Building Your Career Around Your Lifestyle

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The truth is that people who design their career around their wanted lifestyle, rather than the other way around, actually work harder, make more money, have more opportunity, are more well-liked, and have more fulfilling careers. When you build your career around your lifestyle, you will not only be happier, but also more successful. In order to have your ideal lifestyle, you first need to know what it looks like.

Is Fear Stopping You From Following Your Passion?

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Henri is the founder of Wake Up Cloud and Lifestyle Liberation Academy, where he helps people turn their passion into a thriving lifestyle business. When you feel ready to take action, join the Lifestyle Liberation Newsletter and grab your free goodies. Grab your free pdf e-book in the next second by signing up for the free newsletter. For years I was held back by fear.

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6 Ways to Avoid What 26 Million People Have

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Sedentary lifestyle – “I hate the gym”.c'mon, With the exception of some who underwent bariatric surgery for obesity, and consequently experienced their Type 2 go into remission for a period of time, most of us live with this chronic, lifestyle disease. Learn, research, figure out what works within your tastes and lifestyle. The more you practice adapting your lifestyle, the happier you'll be in old age! Keep your mindset flexible and your lifestyle will follow.

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I’m A Night Owl (And Proud Of It)


The first iteration of this product is composed of a short ebook, a 40 minute audio program, and PDF planner sheet. You’ll get an ebook, audio program, and PDF planner sheet that will help you level up your late night productivity. If you’re a night owl, then I know that what I’ve packed into The Night Owl Action Plan will help you make the most of your nighttime productivity and allow you to build a workflow that supports your late night lifestyle.

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Resources for assistants

Practically Perfect PA

The focus of the website and magazine is on the day-to-day work life, career development and lifestyle choices of assistants. The office Professional is a monthly PDF magazine featuring news, information and advise for all administrative professionals. There are loads of links to other useful websites, including things like currency conversion and websites that convert word documents to PDF. Pin It. Welcome to my new blog site. I hope you are enjoying the new features.

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How to Hack Relationships: 3 Ways Physical Touch Helps

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When Marcella Chamorro decided to quit her job to live every day as if it''s a vacation, she turned her attention to creating a lifestyle that is both meaningful and exciting. Grab your free pdf e-book in the next second by signing up for the free newsletter. It is astonishing how little one feels alone when one loves.

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Featured Soloist Revka Stearns: “Don’t Wait For Perfection”

The Solopreneur Life

I regularly use WordPress, Notepad++, Photoshop Elements (I just upgraded to the full-blown version of Photoshop and am still learning my way around there), Microsoft Word, Core FTP Lite, Primo PDF, Firefox, and Skype (great for training sessions).

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A Better Way to Stop Negative Self Talk

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Liz is a corporate dropout turned lifestyle designer and sassy personal development blogger. Grab your free pdf e-book in the next second by signing up for the free newsletter. Admit it. You’ve tried everything and still your inner gremlin is destined to outlive your earthly existence. You’ve tried resisting it. You’ve tried ignoring it. You’ve tried to replace it with a more positive, cuddly gremlin. You’ve even tried intimidating it.

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32 Quick and Easy Ways to Short-Circuit Your Happiness

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And if we are squashing our creativity in favor of a consumptive lifestyle, it may not make us happy. Grab your free pdf e-book in the next second by signing up for the free newsletter. “Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” ~The The 14th Dalai Lama We have all had days when we were really happy and then something happens and quickly short-circuits the joy and robs our happiness.

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50 Ways to Strive for Excellence in Life

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While you might not find the time to spend hours on end at the gym every day, you should try to infuse exercise into your lifestyle. Grab your free pdf e-book in the next second by signing up for the free newsletter. The society in which you grow up determines by and large how you perceive excellence and the goal of getting the very best out of your life. Some cultures might attribute excellence to a few brilliant, hard-working, exceptional cases.

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Are Eu-Stressing or Dis-Stressing?

Professional Assistant Blog

The North American lifestyle can be very hectic, as opposed to the European mentality, where workers get a minimum of 5 weeks off each year. Home About Me Advertise Are Eu-Stressing or Dis-Stressing? By The Professional Assistant on Monday, September 08, 2008 Filed Under: Organize , Prioritize , Productivity D o you wake up in the morning and think to yourself, "What do I have to do today? Oh my goodness, look at my long list of things!"

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Snacking At Work? Healthy Or Junk? Dilemmas, Dilemmas!

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in about 6 months because I changed my lifestyle. Home About Me Advertise Snacking At Work? Healthy Or Junk? Dilemmas, Dilemmas! By The Professional Assistant on Monday, July 20, 2009 Filed Under: Productivity D o you snack at the office? Do you bring your own food or do you run down to the vending machine/convenience store to get something? Studies have shown that people start to gain weight on a slow, but regular basis because of this alarming trend.

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The Great Calendar Debate - Paper or Electronic - 21 Experts Weigh.

Productive & Organized

" "What animal best describes my lifestyle/personality and why?" Productive & Organized Home Contribute to P&O! Archive Network with Steph Is This You? Work With Stephanie « Do You Hate Your To-Do List?

I Am Going A.M.


Because my lifestyle has changed to the point where being a night owl no longer works for me or my family. Remember…I’m not condemning night owlism at all; it’s just that my lifestyle no longer permits it. Click here to purchase this combination ebook, guided audio program, and quickstart PDF for just $10 now!

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Ebooks, Ebooks, Ebooks… and Friends

Brilliantly Better

An interesting thing about Mike’s ebook is that it comes already packaged as an audio book, a part from the regular PDF.

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Three Ways to Start a Revolution | Men With Pens

Men With Pens

What Marathons Have Taught Me About Lifestyle Design Reply John Hewitt ( @poewar ) January 4, 2010 at 7:04 am Interesting post James. What Marathons Have Taught Me About Lifestyle Design Reply Stacey Cornelius ( @thestudiosource ) January 4, 2010 at 8:51 am James, my first thought is you’re raising a couple of engaged citizens. Then, text information can be in the form of web pages/blog posts, PDF ebooks, forum posts, wikis, etc.

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Free Press Release Distribution for Small Business. | THE SMALL.

The Small Business Blog

Users pay to download these maps in different formats like PDF, JPG, high resolution TIFFs or even layered EPS in varied sizes. E-Mail me or follow me. Starting a Small Business? On-Demand Small Business Infrastructure™ allows you to run your business online.

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