5 Tips On How To Negotiate Your Salary

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Do you feel uncomfortable and don’t know how to negotiate your salary? But the reality is that “75% of people who ask for a pay rise, get a rise”, based on PayScale’s Salary Negotiation Guide. An increase in your salary will not come overnight.

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How do assistants get promoted?

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Having worked in that position for a few years I was promoted to Account Manager and then a few years later made redundant. In terms of my career I have had to leave a company to enhance my skills, choices, salary and overall career progression. The post How do assistants get promoted?

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How To Get a Promotion Without Working Yourself To The Bone

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But many of today’s hardest-working, most frustrated employees can put their failure to get promoted down to one of two simple causes: They’re doing such a good job where they are, that management doesn’t want to move them. And they got the promotion because that image rang true.

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4 Ways to Get a Bigger Paycheck

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In fact, I should be making more, which is why I was so interested in interviewing an expert in the art of negotiation. I tell them to get the job then talk about salary again in a year," he says. A survey by Negotiating Women Inc. Do you make too much money for what you do?

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4 Ways to Get the Boss to Give You What You Want

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If you're having difficulty getting what you want at work -- perhaps a promotion or a big project -- it's time to rethink your negotiating skills and learn from the best. If you’re only thinking about your salary, then you’re setting yourself up to fail,” he says.

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Is job hopping the only way up the career ladder for assistants?

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Apparently, being loyal to one company doesn’t necessarily pay off (both in terms of salary and promotion) and moving from one role to another in pretty quick succession is becoming less frowned upon. Here are a few of my thoughts… Salary increase.

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3 Steps to Getting That BIG Raise at Work

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In most instances, this will come in the form of raises to your salary. In this article, we’ll discuss how to craft a compelling ASK which you can use to maximize your salary increase. This past year I used these techniques to increase my base salary by 10%! You’ll need to be prepared to justify this amount to your employer when you’re at the negotiation table. The Negotiation.

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Getting buy in from the boss

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It is imperative to be proactive about self-promotion in order to showcase your skills, achievements and personal brand. Be prepared to negotiate if necessary. Like everything in business, it’s about negotiation for both funds and time. Salary Increase.

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6 Ways to Add Value to Your Organization & Advance Your Career

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Your company pays you a salary and they expect a return. That means raises, promotions and job security for you. Aggressively negotiating with existing vendors for better pricing.

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So do assistants think the role has diversified?

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Last September I successfully negotiated a change in title and salary, but am still the lowest-paid manager in our company, even though I have more management experience than several other managers. Last month I posted a blog about diversification with the assistant role.

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The Good and Bad of Freelancing

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There are no set salaries, no limits on how to direct one's efforts. Having to generate, fight for, promote, and defend your work can be downright exhausting. Paying out of pocket for health care (not everyone qualifies for the Freelancers Union), quarterly taxes, accounting, bookkeeping, promotion, marketing, negotiations, pre and post project management. Every so often we need to remind ourselves that freelancing is neither just good or bad.

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How to Prove that You Are Worthy of a Raise

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Realize that experience does not equal value Simply "putting in your time" does not make you worthy of a raise, a promotion, or even a job. As a result, he earned promotion after promotion and raise after raise.

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4 Strategies to Help You Get More Money This Year

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The Conference Board reported in its recent annual survey of salaries that the median salary increase for 2010 for all employee groups is expected to be 3 percent – the lowest since the group began forecasting salaries 25 years ago and down half a percent from the previous year.

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