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Don't be a turkey: According to HotJobs, it's a good idea to send a thank-you note after a job interview , although opinions vary as to the impact on getting the position. One senior manager said he had yet to see a thank-you note from a candidate really being the deciding factor in being offered a job, but concluded that every little bit helps. with an equal number of freelance jobs. Tags: work/family balance lexicographer hot jobs thank-you notes

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The Democratization of Wealth Work

Small Business Labs

covers the growth of the personal care and services jobs, which has been one of the fastest growing job segments over the past decade. They refer to this type of work as "wealth work", a term coined by MIT Economist David Autor  which he defined as personal service jobs created by rising incomes. But we believe there are 4 other drivers:  A Lack of Time: Most Americans with full-time jobs report working more and having a lack of time. 

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