How to Master The Art of Supporting Multiple Managers

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The article, Juggling: The Art of Supporting Multiple Managers by Stacy Leitner was originally posted at If you are an assistant who works with multiple managers or executives, you know the work can be overwhelming at times.

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6 Tools to Help You Manage Large Projects with Local & Virtual.

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  The situation: Tweet "Rob" is a project manager that is responsible for a number of projects across the world and he needs to keep track of all of them.  We used this as our project management tool when coordinating Extreme Makeover Home Edition too.

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How to ensure your admin improvement projects stick!

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Most managers will hire professional consultants for business improvement projects but will ask their assistants to make changes to the fundamental administrative structures without instruction or training. This includes: a short description about the project. the project goals.

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Key skills roundup for 2018

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We covered a lot of skills including minute taking, event management, organising business travel, project management and everything in between! I hope you enjoy our key skills roundup for 2018.

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Time Management 101

Simple Productivity Blog

Managing time is the basis for all productivity systems, yet the systems assume people already know how to manage time. Here is a crash course in Time Management as it works in SPB-land. In order to manage your time, you are going to have to know what time you have to work with.

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How to Successfully Manage Remote Employees

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Whether it is a few employees or your entire workforce, it is becoming more and more likely that if you have employees, you are facing the challenge of managing remote workers. Time tracking: Accountability is another essential element in remote management.

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Why You Should Plan To Burn Out

Productivity Bits

Projects. A hectic day now and then is manageable. It’s not a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of good time management skills. Break It Up When you face a large project, it can seem overwhelming. Each complex project consists of several small components. As long as you maintain this boundary, you don’t have to travel far. Meetings. Assignments. Deadlines. Email. Phone calls. Texts.

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9 Useful Tools for a Small Business to Manage Work Better

Small Business CEO

You can use all the help you can get in order to manage the work and the employees better. Basecamp is one of the leading project management solutions for a small business. RescueTime is a very useful tool that can show a manager how he or any of his employees is wasting time.

The Assist Conference: So much to do so little time!

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Rebecca is a PA and Office Manager at Adaptive Labs, an innovative start-up based in Shoreditch. Soon after graduating an opportunity arose for her to travel to Palestine to film the clashes at Qalandia checkpoint. Stakeholder management. The project managers toolkit.

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The Future of the Administrative Profession

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It’s important to recognize the difference between surviving and thriving, because the key to success is available to those who successfully manage to cross the bandwidth between the two. Administrators handled many tasks, and had backups, cross training, and team-shared projects.

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Assistants Must Excel at the Fundamentals

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They feel they have been managing calendars or planning meetings forever so why pay attention. Manager Support. Managing Office Technology. Supporting Multiple Managers. Task and Project Management. Time Management.

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Are You Covering All Expense Bases?

Step It Up VA Coaching

Software applications and online products are also an expense, including Anti-virus software, project management, online backup, and online greeting card services, to name a few. Travel and Transportation: Do you do a lot of consulting, or offsite meetings? Count it, or figure out how much per mile you are spending to travel. Uncategorized business expenses marketing expenses tracking expenses travel expenses va virtual assistant virtual assisting

So do assistants think the role has diversified?

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Event Management, Project Management, Human Resources and Finance have become a big part of my job. Tasks and responsibilities involving heavy project management are becoming commonplace for the admin too.”

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Core Administrative Skills Always Need Improving

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Basics include: travel planning, appointment coordination, meeting preparation, all facets of communication, organizational skills, and time and project management. As your days are getting busier and you are taking on more projects and assignments, you need these skills more than ever. Admin Assistant Training Administrative Professionals Day Administrative Professionals Week Career Management Interpersonal Skills Productivity Self Development

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15 social media and technology trends for 2015

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For assistants who have managers that engage with social media it is important that they have a variety of great images that they can use when tweeting, updating LinkedIn and writing for the corporate blog. Travel technology. Wearable technology.

The future Assistant

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A lot of people assume that EAs just look after the diary and book the travel, but in reality we do so much more. Judgement – Learn to read your manager. With over a decade of experience in executive assistance and project management Bonnie is a Seasoned EA.

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12 Days of Christmas Webinar: The Organized Admin with Julie Perrine

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To Do Lists – Task Management. Travel Planning. Projects. There are 5 core systems I encourage assistants to look at first: Time and Task Management. Travel Planning. Project Management. The procedures all combine to create your travel planning system.

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A day in the life: Catheryn Fellowes, EA to Sophie Hulme

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However, I also work closely with the Management team across all departments and in particular manage the Instagram & social media accounts and support the PR team with events and special projects. What are the main aspects of your role?

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Are assistants overqualified?

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I always say in the blog that once assistants become advanced in all of the core tasks we should push for more work, take on projects, manage staff and generally strive for more opportunities. What happens to an EA who can manage a diary standing on her head?

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Inside the Edinburgh PA Network

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Sherien Ahmed @sherienSA , PA to Senior Management Team, Venture Trust. Sally Lloyd @salidatious Assstant to Managing Director, CodeBase. Amy : I am currently an Executive Assistant at Skyscanner to the CTO, Director Engineering, Director of Project Management and the Director of HR.

Stop Multitasking and Focus

Jen Lawrence

I had taken a job as an assistant to three executives, plus my role required project management work. Why was it taking me so long to book travel and get it on calendars? And I just couldn’t seem to get my project reports sent out.

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Experience vs. a university degree part two

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Yes – I’ve qualified since as an ISO programme manager and auditor, a Health & Safety manager and assessor, completed various MS Office and bespoke applications courses and a facilities management course. Bachelor in Management.

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10 Apps for Administrative Productivity and Organization

Office Dynamics

Travel Planning Apps: Whether you’re the one traveling, or simply attempting to get your executive from point A to point B, travel planning apps can be a life saver. Project Management Apps: Teamwork is, by far, my favorite project management app. You can update statuses, track time and tasks, and get real-time updates on all your projects. Designed by Freepik.

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Stop Multitasking and Focus

Jen Lawrence

I had taken a job as an assistant to three executives, plus my role required project management work. Why was it taking me so long to book travel and get it on calendars? And I just couldn’t seem to get my project reports sent out.

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CRM Magazine's Small Business Suite CRM Winners

Small Business Labs

Carolyn is leading the coworking study and Steve is a member of the project team.   The awards are given to customer relationship management (CRM) industry leaders and includes both people and companies. 

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8 Killer Tips for a Successful Executive and Assistant Partnership

Office Dynamics

Rarely do executives communicate what happened in yesterday’s meetings to their assistants or take the time to explain the scope of a project. I wrote an entire 80+ Page Guide incorporating the main processes executives and assistants need to have down pat, such as: regularly scheduled meetings, calendar management, meeting preparation, e-mail management, project management, travel, follow-up systems and prioritization.

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Creating Your Freedom Business - Expert Panel Shares Tips (Part 3)

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When I travel, I take my laptop and Kindle Fire. I use Asana for task and project management, and the app is on my iPhone and iPad, so I can see all of my tasks at a glance and add to them if needed.   Tips for Health Conscious Travelers.

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Featured Soloist Andy Hayes: “I Find Innovation When I’m Away From My World”

The Solopreneur Life

Name of solopreneur: Andy Hayes, “that travel guy”. Travel: I run several Web sites that serve up tasty, delicious content about travel, but I also run a marketing company that helps other companies do the same.

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Unplug to Recharge!

Step It Up VA Coaching

Is your iPhone or iPad your constant travel companion? If you don’t have a project manager, select your most thorough and knowledgeable team member to be the designated point person to handle any issues that might come up for clients, other team members, or any other party with whom you do business. Although you may wish to check in sometime mid-week or if there is an important project in the works, avoid contacting your team more than once or twice.

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Featured Soloist Kent J. McDonald: “Jump In and Do It”

The Solopreneur Life

Before starting my own company, I did contract project management and business analysis through a staffing company. Early in 2009 I signed on full time at a company at which I was consulting at in order to take a Program Management job and because I was concerned about future work.

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AZVAs Podcast Episode 2: March 2010

Loosely Speaking

Her extensive strategic planning and project management skills help clients track their progress and produce the results they have always wanted.

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AZVAs the Podcast Episode 6: DIY and Your Business

Loosely Speaking

Unless your project falls squarely in your area of expertise, should you attempt it yourself? Tips on how to get your print projects done right and why participating on LinkedIn is a good bet for professionals. August 2010 Podcast Program Notes.

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AZVAs Podcast 5: Building Relationships with other Small Businesses

Loosely Speaking

Tips on deciding whether or not to hire a coach (more on this in August) and why you need to use a contract for every project. Though she has worked in several other industries, Cuppers is her true passion, along with traveling, and adopting homeless animals.

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Tips for Setting Up a Remote Workforce

On The Job

How can a manager detect via video chat that a worker is feeling low and needs more face-to-face interaction? Remote workers also travel to Nashville for big events such as holiday parties, and the company maintains a condo so remote workers can visit whenever they need to.

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Are You Allowing Technology To Stretch Your Working Day?

Simple Productivity Blog

We have unlimited long distance, small phones that travel with us everywhere, remote desktops to allow us to access computers from everywhere. Project managers get called in if the computer site goes down. Mondays are productivity days at SimpleProductivity blog.

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Standard Operating Procedures: Tips for Creating Business Systems | Office Organization & Office Efficiency | OfficeArrow

78% off Project Management Essentials Premium Tool Kit. | Cart Sign Up | Forgot Password | Contact Us Get more from OfficeArrow! Learn about all the benefits of becoming a member or Sign up Now! OfficeArrow: Working Together for You.

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The Solopreneur Life Friday “Bits” Column #24

The Solopreneur Life

Here’s an example of disrespectful listening: A senior manager, with an insurmountable monthly sales target, would go visit the client and try to work out what they wanted. This often involved “managing their expectations” from “we want it done in 2 weeks, with no disruption to staff, and for about $5000” to something more realistic like “it’ll take 18 months, will disrupt your entire organisation and possibly involve the unions, and will cost about $2.6million.&#

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Having Trouble Uploading a New Twitter Background Lately.

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Travel HQR 3 AndreaKalli May 29th, 2009 at 8:38 am Hey Alyssa, Glad you enjoyed the links!

Bicycling from Phoenix to Denver. One Man's Journey

Andrea Kalli

This is his Travel log, his moblog, his mobile blogging project.

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Video Marketing Techniques to Convert Viewers Into Buyers

Andrea Kalli

Generally, the advertiser wants to instill the idea that with the vehicle on offer, the owner can travel through beautiful mountainous areas and confidently go anywhere off-road.

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How to Run a Blog-Based Promotion | Internet Marketing Promotion.

Andrea Kalli

If it can travel through already established relationships, make it something that travels via Facebook.

How to Run a Blog-Based Promotion

Andrea Kalli

If it can travel through already established relationships, make it something that travels via Facebook.

The Great Calendar Debate - Paper or Electronic - 21 Experts Weigh.

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I think every business professional these days must find the right combination of tools for managing their Calendar, Contacts, Info Capture and Info Recall. Your choice of time management system is a very personal one -- take the time to make the right decision for you.