Results of the 2014 Solopreneur Survey: Quality of Life is Up, Expectations are Up, Facebook is Down

The Solopreneur Life

Those are among the key findings in The Solopreneur Life 2014 End-of-Year Survey. This is the fourth year for The Solopreneur Life survey, which was conducted from November 12 to December 20. The survey attracted 308 responses. percent will lean more on networking.

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Are You an Effective Job Search Networker?

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Loads of people network during their job search, but very few are effective at such networking. Certainly, some are better at it than others, but in general, the majority of people not only dislike networking but also are simply not good at it. Based on a survey they conducted, Ivan R. Interview Skills by Alex Freund networking Networking Strategies

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A business case outline for an internal PA network

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People are undoubtedly the best asset of every firm and having a PA network will help confirm that PA’s are an important and integral part of the organisation. Some potential ideas for a network are: Create a dedicated electronic forum in order to share best practice and information.

Survey: Solopreneurs Optimistic About 2011

The Solopreneur Life

Those are among the findings in The Solopreneur Life 2010 End-of-Year Survey. The anonymous survey was conducted using Survey Monkey, consisted of 25 questions, and was taken from December 12 through December 21. Respondents were able to complete the survey only once. Eighty-seven percent of the survey participants have earned at least an associate’s degree. Subscribers to received the survey results on December 31.

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For Freelancers, It's All About Networks

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We've been involved in several recent studies that show the importance networks play for freelancers and other independent workers (independent consultants, contractors, self-employed, etc.).  Given the importance of networks, this is a big problem.

Please Take Green America's Survey on Small Business Sustainability

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  They are conducting a national survey of small business owners to help them develop programs and incentives to help small businesses save money grow while increasing their sustainability.    This survey is part of a broader, Green America project project to identify and quantify “green” opportunities for small business.    We at Small Business Labs are excited about this project and are looking forward to the survey and study results. 

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How to Develop Your Inner Circle, a Webinar Replay with Peggy Vasquez

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Without a trusted support network—an “inner circle” of people to share their wisdom, experience, and belief in you—the road to success is elusive, if not impossible. Hint: It’s not just about “networking” for a new job!

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Are You Making These Social Media Mistakes

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According to an OfficeTeam survey, 45 percent of HR managers said writing negative or inappropriate comments is the most common social media mistake that takes job seekers out of the running for a position. View an infographic of the survey findings about social media mistakes.

How to Benefit from the Positive Job Market Outlook

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Based on a recent survey by economists, the job market outlook is projecting steady growth in employment. Interview Skills by Alex Freund interview Job Search Networking StrategiesRecruiting consultant CareerXroads reports that new companies find 28 percent of their hires via referrals. Job boards represent one in five applicants, or 20 percent. And career Web sites, about 10 percent. For job seekers or those who [.].

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The Industry Snapshot: The influence of Personal Assistants

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However, following our recent Industry Snapshot survey, we have a lot of interesting data that shows us the areas in which you have the most influence. According to the survey, 64% of Executives act on the advice given by their assistants. Assistants are natural networkers.

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Coworking Spaces are Human Spaces

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Last week the results from the spring coworking space member survey were released at the Global Coworking Conference Unconference (GCUC). Emergent They are places where members work, network, learn and socialize together.  The key results from the survey illustrate this. Networking related: 82% said coworking has expanded their professional networks. 79% said coworking has expanded their social networks.

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Please Take "The Organizational Use of Video Storytelling" Survey

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   As part of this research, SNCR is doing a survey on this topic. If you are involved in the strategy or tactics related to the use of online video for your organization, please help out by taking a short survey.    Click Here to Take the Survey.

Are You an Effective Job Search Networker?

Job Advice Blog

Loads of people network during their job search, but very few are effective at such networking. Certainly, some are better at it than others, but in general, the majority of people not only dislike networking but also are simply not good at it. Based on a survey they conducted, Ivan R. Interview Skills by Alex Freund career advice Individual Career Counseling interview preparation interview techniques Job Search Networking Strategies

27% of Small Businesses Using Facebook

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Network Solutions recently released its 2010 State of Small Business report and it has lots of interesting information, including data on social media usage by small businesses.   You may wonder why this survey shows lower social media usage than other surveys

Healthcare Industry Embracing the Gig Economy

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71%  of healthcare executives surveyed said they are already using on-demand labor platforms, and the same percent believe that building a strong contingent workforce will help them win the war on talent.

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Coworking, Weak Ties and Business Networks

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Deskmag's  Coworking Powers Weak Tie Business Networks is a guest article authored by us. It covers research we've recently conducted showing that coworking membership enhances weak tie business networks. They also conduct the annual Global Coworking Survey and other research on coworking and the future of work.   "Weak ties" are links among people who are not closely associated.

Man vs. Woman

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According to a recent survey , conducted by professor Felice Batlan, of 142 legal secretaries not one said they would prefer to work for a female partner. I was at lunch with a fellow EA a few weeks ago and as usual we were discussing our jobs and having a bit of a grumble about our work.

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Mapping Key Emerging Technologies

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The map's horizontal axis is based on survey of "members of the Traction Network (mostly CIOs, CTOs, and senior IT execs in the enterprise)"  They were asked to rank the importance of a wide range of technologies.

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LinkedIn on the Power of Weak Ties - Implications for Coworking & Freelancers

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Key quote: But over and over again, studies and surveys show us that "weak connections" are key to getting the job of your dreams—not the strong ties that everyone places so much weight on. There are several reasons weak tie networks are so important.

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Coworking, Independent Work and Happiness

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The 2015 MBO Partners State of Independence survey results , which we worked on with MBO Partners, shows that most independent workers report being happier (79%) and healthier (59%) working on their own.

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Deck the Halls… Organising your Office Christmas Party

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To counteract this I sent out a really quick email survey asking the team what they wanted to do and how much they were willing to pay etc. Christmas Party Events admin administrators Christmas Executive Assistant London Office Assistant Personal Assistant Productivity social networking VA Industry virtual assistant business Virtual Assistant trainingDressed as an elf for the office Xmas party. I can not believe how quickly Christmas has come around again this year!

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Serviced Apartments – pros and cons

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I conducted a short project, where I surveyed all of the consultants to find out what they needed from their accommodation. Accomodation admin administrators Apartment Executive Assistant Hotel LinkedIn London Personal Assistant Serviced apartment Travel Travel and Tourism VA Industry VA networking virtual assistant business Virtual Assistant training

New Research on Hard Benefits of Online Customer Communities


According to a 2011 survey, almost 50% of the top 100 global brands host some kind of network or community but are there any indications that these investments are paying off?

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HBR on Freelancers and Word of Mouth

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It also shows the importance of networks in finding work. That study surveyed folks who had worked as independents for more than 8 years and had higher than average incomes.   It's not surprising networks are important, but it is surprising how important.

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Does Social Media Work for Sales and Marketing?

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Gallup has caused quite a stir with a survey showing that social media has little to no impact on the purchasing decisions of most consumers.   The key study chart study, which shows 62% of consumers responded social media has no impact on their purchasing decisions, is below.

Sources of Contingent Talent Shifting

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The Ardent Partners chart below from the article shows survey data on this shift. Social Media and Social Networks  Social media and social networks are expected to grow by 60 percent over the next two years.

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The big PA questions

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There is so much going on at the moment – from events to week long training programmes; blogs to published books; new networking groups to professional associations. I’ve put together a very quick survey (it is literally one question!)

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Why Your Employer Wants You to Be Healthy

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A survey by AtTask finds that 37% of workers say interruptions lead to "work hell." • We work too much. Some 57% of workers put in more than 40 hours a week while 8% work more than 60 hours a week, the AtTask survey finds.

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Young Farmers: Educated, Female and Pursuing Sustainable Farming

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The tech startup Farmers Business Network just announced they raised an addition $110 million.  The National Young Farmers Coalition's report Building a Future with Farmers covers the demographics, issues and needs of young farmers (those under the age of 40).

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Tech Choices for the On-the-Road Office

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mobile networks have responded to the clarion call, so to speak, for fast and responsive mobile technology. By 2014, all mobile networks offered 4G technology, a major reason for that year’s record-setting smartphone sales.

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The Attributes of Successful Freelancers

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Earlier this year we surveyed 547 successful independent workers (independent consultants, contractors, freelancers, etc.)   Not surprisingly, our survey respondents said having a marketable set of skills or expertise is the most important attribute for independent worker success. 

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Can’t get much customer satisfaction with Facebook

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Just this week the American Customer Satisfaction Index partnering with ForeSeeResults polled 70,000 users of websites and social networks including Facebook, Google, CNN and Wikipedia. Facebook has become a ubiquitous part of our national culture – like it or not.

Learning From Large Corporation CEOs

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Blog powered by TypePad Member since 01/2005 « Urban Farming Continues to Expand | Main | CEOs Believe Technology is Rising in Importance » June 01, 2010 Learning From Large Corporation CEOs Every other year IBM conducts a global survey of large corporation CEOs. 

What can assistants expect in 2015?

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Technology now allows individuals easier access to new opportunities and recruitment agencies are much more adapt at targeting the right candidates through social media and networking websites. Assistant networking and events.

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Using On-Demand Economy Platforms to Start and Build Businesses

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According to the survey results, 37% of those using online, on-demand platforms have an existing business and 21% have a desire to run their own business.

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The Industry Snapshot: The Office of the Future

Practically Perfect PA

Thanks again to everyone who completed the Practically Perfect PA Industry Snapshot survey. We have also put together a handy infographic with all of the information, please feel free to share this with your colleagues and network!

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State of Small Business Tweet Chat on Wednesday

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Coworking Facilities » September 13, 2010 State of Small Business Tweet Chat on Wednesday Wave IV of the Network Solutions Small Business Success Index was released today.    We will covering these topics as the other top 10 survey findings in the Tweet Chat. 

Over Half of Baby Boomers Plan to Work Past Traditional Retirement Age

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  Key quote from the survey results: Among professionals who plan to work past the traditional retirement age, strong majorities in all generations cited the past recession as an important factor in their decision. 

New Deloitte Collaboration Study laments meetings & distractions costs


Based on a survey of 1,000 Australian employees and managers conducted in June 2014 the report estimated the value of time employees and managers spend collaborating each year ($46 Billion) and the wastage due to poor collaboration. Read the full survey here.

How to Live the Freelance Life

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Last week the Freelancers Union released How to Live the Freelance Life , a report based on a survey of more than 1,100 freelancers nationwide that asked freelancers about their work, money, lifestyle, and values.  The results of this survey echo and confirm this.