5 Derogatory Adjectives Derived from Words for Medical Conditions

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The five uncomplimentary adjectives discussed in this post have in common their origin in references to diseases and other conditions affecting humans and/or other species. This term is therefore often used to refer to a poorly groomed or otherwise neglected dog.)

Figurative and Alternate Meanings for 20 Medical Terms

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Words used to describe medical conditions or phenomena often acquire new connotations by extension of the original meaning, though sometimes the medical meaning followed rather than fostered the other. Surgical : marked by precision (pertaining to medical operations).

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Daily Writing Tips

an LP, I had to go find the reference online to be sure I had it correct.

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Could You Trust That Virtual Assistant Firm?

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the solutions firm had a medical transcription service which. Nor being found on the top of google - business references rather say it all don't they? See their business references. call center REFERENCESOverseas Businesses are not always reliable I was looking for an overseas call center to carry out some work for. me, and during my surfing found a solutions Inc, who appeared very. promising, and I spoke to their CEO on Skype.

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Important Tips On How To Find A New Doctor

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If your physician does not refer to your medical records before prescribing medication or performing procedures, has a questionable reputation or does not specialize in your condition, it is advisable to find someone else to take care of your health. •

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Monty Python Officeland

Laughing all the Way to Work

With references like these how can I lose? I also do not claim to give any medical, financial, psychological, veterinary, retail, personal training or HR advice, although at times it may seem like I think I know what Im talking about, it is just my opinion. Laughing All the Way to Work: A Survival Blog for Todays Administrative Assistant We all have to work, but who says we cant enjoy it too!

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The Benefits of Simulation for Health Care Organisations

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Thus, in reference to the medical profession, simulation can be described as a kind of imitated medical practice, carried in a real-life environment, without any real-life risk. The term ‘simulation’ means the imitation of a situation or process in real life-like conditions.

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Podcast 141: Quarantine organizing

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Note that medications should be separated out and taken to your local pharmacy for disposal, or whatever the recommendation is in your area. My categories are hair products, lotion and sunblock, face products, soap, cosmetics and medications. A few years ago I did a whole podcast on the junk drawer that you can refer to if you want to really dive into this. by Listen or subscribe here: iTunes ? Stitcher ?. Soundcloud ? YouTube ? Google Play ?

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How to Say "No" to a New Position? Very Carefully

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I had been hired to run a medical magazine, but within the week my new boss took me out to lunch. "I The business writing background he referred to had to do with covering tax reform on Capitol Hill. It was the reason why I jumped at the chance to run a medical magazine.

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Senior Care- What You Need To Know About Assisted Living

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Assisted living is among the options that are available and it refers to different senior care services that provide several benefits to seniors and their caregivers. Any senor who resides within the community has a distinct personality, certain traits and medical conditions. Trained professionals are hired by assisted living facilities and they are available throughout the day in case of a medical emergency.

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How You Can Improve Your Mental Health by Practicing Yoga

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The process and the levels of deep breathing focus and bending have the same uplifting effects like a medication would do for mental disorders. Do you crave peace?

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Impeachment Latin: 8 Terms Related to Politics

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Both refer to an authoritative attempt to improve the behavior of someone. In the figurative sense of corrupting a government, it refers to influence by a bribe or other wrong motive.

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How Bipolar Disorder Affects Relationships

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Take proper medication: Help your partner to take medicine as prescribed. Bipolar disorder refers to the opposite ends of the emotional spectrum. Bipolar disorder is a psychiatric condition which can cause several changes in a person’s mood.

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How to Get Out of Work For An Interview [10+ Fireproof Excuses]

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Otherwise, the company might call for a reference and you will find yourself in hot water. I have a medical appointment. So, you just found a stellar opportunity that might launch your career into the stratosphere.

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10 Ways You Can Benefit From Chiropractic Adjustments

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So, when one or two vertebrae of the spine are not functioning properly, this is what chiropractors refer to as subluxation or misalignment. Now let’s talk about the medical research and studies proving the therapeutic benefits of this alternative medicine. Back pains?

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Obamacare's Impact on Entrepreneurship and Self-Employment

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Hoffman's article references a recent U.S. In particular rising co-pays and deductibles are resulting in many not getting medical treatment due to high out of pocket costs.

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Saving Half of Income: 5 Steps to Effortlessly Save Money Every Month

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A Reference point for making informed future investment decisions. Note: You would prefer to write your earnings with pen on paper because it excites your senses and provides you with a handy reference point. Sleep, exercise, and eat healthy to prevent incurring expensive medical bills.

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What Is a Doctor?

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Document , which referred originally to a lesson but now denotes any written proof or evidence, or, by extension, any written content, is also related, as is the noun doctrine , meaning “teaching.” Exactly what does doctor mean, and who can call himself or herself a doctor, and who can’t?

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A Quick List of Adventure Activities You Must Try

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In fact, Cape Town is often referred to as the capital for white sharks. Keep your medical kit handy. Whenever you find that you are losing focus on your mundane activities and daily chores, it merely implies that you need to relax and take it easy. There is no better way to break free from the monotony of everyday life than to set off on a short holiday. Whatever the case may be, make sure you enjoy each moment to the fullest.

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20 Slang Terms for Law Enforcement Personnel

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A variety of more or less colorful colloquialisms referring to police officers and similar authority figures have developed in American English, sometimes inspired by other languages. cop : A truncation of copper from British English usage, referring to someone who cops, or captures.

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More Words Drawn from “Trahere”

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Someone or something that traces is a tracer, such as a substance that enables observers to chart a process or the progress of a condition in a medical patient; a tracer bullet is ammunition that gives off light or smoke to mark its path, helping the gunner determine accuracy of aim.

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The Prefix “Hyper” and Related Words

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Another of numerous medical terms with the root hyper – is hyperventilation , which originally referred to medical treatment by exposure to drafts of air; now, the word pertains to excessively rapid breathing and is often employed informally to describe overexcitement.

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How to Rewire Your Brain for Success

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What I am really referring to is something called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), a therapy used by mental health professionals all over the world. Dr. Gaelle Desbordes, an instructor in radiology at Harvard Medical school and a neuroscientist, began practicing mindfulness and experienced great benefits. The brain is an incredible organ. It is constantly regenerating and renewing itself while absorbing the information being thrown at it.

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Snail Mail 101

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Similarly, one of you may be responsible for social engagements and medical appointments. This category includes bills, medical forms to file, an insurance or telephone plan to compare with what you have now, information about a product you intend to buy and a list of activities put on by a group you belong to. manuals and documentation for stuff you no longer own; electric toothbrush, car, medical insurance plan. Keep files you refer to near your desk.

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When to Capitalize Words for Points of the Compass

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This post outlines the recommendations for when to use uppercase letters for words referring to cardinal directions, and when to employ lowercase letters. However, references in narrative text (fiction or nonfiction) are not always straightforward.

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The Suffix -strophe

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Catastrophe , meanwhile, means “overturning,” and refers to a devastating reversal in fortune. (In The term peripeteia , meaning “turning point” (in English also referred to as peripety ), already exists, but it can refer to either a positive or a negative event.

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5 Ways I Stopped Depriving Myself of Sleep

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I’m no medical professional but here’s how I shifted my perspective with the aim of becoming a better sleeper and a happier morning person. In any case, please don’t take this as medical advice; consult a professional before usurping your routine. References: [1] Cappuccio, F.P.,

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Cord vs. Chord

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Latin chorda referred to catgut used to make the strings of a musical instrument. The earliest illustration in the OED (1305) shows that “a cord” could be used to bind a person hand and foot; by 1330, cord could refer to the hangman’s rope.

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Dental Care for Children With Special Needs

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Urgent medical matters usually take preference over dental care. Maintain a record of what is effective and what is not so that you can refer it to the dentist on your child’s next visit. Meeting and balancing the requirements of your special child can be very challenging at times. According to research , these children are more likely to suffer from dental problems as compared to children without any disabilities.

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5 Examples of Repetition and Redundancy

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We often refer to this type of test as purple-team testing. In similar constructions in which a repeated word or phrase is not in proximity to the first instance, it is still often a simple matter to omit the repetition: “We often refer to this type of test as purple team testing.

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Anecdote and Anecdotal

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His history of the wars of Justinian was published during his lifetime, but another of his works, now referred to as The Secret History , remained unpublished until the manuscript was discovered in the Vatican Library and published in 1623.

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Subconscious vs. Unconscious

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The noun subconscious refers to the mind’s activities just beneath consciousness, and the part of the mind devoted to such activities. Conscious is ultimately from the Latin verb conscire , meaning “be aware” or “know,” and consciousness refers to the state of awareness or knowledge.

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Caffeine-Free Ways to Increase Focus & Attention - Productive.

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  Sometimes your focus obstacles could be caused by a medical condition.  Consider Checking for a Medical Condition In some instances, your sleepiness, or lack of focus during the day can be tied to a medical condition, such as sleep apnea. 

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Is “Dystopic” a Word?

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When in a recent post I referred to “Orwell’s dystopic novel Nineteen Eighty-Four ,” a reader from the Czech Republic asked when the adjective dystopic should be used instead of dystopian. After referring to my usual authorities and giving the matter some thought, my answer is: “never.”.

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10 Easy Money Hacks to Improve Your Finances

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You can just refer to authority websites and blogs such as the Dough Roller Blog for tips and advice. For instance, Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) allow you to put money into an account tax-free and withdraw it tax-free when used to cover medical costs. Personal finance doesn’t have to complicated. With the right mindset and commitment towards a better financial life, you can make big improvements effortlessly and quickly.

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Bullets, Silver and Magical

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Suggests the reader, “The reference should be ‘magic bullet’ from the polio vaccine. The OED includes a 1992 citation for “magic bullet” that shows its use outside a medical context: “No one has yet found a magic bullet for quickly cutting Milwaukee’s crime rate.”.

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Punctuation Quiz #12: Suspensive Hyphenation

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The medication alleviates flu or cold-related symptoms. Original: The medication alleviates flu or cold-related symptoms. Correct : The medication alleviates flu- or cold-related symptoms. The medication alleviates flu-related symptoms, not flu, so flu needs a suspensive hyphen.

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Words About Feeling and Suffering

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Pathology (the word literally means “the study of feeling or suffering”) is the branch of medical science concerned with investigating the nature of disease. It also refers to deviation in not only physical and mental health but also, by extension, environmental and social ills. Meanwhile, passion (“suffering”) and both forms of patient — the noun referring to someone under medical care or treatment and the adjective for the quality of forbearance — stem from this root.

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Why You Need a Relationship Posse

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I watched her experiment with a variety of medications which may or may not have caused her abrupt and violent mood swings. Believe it or not, I’m referring to the honeymoon phase. My ex-girlfriend is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen.

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5 Legal Issues To Consider And Address Before A Divorce

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Some of them refer to long-term financial assistance, like pension plans to support the spouse for a certain period of time. Other bills (tuition fees, medical bills, etc). Divorce is an ugly process filled with drama and heated-up emotions. Despite this, divorce rate continues to increase in number across the globe. A 2014 divorce data showed that America has a 53% divorce rate while Belgium has the highest rate at a staggering 70%.

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Corporal vs. Corporeal

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As you may have guessed, most words beginning with the element corp- refer to a body, denoting either a human or animal’s mortal coil (as in the case of corpse ) or an organization of people or things. It’s also a noun referring to a linen cloth used in church services; the meaning is connected to the concept of the body of Christ. The noun corporal , when used in reference to a low-ranking soldier, is unrelated.

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Synonyms for “Think”

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To cogitate is to think deeply and intently; the root of the word, which is unrelated to cognition (which refers to knowledge rather than thinking), stems from agitare (meaning “drive”), from which we also get agitate.

2017 67

Start the New Year off with a New Focus on Your Personal Affairs.

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2 - Create an Effective Reference System Did you know that the average person wastes 150 hours a year just looking for things?     An effective reference system is one that you use consistently because you trust it.  Productive & Organized Home Contribute to P&O!

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