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That is… Admin Assistant Training Workplace Tools assistant learning programs conference for assistants free learning program for assistants free training for administrative assistants free webinar for executive assistants ODI 30th Anniversary workshopsOffice Dynamics International is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. Since 1990, we have provided rich resources for administrative professionals around the world.

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Choosing Administrative Training That’s Right for You

Office Dynamics

The challenge may come when you realize there are a plethora of training programs, conferences, webinars and other learning events for administrative assistants and executive assistants. For example, when assistants ask me which training would be best for them between our conference and World Class Assistant Certification live course, I ask them “What are your goals?” Our conference and World Class Assistant™ our very different learning events.

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5 Trends In E-Learning You Should Know For The Coming Decade

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This year’s pandemic has accelerated e-learning from a “good-to-have” to a “must-have” option for every organization. Personalization of Learning Experiences. A downside to this is that it doesn’t allow a customized learning experience. Mobile Learning.

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Your Case for Training: Adult Learning Retention Statistics

Office Dynamics

I haven’t been able to find this information on adult learning retention rates until now and I’m sharing it with you! ATD stands for the Association of Talent Development, formerly called ASTD (American Society for Training & Development). For 25 years I have been teaching live workshops, seminars and training programs for executive and administrative assistants. Adult Learning Retention Statistics: Lecture – 5%.

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Some training suggestions for assistants

Practically Perfect PA

Quite often I am asked which courses I would recommend for assistants that are just starting in the profession and want to undertake some training to increase their skills and help them move up the career ladder. I always say that it is extremely important for assistants to attend training courses throughout the year. All of this means that we must, must, must attend training courses. So what training courses would I recommend for all of these instances? IT training.

Administrative Training Sources – Friends of Office Dynamics

Office Dynamics

We recently posted a blog that listed free training sources we provide; 6 Free Training Sources for Administrative and Executive Assistants. At Office Dynamics, it is our goal to elevate the level of the administrative profession through knowledge and training but that got us thinking, “What else can we do?”. Please visit her site and learn how you can improve your writing skills.

Totes emosh (emotional intelligence) training

Practically Perfect PA

One of the best training courses I have attended in my career was an introduction to NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) with specific training on emotional intelligence. I had heard a lot about NLP over the years and I thought it would be really helpful if both my manager and myself were learning how to use emotional intelligence at the same time. So why is “totes emosh” training (sorry, I’m from Essex) useful for assistants?

Administrative Training Pioneer Celebrates Unlikely 25-Year Anniversary

Office Dynamics

ADMINISTRATIVE TRAINING PIONEER, OFFICE DYNAMICS INTERNATIONAL, CELEBRATES UNLIKELY 25-YEAR ANNIVERSARY. On Thursday, June 4 th , Office Dynamics International, a trailblazing leader in the field of training and development for administrative professionals, will celebrate its 25 th business anniversary—an immeasurable feat considering the odds stacked against it. Office Dynamics’ experience and expertise in the administrative training industry are unparalleled.

6 Free Training Sources for Administrative and Executive Assistants

Office Dynamics

It is no secret that Joan Burge and the Office Dynamics team believes in continuous education and training so we wanted to provide you with several resources that give you access to free education and training. With over 300 videos, our YouTube channel is the largest collection of training and educational content that Office Dynamics has to offer. We’ve posted past webinars, trainings, Facebook Fridays, and more!

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Child Neuropsychological Assessment: Its Importance in Childhood Learning Dysfunctions

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It highlights the significance of acquiring neuropsychological interpretation when children are going through learning disorders. There are several sorts of experts who conduct evaluations of children with regards to learning difficulties. However, it’s best if trained psychologists can do the neuropsychological assessments. In some cases, lack of certainty exists with the way neuropsychological assessment can increase awareness on a child’s learning issue.

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Make Learning Fun For Your Admin Team

Office Dynamics

This seems to be a hot trend, learning as a team. Here’s some advice on how you can make training for your administrative team fun. 6 Tips To Make Learning Fun & Ensure Your Team Will Remember What They Learned. This will increase the value of your training. Then build a calendar for future lunch and learn sessions where attendees can bring new information that supports that topic. How will you transfer what you learned to your workplace?

7 Hacks I Learned From James Bond

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Here are seven life hacks you can learn from the master spy himself: Only Follow the Rules That Suit You. Buy the best you can afford when it comes to the tools of your profession, the safety and comfort of your home, the food you put in your body, and at least one high-quality set of clothes. Despite all of his training, intelligence, and support, James still finds himself in a situation for which he is totally unprepared.

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Using Machine Learning and AI for Productivity In The Workplace

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Tools such as Pymetrics use a series of “ethical AI games” to evaluate a candidate’s cognitive and emotional characteristics. AI tools such as Deloitte’s LaborWise can provide managers with analytics to recognize high-cost locations, roadblocks and even supply information about which departments are overworked or understaffed. Using artificial intelligence tools, you can evaluate mathematical models relevant to your organization. Learning with AI.

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Corporate Training Exploding and Changing

Small Business Labs

Interesting article on Bersin by Deloitte's site on corporate training. spending on corporate training has strongly rebounded.   The reasons given by Bersin for this shift towards investing in training are: The need for specialized skills is increasing.    Companies are also shifting to online and informal training. Mobile learning is now becoming mainstream. companies

Social Learning as a Way to Foster Productivity in the Workplace

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In one way or another, social learning has been part of our lives for a long time. During this time, we are bound to learn from our colleagues and get a chance to talk on mutual topics of interest. Nowadays companies are finding ways that would bring together social learning into the day-to-day operations that are carried out in organizations. Before we dig deeper let’s try to gain a deeper understanding of the term “social learning”. What is Social Learning?

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Technology Training Tuesday: Advanced Minute Taking & Excel Pivot Tables

Office Dynamics

Fight against your fear of taking minutes and learn to do it properly and with confidence. Please click here to learn more about this webinar or to register today ! Please click here to learn more about this webinar or to register today! The post Technology Training Tuesday: Advanced Minute Taking & Excel Pivot Tables appeared first on Office Dynamics. Advanced Minute Taking Workshop. Date: Tuesday, June 17, 2014. Time: 1:00 PM – 2:15 PM ET.

Leading Administrative Training Company Donates Program to Deserving Organizations

Office Dynamics

Office Dynamics International awarded two organizations its Star Achievement Series ® training program (Level 1) in support of Administrative Professionals. Office Dynamics International, the globally recognized authority for administrative training and development, made two sizable in-kind donations in the month of March. To participate, organizations had to submit application materials describing why the training is needed and pledging leadership support.

5 Must-Have Learning Management Systems (LMS) Features for Employee Training

Small Business CEO

Picking a learning management system for employee onboarding and training can be a stressful affair. There are more than 180 sophisticated learning management systems in the market today and each one of them offer unique features and tools to make elearning fun, engaging and productive. Yet, several legacy LMS applications do not offer comprehensive support for learning over mobile devices. Mobile learning is important for two reasons.

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Automate Your Business! Top 5 Automation Tools

Office Organization Success

Over the years I have worked with many different automation tools (either in my own business or for my clients) that have helped to support an online solo business owner, and today I’d like to share my top five favorite ones with you. All of these tools I use in my own business today – and they’re a huge timesaver as well as creating a more streamlined and automated business for me.

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Solutions for Online Learning In a Collaborative Space

Office Dynamics

Before I even could give a response, the other assistants in the room began to chime in with their solutions to this problem of the collaborative work space harming the continued learning and development of the administrative professional. Solutions For Online Learning In A Collaborative Space From Other Assistants. Do you have any tips for watching webinars or online learning programs during the workday? Assistants, Don’t Let Collaborative Work Space Stop Your Education.

Provide Training Without Losing Productivity

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Wouldn't it be great if everyone you hired could just sit down in front of a computer and start working immediately, with no training at all?  But even people who've done the same job somewhere else before need to learn how your business runs.    Maybe you use different tools, or you have different procedures.    In order to fit in and be productive, a new employee will have to learn those things. Group Training.

What learning method do you prefer? Webinar or Podcast

Office Dynamics

We’re curious, do you prefer learning via a webinar or podcast? The post What learning method do you prefer? Admin Assistant Training Admin Tips Workplace Tools learning resources for assistants podcast webinarWe’ve been having a great time with you this year as we introduced free monthly webinars. Don’t worry, we aren’t doing away with the webinars but we wonder if adding a podcast in the future would be something that you would use?

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How Assistants Manage Their Workload (and all the extras, like training!)

Office Dynamics

Are you one of the many assistants who claims you can’t attend a training course or even get away for a free webinar because you’re just too busy? We’ve witnessed firsthand hundreds, maybe thousands of assistants who take the time to get away for an hour, a day and sometimes a whole week to keep learning and growing their professional skillset. Here’s how assistants manage their workload and find time for other things, like training! .

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Technology Training Tuesday: Creating Newsletters & SharePoint Team Sites

Office Dynamics

Join Business Management Daily, Wednesday, June 25, for 7 Strategies for Creating E-Newsletters That Get Results and you’ll learn all the nuts and bolts. Please click here to learn more about this webinar or to register today ! Veteran trainer Melissa Esquibel, MCT, in her association with training partner Brainstorm Inc., Please click here to learn more about this webinar or to register today ! 7 Strategies for Creating E-Newsletters That Get Results.

Technology Training Tuesday: Advanced Minute Taking & Excel Pivot Tables

Office Dynamics

Fight against your fear of taking minutes and learn to do it properly and with confidence. Please click here to learn more about this webinar or to register today ! Please click here to learn more about this webinar or to register today! The post Technology Training Tuesday: Advanced Minute Taking & Excel Pivot Tables appeared first on Office Dynamics. Advanced Minute Taking Workshop. Date: Tuesday, June 17, 2014. Time: 1:00 PM – 2:15 PM ET.

Technology Training Tuesday: How to Integrate Your iPad Into Your Workday

Office Dynamics

Upcoming Technology Training options this week. You’ll learn: How to more efficiently interact with your iPad’s input controls and interface. The most appropriate techniques and tools for moving data on and off the iPad—both locally and remotely—as well as remotely controlling your computer via the iPad. Please click here to learn more about this webinar or to register today ! How to Really Integrate Your iPad Into Your Workday. Date: Wednesday, June 4, 2014.

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How to Get More Out of Professional Development Training: [PART 2] Retaining Information

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Part 3: Leveraging Learning. In this article, we’re diving into the big question: How do you effectively capture—and more importantly, retain —learning in a professional development training program? For many professionals, training isn’t an everyday occurrence. Further, most of us never really learned how to be great students in high school or college. Sadly, a lot of people get overwhelmed when it comes to training activities. You’re in training anyway.

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BIG Self-Improvement…Commit to One Learning Event

Office Dynamics

Here’s a message about giving yourself permission to continue your learning journey for your BIG life. Obviously, these are individuals who have committed to a learning event. They will learn valuable information from our speakers and their peers. Learn as if you were to live forever.” I have been in the adult education/learning/training business for 24 years, mostly working with administrative professionals of all walks of life.

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BIG Learning: The Invisible Bag of Skills Give Assistants the Edge

Office Dynamics

Carrying on with the May theme of BIG learning, today I want to talk to you about the invisible bag of skills, knowledge and information. As I conduct my administrative training programs, I teach assistants how to write and give a 3-minute presentation. The post BIG Learning: The Invisible Bag of Skills Give Assistants the Edge appeared first on Office Dynamics. Admin Assistant Training Self Development Workplace Tools how do I continue learning as an assistant?

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Our Social Media and Tech Training course is two weeks away!

Practically Perfect PA

I just wanted to remind you that our Social Media and tech training course is two weeks away! The first course is for assistants who want to learn how social media, apps and office tech can help increase their productivity and career development. The training will concentrate one: Social Media isn’t difficult, controversial or challenging. This training workshop is specially designed for any assistant who wish to get the most from Social Media and online resources.

Now Available. On Demand. Workshop Learning Library

Office Organization Success

It’s a powerhouse of tools, systems, strategies, resources, templates, cheat sheets, and checklists. Business Building Resources Business Planning Training Workshops and Products But more importantly, it helps you experience: 1. Consistent revenues – no more feast or famine cycles! More clients – lots of your ideal clients too! Less stress and overwhelm – you’ll actually fall in love with your business again! Not only are you getting on demand. Anytime.

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The Most Important Tool for Accelerating Your Career Growth

Eat Your Career

It’s the number one most important tool you absolutely must be utilizing consistently in order to advance your career. Regardless of where you are in your career and regardless of where you want to go, you should ALWAYS be actively participating in Professional Development & Career Advancement Training. Unfortunately, most people wait and only do training when there’s a specific need—when they’ve already fallen behind and they’re trying to play catch up. Train Others.

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12 Amazing Life Lessons That You Can Learn Through Science

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But is there a common thread of wisdom that we can learn from science? I outline some of major life lessons that that I learned after working for a long time in a laboratory setting and engaging with science research up, close and personal. You are only as good as your tools allow you to be The early microbe hunters did not find viruses that were too small to be viewed with the microscopes they put together. In order to excel, you will need skill and the right tools.

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Free Webinar Replay: Don’t Let Fear Sink Your Career

Office Dynamics

Learning Highlights From Webinar: How to identify the fears holding you back from living your best life. Once you have completed this webinar, Don’t Let Fear Sink Your Career, you may download the Certificate of Attendance to keep in your learning records. You find them all here in our post about all the free training we offer for the administrative profession. Our free webinar series includes a free webinar offered each month.

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Training On-line

Laughing all the Way to Work

© Copyright Patricia Robb 2010 19 January, 2009 Training On-line Recently someone asked me a question about training on-line so I thought I would share the answer in a post. I use a place based in Toronto, Canada called Last Minute Training. Join us at the luxurious Palazzo Versace on the Gold Coast for an amazing end of year get away and your chance to network, learn and advance your skills in style!

5 Business Lessons You Can Learn from Disney Junior

Tips From T. Marie

Believe it or not, there are a few business lessons you can learn from Disney Junior characters. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - Lesson: Use the right tool for the job. Every episode Mickey and the gang have four different, sometimes odd, tools that they can use to help them. They then have to figure out what tool to use where and when. That’s right, it teaches us the importance of using the right tools in our business. I’m Granmama to a 3 year old princess.

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How To Train Your Brain

Brilliantly Better

Dragos Roua – Brilliantly Better The Personal Development Blog Home About me Top posts Archives Downloads Audio Recommended Products Contact How To Train Your Brain by dragos on April 29, 2010 · 14 comments in Digital Tools , Personal Development Tweet You’d better relax and set aside some time for yourself, because this post is going to be rather long. Brain Exercises Just like physical exercise, brain training must be performed in a balanced way.

Internet Marketing Specialist 2010 Training

Andrea Kalli

The Internet Marketing Specialist 2010 Training Program will equip you with the exact skills, knowledge and tools to be able to fully coordinate and implement your client’s Internet Marketing campaigns from start to finish! 100 Coupon Code: IMST2010 Internet Marketing Specialist 2010 Training Program The course starts April 26 and seats are limited, so take advantage of this offer now. Internet Marketing Specialist 2010 Training Rating 3.00

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7 Podcasts that You Need in Your Life

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Gone are the days when we were bound to sit on a desk for learning. Today, technology has gifted us so many options for learning and entertainment on the go, and podcasts are one of them. By spending just five minutes a day, you can easily learn the tactics and embrace positivity.

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Great Tool for Sharing Your Voice with Others

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Over the years, I've found a number of tools and services that I've incorporated into my business that really help me get my message "out there" and run my. I use a lot of audio in my business and I'm often asked what some of my favorite tools are.  The Tool - AudioAcrobat.   It is a versatile tool that primarily allows you to record, host and play streaming audio and video. Steph, I'm Not Fond of Learning New Technology.

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Assistant Certifications: free webinar replay & handout

Office Dynamics

We had an incredible webinar event with over 1,300 assistants registered to learn more about why, as an administrative professional, they should consider a career certification. It is very hard for small business to find the money to support training. I wrote an article called Getting To Yes that outlines the steps you need to take to persuade your executive to support your training. We have listed each speaker and what the attendees will learn.

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A Ballerina’s Story: How I Learned To Love My Body After Years Of Hating It

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Early in life, I learned to view my body as a sort of prison. While other little girls spent time playing and living carefree young lives, I struggled my way through ballet class– attempting to forcefully train my body to be graceful, obedient, and beautiful. I realized that while I couldn’t control the body I was given at birth, I could control how I operated it– working harder, training longer, and being as skinny as possible in order to be the best dancer I could be.

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Revolutionary Insights Into Self-Leadership for Administrative Professionals

Office Dynamics

Only a rare few administrative professionals have learned to tap into the power of the most advanced leadership skill. Learning Highlights. As an attendee, you will learn…. Plus helpful resources for continued learning!). Continued Learning and Development. Mastering Exceptional Self-Leadership Online Learning Program (Recorded 2-day learning event). Create a Career Portfolio Online Learning Program (Pre-Recorded Webinar).