How to negotiate the best deal for your favourite venue

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So with that in mind, we asked William Thomson from Gallus Events to share his 15 tips on how to negotiate the best deal at a venue at […]. Core Skills Events Management Featured admin administrators assistants EA Executive Assistant Key Skills Office manager PA Personal Assistant TasksWhen an Assistant organises an event or a large external meeting, the venue they choose will likely be among the most expensive things on their event budget.

How to negotiate when planning an event

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As we all know being an assistant means that our super organised skills are second to none. We are the most organised profession there is available to the working world and our skills can be transferable to many different tasks, including managing an event from start to finish. Well to be honest there is a slight chink in my event armour; I’m not the best at negotiating. The more bedrooms you book the more you can negotiate and get free of charge. Pin It.


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How to negotiate when planning an event?

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As we all know being an assistant means that our super organised skills are second to none. We are the most organised profession there is available to the working world and our skills can be transferable to many different tasks, including managing an event from start to finish. Well to be honest there is a slight chink in my event armour; I’m not the best at negotiating. The more bedrooms you book the more you can negotiate and get free of charge. Pin It.

5 Tips On How To Negotiate Your Salary

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Do you feel uncomfortable and don’t know how to negotiate your salary? But the reality is that “75% of people who ask for a pay rise, get a rise”, based on PayScale’s Salary Negotiation Guide. To negotiate your salary successfully, Open Colleges recommends knowing when your next performance review is and use that period to demonstrate you are a great asset to the team. Nevertheless, you still have some homework to do before you start negotiating.

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Women versus Men in Job Interviews and Salary Negotiations

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Interview Skills by Alex Freund career advice gender difference interview preparation men vs. womenFor both genders, anxiety before the interview may be present, but studies show that women handle it better. Women adapt more proactively than men do. Women seek social support from colleagues and friends more than men do. And women are more prone to do mock interviews with those colleagues and friends more than men are. [.].

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How to Negotiate Successfully With Anyone

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Namely, teams and individuals who have different backgrounds, skills – even nationalities and genders – can find it difficult to work together. Yes, but it’s not always easy and organizations have to commit to a consistent strategy, says Daniel Shapiro, founder and director the Harvard International Negotiation Program. There are often complaints that technology isolates people, but anyone working in IT may have a different opinion.

Tips for Being a Successful Negotiator

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I'll be the first to admit I've not always been a great negotiator. Growing up with two sisters, negotiation wasn't in our vocabulary. You wanted something, you took it by force or by stealth, but there was no negotiating involved. Negotiation -- no. Recently I interviewed a couple of experts on the art of negotiation for my Gannett/ column, about how you can be more successful in getting what you want with a whole lot less stress.

Ten Steps to Better Negotiation Success


In a perfect world, negotiation would be unnecessary. Most of us go through some sort of negotiation on a daily basis. Whether it''s getting your child to eat their vegetables in exchange for ice cream or getting that fortune 500 Company to hire you, knowing how to negotiate is imperative. In business, knowing how to negotiate is not only a great way to achieve peace of mind but also increase harmony among your team members while advancing your personal goals.

Boost Your Interpersonal Relationship Skills With These Tips For The Art of Making the Deal

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Few things strike fear in a person more than the thought of sitting across the table from someone negotiating. Whether it’s at the car dealership, convincing a toddler to take a nap or navigating through an argument with your spouse; life is all about negotiations. In fact, we perfect this skill by early adolescence and use it to manipulate others.

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How to Negotiate In Difficult Situations

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In a new book, “I Hear You: Repair Communication Breakdowns, Negotiate Successfully, and Build Consensus… In Three Simple Steps , ” Donny Ebenstein offers advice on learning to behave and think differently when interacting with difficult people. In this interview with me, he explains a strategy that involves role-playing to improve your communication skills. AB: Why is role-playing so important when it comes to improving your communication skills?

Free Webinar Teaches You How to Develop Your Persuasion Skills

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As we celebrate 25 years in business we’re offering a free webinar each month for administrative professionals to continue their skill development and learn more about who we are and what we offer the administrative profession. This month we focused on the topic of persuasion skills with our free webinar, Getting to Yes: Overcoming Resistance to Get What You Want and Create More Value for Your Company. How to negotiate. •

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Practicing Principles of Persuasion

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Tomorrow we’ll be offering a free webinar focused on Getting to Yes, which has brought up a lot of thoughts around the idea of assistants needing to build the power of their persuasive skills. Is your executive motivated by ROI (return on investment), the skills you will develop, or you learning from an acclaimed expert in the field? Negotiate. This week I have a short but powerful Monday Motivator for you.

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5 Skills & Strategies Required By A Recruiter In The Post COVID-19 Market

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5 Skills Required By The Recruiter In Post COVID-19 World In our day to day life, development is important. Developing skills helps us to find new ways to deal with problems. Here are the skills required by a recruiter for the post-COVID-19 market.

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5 Administrative Assistant Skills That Add the Most Value

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What are their administrative skills? Here are five administrative assistant skills that can help you get hired, succeed on the job and drive your career. They look for individuals who proactively update their administrative assistant skills through training. These skills can help the company or executive build an online presence, which is essential to staying in the game in today’s market. Good communication skills are crucial for a successful admin assistant.

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Invest in Interpersonal Skills Development is Important but Few Plan to Invest in Them

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Survey: Few CFOs Plan to Invest in Interpersonal Skills Development for Their Teams. June 19, 2013 / PRNewswire / -- Executives say it takes strong soft skills to move up the corporate ladder, but few firms provide training in this area, a new Accountemps survey finds. When chief financial officers (CFOs) were asked to identify the most common reason their employees fail to advance, poor interpersonal skills was the top response ( 30 percent ). Not developing new skills.

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Assistants Must Excel at the Fundamentals

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I know many seasoned executive assistants who think they do not need to focus on or pay attention to their basic skills, what is also known as the fundamentals. For 28 years, I have been teaching assistants to pay attention to the fundamentals such as meeting planning, travel planning, calendar maintenance, organizational skills, follow-up systems, time management, and communications. Every career has certain core fundamental skills.

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Top Communication Tips for Administrative Assistants

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While everyone must competently use today’s information technology tools, too many of us are ignoring the proven importance and effectiveness of interpersonal communication skills. Use assertive communication skills to manage these situations. Use these strategies to improve relationships, get work done, persuade others, negotiate, create win-win situations, and be seen as a world-class administrative professional.

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No MBA? No Problem

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Current expectation is that a high-level manager demonstrate strong technical skills, mastery of soft skills, and extensive abilities to manage, influence, interface with, and negotiate with a wide [.]. Interview Skills by Alex FreundOnce upon a time, a high school diploma was enough to get a good executive job. Today, the quality of the MBA degree itself has become determinative.

2011 133

Survival Tactics for Administrative Professionals During Chaotic Times

Office Dynamics

At Office Dynamics International, Secretaries, Executive Assistants, and Administrative Assistants alike have approached us on skills, tactics, and traits to implement in order to achieve agility and survive the pressures of today’s society.

Procuring a great supplier

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Whatever it happens to be if you understand your buying power it will enable you to negotiate and it will help you attract high quality suppliers. Firstly you don’t want to be using the same supplier but have different rates, it is much easier to negotiate discounts across a large organisation than it is just your department and lastly they might have a great supplier while you are using a mediocre one.

A venue finding agency is an assistant’s best friend!

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Not a confident negotiator? Firstly, do assistants really have the time to negotiate with a hotel on their day delegate rate? Agencies work with venues every day – they know exactly how much things costs and they know when venues are overpricing on certain aspects of the event and what can be negotiated. If you don’t have the time or the inclination to negotiate, let your venue finding agency do that for you. Picture the scene.

How to Respond to Workplace Conflict

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This is an important skill to develop for any individual who has to work with others. Having an “attitude of taking charge” is not necessarily the same as the “skill of taking charge.” It starts with having the attitude, then developing certain skills. You want to develop the skill to take charge in a way that you will get cooperation. There are times when you should not negotiate but instead, you must walk away.

2016 141

How to Build Consensus in Place of Conflict

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Having an “attitude of taking charge” is not necessarily the same as the “skill of taking charge.” It starts with having the attitude, then developing certain skills. You want to develop the skill to take charge in a way that you will get cooperation. There are times when you should not negotiate but instead must walk away.

2016 103

NOT, “Just An Admin!”

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He asked me to find a location, negotiate a lease, remodel the space if needed and take care of all interior decorating and procurement. Three months later I selected the location, negotiated the lease, remodeled the space and purchased new furniture, office equipment, and supplies. The role of the administrative assistant requires a diverse skill set, high emotional intelligence and strong business acumen to get through the day to day environment of today’s demanding environment.

2017 169

Handling Ethical Issues in the Workplace

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The negotiator is someone who usually tries to make up the rules as she/he goes along. For example, if a negotiator sees a co-worker drinking at lunch, they might wait to see if the behavior affects her/his job in any way, to see if it happens again or if anyone else notices. Author: Lisa Olsen. Have you ever thought about your responsibility and power to improve ethical standards in the workplace?

2016 126

The art of finding the perfect venue for your corporate event

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The best venue finders are experienced negotiators able to secure rates that are lower than if you booked direct. Core Skills Events Management Featured Sponsored posts admin administrators assistants EA Events Executive Assistant Office manager PA Personal Assistant Virtual AssistantOrganising a business event or corporate hospitality can be a tricky and time consuming task. The art of finding the perfect venue for your corporate event is never easy.

2017 139

Practical Project Management

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Ask your client or stakeholder, the person who asked you to take on the project, what are the primary parameters for the project, what are the secondary and what is most negotiable. Identify knowledge, others’ skills you can tap into, budget, time, external providers, etc. Heather has been passionate about helping PAs with their confidence, personal impact and developing their skills for 26 years.

What it Takes to Be a Successful Freelancer

Small Business Labs

Eight Skills You Need to Succeed from the Christian Science Monitor covers some of the key skill sets a freelancer needs. The 8 skills listed in the article are: Communications. Negotiation. Several good articles this week about what it takes to be a successful freelancer. HBR's 7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Going Freelance  nicely synthesizes the key questions a person should ask themselves prior to becoming a freelancer. 

2015 184

Technology of the week: Highrise

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Users can make notes on a meeting, share important emails during negotiation, or share tasks related to any contact or project. Featured Key Skills Technology of the week admin administrators assistants EA Executive Assistant Office manager PA Personal Assistant technology Virtual Assistant What is Highrise? Highrise is a flexible contact management tool which helps users keep their contacts organised. Prices start from $24 per month. What does it do?

2015 109

Do You Need an MBA to be Successful in Business?

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Persuasion and negotiation skills. Persuasion and Negotiation Skills. Skills like persuasion and negotiation cannot be taught in general. When you pursue a degree like an MBA, these two skills will form the base of your learning. You are always put through scenarios where you get a chance to practice these skills. An MBA can help you polish this skill. Having a successful business does not have a sure shot recipe.

2019 210

8 Methods to Eliminate Credit Card Debt

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Negotiate with Providers. While the word “negotiate” makes most people automatically cringe, this vital skill can save those in extreme credit card debt. Your angle for negotiation is promising that they can at least get some of the money back if they are willing to offer you more favorable terms or a balance reduction. If your card has an extremely high-interest rate, start with negotiating that down, as this can often prevent the need for a balance transfer.

It’s A Jungle Out There – How To Hire A Freelance Developer The RIGHT Way

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Communication Skills. Thus, communication skills are a must. Companies can even negotiate the price without risking pay inequity lawsuits. Availability Of Skilled Personnel. Freelance developers also offer a wider variety of available skills.

2021 172

How Transparent Should I Be With Clients?

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All of us, to greater or lesser extent, were taught social and appropriateness skills as children. Transparency that is appropriate and that isn’t negotiable in business deals with anything that you believe could impact your ability to do the work as you promised to do it, OR that, if shared, could impact a client’s desire to work with you. Communication Expectations oversharing social skills TMI transparency

2012 158

10 Questions To Find The Perfect Venue

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This limits your negotiating power to compare pricing and use your own vendors. Administrative Professionals Week Communication Skills Cost Effective Organizational Skills Workplace Tools checklist for events event planning finding the perfect venueSo, you’re doing an event? Great! Where? That is the first and most important question. All event planning starts with the venue.

2016 106


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She helped us understand how creating and developing a lasting business connection takes time and skill, and delivered unique tools for surmounting awkward moments, starting conversations effortlessly, and the art of follow up. The two are not only very different skill sets but are not in any way interchangeable. OFFICE DYNAMICS CONFERENCE RECAP PART II: PEAK EXPERIENCE. This article is part 2 of our conference recap. if you missed part 1, you can read it here. .

2014 100

The Fourth Industrial Revolution Explained

The Persistent Assistant

These roles will be focused on skills such as monitoring and operating automated and online processes in conjunction with their existing roles and responsibilities. Negotiation. Make sure you are subscribed to our Terrific Tuesday as we go through all these skills throughout the year.

2020 52

3 Steps to Getting That BIG Raise at Work

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You’ll need to be prepared to justify this amount to your employer when you’re at the negotiation table. This will help diffuse the situation and give you an extra positive boost when you begin your negotiation. The Negotiation. Now that you’ve crafted a compelling ASK and practiced delivering it, it’s time to begin your negotiation. On the day of the negotiation, show up dressed to impress and ready to kick some butt.

2017 176

4 Unexpected Ways Playing Board Games Can Improve Your Well-Being

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The very best board games combine luck and skill in a way that demands creativity, logic, and attention to detail. They have many benefits, from reducing stress to teaching vital negotiation skills and much more. Have you ever heard that you need to exercise your mind as well as your body? Play is an important part of human development, but adults are notoriously bad at making time for it. Finding time to relax is important to our health and even our sanity.

2018 215

10 Practical Interviewing Tips For Recruiters

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The subtlety in interviewing candidates lies in a recruiter's research capabilities, verifying skills, how well they're able to understand a candidate beyond their abilities and so on. A proper job description must mention the right attitude required for the job apart from exceptional skills.

2021 74

Best tips on working with multiple managers

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I look for ways to develop/enhance strong people skills and master my emotions. The aim is to be able to synergise with the Execs and colleagues, using emotional intelligence skills to achieve a thriving and motivating work environment and build solid partnerships. To have the perception to identify how, what, where and when they need my support is a skill I seek to refine. The ability to predict what may come next is a skill that is imperative to time management.

2017 181

Tasty Tidbits: Professional Development News & Views (April 2017)

Eat Your Career

Read the article here >> 3 Reasons to Never Skip Salary Negotiation When Accepting a New Job. Unfortunately, far too many people give in and simply accept the offer without even attempting a negotiation. Read the article here >> Master These Soft Skills to Improve Your Chances for Promotion. As you rise through the ranks of the corporate world, soft skills become more important.

2017 100

How Freelancing Can Help Start Your Business

Productivity Bits

In fact, a clever business person can use their freelancing experience as a way to hone their skills, strut their stuff, and gain valuable contacts. Honing your skills As a freelancer, you will need to develop some important skills in order to survive. Negotiating. Freelancers, however, must negotiate price, deadlines, and other details of their jobs all the time. Freelancers also need a certain degree of money management skills to survive during the lean times.

2014 168

DNA of a Star Assistant™ by Joan Burge

Office Dynamics

Mind Set vs. Skill Set. If you have the right mind set, it will develop the skill set. Are you working to develop your soft skills? Overall— the Star Assistant’s DNA must consist of soft skills, hard skills, social and emotional intelligence. Soft skills are emerging in importance over technical skills. Soft skills carry more weight than technical skills. They are hard to teach, learn and change whereas technical skills are not.

2012 108