Managing someone else’s calendar

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Managing someone else’s calendar. You are managing your boss or client’s Inbox and/or Calendar. They want you to set up meetings on their behalf and they don’t want the bother of accepting them – they would prefer you to receive the meeting responses.

Is Healthcare Management Your Next Career Move?

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Many people who feel this way don’t end up getting into healthcare because they don’t understand the variety of roles available in the industry. One of the roles that is talked about less is healthcare management. What Is Healthcare Management?

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Key skills round-up 2019

Practically Perfect PA

I hope you enjoy our key skills round-up 2019. We covered a lot of skills including minute taking, event management, organising business travel, project management and everything in between!

2019 130

Ready for Anything! How to Practice Proactive Career Management (Webinar)

Eat Your Career

How to Practice Proactive Career Management. Sign up for the Eat Your Career Newsletter to receive registration information: [link]. That’s where “proactive” career management comes into play. career advice career management career planning

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Career development round-up 2019

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Welcome to the career development round-up for 2019. Career development round-up 2019 Here are some of our highlights and a video from How to set goals for your career that you can stick to […].

2019 130

Managing the boss

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There is another phrase for this and it is called ‘managing up’ Some people are great at ‘managing up’ but assistants have to be fantastic at it! There are huge benefits for staff that are good at managing up.

Modernising the ‘bring up’ folder

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Today I thought I would write about a system I used to use to keep my Executive organised everyday – the ‘bring up folder.’

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5 Career Tips for Project Managers Post-Pandemic

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All across the globe, nations are facing economic uncertainties while businesses are finding it difficult to manage challenges due to the current world crisis. Being project managers or business leaders, we are not an exception either, we have also felt the shock equally.

2020 205

Managing meeting rooms

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Was pretty much the sound I made when I was asked to take on the task of managing meeting rooms for my office. The meeting rooms became my enemy and managing them became almost a full time job in itself. When I took over the managing of the meeting rooms the booking process was a joke.

2017 219

Strategic Career Management Fundamentals (Webinar)

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Join us for this month’s free webinar on the topic of “Strategic Career Management Fundamentals.”. All too often, professionals fail to truly embrace the principles of Strategic Career Management. What is Strategic Career Management and why is it essential for every professional?

2019 156

A Complete Walkthrough For Managing Your Momentum

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Our unaddressed setbacks can begin to pile up, making them even intimidating than they were to begin with. Seth Godin, author of This Is Marketing, one said, “Fast starts are never as important as… consistently showing up and committing to a process.”

2020 193

Time and The Mind: Shifting Your Time Management Mindset (Webinar)

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Join us for this month’s free webinar on the topic of Time and The Mind: Shifting Your Time Management Mindset. Sign up for the Eat Your Career Newsletter to receive registration information: [link]. productivity administrative assistant administrative professional time management

2020 177

This Is How To Manage Your Client Follow-up

Office Organization Success

And one of the ways I keep things simple is in my client follow-up. There are all kinds of fancy CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems out there—you may even be familiar with a few, such as Outlook, Salesforce, or ACT.

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How to Speak the Language of Project Management

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Sign up for the Eat Your Career Newsletter to receive registration information: [link]. Project management is an entire field of study in and of itself. But many people, in many roles, manage projects in an “unofficial” capacity.

How to Manage Multiple Managers

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One that comes up frequently has to do with managing multiple executives or managers. It’s a challenge to be sure, but a manageable one. Here are a few tips to help make managing multiple managers easier. It was important for me to manage them differently.

Managing a LinkedIn Profile

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In fact, many Assistants are being asked to look after their Executive´s online profiles and their organisation´s meanwhile they have to keep their own social profiles up to date and professional.

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Managing expectations

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Here are my tips on managing, meeting and exceeding your manager’s expectations! To manage your manager’s expectations you firstly have to know exactly what is expected of you. It is especially important when it comes to managing expectations.

Career development round up for 2018

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Welcome to the career development round up for 2018. Career development round up for 2018 Here are some of our highlights and a video from our first Virtual Summit – Developing your business acumen on […].

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How are you ‘managing up’?

Office Dynamics

Each month we feature a question from our friends at Business Management Daily’s Admin Pro Forum. Question: “I’ve been hearing a lot lately about the concept of ‘managing up’ and how I should be more aggressively working with my supervisors, and even leading them toward decisions, so I can get ahead. Do any admins out there have examples of what they’ve done to be more like a manager of the people above them instead of just reacting to their needs?

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Why Giving Up Can Be the Best Time Management and Productivity Technique

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However, from time to time we find that our time management skills and productivity start to suffer when we try to take on a particularly taxing task. Here are some reasons why giving up can be the best decision that you make for your time management and productivity.

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15 Benefits to Outsource Document Management

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The rise of document management outsourcing isn’t that surprising, considering that most companies view their document management solution as an inconvenient part of their functional operations. Aside from delays, document management also results in an even more disorganized process.

2019 248

Manage Your Career Before It Manages You

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As an executive coach and leadership trainer, I have talked to experienced senior managers and executive about their careers over the two decades. Here are some insights I can share that can advance, shape and revamp the careers of managers and executives. Self-management.

2017 211

Shake It Up!

Office Dynamics

It’s time to shake things up. This week I’d like you to really step out of your comfort zone—shake it up! See what your manager is working on and ask that they delegate a piece of that project to you. Teach your manager one thing this week. The post Shake It Up!

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Email Management: 5 Top Tips for Managing Your Emails

Office Organization Success

” When I asked my subscribers recently what their biggest office headache is, email is right up there with the rest of them! ” “Responding to emails” “Managing email” “Email overload” Sound familiar? “Help!

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We have to raise each other up

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Editor's notes Featured Mentoring admin administrators assistants EA Executive Assistant Office manager PA Personal Assistant Virtual AssistantHappy International Women’s Day you AMAZING readers.

2018 198

Timeless Time Management Truths

Eat Your Career

But something changed about 10 years ago…I started getting really interested in the science and art of time management. In fact, I’ve never met a professional who isn’t constantly seeking ways to become a better time manager. These beliefs are the backbone of my time management system.

2018 156

10 tips to tidy up your inbox

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So today, I am sharing my 10 tips to tidy up your inbox. Set up a free email address (Hotmail or Gmail for example) that you can use for newsletters, updates, subscriptions etc. Plan time into your day to do email management.

2017 190

Practical Project Management

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After speaking at the Assist Conference Heather Dallas from Dallas Development has written a great follow up blog on her popular Project Management for Assistants session… Taking on a project is a great way of raising your visibility and getting you the recognition you deserve.

Manager Support

Office Dynamics

You and the person you support make up a team, even if it’s a small team. The post Manager Support appeared first on Office Dynamics. Career Management Executive And Assistant Partnership Mgr/Asst Team Problem Solving Teamwork UncategorizedTwo to Tango.

2018 132

How To Manage School Documents Efficiently

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Manage Electronic Documents Better. Even though it doesn’t have any impact on the environment, you shouldn’t pile up your electronic documents. Find the Right Tools for Document Management. New tools keep popping up almost every day, so finding the right ones to use is the key!

2020 164

How to Position Yourself for Management (Free Webinar)

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Join us for this month’s free webinar on the topic of “How to Position Yourself for Management.”. Let’s be honest: Management isn’t for everyone. It takes a specific set of skills to be a great manager, and some people just don’t have what it takes. SIGN UP HERE.

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Easy event management

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We recently worked with Gallus Events who managed our Assist Travel event in London. The event management was seamless and one of the main reasons was because they used an online event registration / management platform called Eventbrite. Eventbrite Event Management.

2015 200

Best tips on working with multiple managers

Practically Perfect PA

Last month I asked everyone on the Practically Perfect PA social media platforms to give me their best tips on working with multiple managers. Here are my best tips on working with multiple managers. Just be polite when working with multiple managers.

2017 236

Calendar Management for Executive Assistants

Office Dynamics

As an assistant of 20 years, I had one perspective of meeting management. You must keep these things in mind when you are managing your executive’s calendar. Calendar management is an important skill. Every manager and executive has their personal preferences.

5 Ways to Efficiently Manage Your Web Design Projects

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But how do you keep up with all of the tasks that you need to complete in each project? With this practice, you set up a timer and focus on a task for 25 minutes, then take a short 5-minute break afterwards. Use a visual project management tool.

2020 228

How to set up an ideal week calendar and why it’s a must have

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Core Skills Diary Management Featured Resources for Personal Assistants Writers admin administrators assistants diary management EA Executive Assistant Office manager PA Personal Assistant Scheduling Time managementWhy am I here? How am I going to get through this?

2018 222

33 Unwritten Rules of Management

Ian's Messy Desk

Whatever the source, they are useful aphorisms for life management. The handbook has become an underground hit among senior executives and management thinkers. The Unwritten Rules of Management is part Ben Franklin and part Yogi Berra, with a dash of Confucius thrown in.

How Managers Can Help Stressed Out Employees

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Stress management for employees is important as it allows them to give their best at work. Therefore, managers should always aim to provide a relaxed environment for their employees to work in. Apart from this, managers can do the following to help stressed-out employees: Clear Goals.

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How to Manage a Micro-Manager

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There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re being smothered, and micro-managers are really good at making you feel that way. Micro-managers don’t allow you to have any freedom and eventually, work can start to feel like a prison sentence.

20 tools to help manage your Exec’s travel plans

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That time will be taken up by meticulously planning trips with the hope that nothing will go wrong while their Executive is away from the office. Just think how much time you spend organising travel for your Executive or your team? It’s a lot, right? Maybe 20% of your week? Maybe more?

2019 206

How to Set Up a Property Management Company

Small Business CEO

A property management company deals directly with the tenants and prospective tenants, saving the owners of the rental accommodation time as well as worry. A few things you should keep in mind before starting your own property management business are: 1.

2020 61

Time Management for the Modern Assistant

Office Dynamics

Year after year, one of the biggest struggles executive assistants report to me is effective time management. I know what you’re up against. They may not seem significant by themselves but can add up to hours of wasted time!

2019 185

Managing your own time and dealing with interruptions 

Practically Perfect PA

This is one of my favourite panel sessions, we had a brilliant line up and some really honest and thoughtful conversations around time management and dealing with interruptions, which as you will know, is a constant battle for Assistants. […].

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