

Choosing the right phone answering service to take your customer calls and/or take calls from clients and associates when you’re not available is critical to growing a business successfully. Here are 5 tips to help you choose the right phone answering service for your company: 1.

Some of the Best GTD Apps for Android Phones

Productivity Bits

There are many different GTD apps that are available for Android phones. All cell phone plans and phones make downloading apps easy to do for your android phone. Android phones are typically able to access an Android Market in order to download the apps. and up.

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6 Steps To Get A Flood of Phone Calls With One Email

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The key to a “flood of phone calls email” is having something catchy and compelling that your audience can resonate with. Prior to sending the massive-flood-of-phone-calls-email, we followed the same process 3 weeks prior, sent a similar email and received phone calls. We broke up our email into 4 sections. Originally, our subject headline was something to the effect of: “Violations to your privacy from unwanted phone calls”.

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Time to Break Up?

Step It Up VA Coaching

The phone rings. It’s break-up time. Establishing boundaries with clients early in the relationship AND becoming clear on who is an ideal client for you will help to eliminate having difficult clients but some will sneak through on occasion, and these difficult clients will eat up your time, energy and passion for your business…but only if you let them. You’ll be freeing yourself from negativity, and opening up an opportunity for better clients to come in.

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The Benefits of Workplace Routines and How to Set Them Up

Eat Your Career

You have a specific time by which you need to get up, wake the kids, get in the shower, make the kids’ lunches, send them out the door, and jump in your car to head to work. Finally, allow me to add a few tips as you begin setting up and using your new workplace routines.

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How to Choose the Best Phone Answering Service for Your eCommerce Business

Small Business CEO

When it comes to phone service in an ecommerce business, the level needs to be top-notch. ” Understanding just how important customer service is, it’s not enough to call up the first phone answering service you see on the front page of Google, sign up, and call it a day.…

To Produce, Consume, or Just Leave My Phone in My Pocket


Then Kelly and Ferriss agreed on something I hadn’t thought of, their phones are poor input devices. It isn’t easy to produce something on our phones, so why focus on it when you can do better work someplace else? Wait, don’t I have a blog post going up today?

Get On The Phone With Joan: A Q&A Opportunity

Office Dynamics

Details on how to sign up for the call coming soon. Sign up below for access to our call so you can "get on the phone with Joan!". For the first time ever , Joan will be on the line, live on Tuesday, March 19 at 11:00 a.m. Pacific Time/2:00 p.m. Eastern, to answer your questions.

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Could technology make Assistants obsolete?

ProAssisting Blog

Submitted by Ethan on February 05, 2010 at 01:05 PM Just downloaded a new app for my iPhone that the maker calls, “The Personal Assistant in your Phone.&# My boss would never use the below app on their phone… that’s what they have ME for.

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Picking up skills along the EA career path

Practically Perfect PA

The skills you pick up along the assistant career path are invaluable and I for one would not be able to do the job I do today if I hadn’t started as a Team Administrator back in 2003. Speaking with confidence on the phone and forwarding calls.

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6 Ways On How To Wake Up Happy

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Most people don’t like waking up in the morning feeling grouchy, anxious, and pessimistic. If you are looking for ways to boost your optimism, here are a few tricks on how to wake up happy. Resist the Phone. Wake Up 30 Minutes Earlier.

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Why a Single Phone Line is All You Need

The Marq

TheMarq A Human Perspective on Business and Life Why a Single Phone Line is All You Need Technology Review I’m writing today about the use of a single phone line for all business and/or personal phone and SMS communication.

The ups and downs of working from home

Practically Perfect PA

I didn’t have a blackberry… actually I didn’t have a mobile phone that accepted emails or had the internet so it wasn’t easy to stay connected. I guess I saw working from home as either skiving off or something the grown-up managers did with their superior equipment!

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On the Job by Anita Bruzzese: Shoes, Phones and Backpacks: What.

On The Job

But it got me to thinking that no matter how many "rules" I provide about networking and resumes and other stuff, there are always those tricky little things that can trip you up if no one tells you. Sit up straight. Always sit up straight with your feet on the floor.

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Turn Up the Heat on Your Professional Passion

Eat Your Career

We’ve all seen those couples at restaurants who barely make eye contact and spend most of their time looking at their cell phones or gazing longingly at the couple on their first date next to them. The post Turn Up the Heat on Your Professional Passion appeared first on Eat Your Career.

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Routine Check Up

Practically Perfect PA

A large part of our role is to be the fountain of knowledge within the company, if you aren’t being asked where the stationary is then you are probably on the phone answering a query about a meeting taking place that day. Earlier this week I was reading an article on how to stay motivated and set routines that enable you to maximise your productivity.

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How To Get Wireless Internet Access With a Cell Phone | Internet.

Andrea Kalli

Many cell phone owners are not aware that both cell phones and portable computers have the capability to access the Internet from anywhere using wireless Bluetooth technology. Furthermore, they may already be paying for Bluetooth wireless access in their monthly cell phone plan.

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Choose Your Method of Communication Effectively – Email, Phone, In.

The Office Professionals Place

Monday, October 19, 2009 Choose Your Method of Communication Effectively – Email, Phone, In-person, “Snail&# Mail/Memos Have you ever received an email from someone who just started at the company asking you to do something and you haven’t been introduced?

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