How Keyboarding Improves my Efficiency

Virtual Moxie

As a followup to last week’s post on how I stay productive, Jane wrote to ask me if I would share more about how I keyboard more than I mouse, so here I am to do just that. Why I Keyboard. But once I did, and I realized there were ways to click one or two buttons and do tasks in a blink of an eye, I think I was so intrigued that I wanted to learn.almost in the way that I love to learn languages. I also use Gmail keyboard shortcuts on my Blackberry.

For Beginners: Keyboarding

Administrative Arts

Helpful tips and what to learn to progress in an administrative career. For those just starting out in the clerical field, I cannot stress enough working on your keyboarding skills. Here’s a few sites on-line where you can get some keyboarding practice: Peter’s On-line Typing Course – this is the best one, in my opinion. Overall, though, this seems to be a very complete keyboarding tutorial. Keyboard Lessons – 10 lessons for keyboarding.

Let your fingers do the walking: Quick keyboard shortcut keys

Laughing all the Way to Work

Join us at the luxurious Palazzo Versace on the Gold Coast for an amazing end of year get away and your chance to network, learn and advance your skills in style! Let your fingers do the walking: Quick keyboard sh.

Learning the Art of Business Conversations

On The Job

If so, you need to break the habit of hiding behind your keyboard or your phone. If you cannot learn to communicate in person in the business world, your career is going to suffer. Learning the art of small talk.

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Learn Software Faster with A Wallpaper

Simple Productivity Blog

One of the best ways to increase your productivity skills in software is to learn the shortcuts. While menus make it easy to find the features you are looking for, shortcuts take you there immediately – without having to lift your hands from the keyboard.

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Two Desks in One: My New Minimal Workspace


I also recognized that the top of the desk was deep enough to hold my Apple Wireless Keyboard and Mighty Mouse, so I checked the height out to see if it was ideal for me to use them while placed on it. It stores my keyboard and mouse when I’m not using them.

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Learn How to Handle Those Tough Questions

On The Job

These are a few of the queries we might be asked that put us on the spot, making us long for our keyboard where we would have time to tap out a response. Many of us are more comfortable sending e-mails or memos at work, never having to directly face other human beings who — gasp!

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The Most Important Trait To Boost Your Productivity


The key to advanced productivity lies in the power of learning. Back in 2011, I took the time to learn new techniques in Microsoft Excel through a course. The methods I learned there have gave me greater confidence and speed (i.e. The value of learning is very clear.

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The benefits of reading aloud | Men With Pens

Men With Pens

Now, when I say ‘don’t write’, I don’t mean you should take a break or get away from the keyboard for a day. That means they’ll grasp your razor-sharp message perfectly, learn from it quickly and understand it clearly.

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Boost Your Productivity With Word Shortcuts

Simple Productivity Blog

One of the best ways that you can boost your productivity at the computer is to learn the keyboard shortcuts for some of the most commonly used actions. Today we are going to look at some of those keyboard shortcuts in Word.

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Boost Productivity In Excel

Simple Productivity Blog

One of the best ways that you can boost your productivity at the computer is to learn the keyboard shortcuts for some of the most commonly used actions. Today we are going to look at some of those keyboard shortcuts in Excel.

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How To Increase Your Productivity By Harnessing Dead Time

Dumb Little Man

You have a lot of other options to consider: read a blog post on productivity, learn two new English phrases, search for potential workshops, etc. Why not learn some keyboard shortcuts to increase your productivity? Learning English- 10 minutes.

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Fighting Back Against Back Pain

Dumb Little Man

It’s also important to pay attention to the position of your keyboard and computer monitor. Keyboards that are too low can cause you to hunch forward while computer monitors that are too low can cause you to crane your neck forward.

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How To Make Your Own Standing Desk and Save $600

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Do you need to learn how to make your own standing desk ? My measurement was roughly 40 inches, the approximate point that your keyboard should be to provide a comfortable working area for productivity. A few years ago a friend of mine bought one of the first standing desks.

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3 Simple Ways To Improve Your Piano Skills

Dumb Little Man

By learning the basics of music and the piano at such an early age, I was able to build a foundation for music that lasts a lifetime. Some people wait until they are middle-aged to learn an instrument and that’s okay, too! I have been a pianist all of my life.

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Guess What? Lack of Focus is a Good Thing

Tips From T. Marie

I assured her she had no worries, I was aware that I sometimes appeared to have a business related attention disorder that I have learned to embrace. In the midst of my conversation with my business buddy, Vicki Voisin last Thursday she mentioned that I was always branching out.

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How Good Office Ergonomics Can Mean Better Productivity

Simple Productivity Blog

If you’re in the market for a new office desk, then look for the kind with an adjustable tray for your keyboard and mouse. If you are a proper and classically-trained typist, then don’t tilt your keyboard towards you.

6 Ways to Alleviate Ergonomic-Related Strain

Ian's Messy Desk

The keyboard should usually be at a low height, near the height of your elbows and the mouse should be right next to the keyboard. Try different keyboards and mice – there are many designs on the market.

Laughing All the Way to Work: A Survival Blog for Today's.

Laughing all the Way to Work

Join us at the luxurious Palazzo Versace on the Gold Coast for an amazing end of year get away and your chance to network, learn and advance your skills in style! Let your fingers do the walking: Quick keyboard sh. Its and Its Learned vs. Learnt Lets versus lets Listing job responsibilities May,Should, Must may/might and can/could Me or Myself?

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Why Not Knowing Your Tools holds You Back

Simple Productivity Blog

In fact, without learning how to use a tool properly, you can actually hinder yourself, or cause yourself lost time when you have to re-do things. Most people learn how to use a hammer by watching someone else. Do you know the keyboard shortcuts for bold, italic and underline?

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7 Things I Wish Someone Told Me About Slack


Keyboard Shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts are a great way to increase productivity and quickly navigate and interact with any application. Slack has a great set of keyboard shortcuts for navigation, messages and more. You can learn more about Slack Made Easy here.

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10 Useful (and Innovative) Windows 7 Productivity Tips

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Windows 7 Shortcuts Keyboard shortcuts can significantly enhance your productivity. Even if you love using the mouse and can't even dream of dumping it altogether for that bland keyboard, there's no harm in getting yourself acquainted with some shortcuts to speed up certain daily tasks.

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Mike Song – Zip Tips! Amazing Productivity Tips!

Office Dynamics

We learned about sending low-priority e-mail to folders we set up and could review 1-2 times per month. We learned about the Zip-Zone, which places any document, site, webpage on our toolbar so we can access it quickly. We learned about accessing teleconference numbers in one tap. We learned searches on Bing. We received tips to help us in Outlook, take notes, keyboard short cuts & it was really wonderful.

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DeClutter Your Desk And Your Mind

Productivity Bits

Stacked up beside your keyboard is never the right answer. To learn more about her effective methods, visit Thank you for subscribing! The argument over whether a clear desk or a messy one is a truer sign of productivity has gone on for decades and it’s unlikely to ever be resolved objectively. Why not give the “clear desk = clear mind” side of the debate a try in your own workspace?

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Get Better Results by Taking Handwritten Notes

On The Job

Mueller, a Princeton University doctoral candidate, says that one surprising aspect of the study was that even though someone can take more notes via a laptop, transcribing those notes verbatim rather than processing information and reframing it in their own words is detrimental to learning.

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Writing with Speech Recognition Software

Daily Writing Tips

Don’t try to speak the keyboard. Dragon’s commands are great for people who can’t use a keyboard – they can say Open Google Chrome or Post to Facebook – but the extra learning curve can sour other people on trying the software.

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One Small Chance, 1000 Huge Possibilities

Dumb Little Man

Every day I would picture myself typing away at the keyboard, pouring my life stories, bleeding honesty, and putting it all into one article to transition them into profound advice. Starting my website forced me to learn TONS of new skills. “Life is inherently risky.

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7 great organizing gifts for Christmas!

Clutter Coach

Click on the photo of each to learn more and purchase. It has a QWERTY keyboard which I find way easier to use than others with an ABC keyboard. Here’s my gift round up for the year. All items are available through my Amazon store. I love drawer organizers! They are particularly helpful in the bathroom to keep small items contained and separated. If a tube comes open, you’ll only have to clean the icky stuff out of one organizer.

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5 Scientifically Proven Tips to Boost Your Productivity

Productivity Bits

Learn to Touch Type Although millennials who have grown up with keyboards as an extension of their fingers may feel that they are competent typists, there is a correct way to do it. Learning to touch type is an invaluable tool , when we have to look down at our fingers to see where we are placing them on the keyboard then we cannot simultaneously read the report we are trying to type. So much to do and so little time!

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The Lie You Were Told When You Were Young That's Hurting Your Business

Productive & Organized

  A number of years ago I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Shad Helmstetter, one of the fathers of motivational psychology, and learn about “self-talk.”    And then, those messages that were typed into your computer keyboard were recorded on your hard drive your brain."

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Which secretary skills are worth keeping?

Practically Perfect PA

But I do think it is important for assistants to be able to type quickly because, from my experience, many executives still punch at their keyboard with one finger and can take forever to write a simple email. I always wanted to learn but never quite got round to it.

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The Ultimate Quick Fix: Solve Any Problem In Your Life In Three Steps

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Instead, by acknowledging it as adults, we can accept we are human, but learn how to minimise the damage, solve the problem or stand up for ourselves: We can let go and forgive ourselves. After I finally decided to end the lessons, I only touched the keyboard once in the following year!

2013 286

Payment Processing "On Location" Just Got a Whole Lot Easier (App How-To and Review)

Productive & Organized

If you are fast using your keyboard, you could type the information into the screen, but I've found scanning the card works the fastest for me and is proof that you physically had the card present at the time of the transaction.

2013 191

How to Improve Your English Spelling

Daily Writing Tips

Addyson, a sixth grader who loves to write, asks, “How can I learn to spell better?” The best way to learn spelling. The best way to learn to spell better depends on your own learning style. Using a keyboard will help.

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Can you write a book or a novel with speech recognition software?

Daily Writing Tips

Some have physical challenges, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, that make it difficult or impossible to use a keyboard. Some modern authors could learn to work the same way. You have a right to disagree with my previous post Writing with Speech Recognition Software.

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Memory Makeover: Tips to Spruce Up an Absent Mind

Ian's Messy Desk

Understanding Memory Before learning any memory improvement technique, it’s useful to first understand the three stages of memory: encoding, storage and retrieval. Put pen to paper (or finger tips to keyboard) and record important dates in a calendar, notebook or on your mobile device.

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How To Make A Successful Mobile App For Your Business

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For instance, you can check out all the keyboard apps that are developed for fast typing. No one will waste too much time learning how to use an app when there are several other alternatives. Despite the fact that mobile apps are very useful and indispensable to businesses, over 70 percent of apps fail. In fact, some fail from the beginning. If you are wondering how to make a successful mobile app, here are the best tips to guide you. Find a need.

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12 Ideas for the Best To Do Lists and How to Get Things Done

Productive & Organized

I have a clipboard that sits to the left of my keyboard.   To learn more and sign up, click this link.   One of the questions that I frequently get when I work with clients is "What is the best way to ensure that I get things done? What type of to do list should I use?"

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How Mozart Made Better Music By Lying to His Family


He started playing the keyboard at the age of three after overhearing his sister''s lessons. By having the self-discipline and strategy to turn down busyness, Mozart was able to focus deeply on his music and learn from the greatest composers of his era.

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Podcast 083: Paying attention

Clutter Coach

Here’s the idea: Go to my Facebook page and write a sentence or two telling me what idea or technique you’ve learned from my podcast that’s been the most valuable to you. In the future, according to the Sci fi movies and shows I’ve seen, people type on a keyboard and instead of seeing things on a two dimensional screen, one screen at a time, they grab the information and throw it up in the air where it levitates in front of them, in 3d.

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Review – Critical Tactics In OmniFocus


Brett offers his own introductory insight as to why Defer dates can be great and how to utilize them with keyboard shortcuts. Evernote Essentials , by Brett Kelly is without doubt one of the finest software guides I have ever read.

2015 107

How to Find a Job Using Social Media

On The Job

He also started a blog called , which combined his love of surfing with lessons he was learning in his life. They learned a lot about me from my blog — much more than they would with just a resume. It's your fingers on the keyboard, so think about what you're saying."

List of 50 Great Word Games for Kids and Adults

Daily Writing Tips

Crosswords are great if you want to learn new words and definitions, or (at the cryptic end of the scale) if you enjoy playing with words and language. These can be quite involved and complex, and they can be a great way to learn the skills of telling a long, detailed story (e.g.

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