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5 Outdated Resume Writing Tips to Ignore Right Now

Dumb Little Man

If you’re a programmer, for example, you may boast about your PHP skills to one employer while promoting your JAVA experience to another employer. Talk About Technical Skills Everyone Knows. But the world is digital now and you won’t gain any brownie points by having a skill that everyone else also has. Instead, you want to mention these skills in such a way that it directly relates to the job. Are you still using outdated resume writing tips ?

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Local SEO: The Truly Great Marketing Strategy

Andrea Kalli

Ultra-competitive international search terms can attract thousands of competitors, each as skilled and ruthless as the next. out of 5 [ ? ] -- For quick access to a few recent posts: Content Marketing Ideas Tip – Looking Ahead To The New Year As September quietly finishes and the end of the year creeps closer, my thoughts go to an obvious content marketing strategy that every internet marketer is… Continue reading the rest of this article.

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