Strange International Laws Every Tourist Should Know

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Did you know that a lot of countries have strange international laws ? If you are a married woman in La Paz, Bolivia, you may drink only one glass of wine in a bar or restaurant. What did you think of these strange international laws?

Las Vegas Restaurants and Attractions to Visit While Attending Our Conference for Administrative Assistants

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Various restaurants such as Hugo’s Cellar, Second Street Grill, American Coney Island, Red Sushi, Chicago Brewing Co., This restaurant sits next to a large outdoor patio that overlooks a beautiful waterfall with an amazing array of foliage. It features restaurants, bars, and shops.

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Restaurant Reservations - Find An Open Table Online!

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Home About Me Advertise Restaurant Reservations - Find An Open Table Online! By The Professional Assistant on Monday, September 22, 2008 Filed Under: Organize , Productivity A re you asked to make reservations for your manager(s) at particular restaurants? T here is a great site called , which allows you to book reservations online with particular restaurants all over the world.

Whose meeting is it anyway?

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Do you ever get a meeting request and an agenda has not been provided, or if it is a teleconference the call-in details have not been given or the boardroom hasnt been booked for an internal meeting?

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The Best Foodie Cities In America You Should Totally Visit

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If you’re after a fine dining experience, the likes of Leah Chase and Susan Spicer both have highly rated restaurants in the city. For those of you that have a taste for the good living, San Francisco is home to heaps of Michelin-starred restaurants.

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Working Abroad an Intriguing Idea for Many

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Another option is an international internship for academic credit, but again, you probably won’t get paid. Still another idea is a short-term job, usually about six months, with employers such as restaurants or farms, or taking care of children. • Tags: visas Fulbright scholarships work abroad international jobs work permits As the economy takes a nose dive, and many of us experience burnout as never before, the attraction of working overseas becomes greater.

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A day in the life: Claudia Ferreres, PA to Albert Adrià

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As the Personal Assistant to a quite renowned chef, my tasks might vary from the ones of a regular PA, like calendar and email management, to most specific tasks such as taking care of the journalists that come visit the restaurants and to interview Albert.

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Getting buy in from the boss

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Internal & External Training. Support for an Internal PA Network. Internal & External Training: The first external conference that I ever attended was Square Meal Venues and Events. This eventually enabled me to then request paid internal and external training.

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Top Helpful Hacks for Frequent Travelers

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For example, at Hartsfield – Jackson Atlanta International, 84.93% of flights leave on time and only 1.22% are canceled. Dining at airline-endorsed restaurants, shopping at certain retail outlets, opening bank accounts or even taking the time to fill out surveys will all earn you points.

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Five Major Global Economic Challenges

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Is peaceful international collaboration ending? They dream of becoming YouTube stars, famous videogame vloggers, or Instagram travel bloggers who are paid by sponsors to visit hotels and restaurants around the world and generate sufficient number of likes.

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Use Pinterest to Plan Your Next Vacation — Here’s How

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Half the fun of going on a trip is in the planning: picking out restaurants, dreaming about the sights, and mapping out new destinations to explore. See Also: Strange International Laws Every Tourist Should Know .

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Online Side Gigs: Earn Well and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Versus A Traditional Side Job

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If starting your own ecommerce store partnering with shipping companies that deliver internationally is a must. BluePostal which is a shipping company in the Bahamas understands the need for international shipping as it states on their site “Many U.S.

Wyndham Houston, West Energy Corridor

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When arriving at the Wyndham Hotel my first impression was that it seemed far from the main Houston drag – 33 miles from the International airport and 18 miles from Downtown. The Park Restaurant & Grille is a casual restaurant within the hotel with an expansive menu.

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Ten tips for organising a business trip to… Geneva

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Restaurants, hotels, transport – everything that you encounter on a trip is costly. There are lots of conventions, international events and business meetings taking place in the relatively small city so hotels do tend to be expensive and are fully booked most weeks.

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Branching out – moving on from being an EA

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My first true events project was for an internal communications conference and summer party for 200 people. Being a personal or executive assistant is a career in itself, with the right drive and ambition you can carve out a highly rewarding working life as an invaluable support resource.

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Top tips for business travel to Barcelona

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Every April, American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) publishes a list of the most popular international cities for business travel and this year the worldwide community that supports Practically Perfect PA will give our Assist Travel attendees the inside track on the top destinations.

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Gleneagles Hotel, Perthshire

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As we journeyed from the reception, skirting the shopping mall, passing the spa, peering in to the Spanish restaurant and through to Braid House – the extension to the main hotel where we stayed – no member of staff missed an opportunity to welcome us to the hotel.

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3 Simple Ways To Overcome Your Deepest Insecurities (And Become Happier In the Process)

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On the outside, I was successful but internally, I was a mess. Have you noticed that people very rarely go out to a restaurant or watch a movie by themselves? I started going out by myself whether it was to go for walks, go to restaurants, or do other things in public.

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What can assistants expect in 2015?

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The good news is that more assistants are taking training into their own hands and setting up internal and external networking groups for their peers. Every January I seem to find myself in a bit of a confused state.

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The Practically Perfect Business Traveller’s Guide to Cannes

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Situated in the breathtaking surrounds of the coastal paradise on the French Riviera, the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, running from June 18th-25th attracts a global audience of the biggest players in the communications, advertising and marketing industries.

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The Top 5 Boat Shows In The US

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Miami International Boat Show: Miami, Fl. Known as one of the greatest boat shows in the world, the Miami International Boat Show is one of Florida’s largest events.There are over 3,000 boats and 2,000 exhibitors offering everything from boats, apparel and more. Newport International Boat Show: Newport, Rhode Island. You can walk down the cobblestone streets, shop in the variety of specialty boutiques, and eat at some of the top rated restaurants in New England.

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Editions, Istanbul

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Once settled we went downstairs for a light lunch in one of the hotel’s restaurants, Cipriani’s. Once we returned from our meal we ventured to the hotel bar for a nightcap where you could find a selection of both local tipples and international brand drinks.

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Tips for Female Travelers (Safety and Bonus Travel Tips)

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Most of my work as a female professional speaker and corporate trainer takes me across the United States with little international travel (by choice). I come across all kinds of interesting sights, people, places and great restaurants. Women Traveling Alone Should Enjoy Themselves.

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Branching out – moving on from being an EA

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My first true events project was for an internal communications conference and summer party for 200 people. In my time in my first event manager’s role I went from doing small internal parties to leading UK wide celebration events and external briefings with industry partners to audiences in excess of 1,200.

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A day in the life: Rebecca-Monique Williams, Adaptive Lab

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Then I’d get on with tasks on my to-do list (this could include things such as processing expenses, setting up meeting rooms, reorganising the office, ordering supplies, internal meetings, setting up new members of the team etc). What are the main aspects of your role?

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10 Wonderful Benefits of Traveling

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It could be communicating to find the way to your next destination or asking for the nearest restaurant. See Also: Strange International Laws Every Tourist Should Know.

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10 Wonderful Benefits of Traveling

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It could be communicating to find the way to your next destination or asking for the nearest restaurant. See Also: Strange International Laws Every Tourist Should Know.

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Episode 285: How to Start Ugly with Chris Krimitsos


The exceptions only include coding boot camps, international programs, teacher credentialing programs, and test prep courses.). I’m happy to welcome to Chris Krimitsos as the guest for this episode. Chris is a father, husband, community builder and ever-evolving innovator.

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Top 10 Tips for Buying Stylish Furniture on a Budget

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For functional cafeteria, school, restaurant or office furniture , a few styles that are in fashion today are simple and widely used in commercial spaces around the world. Shop in the international market – A sourcing agent can be invaluable when you’re buying furniture, especially in bulk.

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The Launch of PA Insiders – for PA to PA Recommendations

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This is often the way with us PAs – we have banks of knowledge which sometimes we only need to use once – a big office move, a one-off international conference. Hi, I’m Merryl Futerman and I am one of the founders of PA Insiders.

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Fairmont, St. Andrews

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New York, Barcelona, Seattle, not many tiny towns can sit proudly on an international list like this, but owing to the swinging of a golf club St. There are over 200 bedrooms, a fantastic spa and a few restaurants, making this without doubt a complex in more than name.

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How to organise a fantastic social event for your organisation

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The quiz is guaranteed to be perfect for the participants, so that everyone can have a geat time, whether they are internal staff, clients, or a mixture, whether they are old, young, British, international etc.

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10 Tips for Protecting Personal Data While Travelling

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Don’t leave your laptop or other sensitive information in your hotel room and resist the urge to ask the person next to you to keep an eye on your belongings when in a café or restaurant. Increasingly, English is the international language in which business (and espionage!)

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Staybridge Suites, London

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Westfield is also dangerously on the doorstep with loads of shops, restaurants and cafes. With Stratford International being so well connected to central London and Westfield on the door step guests really are well catered for.

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Using social media when organising an event

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Over the last few years the events industry have wholeheartedly embraced social media and assistants should also be doing this when they organise internal events for their businesses. You can use review websites to select venues, hotels and local restaurants.

7 Ways To Save Money While Traveling

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There are actually a lot of credit cards with no international fees if you just do your homework. It’s a mobile app that can help you locate restaurants, local hot spots and other shopping opportunities near your area when you’re traveling. In addition to the extra bathroom and toiletry items, some hotels offer free breakfasts that are better than some of the local restaurants. Are you planning to go on a vacation soon?

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Hilton Doubletree, Dundee

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Despite its slightly outlying location with a compact city like Dundee the hotel is still only 15mins taxi from the train station and only 10mins from the increasingly international focused airport on the banks of the River Tay.

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The Talbott Hotel, Chicago

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The Gold Coast area has lots of hotels but they are predominately owned by international chains and so The Talbott is quite unique and I think it makes all the difference. What an absolute godsend The Talbott Hotel is!

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Shall we try something new…

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For a lot of companies, setting both internal and external meetings offsite is a good way to inspire creativity in the work place. Half a day or just a few hours can vary from; a purpose built meeting space to a simple restaurant or cornered off bar area.

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A review of Assist Travel 2015

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As she worked for Skyscanner she knew they had the internal resources to make this a reality. There are some really cool and funky new hotels, restaurants and bars that can be used to impress clients and colleagues.

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The Practically Perfect Business Traveller’s guide to New York City

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Newark International (EWR) , is in Newark, New Jersey and you can travel by train between Newark International Airport and Manhattan for as little as $12.50 Check OpenTable or call the restaurant to see if you can get a reservation.

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Assistant Recommended Apps for Travel

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Find restaurants, dentists, bar, salons even doctors wherever you are! Easily make reservations with a selection of over 20,000 restaurants in the US, Canada and Mexico. You can find great restaurants, open tables and even earn reward points for each reservation.

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A day in the life: Kitty Reigate, EA at Pizza Express

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In my current role, I have the opportunity to go out and work in Pizza Express restaurants and meet our guests. I would go back to wearing red and be that jet setting International Air Hostess again. What are the main aspects of your role?

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