Child Neuropsychological Assessment: Its Importance in Childhood Learning Dysfunctions

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It highlights the significance of acquiring neuropsychological interpretation when children are going through learning disorders. There are several sorts of experts who conduct evaluations of children with regards to learning difficulties. The essential job of a child is learning.

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Using Machine Learning and AI for Productivity In The Workplace

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It enhances the mental health and well-being of your workforce as a result. They are likely to tip the scale in their favor when the time comes to present a candidate to you. Learning with AI. For the majority of us, AI is something only seen in sci-fi films.

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10 Tips for a Killer Presentation

Ian's Messy Desk

Home About Contact Me Links Sitemap 10 Tips for a Killer Presentation Posted by Ian McKenzie Written on July 16, 2010 If youre new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. It’s easy to compound our innate fear of public speaking by delivering a really bad presentation.

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One Little Tip to Remain in the Present

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But the great thing is – there is a very simple way to get out, one little tip that guides you back to, and helps you Remain in the Present. The easiest way to come back to the present is to cultivate Gratitude , to cultivate your abundance right now.

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Learn to Communicate With WARMTH

Ian's Messy Desk

Home About Contact Me Links Sitemap Learn to Communicate With WARMTH Posted by Ian McKenzie Written on October 22, 2010 If youre new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Ian’s Messy Desk Helping you get the most out of the 24 hours in your day.

Listen and Be Present: An Excerpt from “Guidelines”


Be present and appreciate what you have at this point in your life. ” In Essentialism , Greg McKeown discusses how being present helps you prioritize and identify the most important tasks to work on right now: “When faced with so many tasks and obligations that you can’t figure out which to tackle, stop. Get present in the moment and ask yourself what is most important this very second—not what’s most important tomorrow or even an hour from now.”

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Highlights from Annual Conference Speaker Presentations

Office Dynamics

Linda began her presentation with a funny video, saying we should, "Put your ducks in a row!" Jennifer Lier took the stage to give a powerful, dramatic presentation that encouraged women to boldly create strategies to promote health and balance at home and at work. See these FULL presentations and more with our On Demand Conference Ticket! Learn more here Hello, Monday Motivators!

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Learning To Love a Job You Hate

On The Job

For whatever reason – it has great health benefits, you like the location and there’s a really cute programmer who works on the fourth floor – you have made the decision that you’re staying with a job you hate. I met new people, immersed myself in learning new stuff.

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20 Questions to Know Yourself Better and Unlock the Immense Potential Within

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As long as you take good care of your health and don’t abuse your body now, you will be able to hold a lot of diseases at bay when you are older. Change Development Focus Goals Happiness How To Learning Motivation Relationships Success“Know Thyself”. All of us have heard this aphorism.

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10 Lessons Office Professionals Can Learn from Phil Jackson

The Office Professionals Place

Tuesday, June 8, 2010 10 Lessons Office Professionals Can Learn from Phil Jackson Phil Jackson, current coach of the Los Angles Lakers, is revered as one of the greatest basketball coaches in history. In other words, learn from your mistakes. Need a speaker/presenter?

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7 Things I Learned From My 4 Year Old Girl

Brilliantly Better

Following a tradition started 4 years ago, on her first anniversary, I’ll post the 7 lessons I learned from her in the last year. Watch Until You Learn I noticed that she wants to watch the same movie again and again. She watches movies until she learns them by heart.

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7 Killer Ways to Connect with your Audience During a Speech

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Dean immediately ripped into the other speakers, using a refrain of “What I want to know … is why” the other speakers were not talking about issues like health care and the War in Iraq. If everyone else is giving PowerPoint presentations, don’t do it. It’s probably your worst nightmare.

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Your Etiquette Practice Could be Killing Your Productivity

Productive & Organized

  Last month I presented and emceed at a College of Business event on business etiquette.  There are many unwritten and written rules and guidelines for etiquette, and it is a good idea as a business person to learn them. 

Benefits Of Meditation: How You Can Change Your Life In 10 Minutes

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It allows you to be more present in the moment and not get too lost in thought. If we can be more present with greater clarity, we can increase our attention and focus on any given task. Health for the mind. Brain Happiness Health

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The Most Important Trait To Boost Your Productivity


The key to advanced productivity lies in the power of learning. Back in 2011, I took the time to learn new techniques in Microsoft Excel through a course. The methods I learned there have gave me greater confidence and speed (i.e. The value of learning is very clear.

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How To Reduce Caffeine In Green Tea

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Green tea is an amazing beverage that has infinite health benefits. L-theanine counters caffeine antagonist present in the form of amino acids. See Also: 5 Things I Learned about Success from a Cup of Tea. Food Green Health

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Words of Advice To Keep Your Joints Healthy

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As a woman, it is only natural that your health is one of the most important parts of your life. Left untreated, this condition can cause serious damage to your health and lifestyle. In advanced cases, the patient presents severe inflammation and pain at the level of the affected joints. Muscle relaxants are the best choice for those who present muscle spasms and reduced range of motion. Health

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3 Ways To Stop Your Bad Habits

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If so, I’m here to say that it does matter, particularly when you’re learning how to stop bad habits. Once learned, do you know how hard it is to break a habit? Think about all the habits you learned while you were young. This coupled with the ever-present mistakes that made it very difficult for me to deal with the stress of life. Change Health

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4 Best Teas To Help You Lose Weight

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Whether it is summer or winter, people love drinking tea for its aroma and wonderful health benefits. You can use them for regular consumption in order to avail their multiple health benefits. Now, let us learn how tea helps to lose weight with a proper diet program.

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3 Healthy and Inexpensive Ways to Cope with Anxiety

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After struggling with an anxiety disorder for years, I have learned some effective ways of coping with my anxiety. Writing in your journal will help you learn more about your thought patterns and can even help you change negative ways of thinking. Happiness Health Negativity

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Office Dynamics

Meanwhile, the Office Dynamics team including Joan Burge and the conference’s featured expert presenters like Julie Perrine, Chrissy Scivique and Lucy Brazier flowed through the space, helping connect people with industry peers and mentors, sharing stories and smiles.

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6 Ways To Live Well With A Chronic Illness

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Learning to set your fences can be hard. If we present to the world who we really are without the guilt, the world will reflect that back to us. See Also: Common Health Conditions Treated with Alternative Medicine. Happiness HealthLiving with chronic illness comes with its own set of unique challenges but it doesn’t mean that life has to be one terrible ordeal. Often, we don’t look ill and we can still manage to hold down a job.

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5 Ways To Use The Mind Muscle Connection For Better Workouts

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In practice, we must learn to imagine the strength we are gaining and embrace the struggle. When we jump from one task to another, it becomes harder to gain immediate focus, especially if we haven’t cleared our minds enough to focus on the present moment. Brain Health How To

2017 203

6 Real Ways To Help An Addicted Love One

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Mental health disorders. You’ll learn how to recognize that your loved one is struggling and needs help. Addiction can make people manipulative, and everyone has to present a united front. They’ll be able to get counseling to help them deal with the cause of their addiction as well as learn life skills to help them cope without drugs. Featured Goals Health

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How To Stop Falling Off The Wagon

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It’s most often used in with regards to health and fitness. You hit the ground running and sprint to embrace it, only to find that the old comfort is no longer present - you just don’t feel the same. Take the time to truly learn as you head toward your goal.

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12 Business Productivity Tools They Can Not Live Without.

Productive & Organized

  Today you will learn about 12 business productivity tools that they can't live without. she and her consultants focus on conducting presentations, personal coaching, assessments and productivity / organizing services for entrepreneurs & time pressed professionals. 

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AboutOne is About YOU! Win a chance at an iPod Touch!

Productive & Organized

  After hearing Joanne Lang's extremely professional presentation and vision for an on-line tool that would help busy moms get and stay organized, I was hooked.  E-Mail & Electronic Info , Emergency Preparation , Financial Management , Health & Productivity , Life Outside of Work , Planning , Technology/Web | Permalink Reblog (0) | TrackBack TrackBack URL for this entry: [link] Listed below are links to weblogs that reference AboutOne is About YOU!

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5 Effective Tips To Maintain A Healthy Work-Life Balance

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Let’s say your boss asked you to deliver a presentation within 24 hours. No career or friends are more important than your mental peace and health. For instance, I have always enjoyed doing presentations more than working on spreadsheets.

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Top 5 Tips for Using Technology for Marketing

The Small Business Blog

Learn how to use publishing software and create eye-catching promotional material. Use custom backgrounds and stock photography to make PowerPoint presentations more interesting for the viewer. E-Mail me or follow me.

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How to Be Extraordinary At Work: Helpful Tips For Career Growth

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Don’t Stay Still, Learn Everyday. Instead, you must think out of the box and learn something new every day. You may even learn innovative things that can lead to professional growth. See Also: 7 Apps to Help Protect Your Mental Health at Work.

2020 181

Why You Need a Mindful Journaling Practice

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Mindful journalism helps to restore the peace of your mind, it gives a boost to your mental health, and you feel a lot better afterward. Written thoughts give you the feeling that you are in the present moment, it gives you ground. It’s like learning how to walk or to ride a bicycle.

2020 252

9 Techniques to Delivering a Speech with Confidence

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A few had rehearsed presentations backed by visual aids while others seemed to be just making it up as they went. Before you embark on a self-taught path to becoming a more able presenter, it may be helpful to know that fear of public speaking is not uncommon.

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The Most Overlooked Secret to Dealing with Life’s Problems

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At one point, you may be struggling with health and then money. You can stop the madness by simply staying present and letting whatever happens be. For example, I tend to freak out whenever something threatens my health. Despite that, I remained present.

2019 256

Reasons Why A Mold Inspection Is Crucial Before Buying A House

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Through a home inspection, you’ll learn about the plumbing, electric, interior, exterior, air conditioning, and heating conditions of a house. The sad thing is that a typical home inspection may not be good enough to see if molds are present in a house.

2019 218

11 Effective Ways for Assistants to Work From Home

Office Dynamics

Rare and unusual times have presented themselves as a result of the onset of Coronavirus COVID-19. As an office, we learned just how many Assistants across the nation and world have become impacted. While we anticipated learning of non-essential business closures leading to working from home, we did not anticipate the high number of Assistants around the world struggling with the uncertainties, isolation and communication barriers brought on by the circumstances.

2020 200

Top Seven Open Enrollment Tips for Small Businesses

Small Business CEO

With open enrollment season officially underway, many small businesses, as well as their employees, are wrestling with the rising cost of health insurance. Keep that in mind when deciding how to adjust your health insurance offerings for next year.

2011 80

5 Strategies for Overcoming Self-Doubt

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Whether you’re giving a presentation at work or moving to a foreign country, it’s impossible to escape the little voice in your head that questions your decisions. Meditation is a helpful practice for learning to observe your thoughts without judgment. Take action and learn by doing.

2019 180

Top 15 Small Business Ideas for 2020 You Should Consider

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Here you will learn about some of the best small business ideas for 2020. If you can make and present food in such a way that your loved ones can’t stop praising, then there is an opportunity for you. There’s a long list of small business ideas for 2020.

2020 262

12 Mind-Blowing Tips for Increasing Your Overall Positivity

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This practice will not only calm you down, it will affect your health and your overall blood circulation, too. He is learning to walk outside in the yard of his parent’s house and there’s a little puppy waiting for him just a few meters away from him.

2020 246

10 Wonderful Benefits of Traveling

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Studies show that travelling can improve your overall health and enhance your creativity. Plan a tour to a new city with an open schedule and let life present you with the numerous opportunities that are waiting for you.

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10 Wonderful Benefits of Traveling

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Studies show that travelling can improve your overall health and enhance your creativity. Plan a tour to a new city with an open schedule and let life present you with the numerous opportunities that are waiting for you.

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10 Life-Changing Tips That Will Boost Your Happiness

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Learn how to prioritize effectively. Those mistakes are the ones we can learn from. This tip has an important impact on our overall health and happiness. The way we present ourselves in front of others is really important.

2016 283

New speakers for the Virtual Summit

Practically Perfect PA

Lisa will present a session called ‘What if I look stupid?’ Having seen Jennifer speak at the very first Assist Conference I can guarantee this session is not to be missed if you want to learn how to sell your skills and make yourself stand out in your office.

2017 191