10 Holiday Scams and How to Avoid Them

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The holidays are such a joyful time. Here are 10 ways you can detect and avoid holiday scams. Holiday Phishing. It’s tempting to grab an online discount for travel to an exotic location this time of year, but don’t purchase before doing some investigation first. Holiday

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5 Financial Blunders to Avoid This Holiday Season

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If you’re guilty of any of these common financial blunders due to the holidays, then it’s time to learn some holiday budget tips. Creating a budget is a necessity, whether it’s the holidays or beyond. But with a spending cap in mind, you can avoid impulse purchases.

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Client Gifting for the Holidays; ‘Tis the Season?

Tips From T. Marie

It’s the holiday season , and many home businesses are thinking about client gifting. From wondering if you should or shouldn’t gift clients to worrying about whether your client celebrates a certain holiday or not, it can be a stressful decision to make. DIY or Purchase?

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Client Gifting: 5 Ideas to Show Your Appreciation This Holiday Season

Tips From T. Marie

It's December, the time of year when our thoughts are drawn to holiday festivities and the purchase of gifts. For example, real estate agents often give their buyers a gift upon the successful purchase of a new home. It's the old holiday gift standby and it works for clients too.

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Free Services to Green Your Holidays!

Eco-Office Gals

The holidays are coming up quick and it’s time for Eco-Office Gals to get in the giving spirit. Christmas cards or holiday catalogs may be on the holiday horizon. PFL prints Holiday cards, business cards, note cards, catalogs, stationery, brochures and more.

Take the “Jingle” out of Holiday Stress

The Office Professionals Place

Wednesday, December 9, 2009 Take the “Jingle&# out of Holiday Stress Are you planning the holiday party in your office? Or are you stressed just thinking about the holidays? Here are a few ways to ‘deck the halls’ and have a worry free holiday.

The 2013 Productivityist Holiday Gift Guide


This year I decided to offer holiday shoppers a bit more time to explore possible gift ideas for the productivity enthusiast — aka the "productivityist" — in their lives. This is the first fountain pen I''ve ever purchased, and I love it.

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Green Gift Giving: Naturally Good Soaps

Eco-Office Gals

Each year I partner with a great green company to sponsor Holiday gifts for my clients. I also try to leave very little imprint on the environment by recycling all packaging, using eco-friendly packaging, and by purchasing raw ingredients locally.

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10 Christmas Organizing Tips

Ian's Messy Desk

Does it seem like the holidays bring too much to do? By organizing Christmas this year you can help to make this a low-stress holiday. If you’re planning a big holiday party, that’s not the time to test a new recipe.

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5 Tips And Tricks To Rock Your Halloween Wig

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Tip: When purchasing a wig for a costume, grab a stocking cap. Fun Happiness HolidayWigs are a great way to transform your look! They are quick, easy and, as an added bonus, only temporary. The right wig can transform you from Snow White to Cinderella in the blink of a wand.

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In Deep Gratitude-Serving the Administrative Profession Since 1990

Office Dynamics

I’m sure many of you are scurrying to get your holiday shopping done and attending parties. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve all of you, whether we have met you in person, via a webinar or you have purchased one of our books. Christmas is just around the corner.

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Halloween Video for promos, parties, events, and greetings

Andrea Kalli

Available for purchase as is for $35 (without the watermark). Holiday video - Halloween Video MarketingLove how this Scary Pumpkin Halloween video turned out. Can be used for business or personal promos, parties, events, and greetings.

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Counting down holiday shopping days: Great customer service needed

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The National Retail Federation estimates the average jolly holiday shopper will conservatively spend $750 for family and friends this season. What we don’t like however, are problems with the merchandise or services we purchase.

Improving the online holiday shopping experience

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The holiday campaigns have begun; sales all over television, billboards, and online social media. It used to be my father and brothers enjoyed Thanksgiving Day for the good food and football, while my mother and I cleaned up and prepared for the biggest shopping event of the year.

Consumer Reports’ naughty and nice list for holiday shoppers

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On Monday, Consumer Reports published its first Naughty and Nice Holiday List. Wal-Mart for their return policy refunding cash (for purchases under $25), gift cards (for purchases over $25), or an even exchange.

Has the holiday shopping season started off with quality customer service?

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cashmere sweater sale, and who found and purchased 47 inch LED televisions for $199.00. ‘Tis the season to rev up the customer service Statistics for the 2011 shopping holiday season look a little. Black Friday and Cyber Monday certainly hit the news.

What Are You Thankful For?

The Office Professionals Place

The holidays are quickly approaching and this is the time of year when we reflect on our successes and goals and also begin thinking about what we can do to reach the next level the following year. Look into purchasing an all-in-one fax, printer, and copier.

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How To Prepare Your Digital Business for Outages

Tips From T. Marie

I celebrated the July 4 th holiday by taking 4 days off from work. If your phone doesn’t have a hotspot, you can also purchase MiFi devices like Verizon’s Jetpack that allows you to connect devices to the internet via your mobile data package.

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Administrative Professionals Day is Just Around the Corner

Office Dynamics

This holiday was created by the president of the National Secretaries Association – Mary Barrett – in the late 1940s and early 1950s. Be sure to purchase books that are pertinent to the administrative profession. Here we go again!

Merry Augtember!

Loosely Speaking

The preparation is similar to the holiday rush that is Christmas for our clan. Some are marked with a card or phone call, while others require gifts, purchased and or handmade.

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Why Online Reviews are Important for Businesses

Small Business CEO

The online world has brought so much to our fingertips, from our weekly food shop to researching into our next holiday destination.

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Ecommerce Driving Steep Declines in Retail Foot Traffic

Small Business Labs

 Key quote: "Retailers got only about half the holiday traffic in 2013 as they did just three years earlier, according to ShopperTrak, which uses a network of 60,000 shopper-counting devices to track visits at malls and large retailers across the country.

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Paperless Post- Can E-Cards Work For Businesses?

Tips From T. Marie

Even so, when it comes to the personal touches in client relationships like holiday cards or birthday greetings, I’ve tended to stay away from the ecards and gone the more traditional paper route. The sub-navigation reveals sections for Event invitations, Get Togethers, Save the Dates, Holiday and Seasonal items and the ability to upload your own designs. You can purchase coin packages starting at $6 USD for 20 coins up to $325 USD for 5,000 coins.

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How to Encourage Good Money Habits in Children

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Perhaps, it’s the big holiday/fair that’s coming up. When a family member’s birthday comes around, have your child dip into their “gifts” jar to purchase a small present. Your children are like sponges.

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Cyber Monday Deals 2010

Eco-Office Gals

Eco-Office Gals will Install your StudioPress theme on your WordPress Platform FREE with purchase through our affiliate link! This is installation Only, you can purchase a WordPress Theme Design Package separately.

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Which tasks should assistants manage?

Practically Perfect PA

Purchase orders, invoices and expenses. Assistants should be in control of all financial aspects relating to their executive’s office including purchase orders and invoices. Holiday and sickness records.

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10 Christmas Organizing Tips

Ian's Messy Desk

Does it seem like the holidays bring too much to do? By organizing Christmas this year you can help to make this a low-stress holiday. You have a choice, go to your doorstep to retrieve the gift and spend the rest of the time drinking eggnog and watching holiday movies, or you can fight for parking, sweat in line, get frustrated by items not in stock. If you’re planning a big holiday party, that’s not the time to test a new recipe.

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How To Start A Cat Hotel

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You can, however, make a decent supplemental income or even develop a viable small business by providing a reliable, safe and comfortable home for cats whose owners are out of town on holiday or for business travel. In fact, normal holiday periods will be your busiest time. You’ll need to acquire a suitable building, purchase everything from housing to food and market your service extensively. Purchase the food, toys, play structures or other essentials you’ll require.

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Repurposing Decorations: St. Patrick’s Day, Easter and Beyond

Simple Productivity Blog

There are so many major holidays in a year that by Christmas your storage room (or in my case, the attic) is stuffed with boxes of holiday decorations that you won’t use until the next year. Now you have your first re-purposed holiday decoration in a matter of ten minutes.

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BLACK FRIDAY CAME EARLY! Get a front row seat in life. starting today!

Office Dynamics

And here’s a special holiday offer: use Promo Code BLACKFRIDAY for an additional 30% off ALL BOOKS, CDS AND DVDS in our online store ! Free 2012 Be BOLD Conference On Demand with any purchase over $100. Do you ever feel like you’re living life with “obstructed view” seating?

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How to Save Money on Christmas Spending

Ian's Messy Desk

You’re well into the holiday shopping season and these tips may be too little, too late for many of you. Make a list of everyone you plan to give holiday gifts to this year with an estimate of what you want to spend.

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Marketing Tips For Mother’s Day

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Around 1/4 of all flowers purchased in a year are bought on Mother’s Day. Additionally, email messages may be triggered to customers who have made purchases on last year’s Mother’s Day.

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One Last Chance! Three Books for $30! Wednesday Only.

Office Dynamics

Happy holidays from Office Dynamics. Today only you can purchase all three of Joan's bestselling books for the administrative profession for only $30 (this set is a retail value of $64.85!) Just because you're extra special, there is no limit to how many sets you can purchase.

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10 Great Gift Ideas for Coworkers

On The Job

While it seems like everyone should be in a jolly mood around the office because it's the holiday season, there is also a lot of stress. And here's some reasons why: Do you buy the boss a gift? What should you get your "work spouse"?

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The New Migrant Workers: "Workampers", "Vanlifers" and Digital Nomads

Small Business Labs

Key quote: many older workers are hitting the road as work campers — also called “workampers” — those who shed costly lifestyles, purchase RVs and travel the nation picking up seasonal jobs that typically offer hourly wages and few or no benefits.

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12 Days of Christmas Sale is back! Dates & Deals Cheat Sheet

Office Dynamics

It's a great way to get your administrative peers or your assistant an excellent gift for the holidays at a great price! Purchase Who Took My Pen. Purchase all three of the Joan Burge authored books for $30. Purchase the Adminology branded mug and sticky note cube for $9.

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Fashion Hacks That Can Save You Big Bucks

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The upcoming holidays are an excellent time to stock up! Don’t feel guilty about purchasing a product that is going to boost your confidence and potentially make your skin look better! Are you looking for ways to save money? Let me share my fashion hacks with you.

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Tweets Not All Sweet on Black Friday

Customers Rock!

Social media has brought the customer experience more in-focus than ever before, and this became very apparent during the start of the 2010 holiday shopping season on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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Who am I?

Practically Perfect PA

Happily, I was one of the first people he called when he got engaged to his girlfriend on holiday, and helping them plan their wedding felt like the perfect natural end to my job with him. And picture this, husband asks me to source and purchase a gift for wife. Who am I?

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How to Get Hermes Birkins (My Experiences on Buying 5 Birkins In 3 Years)

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Some were obtained as a walk-in while others required certain purchase history. There, you have a higher chance of getting a bag without previous purchase history. Build up purchase history at boutiques. If you have multiple purchases from different stores, you need to spend a lot more from both stores to get offered a bag. You can try bringing some desserts during holidays or introducing your friends to the same sales associate.

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5 Easy Ways To Save Money

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That’s almost $1,400 a year – easily the price of a holiday. You just need to register with a site like EBates and then whenever you want to shop online at any of the retailers they have links to just click through and make your purchase.

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How to Use Video to Re-engage Past Clients or Inactive Clients

Andrea Kalli

What happened to the people who have engaged with your site in the past, contacted you previously, or maybe even purchased over the past few years? Holiday and special occasion videos are thoughtful. How to Use Video to Re-engage Past Clients or Inactive Clients.

2017 130

Who am I?

Practically Perfect PA

Happily, I was one of the first people he called when he got engaged to his girlfriend on holiday, and helping them plan their wedding felt like the perfect natural end to my job with him. And picture this, husband asks me to source and purchase a gift for wife. Who am I?

2017 130