5 tips for Being a Freelance Worker

On The Job

The days of temp workers being qualified for only low-paying, entry-level jobs is past, and workers who embrace the work may find they appreciate the flexibility and experience they gain, Ozier says.

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The Structural Shift to a Contingent Workforce

Small Business Labs

  The CNN article focuses on the growing use of temps.  Compare the capabilities and vested interest of salaried employees versus contracted professionals.

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On the Outside Looking In

Laughing all the Way to Work

I was out of work, temping here and there for a year. There are also sites for networking to keep your name out there. Be aware when going online that more and more employers are searching the Internet with the names of potential employees to see if they are online, not only on interactive job sites, but also what we may be saying on other social networking sites such as blogs and Facebook or MySpace. A good way to network in person is through professional associations.

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