Small Business Payroll Taxes

Small Business CEO

There are several differences between running a small business versus a large corporation, but at the end of the day, payroll taxes are something that all business owners must pay close attention to in order to avoid problems with the IRS.

Avoid Decision Fatigue: Learn The Steps for Effective Delegation

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Learning the steps for effective delegation can help you refocus on your long-term goals. Delegate tasks that don’t require your input or don’t match your expertise, such as: Bookkeeping and payroll. Legal counsel. Small business owners are no strangers to sacrifice.

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Why Your Organization Should Invest In An HR Management System

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Employee training programs range from educational programs to guiding new employees to learn how to use the various features in the HR management system. Many organizations still work within rigorous legal environments where they are bound to follow certain regulations.

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Webinar Employee Expense Reimbursements: Compliance Workshop

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The legal and financial risks of mishandling employee expense reimbursements have spiked in recent years. The result: an unhappy employee—and your company would be on the hook for the related payroll taxes and penalties. Which payments made to employees are subject to payroll tax?

Should City Governments and other Businesses look to Virtual Services to Save Money?

Tips From T. Marie

But, he said, the city could use the payroll savings. After all, you don’t tell your attorney how to draft your legal documents right? Are you a current employee interested in learning more about working virtually? It’s a rare occurrence when reading an article about a city budget makes me sad, but it happened just a few moments ago. The article discussed how the City of Hickory, NC proposed offering early retirement to 84 of their employees.

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My thoughts on the multi-VA model

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Legally, and with lower risk, it could profitably be run with employees. Bit O’Moxie : Look…if you’re going to set up a multi-VA firm, do it legally and minimize your risk. and do it legally. I have also coached other VAs to (legally) create a successful 6-figure VA business.

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