Increasing Microsoft Excel 2007's Formula Bar Size

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Home About Me Advertise Increasing Microsoft Excel 2007s Formula Bar Size By The Professional Assistant on Wednesday, November 18, 2009 Filed Under: MS-Excel , Productivity D o you find that trying to either write or fix formulas in Microsoft Excel can be a pain? I remember back in the day when Microsoft Excel 2003 and prior versions didn’t have this feature. Then we upgraded to Microsoft Office 2007 and voila!

Microsoft Excel: The Bumblebee's six most useful Excel add-ins


There are a plethora of excel add-Ins out there, many of which aim to improve or extend a feature which excel already performs. I am not much interested in these but what I am interested in is add-ins which enable you to do something really useful which you cannot currently do in excel. In this article I introduce 6 excel add-ins which meet this criterion - NodeXL, Solver, Rainbow, Spreadsheet Converter, Crystal Ball and Fractal Maps. Next my top 3 paid excel add-ins.

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Sorting Tables in Microsoft Word

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Home About Me Advertise Sorting Tables in Microsoft Word By The Professional Assistant on Wednesday, January 23, 2008 Filed Under: MS-Word , Productivity H ave you ever wondered or tried to sort a table within Microsoft Word ? Do you already have a table set up in Microsoft Word, but dont want to copy to Microsoft Excel and back again, just to sort it?

To Connect With Customers, Invest in Yourself First

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However, one program that all small business owners should be familiar with is Microsoft Excel. Excel can be a real time saver for you and will allow you to focus your attention on the things that really drive entrepreneurs. It’s easier than ever to pick up these skills, even basic ones, and the only hurdle standing in anyone’s way (no matter their age or experience) is fear. Entrepreneurs business networking networking

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Bioteams develops unique Social Media Impact Forecasting Simulator


It is possible to profile campaigns over time to allow build-up periods and to tailor channel response rates, for example, to allow for seasonality and other temporary factors such as advertising campaigns. The full version of the tool as well as being unlimited in this respect also provides full reports and charts plus the ability to tailor the tool, run weekly campaigns and import from and export to Microsoft Excel. Social Networking

Boost Productivity by Picking the Best To-do List for You

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Archive Network with Steph Is This You? The following are options for to-do list formats and tips for using them most effectively:     * Excel lists. Keeping a list in Microsoft Excel is great for coordinators whose priorities can change from hour to hour. Set up spreadsheets for monthly and weekly tasks. If something else comes up, reorder the cards,” she says. Once you finish an item, rip the card up and throw it away.

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Convert excel spreadsheets into online simulations and dashboards


There are two neat tools you can use to quickly turn excel spreadsheets into online simulations, what-if models and dashboards. Simulate Simulate allows you to import excel models (and also a number of other tools including ithink) and then add a user interface with a drag and drop tool enabling you to add multiple pages with objects such as text, images, sliders and charts before publishing over the web.

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Best Business Technology for Small Businesses & Their Owners (28 ideas from them to you!)

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Do You Have A Pain In Your Back-up? Everything is backed up on the web automatically. Microsoft's OneNote is my go-to organizing tool for anything that I do online.I > I take pictures & videos, enabling me to 'capture the moment' > The reminder facility is fab & I also use it as my back-up alarm for those early morning meetings.         Tiffany Odutoye Talk Social Networking Llc.

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"Excel"ing to Create Subtotal Row Totals

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Home About Me Advertise "Excel"ing to Create Subtotal Row Totals By The Professional Assistant on Wednesday, September 03, 2008 Filed Under: MS-Excel , Organize , Productivity Y our manager sends you an e-mail with a spreadsheet attached. On a side note, if you need help creating subtotals, check my post on using subtotal functions in Microsoft Excel. Now only the subtotal rows will show up, instead of all of the details in between.

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Instant Customer Data Analysis using Excel: worked example


One of the most useful aspects of Microsoft Excel is its ability to quickly slice and dice customer data from live systems to identify important trends and behaviors which can inform strategy. In this article I will share with you a simple 7-step plan based on a fully worked example of Customer Data Analysis using Excel. For a copy of the worked example excel spreadsheet containing all the formula please email me.

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Retrieve Your Files With Ease

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Home About Me Advertise Retrieve Your Files With Ease By The Professional Assistant on Wednesday, November 05, 2008 Filed Under: MS-Access , MS-Excel , Organize , Productivity D o you have quite a bit of filing to do? Then, all files are set up in an excel file with columns for File #, property address, closing date, owner (whatever data important) - then sorts are run and printed so files can be referenced and found by whatever criteria you need.

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