Fabulous Drop Zone / Grab & Go Zone Tools for Your Office or Home

Stephanie LH Calahan

  Over 85% of the time they are late because they could not find their keys or their phone. The search for critical items often causes stress and irritation for you and for everyone else that you might be holding up.   Add a grab & go zone to your office and home! Cell phones, ipods, keys, blue-tooth headsets and all of the other things in your pockets or briefcases need a place to land when your day is in progress and when your day is over. 

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Administrative/Clerical: 5 Ways to Make Your Workspace an Oasis

Office Dynamics

If you have ever felt topsy-turvy working at your desk, it may be time to reevaluate your office setup. Administrative and clerical positions require focus, diligence, and superior workplace organization skills to keep the office running at full speed, but a workplace that feels impersonal or distracting can disrupt productivity and efficiency. Optimize your desk with organizers that store letterhead, a stapler, business cards, and other common office tools for easy access.

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