How You Can Improve Your Mental Health by Practicing Yoga

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Bingo, you have reached a step closer towards an improved state of mental health. Even some celebrities have found a health den in yoga. Mental health problems like depression has been cited as a global health crisis, affecting millions of people worldwide. Brain Health

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Camping Outdoors: A Perfect Health Booster

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That is, camping is a health booster for everybody. Other health benefits we can derive from fresh air is that your digestion is improved, blood pressure gets normalized, and it gives you an extra boost for your immune system. Fun Happiness Health

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Common Health Conditions Treated with Alternative Medicine

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In this case, the type of treatment will be referred to as complementary therapy. These types of medicines are used to treat a variety of health issues. Some people think it is not an actual health issue. Change Goals Health

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Lacking Motivation? Try These 6 Best Health Apps That Pay

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Today, people are getting more and more concerned about their health and they are utilizing mobile apps to help them stay on track. Making a selection, especially in the case of health apps, is intimidating because they have psychological and physical effects. You can also refer the Healthy Wage to your friends, colleagues and family members to increase the chances of rewards. This health app is similar to Healthy Wage but has a couple of noticeable differences.

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Social Isolation - Not Just Loneliness - a Health Risk Reduced by Coworking

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  Social isolation refers to having relatively few relationships and/or infrequent contact with others.  Loneliness   And if you're both isolated and lonely, your health risks are even greater. 

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Idioms and Expressions That Refer to Eating

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This post discusses a number of idiomatic expressions that refer literally or figuratively to consuming food and include some form of the word eat. Eating crow or eating dirt, similarly, refers to the humiliation of being proven wrong; the notion is of having to ingest something unpalatable.

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The Benefits of Simulation for Health Care Organisations

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Thus, in reference to the medical profession, simulation can be described as a kind of imitated medical practice, carried in a real-life environment, without any real-life risk. … The post The Benefits of Simulation for Health Care Organisations appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO.

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Bioteams Reference Card


By popular request the first item will be a unique members-only Bioteams Reference Card. If you would like to have one of these Bioteams reference cards please register your email here.

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How to Refer to Governmental Administrative Bodies

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Some departments are also recognized by their initials (DOJ for “Department of Justice,” for example), though abbreviations should be used only on second reference (an editing term that actually means “all subsequent references”), after the name is spelled out the first time it is used. Original Post: How to Refer to Governmental Administrative Bodies. Nomenclature for US government entities can be complicated.

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The Networked Enterprise (TNE) Reference Card


A unique reference card for printing on 2-sided A4 (Landscape) which folds into 6 sections showing the key priorities and resources in developing The Networked Enterprise through its 7 maturity stages with the 8 key techniques and their checklists. Download the TNE Reference Card.

Getting Organized Helped Me Find Health and Lose 65+ Pounds

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Main | Overwhelm Busters (my buddies share their best again) » Getting Organized Helped Me Find Health and Lose 65+ Pounds  A few weeks ago my colleague Janice Simon and I were chatting on Twitter about some of the changes that I have put into place in the last 1.5   You can check out the post here: Getting Organized Helped Me Find Health and Lose 65+ Pounds Let me know what you think of the post.  Productive & Organized Home Contribute to P&O!

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8 Amazing Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

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Having sat for some time directing your attention inward during mindfulness meditation, you’ve trained in the art of self-awareness (or what psychologists refer to as “introspective metacognitive awareness”). Brain Featured Focus Health

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Boost Your Memory With Exercise

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But when it comes to boosting your memory with exercise, the memories most of us are referring to are the really important ones. Instead, you can protect your health and memory with exercise. Brain HealthGenerally, I think it’s a good thing we can forget things.

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5 Super Quick fixes for Men Care

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A play on the word pampering, mampering refers to new age men who aren’t afraid to take care of themselves. HealthFor far too long, natural products and men have been on two opposite ends of a pogo stick, but that’s all about to change.

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Top 5 Fitness Trends for 2016

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The suggestions are going to be very sensible and realistic, so you can even use them as a reference to take your fitness to the next level. The teachings include a number of practices that are aimed at improving the health, wellness, and mental state of a person.

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How Bipolar Disorder Affects Relationships

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Bipolar disorder refers to the opposite ends of the emotional spectrum. Health RelationshipsBipolar disorder is a psychiatric condition which can cause several changes in a person’s mood.

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How I've Managed to Make Myself Happy

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I was there and got back again (yes, the Bilbo Baggins reference was no coincidence!) Brain Change Focus Fun Happiness Health How To Lifehacks I've had a happy, carefree childhood. For that, I feel lucky. Unfortunately, along the way I've picked up negative thinking habits.

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10 Ways You Can Benefit From Chiropractic Adjustments

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So, when one or two vertebrae of the spine are not functioning properly, this is what chiropractors refer to as subluxation or misalignment. See Also: Common Health Conditions Treated with Alternative Medicine. Health How To Science BMJBack pains?

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Dental Care for Children With Special Needs

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This can increase your child’s confidence in taking care of his oral health. Maintain a record of what is effective and what is not so that you can refer it to the dentist on your child’s next visit. Nutrition and Oral Health. I hope that these 8 oral health care tips help your children maintain good oral health and experience healthy and happy lives without being plagued by dental problems. Children Health

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5 Amazing Aromatherapy Benefits You Probably Didn’t Know About

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Aromatherapy refers to the ancient Ayurvedic practice that harnesses the mind and body through essential plant oils. It offers health and wellness benefits in just a few drops. Better digestive health. See Also: Yoga and Health: From Better Mental Health To Improved Sleep Quality. With a relentless schedule that goes with poor diet, my habits took a huge toll on my health. It helped me recover my good health and vitality.

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How To Break Out Muscle Growth Plateau Like A Pro

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A muscle growth plateau refers to the period when your body adapts to all the stress you put it through. Health How ToHave you been working out but it seems like you have stopped seeing any progress? Don’t let this frustrate you.

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Important Tips On How To Find A New Doctor

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Regardless of what your reason may be for finding another doctor, you need to do your research and have enough time to choose the right doctor for your health-based needs. Change Health RelationshipsDo you need to change and find a new doctor?

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Small Business Bootstrapping Techniques | THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG

The Small Business Blog

Small Business Bootstrapping Techniques by Stefan Töpfer on Oct 01, 2007 I often refer to “ bootstrapping “, when I talk about small business, you may very well be asking “ What the hell is bootstrapping?&# E-Mail me or follow me. You ask a question, I answer!

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Eat These Protein Superfoods For Breakfast

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Other protein-rich foods which are highly beneficial to one’s health were as follows: Spirulina. Others refer to emmer as rice wheat, starch wheat, or two-grained spelt. They also yield complete protein source which highly improves the quality of health and diet. This add-on to the diet can be easily prepared to improve one’s health in a myriad of ways. These helpful facts make people more aware of the things that could promote better health. Food Health

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5 Weird Signs Of An Unhealthy Heart

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Of course, this does not refer to the occasional all-nighter you pulled or the one time your partner woke up because of your snores. Gum and oral health concerns are not simply because you aren’t taking good care of your hygiene. Make sure to visit not just your dentist, but your general health physician, too. Well, your heart health may be going down. Health

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Ethics – Small Business Quote of the Week

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E-Mail me or follow me. How to be successful and eco-friendly. Making your small business carbon neutral. Benefits of Online Software for Small Business. Concentrate on your business, not your office. What is Small Business Infrastructure? How to be successful by focusing on your core business.

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4 Best Teas To Help You Lose Weight

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Whether it is summer or winter, people love drinking tea for its aroma and wonderful health benefits. White Tea: White tea refers to a minimally-processed variety of tea. You can use them for regular consumption in order to avail their multiple health benefits.

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Get To The Grind: Hop on, Hop off Treadmill Sprinting

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This is called the after-burn effect and refers to post-workout oxygen consumption. Energy Health MotivationThe federal government encourages 150 minutes or five, 30-minute sessions, of moderate-intensity exercise each week.

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5 Myths Haunting Your Healthy Foods

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Despite the fact that the canons of healthy eating have not changed in centuries, the proliferation of health food products has continued unabated for years. The expectation that health foods contain no man-made ingredients is strongly held, and not without reason.

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11 Best Tips To Help You Lose Weight Naturally

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For long-term health, it is essential that you avoid the weight loss quick fixes that promise astounding results and stick with these tips. If you have excessive body fat and on your way to obesity, you must put your health first. This is commonly referred to as “Stress Eating disorder”. Goals Happiness HealthLosing weight can be easy as long as you know the right things to do.

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The Effects of Water Fluoridation on Children and Animals

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It is ironic that a public health measure designed to promote health has led to a myriad of deleterious health issues in children and animals. Animals that drink fluoridated water can develop debilitating health issues. Source reference.

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A Ballerina’s Story: How I Learned To Love My Body After Years Of Hating It

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The more I studied holistic well-being, the more I realized that true health goes much deeper than yoga, quinoa and size 2 jeans. Happiness Health MotivationEarly in life, I learned to view my body as a sort of prison.

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Neglecting Self Care: The Biggest Mistake I Made (And How You Can Avoid It)

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Something I guess most people refer to as a “rat race”. It wakes me up and has some health benefits. Business HealthWhether it’s lack of capital, economy or just a bad idea, each business has its own reasons for failing.

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How to Reduce Visceral Fat Naturally

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Intermittent fasting refers to the process of alternating between fasting and eating. Goals HealthThere are two different types of belly fat – visceral fat and subcutaneous fat. Your visceral fat has something to do with the organs in your abdomen while subcutaneous fat rests beneath your skin. Of the two, visceral fat is far much dangerous because it can predispose you to diseases such as diabetes type 2, heart diseases, insulin resistance, and certain dyslipidemias.

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What You Need To Know About Wisdom Tooth And Its Extraction

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Once you have decided to have a tooth extraction, and if it will require surgery, your dentist may refer you to an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. Health Learning TasksIs the removal of our wisdom teeth really necessary?

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Unlocking Japan’s Secrets to Healthy Skin

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Algae refers to a diverse range of photosynthetic organisms known for their nutritive and medicinal value. Health AGEIf there’s one trait all Japanese women share, it’s their fresh, glowing skin. It doesn’t matter if she is 20 or 60 years old, every Japanese woman seems to have a flawless, radiant complexion. This begs the question, what is their beauty secrets to having porcelain-like skin? How do they manage to look younger and more graceful as they age?

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Retrieve Your Files With Ease

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Do you feel that you should have some sort of control over these files on how you find them, for future reference? I gave in my health card and was asked to be seated. Home About Me Advertise Retrieve Your Files With Ease By The Professional Assistant on Wednesday, November 05, 2008 Filed Under: MS-Access , MS-Excel , Organize , Productivity D o you have quite a bit of filing to do?

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Solopreneurs, Who’s Your Mentor? Who’s Your Coach?

The Solopreneur Life

T his was written by Jen Waak, who pens a monthly health column for The Solopreneur Life. But, who helps you take care of your health? So, get your health in line—and build off of that! They should also be willing to refer out (or pass you on) if you aren’t the right fit.

Stephanie Hosts Jill Hively: What's for Dinner? 5 Steps to Meal.

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5 Steps to Meal Planning Success There is no denying that there is a strong tie between your health and your productivity or ability to focus and get things done.  Productive & Organized Home Contribute to P&O! Archive Network with Steph Is This You?

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Setting the Perfect Pace

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M y friend, the late Paul Gruchow, is sometimes referred to as a modern-day Thoreau. Health Starting Out Start UpYes, Paul was a great writer. He enjoyed hiking and he once described “the perfect hike.”

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Adjusting to the New Normal: How to Cope with Rapid Change

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Managing your stress in this time is especially important for your own health—and for the health of your loved ones as well. But you can bet I will refer to it in the future once this is all over. A lot has happened in just a short period of time.

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Got Laminarity?

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In August my 21 year-old daughter Marina was handed a most bizarre health challenge when she was diagnosed with leukemia. Of course Marinas health came first, and of course wed deal with the expense of making these changes, but could I still arrange to lead my class?

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Understanding How Glasses Work

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Hyperopia, more commonly referred to as farsightedness, happens when the cornea of a person has a flatter than normal curvature. For example, OD means the right eye while OS refers the left eye. The second number, on the other hand, refers to the cylinder strength. Health How To ScienceCorrective lenses have been around for several years already. Because people are so used to them, they aren’t given as much thought as the newer discoveries.

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