The Great Calendar Debate - Paper or Electronic - 21 Experts Weigh.

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  One item frequently purchased at this time of year is a calendar or planner for the upcoming year.    Some say the traditional paper planner is the best, while others swear by their smart-phone or on line tool.  Recommended Tool: Smart phone (I use the Nokia E71 & also recommend a Blackberry) [link] is a Hand-held Device great for Business Professional Pros of Planning Tool: Easy to use. Productive & Organized Home Contribute to P&O!

Blackberry Pearl Flip Makes Me Flip

The Marq

I didn’t purchase it until Sprint of 2009. In fact, I’ve been using it for just about eight months now, but I now have a better perspective about the pros and cons of the phone that excludes the initial new-ness impressions. What I Don’t Like I believe the phone was designed with the light non-business user in mind. When I look back at how I selected this phone, I remember some telltale signs that I’d have trouble with it.

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Motorola Droid and CLIQ

The Marq

TheMarq A Human Perspective on Business and Life Motorola Droid and CLIQ Technology Review I’m in the midst of changing my phone. I was considering one of the Android phones and the Motorola CLIQ has stood out given the tight integration with Google Apps and social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. I’d love to write a review about it, but I’ve not yet purchased it. Ive waited YEARS for Verizon to get a decent Smart Phone.

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10 Great Gift Ideas for Coworkers

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While I will include links, I am not endorsing a particular retailer or product -- and will leave it to you to find the best deal should you choose to purchase anything on the list. Anyone who has ever left a phone charger on their desk knows the frustration of having a phone die in the middle of a conversation while on the go. Keyboard stickers. If you know someone who is tired of a boring keyboard, try these Van Gogh Starry Night or comic book decals.

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How I Almost Dumped the CLIQ: Review – Part 3

The Marq

Last weekend, the keyboard lights went out. The ALT works the same way as the ALT key on your computer keyboard. It makes the alternate numbers and characters on the keyboard available. As you can imagine, I couldn’t use the keyboard at night. I’d heard about the new Nexus One (Android phone that Google will sell directly starting on January 5). In any case, I researched the issue online and found that some of the new CLIQs had defective keyboards.

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What is Your 1400 Plan? Don't Have My Tradgedy! #businesscontinuity #productivity #dontwasttime

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Back then, any technical problem that I had -- phone, computer, palm pilot (remember, there weren't smart phones back then.), I also purchased a "Black Tie" plan from Best Buy. However, when I went to finish what I was doing, I realized that only part of my keyboard was working. Ultimately, I decide to purchase a new computer.  Since I had just purchased it, they'd do an exchange.

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List of 50 Great Word Games for Kids and Adults

Daily Writing Tips

10 Word Games You Can Play on Your Phone. These days, many writers are more likely to have their phone to hand than a pen and paper … and to be fair, there’s nothing wrong with that. You can easily make notes on a phone, whether by tapping them in or by recording them. Note: all of these are free to download, but most allow in-app purchases, and you may find you need to make a purchase to get the most out of them. #1:

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Need To Create a PDF? Don't Have the Software? Don't Panic!

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If you are interested in purchasing a copy, you can find Adobe Acrobat products here. All you need to do is go through your regular print routine with the following steps: Click File, Print or CTRL-P as the keyboard shortcut. Home About Me Advertise Need To Create a PDF? Dont Have the Software? Dont Panic!

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A Conversation with Joan

Office Dynamics

From the first phone call to register for the conference to picking up my name tag, the entire team carried out the professionalism of Joan. You can purchase this Guide at ). Daily huddles are to be done in person or via the phone (not text or email). Of course, I love my iPad (newer, bigger, lightweight screen with the keyboard by Apple); loving my AirPods (no wires!);

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Apple – a customer support nightmare! | THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG

The Small Business Blog

Business Telephone Systems & Phone Lines For Your Business A few weeks ago I ordered my new MacBook Pro and I wanted a German keyboard, of cause I could not order a German keyboard, you can order a French keyboard? This time a friendly guy in my Apple Store told me I could pay $200/£100 extra and they would change the keyboard in store for me. installed, and agreed to pay the extra for the keyboard. E-Mail me or follow me.

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Motorola CLIQ Review - Part 2

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Specifically, when I use the car bluetooth to dial a number, meaning, I tell the car navigation system to dial a stored number or spell-out the number, the phone resets. I’ve had to resort to dialing on the phone, disconnecting and then using the car navigation system to redial. This takes away from the whole idea of hands-free safe phone dialing. I’d gotten used to carrying my previous phone in my pocket. The problem is that the phone is very heavy.

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Oh where or where is my password?

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Even if you phone the bank they need your secret passcode or they wont speak to you about your account. I purchased a small address book in which I can keep the website address along with my user name and/or password for each particular site. I just make a note for each account whether it's our purchasing page, our network software products, or websites i need to access for various reasons and put my user name and password on the note as well as the website address.

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Meetings Plus: Taking them offline

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When I receive an initial request for a meeting, I use a meeting form and write down the information I need: who is requesting the meeting, what is the purpose of the meeting, where it will be held and a phone number or an e-mail address and dates that are available. If the meeting is internal, I send a meeting request, but for external meetings I tend to just confirm with them the meeting details by phone or e-mail. Let your fingers do the walking: Quick keyboard sh.

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Postbox: A Powerful Cross-Platform Email Client [Review]


In the Advanced/General preferences panel, you can set Postbox to use Gmail’s keyboard shortcuts and you can also create events within Google Calendar for detected dates. After purchase, you also get a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, meaning you’ll be getting a full 90 days to evaluate Postbox without any real risk. Ive really been liking @ Teuxdeux for iphone and a web app, but Im not sure that I would be willing to commit to one app on my desktop and one on my phone.

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The Advertising Game

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Telemarketing is my number one annoyance in advertising and as soon as I answer the phone and get that few seconds of dead air, that is my queue to hang up. I know I am dating myself with this ad, but advertising does influence our decisions on what we purchase. I want to know that there will be a person I can speak to if I cant complete the order myself or if I have questions after the purchase. Let your fingers do the walking: Quick keyboard sh.

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Which Person Would You Talk To?

Men With Pens

Just once in a while… I find I have those moments as well, and if you’re not right there with the pen or the keyboard, then you’ve lost it. A “pirated&# CD is not a lost sale, really – the pirate would never have purchased the music in the first place.

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