Women versus Men in Job Interviews and Salary Negotiations

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For both genders, anxiety before the interview may be present, but studies show that women handle it better. And women are more prone to do mock interviews with those colleagues and friends more than men are. [.]. Interview Skills by Alex Freund career advice gender difference interview preparation men vs. womenWomen adapt more proactively than men do. Women seek social support from colleagues and friends more than men do.

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5 Tips On How To Negotiate Your Salary

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Do you feel uncomfortable and don’t know how to negotiate your salary? But the reality is that “75% of people who ask for a pay rise, get a rise”, based on PayScale’s Salary Negotiation Guide. An increase in your salary will not come overnight. To negotiate your salary successfully, Open Colleges recommends knowing when your next performance review is and use that period to demonstrate you are a great asset to the team.

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10 Answers You Should Know Before Your Job Interview

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Passing a job interview is not as easy as before. Today, you need to do more than just offer a firm handshake to your interviewer, make eye contact, and nod pleasantly now and then. Let the interviewer know you’re looking for job stability and that you aren’t planning to use this job as a temporary stopping point in your quest for a better position. What salary do you want for this job? Remember, the job interview is a two-way discovery process.

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Revealing Salaries Favored by Young Workers

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In a live radio interview last year about my book , the host asked me: "So, Anita, how much do you make writing your syndicated workplace column?" Should we be discussing salary with our kids? Tags: reveal salary income disparity The New York Times Suze Orman salaries share salary Thankfully, you couldn't see my reaction, because I have a feeling my face sort of resembled a landed halibut.

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How to Negotiate a Salary

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But now you’re about to take on one of the most difficult tasks in this job search journey: Negotiating a salary. Also, the salary you negotiate now will be the one chance you have to set yourself up for better salary boosts at this company and your income at future employers. So how do you negotiate the right salary for a new job? Before your first interview, you should have done research on comparable salaries.

Interview Questions and Answers for PAs, EAs and Admins Part 4

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Following on from Monday’s blog here are another five interview question and answers specifically for assistants. What are you looking for in terms of salary? I really struggle to talk about money or salary with anyone even if I’m not really happy with how much I’m being paid. Ideally you should have a rough idea of what the salary is going into the interview but if they try to offer a lot less do remember to stick to the amount you know you are worth.

Résumé + Interview = A Job

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It’s a competition for sure, and only, say, five résumés might be considered for invitations to face-to-face interviews. The Interview Congratulations! Landing Expert is a premier career-coaching service with the objective of preparing job seekers for interviews.

Interview Question and Answer Series: #4 Questions YOU can ask in the interview

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So many people recommend asking questions at an interview. A good interview is one that turns into a conversation, with them asking questions of you, but with you also asking questions of them. You can either write some questions down as the interview proceeds and ask them at the end of the interview or you can ask them after you have answered their question. You need to play it by ear in the interview. What are some of the questions you can ask?

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Interview Question and Answer Series: #1

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I don't remember my first interview, although I do remember my first job and my first paycheque. I was a junior secretary at a large bank and my salary was $137 every two weeks. In the late 70s and early 80s, jobs were plentiful and I never considered when I went on an interview that I wouldn't get the job. I think in my day going on an interview was different from today. Today the competition is tight and to get the job you need to have interview savvy.

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How to Answer Weird Interview Questions

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By now, most job applicants know that when they get an interview, they need to prepare. Some of the most common interview questions go something like this: What are your greatest strengths? Most interviewers have these memorized, and if they don't, they just Google "job interview questions.") But sometimes, job interviewers like to get a bit creative and ask something like, "If you were a salad dressing, what kind would you be?"

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The 4 Most Difficult Interview Questions

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Home About Me Advertise The 4 Most Difficult Interview Questions By The Professional Assistant on Friday, November 23, 2007 Filed Under: Job Seeking A re you going in for an interview for that dream job? Here are 4 of the most difficult interview questions that companies will ask and ways to tackle them: Where do you see yourself in X number of years? What kind of salary are you looking for?

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Two-for-One Sale: Get Your Interview Tips Now!

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No one sends me a resume that says, "I'm looking to work for a financially shaky firm, in a dead-end role, at a lower salary, doing tasks that I have no knowledge of or experience with." -- Anne Howard, Lynn Hazan & Associates "When you write the cover letter and tailor the resume, be sure to reference the job posting and be specific in your response to what they’re seeking. I sent out a HARO request the other day asking for input on resume do's and dont's.

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How important is office culture?

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Our lovely friends over at Career Moves recently conducted a survey to find out how important salary is when looking for a new role. Here is Sarah with more details… Do we just want a good salary? The Career Moves Office Support team recently sent out a Salary and Insights Survey, which produced some surprising results. Interestingly, only a 3rd of respondents are actually happy with their current salary and benefits package!

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Is it ever OK to tell someone how much you make?

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Someone asked me the other day what my salary was. Years ago we were taught never to reveal our salary. I was so excited about getting a steady salary that I wrote the amount in my calendar on each payday. When my boss noticed what I had written, he took me aside and told me that I should never write my salary down for others to see. I think it is to the employer's benefit that we don't discuss salary. revealing your salary How much do you make?

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10 questions to ask a recruitment agent

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How do you select the candidates that go forward for job interviews? I have spent my hours chasing recruitment agents for example to find out if my CV was forwarded, if there was any feedback following an interview and if I actually got the job. Do you have any positions at the moment that match my preferences (type of role, location, salary, industry etc)? The answers to this question will also help with your interview prep.

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4 Ways to Get a Bigger Paycheck

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In fact, I should be making more, which is why I was so interested in interviewing an expert in the art of negotiation. I tell them to get the job then talk about salary again in a year," he says. Do you make too much money for what you do? If you do, please let me know.

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On the Job by Anita Bruzzese: Should You Tell How Much Money You Make?

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Helpful information and advice from Americas favorite workplace columnist About Anita Blog Books Syndicated Column Interviews Career Links Contact Wednesday, February 17, 2010 Should You Tell How Much Money You Make? And yes - people do talk about salary.

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5 things PAs should consider before accepting a new role

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So you’ve aced your interview and you’ve been offered the job. If you didn’t ask this question during the interview process, you can always ask to speak to your potential employer again to get a view of the culture. Again, this is a subject that you should raise during the interview process. Obviously, this is a little difficult to tell during the interview process, but if you ask the right questions you should get an insight into their personality.

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Top Jobs You Can Get With A Math Degree

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The expected starting salary for this job is around $45,000-$50,000. Interview each school to see what their graduates have gone on to do. Starting salary for new accountants is around $53,000. Expect a starting salary at around $60,000. It’s difficult to project pay for such a diversity of positions but in the financial field, you can expect a starting salary at around $60,000. As a loan officer, starting salary can be expected at around $40,000.

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Should I stay or should I go?

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I am in the process of developing testing for admin interviews and I really enjoyed doing that. Other things you need to evaluate as well is the salary, career advancement, company benefits, etc., job satisfaction interview questions professional assistant should I stay or should I go? You know it's time to move on from your present job when you see these things happening: Lack of interest The challenge has gone out of the job and things are becoming routine and mundane.

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5 Things You Should Know About a Company Before You Accept Their Offer

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With room for advancement comes salary increases. How does the company handle salary increases? Personal Development accepting a job offer dissect a job offer employment questions things to ask during job interview things to consider before accepting a job offerCopyright © 2011 Productivity Bits. Visit the original article at [link]. Guest Post. Y ou’ve just received a phone call offering you a job.

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Is job hopping the only way up the career ladder for assistants?

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Apparently, being loyal to one company doesn’t necessarily pay off (both in terms of salary and promotion) and moving from one role to another in pretty quick succession is becoming less frowned upon. Here are a few of my thoughts… Salary increase. I didn’t job hop for an increase in salary, it was always for other reasons, but with every new role I did get a pay rise. Hi, I’m Nicky Christmas and I am a job hopper. There, I’ve admitted it.

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7 Job Search Secrets You Must Know

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Among his suggestions: Don’t be the first interview. The strongest contenders for a job are often those interviewed last, because they’re recalled easier by hiring managers. Try to find out if anyone else has been interviewed when they call you for an appointment.

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5 Job Search Red Flags to Watch Out For

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They’ll offer exorbitant salaries or incredible paths for growth or unbelievable perks…but you’ll always find there’s a catch. If you apply for one job and then find yourself interviewed for another, you’ve just had a bait and switch. Any legitimate organization will only ask for personal information like this once you’ve been hired—which means, you’ve been through an interview process. If you have to pay for job listings, or pay to get an interview, keep moving.

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How Long Should a Job Search Take?

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Therefore, if you’re expecting to earn an annual salary of $60,000, you should plan for a 6-month job search. However, if you have a strong resume, a robust network, and good interview skills, you could land something sooner. Perhaps a slight tweak to your resume, or a minor adjustment in your search strategy, or a different approach to interviewing is all you need to get some positive results.

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17 Worst Resume Mistakes

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If you have so much to tell your prospective employer, you can add a few points during the final round of interview where the employers are interested in listening to you. Salary information. If you have held some past jobs during your college days and are planning to include the salary you were paid, stop it right there. Salary comes later, much later. Employers do not prefer employees who are only and all about salary.

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The Good, Better, Best of Professional Development for Admins

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A few years ago, I interviewed to be the executive assistant to the CEO of a biomedical company. And right there and then, I politely, but firmly ended the interview. I walked out of an interview with the CEO of a major biomedical company because he didn’t believe in investing in admins. Despite being offered a six-figure salary, I politely declined. Because being respected and valued at work is more important than a high salary.

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How to Market Yourself During A Career Search

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Once you know your USP, it needs to be highlighted throughout your resume and interviews. There are several online tools you can use to discover the average salary for the type of position you seek. It’s also a good idea to brush up on interview skills and make sure you’re ready to impress. See Also: 6 Interview Hacks That Are Sure To Land You The Job.

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Is Job Hopping Losing Its Stigma?

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” Driscoll added, “Professionals considering job moves should evaluate not only salary but also where they will have the greatest opportunity to build skills and advance their careers.” If money is your primary concern, and your employer can’t offer a higher salary, look at the entire compensation package before heading out the door. Career Management Self Development Workplace Tools accountemps career interview job hopping job skills resume

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Do you have a job or a career?

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Let’s face it, we all need money, but is our whole purpose just to get a paycheque and go home or is our goal to earn the best salary we can make while advancing in our career? Tags: International Association of Administrative Professionals paycheque job or career IAAP career Administrative Assistant Job Interview

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How to Find Your Dream Job: 5 Tips You Can Use Right Now

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You may need to go to interviews that don’t really guarantee any good results. Listen: Randomly sending out resumes may get you a few interviews, but you will be wasting a lot of real and good opportunities. It can be the salary, job position, or company culture. Everyone has a dream job in mind. However, finding and actually getting that job isn’t that easy. You may need to send out countless resumes and cover letters.

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It's All About Flexibility

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 We did this because almost everyone we interviewed described balance as having a flexible work schedule.   A recent survey by Mom Corps as reported by Business News Daily found that nearly half of the repondents would give up an average of nearly 10 percent of their salary for a more flexible work schedule. About 5 years ago we quit using the term "work/life balance" in our work and starting using "work/life flexibility" instead.

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How to Save Your Startup by Hiring the Right People

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Just ask the following questions during the interview: What are your hobbies? Hiring a candidate who doesn’t fit your company culture can cost your business between 50-60% of the person’s annual salary, according to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). To ensure that you recruit for cultural fit, ask the following questions during the interview: Why do you want to work for us? Your startup is as fragile as a newborn baby.

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Results of the 2014 Solopreneur Survey: Quality of Life is Up, Expectations are Up, Facebook is Down

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Earnings spectrum (salary plus profit): at the low end of the spectrum, 37.3 Media, bloggers, podcasters: to set up an interview or guest appearance with The Solopreneur Life publisher Larry Keltto regarding the survey results, please contact him via e-mail, Larry [at] TheSolopreneurLife [dot] com. Q uality of life improved for solopreneurs in 2014, solopreneurs have high expectations for 2015, and Facebook has fallen out of favor.

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Tasty Tidbits: Professional Development News & Views (April 2017)

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Read the article here >> 3 Reasons to Never Skip Salary Negotiation When Accepting a New Job. By the time you make it through the rigorous interview process and finally land an offer, the temptation to scream, “Yes! This post is part of a series in which I share some of my recent work related to career advancement and professional development from the past month. Enjoy! From U.S. News & World Report. 3 Ways to Develop Executive Presence Regardless of Your Title.

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First Day at Work? How to Make a Good Impression

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Your job interview is over and you are confidently getting ready for your first day at work. – Faster promotion to higher positions and salary rise. Try to remember what others were wearing when you came for a job interview. You already succeeded when your resume passed a stringent screening process and when you aced your job interview.

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The Pricing Battle: Charging for Your Time or Charging for Results/Value

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Wiser interviewing Dan Crask and me on the topic.   In a typical employer/employee model, this is similar to someone that is on a salary.    The salaried employee gets paid X per month regardless of how many hours he/she works.  Recently, I've been talking a lot with clients and in on-line groups as questions come up about pricing strategy.

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A PA’s guide to confidentiality

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And increasingly, PAs are asked in job interviews how they approach the issue of confidentiality. In many cases, you’ll know about promotions, salary changes, redundancies, acquisitions and mergers before anyone else. As a PA or EA, your ability to handle confidential subjects, issues, emails and documents is essential. This guide offers insider knowledge that will help you to handle all things confidential with confidence. Confidential emails and digital files.

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Endear Yourself to the Buyer

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This is probably the single most important document you’ll be evaluated by, and it will determine whether the hiring folks want to invite you to an interview or not. Probably only three to five candidates will be called in for face-to-face interviews.

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The Vanishing Executive Assistant—NOT!

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She received the biggest salary of her lifetime with all kinds of perks. I am disappointed that the writer did not interview more companies.

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A Story of Inspiration for all Administrative Professionals

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Before the day ended, the CEO offered her the job with a six-figure salary plus stock options, plus, plus! I was tickled to death when Gillie told me that when she interviewed with the CEO, she was like a mini-Joan. If you are interviewing for a position and you and the other candidate are pretty much equal, the credentials will set you apart. The Gillie Watson Story. May 21, 2018. I will never forget Gillie Watson.

Incorporating Green Practices Into Self-Employment

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Two pairs of fictitious resumes were sent off to job listings found around the web, and researchers found that individuals who listed self-employment as their last position were 63% less likely to receive what they requested for salary, or even land an interview at all. In a recent blog published by the Wall Street Journal , writer Rachel Emma Silverman points out something that looks logical at first glance. Self-employed workers tend to land fewer jobs with established companies.

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7 Mobile Applications To Help You Find A Job

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Depending on the industry, salary, location and date, you can apply directly through the app. Glassdoor also has a section for frequently asked questions you should be aware of during the interview. Thanks to today’s technology, there are now countless job search apps that can greatly improve your job hunting experience. They make the process really convenient. You can look for a job whenever and wherever you are.

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