Top 15 Small Business Ideas for 2020 You Should Consider

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Here you will learn about some of the best small business ideas for 2020. These writers also encourage the audience to make purchases. Apart from that, the job includes processing payrolls and preparing tax returns for business clients.

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Preparing Your Business For The Next Recession

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Some of the actions you can put into place today include: Monitor spending closely and pull back on unnecessary purchases. Enforce a budget for all employees – 10% less than last year on everything that isn’t related to payroll.

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Top 10 Small Business Trends for 2015

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  Cloud Automation tools are simplifying a wide range of traditional small business applications such as accounting, payroll, inventory management, HR and benefits administration, etc.  The impacts of “Lean Years” thinking include (but aren't limited to) lower marriage rates, birth rates, and home ownership rates and a resistance to large purchases of all kinds. "Lean Top 10 Small Business Trends for 2015.

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How To Make The Gig Economy Work For You

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Getting and keeping clients, meeting deadlines and paying the bills is all on you: You’ll have to pay your payroll taxes, an additional tax burden above what you pay as an employee of a firm. You’ll have to purchase and pay for your own health insurance.

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Can you go from creative and productive in a corporate job to a mess working for yourself?

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  HR department - handled all of the compensation issues, research, performance and people documentation, labor relation issues, downsizing decisions, payroll, hiring, exit interviews, outsourcing decisions, benefits planning and coordination of benefits issues, and so on.

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