State Names and Abbreviations

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However, when giving an address, or in tables or other uses in which space is limited, use the US Postal Service’s symbol system, which consists of a two-letter abbreviation in which both letters are always capitalized and no periods are used (for example, NY for “New York”). How should you treat references to states? The form depends on which style guide you adhere to and why the state is being referenced. Details about how to refer to states follow.

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Exceptions in the Rules of Hyphenation

Daily Writing Tips

By contrast, the US Postal Service, on its Web site, correctly styles the term nonprofit — but the Internal Revenue Service employs the hyphen, as do many such organizations.) So, why do descriptivist and prescriptivist handbooks alike exhort readers to close the gap, when so many people who use the English language to communicate in writing ignore or are ignorant of the authorities’ citations?

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