Goals…As Waves?

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I'm also a productivity nerd with a healthy interest in goals. It presents goals as waves. The post Goals…As Waves? GoalsI'm a musician and engineer. I was educated on waves.

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Set Stretch Goals

Office Dynamics

I have asked them to write and give three-minute presentations; role play with participants; challenged them to think beyond the typical answer in class; project their voice; write diffi­cult development plans; and even come up on stage with me at our Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence.

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Episode 283: Well-Presented with Mike Pacchione


Mike is a speaking expert who helps presenters find their voice on stage. Get the workouts you need to meet all your fitness goals and take your trainer with you wherever you go with Future! 1:44) How much time should someone take into consideration while making a presentation? (3:56)

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How Setting Life Goals Can Undermine Your Happiness

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Setting life goals is generally considered as a positive thing. In my view, setting goals provides motivation in life but kills happiness. Relation between setting goal and happiness. A report presented by CNBC Money on March 24, 2017 shows that the wealth and purchasing capacity of American people at present is stronger than ever before. There is no way to measure how wealth can make a person happy as it will depend on one’s expectation or goal.

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10 Tips for a Killer Presentation

Ian's Messy Desk

Home About Contact Me Links Sitemap 10 Tips for a Killer Presentation Posted by Ian McKenzie Written on July 16, 2010 If youre new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. It’s easy to compound our innate fear of public speaking by delivering a really bad presentation.

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Goals vs. Tasks

Clutter Coach

Republished by Blog Post Promoter You need both goals and tasks, and they’re easy to confuse. These are actually all goals, not tasks. A goal is reached via a series of tasks. Once you identify a goal you need to figure out what the first thing to do is. As soon as they’re done, they’re replaced by the next logical step, for example, schedule a meeting to present the color schemes, or follow up the client calls with mailed brochures.

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Episode 283: Well-Presented with Mike Pacchione


Mike is a speaking expert who helps presenters find their voice on stage. Get the workouts you need to meet all your fitness goals and take your trainer with you wherever you go with Future! 1:44) How much time should someone take into consideration while making a presentation? (3:56)

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One Little Tip to Remain in the Present

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But the great thing is – there is a very simple way to get out, one little tip that guides you back to, and helps you Remain in the Present. The easiest way to come back to the present is to cultivate Gratitude , to cultivate your abundance right now. Not long ago I really desired to set up a blog – now I have the blog, it is very easy to forget what achieving that goal meant to me.

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Ideas for Personal Goals? – Ask an Admin

Office Dynamics

This week’s question comes from Barb and she asks: With the New Year underway, it’s time for me to present my personal goals to my boss for 2019. Everyone I’ve talked to struggles with this so I’m wondering if anyone has advice on how they brainstorm ideas for goals? So, how do we brainstorm ideas for goals, especially when we feel so close to the job and we have a hard time stepping back? The post Ideas for Personal Goals?

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The Hard Truth About Achieving Your Goals

Eat Your Career

I’m a big believer in setting goals. Only, the problem with goals is that achieving them isn’t always all its cracked up to be. Sometimes, when we set a goal, we create an almost dreamlike idea of what life will be like once that goal is achieved. Personal Example : My goal to become self-employed. Focus on the process of reaching your goal and the joy that comes with progress. So it only makes sense that our goals may tend to shift over time as well.

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7 Ways To Create a Presentation that Captures Attention

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Do you know how to create a presentation that grabs your audience and keeps them hooked althroughout? It goes without saying that delivering a speech requires the ability to develop and present ideas. However, if you have to give a speech in public, it can cause speech anxiety which affects the quality of your presentation. Thus, you’d better have a card up your sleeve, and I’m talking about a well-organized presentation. Your presentation design matters.

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The 3 Simple Reasons Why Goals, Diets and Relationships Fail

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You’ve set a plan with your goals in mind. You’ve jacked in the diet, quit pursuing a goal, or have decided that it wasn’t going to work anyway with this person. When it comes to goal setting the same all or nothing attitude can be played out with focus being only placed on the goal and not the steps to it with high expectations for instant results. Having the intention to choose to be fully present in the moment is the first step. Goals Happiness

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7 Incredibly Powerful Ways to Reach Your Goals Using Inspiring Quotes

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Inspiring quotes can be words of wisdom from almost anyone – from Greek philosophers and poets right up to present-day CEOs. Lifehacks Goals Business Change Happiness Brain Motivation Would you like to take great strides in your professional and personal life, by (quickly and easily) learning from inspiring thinkers, writers, and business people? As a business coach, I’ve made “quotching” a big part of my work over the past year or so.

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Listen and Be Present: An Excerpt from “Guidelines”


It’s easy to get caught up obsessing about the future and achieving our goals. Be present and appreciate what you have at this point in your life. ” In Essentialism , Greg McKeown discusses how being present helps you prioritize and identify the most important tasks to work on right now: “When faced with so many tasks and obligations that you can’t figure out which to tackle, stop. Living in the here and now doesn’t just mean living in the present moment.

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The Power Of Quarterly Goals


While I may have had great intentions, the truth is, this goal was never going to work. Without a specific goal and a set date to achieve it, there was no way of maintaining motivation. Shift Your Goals. I wasn’t breaking my goals down into manageable targets that were easier to reach. After reading Brian Moran ’s book, The 12 Week Year , I decided to adopt quarterly goals. How To Prepare Your Goals. It is important to define these goals.

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Pause Now To Consider Your Success Goals for 2015

Office Dynamics

If you think it’s still too soon to start planning your professional and personal success goals for 2015, I want to encourage you to think again! Your future will become the present sooner than you think. If you don’t set success goals and map out a plan, you will be at the same place next year as you are today. Planning Your Success Goals. Perhaps you and your leader have already established the success goals you plan to achieve. Define your goal in detail.

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How do I Write Admin Goals? – Ask an Admin

Office Dynamics

The first question comes from Velma, and she asks: How do I write “Admin Goals?” goals but admin duties are ongoing and don’t have completion dates (unless it is a specific task). I can see where Velma is getting confused but as administrative assistants setting goals there needs to be a focus not just on the tasks but maybe the individuals growth? The post How do I Write Admin Goals?

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The Zoomout Chart: How to Stay Present and Motivated


The visual reminder is very beneficial to stay present and engaged, even when you are feeling unmotivated or mentally strained. Each Zoomout Chart will look different from the next, since we all have different goals and aspirations. The exercise of typing and recording some of the goals and inspiring values you hold to alone will be a very beneficial exercise. The post The Zoomout Chart: How to Stay Present and Motivated appeared first on Productivityist.

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Highlights from Annual Conference Speaker Presentations

Office Dynamics

Linda began her presentation with a funny video, saying we should, "Put your ducks in a row!" Self -awareness - What are your career goals? Jennifer Lier took the stage to give a powerful, dramatic presentation that encouraged women to boldly create strategies to promote health and balance at home and at work. Jennifer challenged us to use handwriting more often, and especially when writing down goals and mission statements. Hello, Monday Motivators!

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Make Your Resolutions/Goals from a Customer/Client Perspective.

Productive & Organized

Tweet I have often said that New Year's Resolutions don't work and that you really should make solid goals instead.    So let's talk about goals instead of resolutions.    There are a bunch of different ways to create your goals

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How To Track and Progress On Long-Term Goals

Simple Productivity Blog

Reader Leonid emailed me to ask “how do you manage your annual goals and track progress?” ” It’s a good question, because yearly goals are so long-reaching that it is easy to put them off, get sidetracked, or simply lose track of what you are working toward. But it isn’t just yearly goals that can have this problem; it is anything that has a large scope or long timeline. The first thing you will have to do is look at the goal itself.

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Pause Now to Consider Your Success Goals for Next Year

Office Dynamics

If you think it’s still too soon to start planning your professional and personal goals for 2013, I want to encourage you to think again! Your future will become the present sooner than you think. If you don’t set goals and map out a plan, you will be at the same place next year as you are today. Perhaps you and your leader have already established the goals you plan to achieve. First and foremost, assess how you feel about the goal or situation.

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How to Make Great PowerPoint Presentations in Minutes: Advanced PowerPoint - A Webinar

Office Dynamics

We thought that our administrative audience would enjoy the opportunity to become better at making great PowerPoint presentations and since Office Dynamics doesn't typically offer technical training we are sharing with tyou this offering from our friends at Business Management Daily. Make PowerPoint presentations in just minutes, not hours. How To Make Great PowerPoint Presentations in Minutes: Advanced PowerPoint 2007. Creating them in Excel for your PowerPoint presentation.

3 Ordinary Steps on How to Live an Extraordinary Life

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Maybe your goals are somewhere in between or you might not even know your goals. He found that in 30 seconds, you pretty much know what your goals are as if you spent 3 hours on the topic. Write your top 3 current goals. Take your top 30 goals.

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Desires vs Goals and how to guarantee they get fulfilled

The Shrink for Entrepreneurs

Imagine setting goals that you move inexorably towards. Serious entrepreneurs know that goals don’t just achieve themselves. But what if there was a way to add some magic to the mix – to make certain goals draw you toward themselves, like gravity. Our neurological wiring ensures some goals stick and get done, while other desires are continually redefined and quickly forgotten. This mental overload effect is present everywhere.

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How to Avoid The Regret of Yesterday And The Fear of Tomorrow

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We look straight into the present.”. Stay in the present, be in the now, just for today. Why is it so hard to know how to stay in the present? If we’ve been told that focusing on the present is the answer to all of our problems, then why do we find it so hard to do it?

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How to Stay In Shape In Just 3 Easy Steps

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You’re already one step closer to your goal. You can’t scarf down something that’s not present in your home no matter your midnight cravings. Now, if your goal is weight loss, here’s something interesting. Featured Goals Health How To Lifehacks

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5 Yoga Breathing Techniques For Weight Loss You Need to Try

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If any metabolic issues are present within the body, it can also be corrected. Goals HealthIt can be a complicated process to lose fat from our bodies as it is very stubborn.

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The lies you tell yourself to feel good about your goals

The Shrink for Entrepreneurs

Goals are everything for entrepreneurs. Achieving goals is the ultimate win. Most business owners wallow in a cesspit of fallacy, when it comes to their own goals. That big goal you have is getting procrastinated on, because you’re too busy responding to the urgent demands made upon you by others, your business and life itself. You’re afraid of what would happen if you prioritized your big goal and threw yourself into it 100%.

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4 Steps To Manifest What You Want

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This type of positive energy attracts the same energy back to us and makes it easier to achieve the goals we set. It’s difficult to manifest what you want when you are still focused on your present circumstances. This can help you become present in the moment and calm anxious thoughts. Step 2: Write down your goals. Writing down your goals will help you solidify the dreams and feelings you want to achieve into your subconscious mind. Brain Goals Lifehacks

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How to Manage the Rush Jobs

Ian's Messy Desk

Fifteen minutes later another manager comes by looking for last-minute help with a PowerPoint presentation. That way, I can complete your presentation today.&# For example: typing a 40-slide PowerPoint presentation: two hours, provided all the material is complete.

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3 Fail-Proof Approaches For Meeting Women (Even During A Pandemic)

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Yet despite all that noise, despite the whiplash of changes this crazy year has presented… life goes on. The truth is, achievement in any area of life starts with you, not to sound like a bumper sticker, but you need to check your motivation and goals when it comes to dating. Goals Happiness RelationshipsI don’t know about you, but 2020 easily ranks #1 Strangest Year of My Life.

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16 Simple Ways To Build Confidence From The Inside Out

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Practice good hygiene habits, groom yourself and dress in clean clothes that make you feel great so when you step outside your door, you’re presenting the best version of yourself. The process of setting a small goal and accomplishing it (along with the physical benefits of working out) can drastically improve your level of confidence over time. When you’re lacking confidence, the thought of accomplishing a large goal can be daunting. Goals Motivation

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8 Ways to Calm Nerves When Give a Speech

Ian's Messy Desk

Giving a presentation normally causes stress. If you have any of these symptoms before or during a presentation, you are normal. Almost everyone experiences some stress before presentations, even when the speech is as simple as, “tell the group something about yourself.”

2010 158

20 Questions to Know Yourself Better and Unlock the Immense Potential Within

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When you choose the latter, irrespective of how “regular” or “boring” your life may seem at present, you will have opportunities to make little differences around you that can change the course of history! “Know Thyself”. All of us have heard this aphorism.

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How to Give an Impromptu Speech

Ian's Messy Desk

During a presentation, your boss is asked a question about the department’s plans for the coming year. If you know how to organize your thoughts, and you know your job, you’re most of the way to giving an effective impromptu presentation. 3) Deliver the body of the presentation.

2010 141

How to Unlock Habit-Building Success and Achieve Your Goals


When I reached out to him to join me on a special episode of The Productivityist Podcast to celebrate International Podcast Day, he not only accepted the invite but shared with me this piece on how he’s trying something new to help him with his goals. He was cool with that idea, so I present it to you along with the bonus podcast episode in question. In my case, achieving success in short-term goals often gets in the way of the long. It’s a reasonable goal.

2019 62

Your Etiquette Practice Could be Killing Your Productivity

Productive & Organized

  Last month I presented and emceed at a College of Business event on business etiquette.  It was a great success and much of that is a result of your skillful work as a presenter and emcee. Productive & Organized Home Contribute to P&O!

The Keys to making Lasting, Meaningful Changes in One’s Life

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However, in most cases, you have to make lasting, meaningful changes in your lifestyle habits in order to accomplish your goals. Human beings have the tendency to find ways that they will fail when they are presented with new concepts to […]. Change Goals Happiness Have you ever considered making changes in certain areas of your life? Have you attempted to make changes in the past, experienced minor successes, but wound up where you started?

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3 Ways Not To Lose Yourself While Pursuing Success

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The fact that they would have to dedicate their lives completely to achieving their goals and have no time for anything else is a big deal-breaker for most people. However, this potential problem of losing yourself in the process of pursuing your goals can be avoided if done the right way. Most people work really hard to achieve a goal that brings them closer to their vision, but surprisingly they fail in the celebration part. Career Goals Productivity Success

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The 1 Word Every Successful Career Needs

45 Things

I'm not going to come down in favor -- or not -- of setting goals for yourself this year. (If Before you even present your idea to the boss, before he or she has a chance to ask you "so. flextime workplace presentations career goals career advice executive stress Anita Bruzzese

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10 Ways to Embrace Changes In Your Personal and Professional Life

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And as a result, achieving your goals becomes harder, too. When you adapt to change in the workplace or make changes in your personal life, you will find that different opportunities present themselves. Making these smaller changes can result in your bigger, desired changes or goals. Realize that the goals of making change are usually beneficial. Change Goals SuccessFor most of us, change is inevitable.

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7 Ways to Make Your Angry Wife Happy

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Though presents and holidays are perfect but expensive treats, consider that there other heartfelt ways to turn around your wife’s state of mind. Goals Happiness RelationshipsIf you’ve made your wife angry for some reason, you know how difficult it is to put a smile back on her face. While it’s true that each woman is different, a lot of wives like being showered with kindness and appreciation. You need to do more than just say you’re sorry.

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