Guidelines for Effective Email Writing

Jen Lawrence

My general guidelines are: Urgent/Important Flag: critical response is due under 36 hours Read Receipt: when sending information for review that you need verification each person has read by a specific deadline. The post Guidelines for Effective Email Writing appeared first on Jen Lawrence Co.

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GO GREEN IN THE OFFICE: 4 guidelines for a brighter future

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The most difficult tasks are those which require changing the company´s attitude and guidelines towards internal and external environmental issues. The post GO GREEN IN THE OFFICE: 4 guidelines for a brighter future appeared first on Dumb Little Man.

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16 Manuscript Format Guidelines

Daily Writing Tips

Posts By Email Grab The RSS Home Archives About Contact Tests Book 16 Manuscript Format Guidelines by Simon Kewin If you submit manuscripts to publishers or agents, you’ve probably come across the demand that you use “standard manuscript format” (or “SMF”) for your submissions.

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Guidelines for correspondence

Laughing all the Way to Work

Recently at an admin meeting I went over these guidelines with our team and wanted to share them with you. When addressing correspondence you should ensure you have the correct date, name, title and full address. It is worth the check to make sure this information is correct. I have worked in many offices and it has never failed that some very strange spellings of my boss's name has appeared on a letter. Do you think they are going to take those letters seriously?

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Listen and Be Present: An Excerpt from “Guidelines”


Here are some of my favourite “guidelines” for living a more purposeful life, as supported by numerous best-selling authors. One of the ways you can be more present is to be a more active listener, which is why I love this next guideline. What is Guidelines? To help with this, I’ve created a new ebook, called Guidelines , that summarizes the main lessons learned from 30 best-selling self-help books.

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Setting Guidelines To Get Organized

Get Organized!

Organizing Tips | Organizing Products | Organizing Services Wednesday, April 29, 2009 Setting Guidelines To Get Organized When it comes to organizing, its best to set guidelines for a project - guidelines that will not only help define what you want but also help determine a projects time line and framework. How do you set guidelines to get organized?

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How to Create Guest Post Guidelines for Your Blog | Men With Pens

Men With Pens

If reaching people is what you want, you’ll find plenty of advice on guest posting right here at Men with Pens, including great tips on accepting guest posts to your blog – like this post on submission guidelines from Ann Smarty. Do you have guest post guidelines?

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How to Choose a Good Topic for A Speech

Ian's Messy Desk

Once you have identified what type of speech you will be making, follow these guidelines in choosing a specific topic: Choose a topic you know well. Image via Wikipedia. At some time, the path to personal success is going to have a stop to give a speech.

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How to Write a Speech to Inform

Ian's Messy Desk

Some guidelines to keep in mind when writing the informative speech: Grab their attention – Give the audience a good reason to listen to you. Communication audience debating explaining guidelines human communication human interest individual events inform informative informative speeches Language Memory mnemonics narratology original oratory persuasive speeches Public speaking Speech speeches speechwriter subject topic write Writing

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7 Hacks to Write Faster

Productivity Bits

Blogging Productivity Copy Writing Guidelines hacks to writing how to write writing skills Note: This is a guest post from Nicole. If you want to make money as a writer, it pays to not only write well, but fast. This is especially true if you are just starting out and working your way up from low paying, flat rate gigs.

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Five Ways to Respond to Social Media Challenges and Criticism

Andrea Kalli

Challenges were issues within registered guidelines and by established PR representatives.

Content Marketing Focuses on Value Not Length

Productivity Bits

Blogging content length content marketing Copy Writing GuidelinesCopyright © 2011 Productivity Bits. Visit the original article at [link]. Guest Post. C ontent length is a big question mark that nags almost all bloggers every now and then. This question is generally asked about all types of content. The essence of content marketing is to attract targeted audience by providing valuable information.

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Considerations For Social Media Use In The Workplace

Small Business CEO

This practice can create liability for a company absent a policy or set of guidelines for such professionals to reference, allowing them to make sure their behavior does not violate applicable law or expose the company to legal action. Social Media guidelines social policies

According To Science, This Is How Much Exercise You Need In A Week

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Department of Health and Human Services produced the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans. These guidelines were based on decades of exercise science research along with current health issues facing Americans. There’s also a separate set of guidelines for senior adults.

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Six Easy Ways to Format Numbers In Excel


Secure Your Success With Training, Support And A Network Of Trusted Friends Building Success One Office At A Time Home Toolbox About Bios Contact Us Blogs Featured Excel 2007 Powerpoint 2007 Word 2007 Business Letters Networking Opportunities Professional Growth You are here: Home / Blogs / Six Easy Ways to Format Numbers In Excel Six Easy Ways to Format Numbers In Excel Leave a Comment Filed under Blogs , Excel 2007 Here are some basic guidelines to help you learn how to format numbers in Excel 2007. Most of the stuff is easier than it looks. If you need to, download the pdf at the bottom of each set of instructions to help you learn with pictures. You can also file it and refer to it later on. If you’d like these to be sent to you automatically through email, click here: Subscribe to by Email Our mission is to help you learn Excel easily and as fast as you can. We know you don’t have the time to sit through an entire course. These are designed to help you pick up each piece as you need it. These steps are our best suggestions. If you know better shortcuts, shoot us an email! No stress. Have fun! How to Use the Number Format 1. Highlight the cells you want to format as numbers. 2. Click the “Home” tab. 3. Click the small arrow next to “Number”. 4. Click “Number”. 5. Click the format you want the numbers to appear in. 6. Click “OK”. 7. The data will be displayed as numbers. How to Use the Number Format (PDF) How to Display Numbers as Fractions 1. Highlight the numbers you want to format as fractions. 2. Click on the “Home” tab. 3. In the “Number” area click on the “Format” menu. 4. Click on “Fraction”. 5. The numbers will be converted to fractions. How to Display Numbers as Fractions (PDF) How to Display Numbers as Currency 1. Highlight the numbers you want to format as currency. 2. Click on the “Home” tab. 3. In the “Number” area click on the arrow next to “Accountancy Number Format”. 4. Pick a currency. 5. The numbers will be converted to that currency. How to Display Numbers as Currency (PDF) How to Display Numbers as Percentages 1. Highlight the numbers you want to format as percentages. 2. Click on the “Home” tab. 3. In the “Number” area click on “Percent Style”. 4. The numbers will convert to percentages. How to Display Numbers as Percentages (PDF) How to Format Numbers in Non-Adjacent Cells 1. Highlight the first set of cells. 2. Hold down Ctrl and highlight all of the other sets of cells. 3. Click the “Home” tab. 4. Click the small arrow next to “Number”. 5. Click “Number”. 6. Click the format you want the numbers to appear in. 7. Click “OK”. 8. The format of the data will change. How to Format Numbers in Non-Adjacent Cells (PDF) How to Format Numbers in One Cell 1. Highlight the cell or adjacent cells in which you want to change the number format. 2. Click the “Home” tab. 3. Click the small arrow next to “Number”. 4. Click “Number”. 5. Click the format you want the numbers to appear in. How to Format Numbers in One Cell or Adjacent Cells (PDF) Share this on Digg this! Stumble upon something good? Share it on StumbleUpon Post this to MySpace Share this on Facebook Tweet This! Share this on Linkedin Tags: Speak Your Mind Tell us what youre thinking. and oh, if you want a pic to show with your comment, go get a gravatar ! Click here to cancel reply. The ULTIMATE Beginner’s Reference eGuide – with easy step-by-step instructions FREE Subscription to the Admins4Admins weekly newsletter Free training , webinars and the latest tips on succeeding at your job NOTE: We will never send you SPAM or share/sell your email Connect with me. Topics Blogs Featured Excel 2007 Powerpoint 2007 Word 2007 Business Letters Networking Opportunities Professional Growth Recommended Readings Blogroll Executive Administrative Assistant Tips Women Owned Boutique Staffing Firm Archives April 2010 March 2010 February 2010 January 2010 December 2009 May 2009 April 2009 Admin Register Log in WordPress XHTML Copyright © 2010 · Admins4Admins · All Rights Reserved

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How To Design The Perfect Icon For Your Mobile App

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Compliance With Guidelines. Users are used to their operating system and that’s why they need app icons that completely resonates with the operating system’s guidelines. For Google’s Play Store Guidelines — Visit Play Store Developer Guidelines.

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Why Freelance Writers Need an Evergreen Stable of Writing

Daily Writing Tips

If you want to write for Daily Writing Tips check the guidelines here. Building your evergreen stash could actually be the creative outlet your professional career needs – you get to break free of writers’ guidelines and let your own style flow.

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To Outline or Not to Outline, That is the Question

Daily Writing Tips

If you want to write for Daily Writing Tips check the guidelines here. Posts By Email Grab The RSS Home Archives About Contact Tests Book To Outline or Not to Outline, That is the Question by Guest Author This is a guest post by Idrees Patel.

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STEM careers – How to Find the Best Job

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Below, there are several essential guidelines on how to search and apply for STEM openings as a fresh graduate. Guidelines for STEM graduated students 1. You have now graduated from a STEM university; congratulations!

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How Often Does A Landlord Have To Replace Carpet Or Repaint In Rental Unit?

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Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Guidelines for Carpet. Under city guidelines, the landlord is obligated to repaint his apartment unit every 3 years. The carpet is one of the most well-used items in a rental unit. Because of that, it can become very dirty over time.

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How to Destroy your Credit Score in Ten Days

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The key is to follow credit card guidelines, and use credit cards in the right way. It is unavoidable: your credit score and fiscal history have a profound impact upon your financial goals and objectives.

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Must Read Tips for Skype Interviews

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That's great news if you're familiar with online communication, but there are a few guidelines you should follow to ace your interview. With modern technology, being in the office isn't always a necessity for the interview process.

Don’t Quite Your Day Job – 6 Tips to Launching a Startup

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The essential guideline to holding down a day job while successfully building your own startup business is to remember the simple fact, that it’s your day job that is currently keeping you afloat not holding you back.

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Eating 7 Of The Best Weight Loss Foods Will Help You Start Shedding Pounds

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This may be a common problem for many individuals especially if they do not know the proper guidelines to start with. Have you been longing to shed off some pounds for a while but do not know exactly where to start?

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Spotting Dangerous Habits in the Workplace Before Accidents Happen

Office Dynamics

It is important to have a set of safety guidelines in place to ensure these potential hazards are addressed quickly. Frequent Reviews of Workplace Safety Guidelines. Do your employees know the current workplace safety guidelines? If there is a lack of understanding of safety guidelines, rules are being broken, or corners are being cut, there should be some red flags raised. Good housekeeping isn’t just for your home.

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How to Create Facebook Video Ads in Minutes: Tips For Beginners

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Check out Facebook’s guidelines for video ads, and always ensure your content is optimized for mobile devices as that’s probably where it will be seen. Follow those guidelines and start putting video ads together and you’ll start to see great results.

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Theme and Variations

Ian's Messy Desk

If you are interested in contributing content, please read the Guest Blogging Guidelines. The post Theme and Variations appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. As I reactivate things here at Ian’s Messy Desk, there is going to be a bit of a shift in content.

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UK Hospitality Industry Launches Purple Flag Week

The Small Business Blog

In the wake of the London Olympics and Paralympics Games, Visit England, the UK National Tourism Board, has conceptualized new guidelines for their Purple Flag Week campaign, the annual UK after hours event, which was launched in 2009. This week is designed showcase the diversity and quality of hospitality businesses during the evening hours in…

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Powerful Presentation Tips

Jen Lawrence

I have three guidelines for public speaking. A general guideline for presentations is one slide for every two minutes of content. Be honest… how comfortable are you with public speaking? Very uncomfortable? Don’t worry – you’re not alone.

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How Long Does The Post Office Hold A Package?

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Guidelines prevent the worker from leaving the package on the front porch or near the mailbox. For more than two centuries, the United States Postal Service has reliably delivered packages to its customers.

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5 Myths Small Business Owners Have About Creating Business Websites

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Besides, search engines also require the websites to be updated with their latest guidelines (algorithm). Otherwise, your website will look outdated and may attract penalties from the search engines for not following the guidelines.

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Guest Posting 101: 5 Things Every Guest Poster Should Know

Tips From T. Marie

I needed to set official guidelines for guest posting here. As I was pulling the new guidelines together, I realized that this wasn’t only going to benefit me, it could be a great benefit to those looking to guest post as well. Many of my guidelines are similar to other blogs. If you are someone looking to submit guest posts to established blogs, here are 5 guidelines that will apply anywhere: Know the type of material and subjects covered.

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7 Ways to Create A Productive Workplace

Productivity Bits

Here are some guidelines on creating a productive workplace environment. A company should always secure the productivity of their business. Because a loss in productivity can be a major problem. In order to achieve an efficient workplace for your company, you should build the morale and productivity of your employees. You must also minimize complaints and disruptions so everyone can focus and concentrate on doing their work effectively.

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How to Lose Ten Pounds in One Month

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If you want to lose ten pounds in a month, there are a lot of ways to do this, as it is within the medically approved guideline of no more than 2-3 pounds per week for long term weight loss. As the nation becomes more and more obese, losing weight is a very popular goal for many people. However, with all of the diet advice out there that is constantly changing, it is difficult to decide on the right diet for you.

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Reclaim Your Weekends!

Simple Productivity Blog

If you want to guest post on this blog, check out the guest post guidelines. This post was written by a guest author. Wrike is the leading provider of social project management software that helps thousands of companies efficiently get things done together in real time.

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How To Clean A Blood Spill: Safe and Proper Blood Cleanup from Workplace Accidents

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The BPS is a set of guidelines that aims to protect workers against health hazards made by bloodborne pathogens. The Bloodborne Pathogen Standard requires employers to comply with OSHA’s guidelines and encourages them to create an Exposure Control Plans if it is highly likely that workers and employees will have contact with blood or other potentially infectious bodily fluids in the performance of their work duties.

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Tips For Employers to Reduce Motor Vehicle Crashes

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If one of your employees is in an accident, report it to the police and follow insurance guidelines as well. If you are a company that requires employees to drive as part of their job, you need to establish a fleet safety program.

2019 246

Resolution Check-In and Cheer Up!

Complete Organizing Solutions

We self impose guidelines and rules that we must fill in order for that resolution to be a success. Now that we are one month into the new year how are you holding up on your resolutions? January ended up being a pretty busy month around here but I have been making small strides.

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WCAG 2.1 Overview: Updates in Accessibility

Small Business CEO

That’s why up until recently, it was kind of shocking that there hadn’t been an update to WCAG (the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines). Accessibility on the internet has been long overdue for an overhaul.

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4 Tips for Successfully Running Your Business From Home

Small Business CEO

This is especially true in residential neighborhoods with HOAs that have documented guidelines, restrictions, and covenants. Working from home has become pretty common over the last decade.

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5 Things You’ll Love About Being A Men’s Hair Donor

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Although he doesn’t really need to undergo any special training, he needs to follow certain guidelines to make sure that your hair is cut and prepared properly. There are so many reasons why you should consider donating your hair.

2019 230

Becoming A Skilled Worker In Canada: What You Need to Know Before Immigrating

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If you are thinking of becoming a skilled worker in Canada, this article can help you learn a lot about the guidelines and the procedures you have to go through in applying for Canadian citizenship. However, there are specific guidelines which you must adhere to for a successful immigration process. In Canada, there are plenty of work opportunities.

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7 Useful Winter Gardening Tips You Need to Try This Season

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Keep in mind all of the guidelines mentioned above and make sure you take all necessary winter gardening precautions. Temperatures have started to drop gradually and winter is getting closer by the day. By now, the last crops have been harvested.

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