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Home About Me Advertise A Great Outlook: Adding Holidays to Microsoft Outlook By The Professional Assistant on Wednesday, August 13, 2008 Filed Under: MS-Outlook , Organize D o you often wonder how you can add your countrys holidays into your calendar in Microsoft Outlook ? Do you follow particular religious holidays, but arent showing up in your calendar? Currently, I work in a large organization where we follow Canadian holidays.

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Transitioning from Coworker to Supervisor | Business Management Strategies & Workplace Communica… officearrow.com/m… Managing Holiday Weeks [link] theassistantsloft… (I just discovered this site. Good morning, everyone. I hope you all had a stellar Labor Day. Here’s the links I’ve tweeted in the last couple of weeks with great tips for Administrative and Executive Assistants. Click here if you want to follow me on Twitter. Need to brush up your PowerPoint skills?

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Another example would be if you are organizing the office Christmas/Holiday party if you need to have an idea on how many will be attending you might want to send an email with voting buttons asking if they are planning to attend the party. I have set out below how to add voting buttons to your email message and how to track them for those who are unfamiliar with this feature in your Outlook email. Tags: voting buttons using voting buttons Outlook Administrative Assistant

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I have solved that problem by setting some rules in Outlook that send all my bosss e-mails directly to a folder on its own. I also learned at a "Working Smarter with Microsoft Outlook" seminar that we should not use e-mails as urgent requests. I finally had a chance to sit down and read your book over the holiday. Holidays (Public) in Canada and the United States Canadian Holidays U.S. Holidays Humour "A cheerful heart is good like medicine."

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Ideas could include: - shoe care tips - announce/review shoe care products - shoe storage ideas - things to think about when purchasing shoes - a different post on shoe ideas for every holiday, season, or special occasion.