Productivity Multiplier: Google Cloud Connect Now a Reality

Productivity Bits

W e all know about Google as the search engine mogul and most know about Google Docs — an online version of word processing, spreadsheet, and presentations software. But if you’re like me, you are far more comfortable using Microsoft Office products.

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7 Forms of Emphasis in Writing

Daily Writing Tips

At least seven strategies for calling attention to one or more words exist, but few of them are appropriate for a document that one wishes to consider professional looking.

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Featured Soloist Kelly Newsome: “Lessons Annihilate Regrets”

The Solopreneur Life

Health + wellness speaking gigs, especially on yoga addiction, with awesome companies across legal and other industries. Site hosting: WordPress; finances: Quickbooks online; documents: Microsoft Word for Mac.

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No Budget for Training? Do It Yourself

Administrative Arts

Usually, they’re getting bogged down with a few tasks in a particular software – they can’t fix footers in Microsoft Word or rearrange pages in an Adobe.pdf file. I could’ve spent my time upgrading my knowledge of the accounting software (which I use occasionally) or becoming better at Word (which I use every day). I found a ton of online tutorials – just like the Microsoft site. Today’s article is a guest post from Wendy Stoneman.

Retrieve Your Files With Ease

Professional Assistant Blog

That makes sense, but can this system be applied to other information, like monthly bills, tax returns, staff, legal issues, normal company information? You can use Microsoft Excel to add all of this information and then add the numbers from the files to your Excel spreadsheet. You can use Microsoft Access to create a database of all of your files criteria and the software assigns a "key" or number that corresponds with your files.

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Thinking Outside the Job Description Box

Professional Assistant Blog

Employers have begun to recognize our changing roles in the workplace and some have reflected that by changing our title from “secretary” to titles that more accurately describe the positions we are performing in our organizations such as: Legal Assistant Personal Assistant or Personal Aide Medical Assistant Executive Assistant Office Coordinator, etc.

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Frustration Busters!

Laughing all the Way to Work

We as assistants probably know a little bit of this and a little bit of that because we work with so many programs and in some programs we know a whole lot because we use it regularly, such as Word and Outlook. They sent an e-mail wondering if any of the assistants could help them export a document from Excel to Word. Sometimes I find a simple procedure can be made more complicated than it really is so responded that a cut and paste from Excel to Word should do the trick.

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