Hitting the salary cap

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A few years ago I was working as a PA to a senior board director in an organisation full of project managers, engineers and specialist technicians. Everyone was placed in a salary band depending on their experience and their skills. My salary was good and I was happy with my lot.

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5 Tips On How To Negotiate Your Salary

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Do you feel uncomfortable and don’t know how to negotiate your salary? But the reality is that “75% of people who ask for a pay rise, get a rise”, based on PayScale’s Salary Negotiation Guide. An increase in your salary will not come overnight.

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Why you need to use tech to help you with your business travel management

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And that in most companies, travel spend is often the second largest expenditure after salaries? Core Skills Featured Sponsored posts Travel admin administrators assistants business travel EA Executive Assistant Office manager PA Personal Assistant TravelPerk

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Boost Your Success by Improving Your Speaking Skills

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The post Boost Your Success by Improving Your Speaking Skills appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. This reflects your level of communication skills and acumen. With proper communication skills, you can represent the public in voicing your rights and opinions.

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The Skills You Need to be Great Boss

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Here's a story I did for Gannett/USA Today on what to do if you're interested in moving into the management ranks. Managers often are portrayed as incompetent nincompoops or royal jerks who should be locked in their cars and never allowed to interact with human beings again.

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A Detailed Guide On How To Manage Money Effectively

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Are you having a hard time knowing how to manage money effectively? Managing money is a responsibility and if you can’t manage $1,000 effectively, you can’t expect to manage $1,000,000, either. Why is it important to learn how to manage your money? Harv Eker, one thing that’s similar between all millionaires (and billionaires for that matter) is that they all manage their money very well. I felt more motivated to manage my money.

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When a Demotion Makes Sense

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It makes you angry that your skills are being underutilized and that you’re in a job that won’t help you get ahead. You’re peeved that you are working alongside those with fewer skills or less experience – when in a sane world you would be managing them!

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5 reasons to learn a foreign language to further your career

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In today’s global society being bilingual is one of the most advantageous skills you can have. In a pool of candidates with similar skills, speaking a foreign language will probably give you the edge over the competition, even if the need isn’t the employer’s top priority.

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Executives and Managers Embrace Administrative Profession

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Executives and Managers Embrace Administrative Profession As Never Before. I am so excited to write this kick-off Blog for our 2nd Annual Admin Blog-a-thon as I have great news about shifts taking place in the Administrative Profession in terms of executives and managers embracing this role as vital to their organization's and leadership team's success. New titles, salary levels, and career planning will be coming in this decade like we have never seen.

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Executives and Managers Embrace Administrative Profession

Office Dynamics

Executives and Managers Embrace Administrative Profession As Never Before. I am so excited to write this kick-off Blog for our 2nd Annual Admin Blog-a-thon as I have great news about shifts taking place in the Administrative Profession in terms of executives and managers embracing this role as vital to their organization's and leadership team's success. New titles, salary levels, and career planning will be coming in this decade like we have never seen.

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The Vanishing Executive Assistant—NOT!

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And yet assistants help file digital documents and manage calls through their cell phones, so the skills required for these tasks haven’t completely gone away. They are not paid the big bucks to manage a calendar and book flights. They are managing a lot of moving pieces.

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A PA’s guide to confidentiality

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You’ll probably have access to your manager’s emails, and in most cases, you’re probably the first port-of-call in reading them and responding on their behalf. In many cases, you’ll know about promotions, salary changes, redundancies, acquisitions and mergers before anyone else.

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What can assistants expect in 2013

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If in 2012 you did not attend any events or training sessions then you should speak to your manager or HR immediately to get something booked for 2013. Our managers will mostly have iPads and have the ability to work remotely from any part of the world. Salary and financial reward .

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Uh-Oh: You May Not Be Worth What You Thought

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According to a JobFox survey, some median annual salary ranges dropped $10,000, compared to a month ago. Some examples include software design/development; product management; networking/system administration; finance; and government contracts administration. You want a job to increase your knowledge and skills, and make you even more marketable in the future. This helps set the groundwork for a salary bump before your annual review.

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Is job hopping the only way up the career ladder for assistants?

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Apparently, being loyal to one company doesn’t necessarily pay off (both in terms of salary and promotion) and moving from one role to another in pretty quick succession is becoming less frowned upon. Here are a few of my thoughts… Salary increase.

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Administrative Assistant vs. Executive Assistant: What’s the Difference?

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In reality, these are two very different roles, both in the expectations and in the skills required to be successful. Note: The one area I will not be addressing is salary, as there is too much variation and nuance to adequately cover this topic here.

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Office Dynamics

She helped us understand how creating and developing a lasting business connection takes time and skill, and delivered unique tools for surmounting awkward moments, starting conversations effortlessly, and the art of follow up. OFFICE DYNAMICS CONFERENCE RECAP PART II: PEAK EXPERIENCE.

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10 Ways to Encourage More Women Into Your Workforce

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If you claim to be a company that offers equal opportunities for both sexes, it should be reflected in your career development policy with a good number of female employees working in senior management positions and leadership roles. Project Manager, Developer, etc.

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Getting buy in from the boss

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It is imperative to be proactive about self-promotion in order to showcase your skills, achievements and personal brand. Highlight WIFM (what’s in it for me) and help them to see that you will gain skills and knowledge that will be essential for future growth. Salary Increase.

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What can assistants expect in 2015?

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I am very optimistic about 2015, here are a few reasons why… Employment opportunities and salary. This is the main aspect of the role and not something that will change in 2015 – even if technology helps with diary management.

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Are Professional Certifications Worth It?

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Recommended Resource: Straight Talk About Salaries (Recorded Webinar). Possessing it demonstrates expert-level mastery of the skills required to leverage systems like Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. What really matters is how you use those skills.

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What holds us back?

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I know so many personal assistants who are highly intelligent, experienced, skilled and professional yet they are often deemed as the person that does the menial office tasks. Being taken seriously leads to more interesting tasks, more responsibilities, promotions and salary increases.

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The big PA questions – what do you think?

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Are we being supported sufficiently by businesses in relation to undertaking training and other external courses to improve our skill set and to enable/encourage us to keep abreast of technological advancements. Are we paid the right salary for the work that we do.

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Networking with ACE Connects

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There were a number of Executives in attendance supporting their assistants including a senior Managing Director who spoke about his commitment to training and improving skills for assistants within BlackRock.

10 Reasons to Work for a Non-Profit Organization

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This allows for a greater opportunity to learn new skills and further develop pre-existing abilities on the job. Non-profit organizations see quality mid- and upper-level management as a much sought-after commodity.

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10 questions to ask a recruitment agent

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Do you have any positions at the moment that match my preferences (type of role, location, salary, industry etc)? Which skills make me suitable for this role?

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12 Clever Ways You Can Earn Money From Your Computer Today

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The average salary for a freelance writer in $24 per hour. You’ll want skills in software, typography, Adobe Photoshop, web design, and technology. You set up and manage your profile online to offer short-term rental of your home.

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A Story of Inspiration for all Administrative Professionals

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Before the day ended, the CEO offered her the job with a six-figure salary plus stock options, plus, plus! Learn excellent communication skills and how to have human moments. The Gillie Watson Story. May 21, 2018. I will never forget Gillie Watson.

Just the Savvy Ones. Recognizing Career Love.

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The stronger your skills, including language skills, the more opportunities are available. Salary range – Yes, you can make six figures if you have the skills and drive. Certified Administrative Professional: Organizational Management.

2016 189

Shorter, More Effective Meetings

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The cost of the average meeting, including salaries, expenses, and opportunity costs is estimated at $5000. Admin Assistant Training Communication Skills Organizational Skills The biggest time waster in organizations today is an unproductive meeting….and

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Experience vs. a university degree part two

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Yes, I have taken job-specific software classes, classes to learn organizational and people skills, and took computer certification classes which I was not aware I needed coming right out of high school. Again, these are skills I was able to cultivate on the job. Bachelor in Management.

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What can assistants expect in 2014?

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Employment opportunities and salary. Assistants will no longer have to get their manager’s permission to travel to London or other major cities for networking opportunities which can be a major hurdle. Our managers appreciate us and we feel appreciated by them.

2014 275

Is Job Hopping Losing Its Stigma?

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” Driscoll added, “Professionals considering job moves should evaluate not only salary but also where they will have the greatest opportunity to build skills and advance their careers.” Gaining new skills. MENLO PARK, Calif.,

2014 150

Are assistants overqualified?

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It has been really interesting reading all of the different job descriptions, the skills that are required and the salaries attached to different levels of the role. I had a vast set of skills that I had picked up through all of my previous jobs.

2015 269

Gossip Girl!

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As I’ve said before, being trustworthy and able to deal with sensitive information is key to our role so how do we maintain our manager’s confidence without alienating ourselves from the rest of the office? Quite often assistants are referred to as the ‘eyes and ears’ of their manager.

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Is an Executive Assistant Certificate for You?

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There are two main points I want to make in this blog: An administrative certificate or certification does not guarantee success, a salary increase, new title or promotion. all of which translate into skills you need to be successful in the workplace.

2015 259

Reward and Recognition within the Assistant Industry

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We manage our executives; we understand the needs of the company and we manage complicated tasks. Could you be a little more vocal about your development and your skill set.

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The Top Traits of Highly Effective Leaders

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If you are in a position of management over others, how can you be sure you are creating a working environment that is not toxic? People with bad managers report their behavior as self-absorbed, rude, selfish, lazy, arrogant, and untrustworthy. What is leadership?

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How does an executive assistant maintain job security?

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They are at the top of the administrative career ladder in their company, make a really nice salary, like their executive and have their job down pat. Developing New Skills Everyday. BIG Learning: Build Your Reputation Every Day.

2014 181

How to Save Your Startup by Hiring the Right People

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Some of these reasons include, but are not limited to, the following: Poor management. A startup fails because of a founder’s poor management. Look for applicants with a unique skill set. Your startup is as fragile as a newborn baby.

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Free Coaching Call: May 2013

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Unfortunately, we only managed to get to a fraction of those. How to increase your salary. Are you ready to elevate your professional skills, achieve your career goals, and experience more satisfaction at work?

2013 170

Résumé + Interview = A Job

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That depends: if you have good writing skills, you can draft a résumé and then have some people whose proficiency and judgment you trust review and edit it for you until it becomes excellent.

You Hate Your New Job -- Now What?

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With a low unemployment rate, some employers are pulling out all the stops when it comes to recruiting workers, such as offering perks and higher salaries. Think about the company culture, the people you work with, the new contacts you've made and the new skills you've learned.

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