How Circadian Rhythm Affects Your Sleep and Health

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Jet lag is experienced by people traveling across opposite or nearly opposite time zones, like a person flying all the way to Europe from the United States of America. These symptoms can last from 24 hours to a week, depending on how quick a person can adapt and the number of times zones involved. It’s quite similar to jet lag, but it doesn’t involve changes in time zones. This time would depend on the new time zone.

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Virtues of going Virtual: Working whilst on holiday

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One of the reasons I became a Virtual Assistant was the flexibility to allow me to travel for longer periods of time, I now have the freedom of being able take my laptop and work from any location around the world. Depending on where you are in the world, working on different time zones to your clients can be tricky but with plenty of planning and preparation in the lead up to your trip, your service needn’t be compromised.

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Top Reasons Why You Should Find A Virtual Assistant Today For Your Business

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Maybe it’s about time you get yourself support and experience the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant. A lot of entrepreneurs have a hard time coping with the expenses. Depending on your needs, you can choose to have a full-time or part-time virtual assistant. By hiring virtual assistants from different time zones, of course! But when you find yourself a virtual assistant, you won’t have to pay for their health insurance or taxes.

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Creating Your Freedom Business - Expert Panel Shares Tips (Part 3)

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I let my peeps know where I am (and the time. times I've been back & forth between Kauai and the mainland, it's.   Tips for Health Conscious Travelers. Many of clients travel for work and pleasure, crossing multiple time zones. Do high intensity cardio - it will help with jet lag, sleeping in a new time zone and oxygen replenishment. Got time for a spa massage?

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UI/UX Design for Users with Dyslexia

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If you haven’t heard of dyslexia before, you will be even more surprised to learn that this health condition is not that rare. Convert time zones automatically. Allow users to choose the format of time display. As of the third quarter of 2018, Google Play had 2,100,000 apps and the Apple App Store reached the milestone of 2,000,000 apps. Windows store and Amazon Appstore together had some more than 1,119,000 apps in the same period.

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Your business travel tips

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Creating an itinerary for even the short trips allows me to stay on top of flight times, hotel locations and meeting details. Enter all travel details at appropriate times in his/her Outlook calendar, if used. Set a reminder several hours ahead of flights, and be sure to select the correct time zones involved. Copies of paperwork e.g. insurance, health documentation; passport and to be kept separately in case originals are lost.

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Mobile Productivity: The Secrets To Staying Productive On The Go


With new trends come new challenges, however, and a lot of people find that when you’re always on the go it can be difficult to get the time and resources you need for mobile productivity. It can be difficult to keep your mornings consistent when traveling – especially if you’re traveling from one time zone to another and are dealing with jet-lag. Managing your stress and staying in good health will be crucial when it comes to maintaining mobile productivity.

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Co-Workers Annoying You?

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I also work in an environment where it gets a little too loud at times. Its an open-concept office and at times, I would like my colleagues to simmer down a bit. Its nice to socialize at times, but we are here to work. Taking a break is good for your health, but its not a bar or a club. Until next time, Take care - of your clutter! Home About Me Advertise Co-Workers Annoying You?

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16 Easy and Effective Morning Mood Boosters for Non-Morning Person

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If you are not a morning person, you’d agree that there is no better time for you to murder someone than in the morning when they force you to wake up. Our body has needs and biological clocks ensure that it gets what it needs on time. Following regular schedule for sleeping can be hard for modern lifestyle with shift work and frequent business travel to different time zone. Get quality sleep so you can get the most benefit of sleeping in the shortest time.

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I'm back!!

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My daughter had just left home and I was a empty nester so I had time to try something different and put some time and effort into a new position. The CEO I was working for at the time was very busy and my meeting scheduling skills were put to the test. He was also an international traveler so I had to learn everything about time zones, flights and everything in between when your boss travels to a foreign country. hours a week seemed like a part-time job to me.

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Elevator Etiquette 101: Going Up?

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This happens to everyone from time to time and there are ways to avoid them (at times). The other way is to get off on a lower floor and either walk the difference, which can be great for your health (read my post on Walk Into A Better Life for more tips) or wait for the next ride. Most of the time, they tend to stand in the middle of the elevator, for easier access to exit. So the next time you get in an elevator, keep these points in mind.

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New Hire Overload

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As I was going through the manual, I saw chapters on office procedures, confidentiality, health and safety, security and more. New South Wales Australia Time) Turning Soft Skills Into Tangible and Recognizable Skills That You Can (and Should) Bring to The Office Conference December 6/7, 2010, Gold Coast, QLD, Australia IQPC’s 8th Executive and Personal Assistant Summit is on again in 2010! Dealing in real time.

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Got the Flu? Work from Home!

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Flu season can definitely be debilitating to your health. It only took a short period of time and all I have to do is call into the office to ask someone to power on my computer. Until next time, Take care - of your clutter! Home About Me Advertise Got the Flu? Work from Home! By The Professional Assistant on Thursday, January 10, 2008 Filed Under: Client Service , Networking , Productivity A re you stuck at home because youre sick?

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A Better Cup of Coffee to be More Productive!

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This is actually good for your heart and has many health benefits as well. So the next time you drink a cup of java and realize that its not the greatest in taste (like the one I have at work - but have gotten used to it over time and loving it), ask your office manager if they are willing to dish out a little extra green to supplement a better working environment. Until next time, Take care - of your clutter!

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Retrieve Your Files With Ease

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I remember going to a walk-in clinic (doctors office) for an ailment at the time. I gave in my health card and was asked to be seated. Until next time, Take care - of your clutter! At American Folder Company we have 1000s of filing solutions that are time tested--So if your looking for a Pressboard Folder / Classification Folder, File Pocket or Manila File Folder solution we have it.

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Free Ebook – How To Build Reputation With Your Blog

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I recently learned that Russia has 9 time zones in it, that means 9 happy hours on any given day. The Subtle Comfort Of The Discomfort Zone Fear Of Failure, Self-Sufficiency and Money My Top 7 Demotivating Habits How Goal Setting Works (For Me) The Art Of New Beginnings 5 Unusual Ways To Measure Your Online Reputation Mariner Promo Code – November Edition How to Assess, Decide, Do with Pen, Paper and Magnets Are You Copy Pasting Your Life?

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Outsourcing customer support services

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Employee reduction – Outsourcing sets a company free of paying for employee incentives, training, hiring, and providing expensive employee benefits such as health insurance, pension planning, and vacation pay. Global advantages – Different time zones can save money if only needing one shift. Depending on the products and services, technical support can take more time.

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How To Make Friends Online

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Twitter: Some of the people I follow are born in the UK, have family in Poland, but also spend a lot of time in Romania. Another pretty active guy on Facebook is Colin Wright , (from ) who is originally from the States but has lately been residing all over the planet, last time in Bangkok, if I’m not wrong. Email: Some of the people that I’ve followed for a long time have also becoming regular contributors to my email inbox.

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7 Mighty Keys to Become a Freelance God |

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The world is full of dreaming writers who have heard golden stories of the great beyond (working full time as a well-paid freelance copywriter) but who have yet to make the mysterious transformation from mere mortal to freelance god. That means specializing by industry (such as high-tech or health care), medium (such as websites or social media), or an area of expertise (such as education or publishing). Will you deliver on time? Doing these 7 things takes time.

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On the Job by Anita Bruzzese: How Badly Do You Need Time Off?

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Helpful information and advice from Americas favorite workplace columnist About Anita Blog Books Syndicated Column Interviews Career Links Contact Tuesday, April 13, 2010 How Badly Do You Need Time Off? They feel like they dont even have time for their own families, let alone time to take for a vacation. Yet, in this story for Gannett, I found that people are taking time off -- they know they MUST take time off. We all need the time off, so JUST DO IT!

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An iPhone App In 30 Days – The Challenge

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And this is exactly what I’m going to do in this blog post, I will publish these daily logs (in a more or less abridged version of course) giving you a time based description of the whole process, from installing Xcode to having your app in the AppStore. Three weeks after, I still have a lot of fun reading those parts, although at that time all I wanted was to draw many, many little men named Steve Jobs and tear the drawings apart. Can be tricky at times. Big time.

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