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Spotlight on assistant resources: PA Life

Practically Perfect PA

There are a lot of different resources available to assistants. Some resources are better than others and we do have a lot of choice.

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Information Is Cheap, Action Is Expensive

Brilliantly Better

20 years ago, if you wanted to go from point A to point B, you had to rely much more on action, than on information. Information, on the other side, was very expensive. Most of the time, information was confined within thick walls, like libraries or laboratories. Because the information had a very slow propagation speed.

Evernote Tips Tricks and Resources

Ian's Messy Desk

Unless you are already an Evernote ninja, there is load of helpful information for getting the most from your Evernote use. pre-release).

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Spotlight on assistant resources: Square Meal Venues and Events Live

Practically Perfect PA

For most assistants working in the UK the Square Meal website and guide is a well-loved and trusted resource.

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Popular Online Services That Help Businesses with Limited Resources

Small Business CEO

Is your business struggling because it lacks essential resources? … Information Technology business resources online services outsourcin

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2016 11

7 Reference Resources for Writers and Editors

Daily Writing Tips

I’ve consulted many resources, but the ones on this list have pride of place and show the most wear and tear. The Associated Press Stylebook.

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Internet Top Resource for Today's Job Hunters

Small Business Labs

Pew Internet's  Searching for Work in the Digital Era  illustrates the growing role online resources are playing in the job hunt.

7 British English Writing Resources

Daily Writing Tips

Original Post: 7 British English Writing Resources. Butcher’s Copy-editing: The Cambridge Handbook for Editors, Copy-editors, and Proofreaders.

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Featured Soloist Nea Joy Justice: “My Fallback Position Is My Resourcefulness and Commitment”

The Solopreneur Life

I have a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Management Information Systems and several years of experience in that field.

How the Right ERP Tools Can Help Scale your Business

Small Business CEO

The idea of deploying an enterprise resource planning solution might be daunting for small businesses, especially given cost considerations.

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Resources for assistants

Practically Perfect PA

As this is the first blog on my new website I thought I would share with you some of the resources I find really helpful. Pin It. Magazines.


HR How-To: Tips to Handle Common Workplace Controversies

Office Dynamics

Explain that a list of the events and actions will help the two of you process the information. Sexual harassment is a common workplace issue.

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5 Powerful Communication Strategies for Assistants

Office Dynamics

The right question grants you the information necessary to perform the task for the purpose of completion with excellence. Be Resourceful.

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More resources for assistants

Practically Perfect PA

In my last blog I wrote about the resources that are available for assistants and administrators in the form of magazines and websites. Pin It.

More resources for assistants

Practically Perfect PA

In my last blog I wrote about the resources that are available for assistants and administrators in the form of magazines and websites. Pin It.

How assistants should resign

Practically Perfect PA

Follow the link for more information about Practically Perfect PA’s sponsored posts. Here are a few tips on how assistants should resign.

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5 Things You Should Get from an ERP Demo

Small Business CEO

Information Technology Management enterprise resource planning erp ERP demo ERP vendor

How ERP can Help my Business

Small Business CEO

Information Technology cloud erp enterprise resource planning erp

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Being informed about labor law issues

The Small Business Blog

Guest Blog HR human resource management labor labor law personnel Labor law is not just something HR people and lawyers need to understand.

Are You Struggling to Find IT Staff?

The Small Business Blog

Human Resources Cloud Computing HR IT SkillsThis problem might… Read the full article here: Are You Struggling to Find IT Staff?

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Inside the Edinburgh PA Network

Practically Perfect PA

We make sure every PA we come across is aware of the network and we also have a mailing list to keep everyone informed. It is brilliant!

Benefits of Cloud Computing for Small Business

Small Business CEO

Information Technology cloud computing cloud computing benefitsWhat is cloud computing?

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How to Use Evernote: 22 Ways

Ian's Messy Desk

Take pictures of the vehicles, the damage, license plates, driver’s license and insurance information. Image via Wikipedia. What is Evernote?

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5 Ways a Virtual Assistant is Better than a Regular Employee

Small Business CEO

… Human Resources virtual assistant

Investing in Natural Resource Companies

Eco-Office Gals

Putting your money into natural resources could make it possible to weather the financial storm on the horizon. Investing in Natural Resources.

Ways To Improve The Cyber Security For Your Small Business

Small Business CEO

Information Technology business security cyber securityHere are a few ways to improve the cyber security for your small business.…

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Too much information.

Laughing all the Way to Work

© Copyright Patricia Robb 2010 7 November, 2009 Too much information. Does it require any further information or explanation?

Are You Consultant-Phobic? Check Out These 6 Mind Blowing Benefits to External Advice

Small Business CEO

Entrepreneurs Human Resources Information Technology business consultation performance technologyEver think about hiring a consultant?

Amazing career paths for PAs

Practically Perfect PA

Career admin administrators assistants Events Executive Assistant Human resources PA Personal Assistant Productivity TasksI can’t wait!

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Small Business Labs: Moody's Small Business Information Zone

Small Business Labs

" Small businesses will find the credit tools and information resources  of most value.   Please try again.

Modern Printer Innovations: Refillable Cartridges and Other Ink Inspirations

Small Business CEO

Here is a look at some the technology now available and how it could save you money and print more efficiently and resourcefully.

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2015 30

Minimizing The Facebook Time Sink/Information Overload

Simple Productivity Blog

What Do You Do With Information? A Hidden Resource For Productivity and Information. So here it is. So why did I sign up? Lovely.

The Most Important Trait To Boost Your Productivity


Not many have the resources to jump into a demanding MBA degree, so a flexible learning approach is essential. But where can you start?

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The 5 Zeros You Should Achieve Every Day to Give You Peace of Mind


Building a system for managing the input sources In order to tackle the information and idea overload, I encourage you to reach 5 Zeros every day.

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Three Deadly Sins of Leadership

Ian's Messy Desk

I am unaware of what happened to the information I gave to the writer who asked for my list of the worst leader behaviors. Leadership Deadly Sins Effective Leader Effective Leadership human resource management Leader leadership Leadership Behaviors Leadership Development Pride Personal Arrogance. In the words of C.S. Summary.

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CV Template for Assistants

Practically Perfect PA

The same applies for other information that doesn’t need to be on the application – your age or your health status for example. Pin It. Lists.

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The Future of Museums - A Good Source of Trend Information

Small Business Labs

  Both the blog and daily research round-up are excellent sources of trend information.   And check it out. 

Education For Small Business Owners – Finding The Right Course

Small Business CEO

… Human Resources online education online learning The market is tough. The good news? Growth of online education is changing all that.

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Most Frustrating HR Challenges

The Small Business Blog

Human resources professionals have to effectively communicate information to employees.

Why educate women – isn't it a waste of resources? | THE SMALL.

The Small Business Blog Great resource for parents and small business finding work. Why educate women – isn’t it a waste of resources?