12 Days of Christmas Webinar: Goal Setting & Branding for 2017

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In this brief webinar with Office Dynamics, we cover quick and impactful tips on goal setting and branding. Watch the webinar replay, Goal Setting and Branding for 2017. Resources From the Goal Setting Webinar. Special Offer From the Goal Setting Webinar.

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Real World Advice for Reaching Your Goals [free webinar]

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Are you struggling with reaching your goal? Or are you one of the 16% of assistants who don’t have a goal for themselves at all? We’re here to help you achieve your goals with this real-world advice on goal setting and goal getting with administrative expert, Joan Burge.

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Career Goals: Safe In The Harbor Or Setting Sail?

Office Dynamics

Will your organization provide you with what you need to reach your goals? Think About Your Career Goals. What are your career goals? The post Career Goals: Safe In The Harbor Or Setting Sail? Safe In The Harbor Or Setting Sail?

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5 Tips to Form New Habits that Stick – Train Yourself Like a Dog

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You train yourself. Just like training a dog, you have to break down the training process into steps. Just like picking a trick you want to train your dog. There’s one piece of advice that doesn’t really fit with the dog training theme above.

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Pause Now To Consider Your Success Goals for 2015

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If you think it’s still too soon to start planning your professional and personal success goals for 2015, I want to encourage you to think again! If you don’t set success goals and map out a plan, you will be at the same place next year as you are today. Planning Your Success Goals.

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The 3 Simple Reasons Why Goals, Diets and Relationships Fail

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You’ve set a plan with your goals in mind. You’ve jacked in the diet, quit pursuing a goal, or have decided that it wasn’t going to work anyway with this person. Goals HappinessYou’ve chosen a new diet.

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Coaching vs. Consulting vs. Training vs. Freelancing: Which One Is Best For You?

The Solopreneur Life

Will I coach, consult, train, or freelance? Value can be delivered to clients through empowering (coaching), problem-solving (consulting), educating (training), or producing (freelancing). This starts with the coach asking clients to state their goal. Training=Instruction.

5 Olympic Training Secrets That Will Make It Impossible For Your Competitors To Keep Up With You

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Below are 5 scientifically proven Olympic training secrets you can use to become twice as productive as your competition. It’s mentally challenging and requires clear goals and objectives rather than just “going through the motions.”. Olympic athletes inspire and awe us.

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How To Train for a Marathon

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The truth is that anyone can complete a marathon if he or she trains properly. He only needs to have the desire, time and the right tips on how to train for a marathon. “You can run a marathon without training properly, but you won’t enjoy the experience.” Other experts, like David Whitsett, author of The Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer, suggest that beginners should have, at least, five months to train. The Training. Cross Training.

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6 Best Fitness Tools To Help You Actually Achieve Your Goals

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If your goal is to improve your health and overall strength and flexibility, here are 7 great fitness tools that will make your goals a little easier to keep. The app and website lay everything out in easy to understand, actionable goals. iFit provides customized exercise routines, training routes powered by Google Maps, a social network, goals and competitions, and coaching. Goals are hard to keep when you don’t have the right tools to accomplish them.

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Executive Assistant Training on the Rise

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I’m happy to say that we have seen an increase in interest from companies who want to provide some type of training for their administrative professionals later this year. The end of July and August is when you should start to pull together your goals and recommendations for either bringing a program on site or attending a conference or workshop such as our World Class Assistant. Here are some things you need to keep in mind: Be specific as to what type of training you want.

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8 Bad Food Habits That are Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Goals

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Successful people who reach their goal know exactly what they want to achieve. They don’t aim for vague goals like ‘I want to be healthy’ or ‘I want to lose weight’. Some folks apply this train of thought to their health goals. Food Goals Health

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Create the Career and Life You Want

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In fact, Jasmine Freeman just talked to me about how many assistants are interested in learning about setting goals and mapping out a plan. You choose whether to see barriers and roadblocks as tests of your commitment to your goal or a “sign” that you should give up.

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The Importance of Supervisor Training and Development

Small Business CEO

Highly effective training is one way to support this goal. Options such as leadership training seminars or supervisor development programs will make the organization much more effective since it will help it comply with legal requirements, among many other things.

How to Create SMART Goals

Eat Your Career

If you need a little assistance putting together SMART goals, this video breaks it down quickly and provides step-by-step instructions to turn an abstract “resolution” or “dream” into a concrete action-oriented goal. Video Training goals

Two Things You Need for Career Success

Office Dynamics

I was so impressed with these individuals who took 96 hours of training consisting of 3 levels of learning over a 3 year period. As you build your discipline muscle you will begin to apply it to goal-setting. Over time, you will be able to accomplish harder goals with ease.

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Employee Training - A Wise Investment

Small Business CEO

If the manpower is weak, it is not possible to achieve the goals and plans of the company. That is why staff training should be implemented so that your employees will get the chance to update their skills and learn more about your business.

Fitness in a Hurry: How To Double Your Results in Half The Time With A Metabolic Training Workout

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Goals Happiness Health Science Wouldn’t it be great if we could get fit and healthy in just four minutes a day? You may be thinking that this sounds a little too good to be true.

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Getting buy in from the boss

Practically Perfect PA

Be mindful of your end goal – you need to tie in your request for L&D to your current position and how it will prepare you and your boss for the future. Will the request tie in with one of your appraisal goals? Internal & External Training.

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How to Train Your Manager

Office Dynamics

Executive Assistants—How to Train Your Manager. While this is good news, you’re going to have to train your manager on better utilizing you and to maximize your time and talents! Then get your manager to coach and train you on the tasks you can take on.

Stop Allowing Bad News to Destroy Your Good Attitude

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Set goals! People who have goals, whether big or small; personal or professional, have better attitudes than people who have no goals. That is because when people with goals wake up, they are focused on the steps they need to take to achieve their goals.

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Train Like A Professional Athlete And Get In Shape With These Easy Ways To Improve Your Athletic Stamina

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With the right training though you can improve your endurance levels and athletic stamina. Health Development Goals The panting starts sooner than you hit the set record for the day. You wish you could push yourself more, but your body protests violently.

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How to Develop Your Inner Circle, a Webinar Replay with Peggy Vasquez

Office Dynamics

With the help of your inner circle, you can gain greater momentum to carry you closer to your goals, dreams, and desires both personally and professionally. Take our survey if you are interested in having Office Dynamics International come to your city for a live training event.

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6 Ways to Bring Your Lifetime Dreams to Fruition

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What is a dream or goal you have had for years that you need to bring to life before the end of this year? Have you ever had a dream or desire to do something, go somewhere special, create something, or attain a material item or career move but held off making it a reality?

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How Five Famously Nonviolent People Used Aggression to Achieve Their Goals

The Solopreneur Life

“Concentration is the assertion of a single idea, image, or train of thought to the exclusion of all else,” Boldt says “That exclusion is aggressive. Related posts: Use the “4-Day Win” to Achieve Your Goals. My Goals for 2014.

The Art Of Effective Visualization

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It’s how you act and train your brain to work on what you visualize. Once you have set up your initial goal, the next part should be pretty effortless. We are trained to believe in the statistics that are presented to us as the norm. When you step through your life aligned with a clear purpose and goal, every opportunity and event related to that goal will be highlighted for you and you’ll be able to proactively grasp it. Brain Focus Goals

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Live Your BIG & BOLD Life Free Webinar Replay

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Access the free webinar replay here. Working women hold a unique position in our society. We juggle family, business demands, and social lives. But all too often, we encounter resistance. Glass ceilings, stereotypes, and the physical limitations of time all attempt to hold us back.

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How To Overcome Obstacles: 5 Ways On How To Be A Conquerer

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During BUD/S training, the most iconic and demanding event is Hell Week. It isn’t always the largest and strongest men or the fastest swimmers or runners that complete the training. The simulated harsh conditions of Navy SEAL training parallel the authentic harsh episodes of real life. Goals SuccessTo stress you out beyond your normal limits with extreme mental and physical challenges to make you worthy of serving with the world’s most elite fighting force.

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Anatomy of an Executive Assistant Infographic

Office Dynamics

Excellence for them is not just a goal, but a habit. Assistants go out on a limb so their bosses won’t have to lift a finger. This infographic is part of a series celebrating administrative excellence.

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Looking Forward With Intention [Free Webinar for Assistants]

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Strategies for setting meaningful goals for 2016 and what you can do now to improve your chances of success. How to set career goals. • Goal setting for the new year. It’s hard to believe another year is nearly over.

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Getting People to Notice You At Work

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If you are lost in the crowd, people cannot promote you, support your goals, recommend you for projects or leverage your great talents. Achieving your goals. Do you struggle with letting your light shine?

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Beginning Your Job Search? Start By Building Your Brand

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Take the time to create a LinkedIn account if you haven’t already and fill out the details of your education and career goals. Maintaining and building your online persona is a part of the new job search.

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Why e-Mail Isn’t Always Your Best Option

Office Dynamics

Goal/Motive. Once you determine your goal in communicating, try to answer the following questions. Let’s make this a goal for not only this week but for the months ahead.

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Choosing Excellence Every Day

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If you have a professional development plan, set aside 30 minutes on Friday to review your goals and make adjustments. Take note of any areas where you are falling behind; eliminate or adjust any tasks or goals that have become irrelevant or obsolete. Once you have gotten into the above habits, it’s important to start scheduling time for a deeper dive into your professional development plan, as well as for extended training sessions.

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12 Days of Christmas Webinar: Question and Answer with Joan Burge

Office Dynamics

– Actualizing your professional goals webinar. Day 2 Replay Goal Setting & Branding. We’ve been having a holly, jolly, super fun and festive time with our 12 Days of Christmas Webinar Series event.

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5 Powerhouse Strategies for Creating Administrative Peer Power

Office Dynamics

Working together can mean cross-training for out-of-office coverage and expansion of what the team together can accomplish that one person alone cannot do. Help them achieve their goals. Coming together is better than fighting for your own agenda.

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4 Signs That You’re Making Positive Progress in Life

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You know how much hard work goes into achieving your dream, which is why you’re no longer jealous when those around you reach their goals. If you’re progressing toward your goals, you’re willing to reevaluate the path you’re using to get there. Goals Happiness Success

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How To Get Out Of A Rut: 5 Ways To Move On

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Stop waiting to be trained! Goals How To LifehacksYou may have no idea what your reason for being is. You’re annoyed, dissatisfied and unexcited by everything. It’s monotonous, tedious and frustrating. And if you think you’re alone, think again. In fact, you’re part of the largest group of people on Earth. You don’t know what to do with your life and, worse, you don’t know how to find out. People are not born knowing their role in the world.

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Today’s Administrative Assistant Has Power

Office Dynamics

When the job description includes identifying goals for the coming year; meshing them with your executive’s goals and department and organization goals; being prepared to track progress at specific intervals; and being accountable for success or lack thereof, it’s easy to tell this is not a job for dummies! I often see this in my training classes. (Excerpt from Become an Inner Circle Assistant book, Joan Burge).

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Are You Too Busy for The Most Important Partner In Your Office? The Importance of Daily Huddles

Office Dynamics

Your goal is to have a Daily Huddle— every day —with each other whether in person or on the telephone. I recently received a request for advice from an assistant named Kathryn.

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