Set Stretch Goals

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THE BROCHURE PROMOTING AN administrative training pro­gram said, We will never make you do anything you don’t want to do. Don’t you dare settle for mediocre goals. What is a stretch goal? It is a goal that causes you to go beyond what you know.

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How Weight Training Will Affect You In The Long Run

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I broke goals and out of muscle plateaus and I saw my body change drastically. The Benefits Of Weight Training. What I mentioned above were the short-term benefits of my weight training experiences. When you weight train, you are working the muscles in your body.

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Choosing Administrative Training That’s Right for You

Office Dynamics

As 2016 comes to an end, I hope you are working on your goals for your 2017 development. The challenge may come when you realize there are a plethora of training programs, conferences, webinars and other learning events for administrative assistants and executive assistants.

Administrative Training Sources – Friends of Office Dynamics

Office Dynamics

We recently posted a blog that listed free training sources we provide; 6 Free Training Sources for Administrative and Executive Assistants. The post Administrative Training Sources – Friends of Office Dynamics appeared first on Office Dynamics.

How to Create SMART Goals

Eat Your Career

If you need a little assistance putting together SMART goals, this video breaks it down quickly and provides step-by-step instructions to turn an abstract “resolution” or “dream” into a concrete action-oriented goal. Video Training goals

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12 Days of Christmas Webinar: Goal Setting & Branding for 2017

Office Dynamics

In this brief webinar with Office Dynamics, we cover quick and impactful tips on goal setting and branding. Watch the webinar replay, Goal Setting and Branding for 2017. Resources From the Goal Setting Webinar. Special Offer From the Goal Setting Webinar.

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How To Train for a Marathon

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The truth is that anyone can complete a marathon if he or she trains properly. He only needs to have the desire, time and the right tips on how to train for a marathon. “You can run a marathon without training properly, but you won’t enjoy the experience.” Other experts, like David Whitsett, author of The Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer, suggest that beginners should have, at least, five months to train. The Training. Cross Training.

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Top Tips On Training Your Brain To Be Creative

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Think about all of life’s necessities that exist because of human innovation and you can see just how important it is that we all encourage and train our minds to be creative. You do not have to train your brain to think creative thoughts all the time. Brain Fun Goals

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Podcast 134: Set achievable goals

Clutter Coach

This is podcast 134 and it’s about setting achievable goals. We live in a culture where we’re encouraged to set daring goals for ourselves. There’s even an acronym, BHAG, that stands for big, hairy, audacious goal. I approve of goal setting as a way to keep yourself motivated and to be able to tell whether you’ve gotten to the place you want to be so you can stop and acknowledge your progress. Goals don’t have to be big to be effective.

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5 Tips to Form New Habits that Stick – Train Yourself Like a Dog

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You train yourself. Just like training a dog, you have to break down the training process into steps. Just like picking a trick you want to train your dog. There’s one piece of advice that doesn’t really fit with the dog training theme above.

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5 Tips For Smashing Your Weight Loss Goals

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As they say, “You can’t out-train a bad diet.” Just engage in cardio and weight training if you can. HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), a personal favorite of mine, is sharp, explosive and great at blasting belly fat. Weight training is also key to building muscle and burning fat. Set short term goals that add long-term results. I found that setting short term goals (4-6 weeks) were more motivating. Good luck and smash your goals!

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Can Vocational Training Help In Redefining Success?

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75% of people say that financial independence is the biggest marker for adulthood, but it seems that reaching that goal is taking longer than ever. But there’s one path that has been overlooked by many and that path is vocational training. Source: Vocational Training HQ.

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What is the Difference Between an Administrative Conference and Administrative Training?

Office Dynamics

With the plethora of offerings for administrative training and development, there is also a lot of confusion. I’d like to help you understand better so you can stop asking yourself “what is the difference between an administrative conference and administrative training?”

Career Goals: Safe In The Harbor Or Setting Sail?

Office Dynamics

Will your organization provide you with what you need to reach your goals? Think About Your Career Goals. What are your career goals? The post Career Goals: Safe In The Harbor Or Setting Sail? Safe In The Harbor Or Setting Sail?

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The 3 Simple Reasons Why Goals, Diets and Relationships Fail

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You’ve set a plan with your goals in mind. You’ve jacked in the diet, quit pursuing a goal, or have decided that it wasn’t going to work anyway with this person. Goals HappinessYou’ve chosen a new diet.

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Pause Now To Consider Your Success Goals for 2015

Office Dynamics

If you think it’s still too soon to start planning your professional and personal success goals for 2015, I want to encourage you to think again! If you don’t set success goals and map out a plan, you will be at the same place next year as you are today. Planning Your Success Goals.

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Real World Advice for Reaching Your Goals [free webinar]

Office Dynamics

Are you struggling with reaching your goal? Or are you one of the 16% of assistants who don’t have a goal for themselves at all? We’re here to help you achieve your goals with this real-world advice on goal setting and goal getting with administrative expert, Joan Burge.

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BIG Focus: Focus On One Goal In Each Major Area of Your Life

Office Dynamics

How many goals have you written over the years that you did not accomplish, took longer than you thought, or didn’t turn out like you wanted? If goal achievement were easier, more people would be reaching their goals. How do I focus on a goal after the excitement has worn off?

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8 Bad Food Habits That are Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Goals

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Successful people who reach their goal know exactly what they want to achieve. They don’t aim for vague goals like ‘I want to be healthy’ or ‘I want to lose weight’. Some folks apply this train of thought to their health goals. Food Goals Health

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3 Ways to Set Meaningful Career Goals

On The Job

A recent survey by Accountemps finds that 93% of workers say that goal setting is important to their on-the-job performance. But here's the part that doesn't make sense: While 51% say they talk to their managers about their goals -- 11% never even bring up the subject.

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4 Powerful Ways To Stay Motivated And Reach Your Goals Through Tough Times

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If you want to feel motivated in the long term, choose a goal with your heart. Dig inside yourself and get in touch with the vision that you have behind your goal. Go after goals which are genuinely yours and you will find plenty of motivation to make them happen. See Also: How to Set Personal SMART Goals To Succeed. Align your habits with your long-term goals. I haven’t set any corresponding habit for my degree goal. Reassess your goals over time.

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How to Get More Out of Professional Development Training: [Part 1] Getting Leadership Approval

Eat Your Career

My number one goal is to help ensure that participants get a TON of value from their training. After all, if you can’t get approval from your leaders to participate in training, little else matters. The organizational value should heavily outweigh the cost of the training.

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Train Like A Professional Athlete And Get In Shape With These Easy Ways To Improve Your Athletic Stamina

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With the right training though you can improve your endurance levels and athletic stamina. Health Development Goals The panting starts sooner than you hit the set record for the day. You wish you could push yourself more, but your body protests violently.

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SMART Goals for Administrative Assistants

Office Dynamics

Guest blogger Kathy Tosoian shares a blog about SMART goals. Some of these goals are merely "wishes". What does it take to turn these wishes into actual goals? SMART goal setting is really the only way. Goals must meet these criteria: S = Specific.

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6 Best Fitness Tools To Help You Actually Achieve Your Goals

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If your goal is to improve your health and overall strength and flexibility, here are 7 great fitness tools that will make your goals a little easier to keep. The app and website lay everything out in easy to understand, actionable goals. iFit provides customized exercise routines, training routes powered by Google Maps, a social network, goals and competitions, and coaching. Goals are hard to keep when you don’t have the right tools to accomplish them.

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Fitness in a Hurry: How To Double Your Results in Half The Time With A Metabolic Training Workout

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Goals Happiness Health Science Wouldn’t it be great if we could get fit and healthy in just four minutes a day? You may be thinking that this sounds a little too good to be true.

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How to Train Your Manager

Office Dynamics

Executive Assistants—How to Train Your Manager. While this is good news, you’re going to have to train your manager on better utilizing you and to maximize your time and talents! Then get your manager to coach and train you on the tasks you can take on.

Coaching vs. Consulting vs. Training vs. Freelancing: Which One Is Best For You?

The Solopreneur Life

Will I coach, consult, train, or freelance? Value can be delivered to clients through empowering (coaching), problem-solving (consulting), educating (training), or producing (freelancing). This starts with the coach asking clients to state their goal. Training=Instruction.

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The Importance of Supervisor Training and Development

Small Business CEO

Highly effective training is one way to support this goal. Options such as leadership training seminars or supervisor development programs will make the organization much more effective since it will help it comply with legal requirements, among many other things.

5 Olympic Training Secrets That Will Make It Impossible For Your Competitors To Keep Up With You

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Below are 5 scientifically proven Olympic training secrets you can use to become twice as productive as your competition. It’s mentally challenging and requires clear goals and objectives rather than just “going through the motions.”. Olympic athletes inspire and awe us.

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Training On-line

Laughing all the Way to Work

My goal for this blog is to give good tips and ideas and occasionally put a smile on your face as you start your day!Lets I use a place based in Toronto, Canada called Last Minute Training. Training On-line 10 Things = Frustration "Mom, I'm sick!"

How Five Famously Nonviolent People Used Aggression to Achieve Their Goals

The Solopreneur Life

“Concentration is the assertion of a single idea, image, or train of thought to the exclusion of all else,” Boldt says “That exclusion is aggressive. Related posts: Use the “4-Day Win” to Achieve Your Goals. My Goals for 2014.

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SMART Goals for Administrative Assistants

Office Dynamics

Guest blogger Kathy Tosoian shares a blog about SMART goals. Some of these goals are merely "wishes". What does it take to turn these wishes into actual goals? SMART goal setting is really the only way. Goals must meet these criteria: S = Specific.

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Employee Training - A Wise Investment

Small Business CEO

If the manpower is weak, it is not possible to achieve the goals and plans of the company. That is why staff training should be implemented so that your employees will get the chance to update their skills and learn more about your business.

How To Train Your Brain

Brilliantly Better

How To Train Your Brain First of all, let me tell you that I was in search for something similar to Lumosity for a long time. Brain Exercises Just like physical exercise, brain training must be performed in a balanced way. Train Brain for Memory: Memory Matrix By far, my favorite game.

Internet Marketing Specialist 2010 Training

Andrea Kalli

The Internet Marketing Specialist 2010 Training Program will equip you with the exact skills, knowledge and tools to be able to fully coordinate and implement your client’s Internet Marketing campaigns from start to finish! Internet Marketing Specialist 2010 Training Rating 3.00

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Make Your Resolutions/Goals from a Customer/Client Perspective.

Productive & Organized

Tweet I have often said that New Year's Resolutions don't work and that you really should make solid goals instead.    So let's talk about goals instead of resolutions.    There are a bunch of different ways to create your goals

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Action Steps to Accomplish Your Goals | Internet Marketing.

Andrea Kalli

This article will give you action steps to help you move your goals from thoughts to concrete experiences. Keep reading to discover step by step instructions to help you formulate your goals and develop a plan which will help you achieve them.

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Monday Motivators: Family Values, Goals, Priorities

Office Dynamics

Both families should have shared values, identify their top priorities, have common goals and write a mission statement by which they live. So I incorporate fun into all my training programs and Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence. A work family and home life family should have goals, plans, and set priorities. At work, you need to know the goals of your leader and department. Values and goals can feed into each other. Happy Monday!

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Top 5 Tips for Training Employees on a Budget

The Small Business Blog

6 days ago RT @ WinWeb Focus on Your Small Business Goals - [link] 6 days ago Perluondo: "They're exactly the demographics I'm looking for." Many equipment manufacturers offer free training to companies that purchase their products. E-Mail me or follow me.

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Virtual Assistant Training – VAClassroom Summer Skill Camp 2010

Andrea Kalli

Check out the great online training lineup for the VAClassroom Summer Skill Camp – and bring along your camp songs! Virtual Assistant Training – VAClassroom Summer Skill Camp 2010 Rating 3.00

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Executive Assistant Training on the Rise

Office Dynamics

I’m happy to say that we have seen an increase in interest from companies who want to provide some type of training for their administrative professionals later this year. The end of July and August is when you should start to pull together your goals and recommendations for either bringing a program on site or attending a conference or workshop such as our World Class Assistant. Here are some things you need to keep in mind: Be specific as to what type of training you want.

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Internet Marketing Specialist 2010 Training | Internet Marketing.

Andrea Kalli

The Internet Marketing Specialist 2010 Training Program will equip you with the exact skills, knowledge and tools to be able to fully coordinate and implement your client’s Internet Marketing campaigns from start to finish! Internet Marketing Specialist 2010 Training Rating 3.00

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