Dealing With A Job Loss: Starting the Job Hunt

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5 things PAs should consider before accepting a new role

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So you’ve aced your interview and you’ve been offered the job. Your new employer may have done a fantastic job selling the role and the organisation to you, the new job may have come with a huge pay increase and you’ve started spending the money in your head already, or you may hate your current role so much anything to get out of there is worth taking. Before accepting the job do consider if you can work closely with this person. salary and reward.

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Is job hopping the only way up the career ladder for assistants?

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Hi, I’m Nicky Christmas and I am a job hopper. I’ve spent many years cleverly covering up the fact that I spent most of my career hopping from one job to another in an effort to climb the career ladder. Recently, I’ve been reading quite a bit about job hopping and how common it is becoming, particularly for younger people entering the work force. It’s an interesting topic for me because as I said I have always been a job hopper.

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How important is office culture?

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Our lovely friends over at Career Moves recently conducted a survey to find out how important salary is when looking for a new role. Here is Sarah with more details… Do we just want a good salary? The Career Moves Office Support team recently sent out a Salary and Insights Survey, which produced some surprising results. Interestingly, only a 3rd of respondents are actually happy with their current salary and benefits package!

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Interview Questions and Answers for PAs, EAs and Admins Part 4

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What are you looking for in terms of salary? I really struggle to talk about money or salary with anyone even if I’m not really happy with how much I’m being paid. I’ve read somewhere that is quite typical of women compared to men… but no excuses in a job interview you have to sell yourself and you have to really believe that you are worth the money that you think you are.

Preparing for the Interview

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I had an interview at 11, but I was busy with my job, my father was in the hospital and I was trying to arrange an engagement party for my daughter. It ended up I did get the job. It is a good idea to read the job posting and determine if your skills match the requirements for the job and if you think you will be able to meet the challenge. One thing we tend to forget when we go for an interview is that the company has to sell you on the job as well.

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17 Worst Resume Mistakes

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Whether you are a college student, a recent graduate or a job seeker, you must have, at least once in your lifetime, written a resume. If you simply add that you require a job, it is an utter waste of time. Specifically, if you include the fact that you need a job as an objective statement, then it is certainly not so unique. If you are sending a job application for the position of a chef, there’s no need to include your experience as an accountant.

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Are assistants overqualified?

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I have just spent the last hour looking through jobs that are currently available to assistants. It has been really interesting reading all of the different job descriptions, the skills that are required and the salaries attached to different levels of the role. I remember when I was job hunting. In some of my roles they had included more interesting tasks in the job description but they really wanted me to focus on the core work.

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7 Mobile Applications To Help You Find A Job

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Thanks to today’s technology, there are now countless job search apps that can greatly improve your job hunting experience. You can look for a job whenever and wherever you are. Plus, you can get instant access to job postings and be aware of all the recent announcements. If you are unsure where to begin, here are the most popular job search apps you can choose from. LinkedIn Job Search. It makes the job search faster and a lot more fun.

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What can assistants expect in 2014?

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Employment opportunities and salary. Oh and don’t worry I can’t see technology taking jobs away from us any time soon! This is particularly important if job hunting, as most recruiters will now look for an active engagement in your chosen profession. I know I always say I can’t believe how the time flies but I seriously can’t believe how quickly 2013 past us by! It was quick wasn’t it!? I’m not just getting old!

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9 Serious Signs You’re Next To Be Fired

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This will give you time to adjust your behavior to suit the boss, or you can begin to hunt for another job and leave the company honorably. Delay or reduction in your salary. A delay or reduction in your salary might happen as a result of three factors. If it is the first, Human Resources would be looking to decrease workers and if you did not receive your salary, this is a definite sign that your job is in peril. Begin your job search right away!

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the fisher price concept

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And people are doing this more than ever in this market, as they continue to go about job searches totally backwards and how they give themselves away on the interview. We do the “square peg in a round hole&# especially with relationships and with jobs. They want a job!

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Will This Tough Job Market Change Generation Y?

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Helpful information and advice from Americas favorite workplace columnist About Anita Blog Books Syndicated Column Interviews Career Links Contact Tuesday, December 1, 2009 Will This Tough Job Market Change Generation Y? Do you think this job market will have any impact on Generation Y?

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