How to Set Personal SMART Goals To Succeed

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You might have already heard about personal SMART goals. This mnemonic acronym stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-sensitive (with some variations being used), and is considered to be based on Peter Drucker’s management by objectives.

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How Winners set goals

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“The setting of goals is the fuel in the furnace of achievement and success” – BRIAN TRACEY Did you know that less than 10% of people have clear goals written down? The post How Winners set goals appeared first on Dumb Little Man. How To

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What I Learned About Achieving Goals and How to Achieve Yours

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Behind every achieved goal, there’s a story about our own personal development. It is a manifestation of experiences, challenges, and our inner abilities all accumulating to one glorious moment, marking off a goal from your “to-achieve list”.

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How to Overcome Self-Doubt and Follow Through with Your Goals

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If you’re like a lot of Americans, you probably struggle from time to time with procrastinating, getting started, and following through on your goals. You think about how great it will be when you have reached your goal(s) and are successful, and it feels so easily within reach.

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How To Improve Your Self-Discipline

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You work hard and you’re driven to succeed in your professional and your personal life. The willpower to forge on with a project can be hard to tap when you’re up against distraction, procrastination, and good old honest laziness. So, if your inner voice isn’t giving you the support you need to be the person you could be, why not try some scientifically-verified techniques to get back in control of your trajectory? The snap answer to “Ice cream with that?”

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6 Simple But Effective Ways You Can Reach Your Goals

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Goals push us to keep going. They motivate us and help us lock on to a target. Through evolution we have learned that the best way to get results is to focus our attention on one thing at a time.

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How To Find Inspiration After A Big Failure

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Ask the big captains of industry and the inventors of things that changed the face of humanity, and they will tell you how they kept moving from failure to failure. Learning to deal with failure is not something you start learning when you are an adult. Failure How To Motivatio

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How To Make Quick Decisions For Your Life

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Some can be extremely important, while others tend to be trivial in the long run. When it comes to making decisions, choosing the right one can at times be stressful, especially if the decision must be made quickly. Brain Business Goals Happiness How To Lifehacks

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How to Set a Goal – When You Don’t Have One

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Google “how to set a goal” and you’ll come up with 938 million results. By the time you read through all of those articles, blogs, and how-to lists, you’ll likely forget what your goal was to begin with. Goals

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How To Boost Your Communication Power

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The key to creating a magical life starts and ends with communication. The most powerful factor in person-to-person communication comes down to how you present yourself in the conversation, which is determined by your emotional state. The level of emotional intelligence you apply throughout the interaction and your mindset prior to entering the exchange are your key components to powerful communication. Why is it important to recognize emotional state?

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The Napoleon Bonaparte Guide to Achieving Your Goals in Life

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Who better to gain some lessons on achievement from than a man who commanded the entire French army by the time he was 26 years old? It’s safe to say he got the most out of life, albeit in often unscrupulous ways. Development Goals Negativity Focus Success How To Happiness Fear Failur

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The Only Habit You Need to Accomplish All Your Goals for 2015

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We all know the disappointment of unachieved goals. With each new year, we set a number of goals to make this year the best, only to forget what goals we’ve set come December. I wanted to end the cycle […]. Happiness How To Lifehacks

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How To Motivate Yourself and Improve Focus, Organization and Productivity to Reach Your Goals

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At one time or another, not to say all the time, we are faced with a task whose outcome promises to yield many rewards, but whose execution is, to say the least, prone to procrastination.

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How to Finally Get Started on Your Big Dream

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The groceries, your job, and daily obligations all seem to demand our attention more urgently than our dreams. And over time the dream starts to fade. We all have those big dreams.

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7 Tips On How To Overcome Procrastination Everyday

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Are you finding out that you need to learn how to overcome procrastination ? Do you always put off what you have to do until the last minute, panic right before the deadline, or put yourself in an emotional rollercoaster almost every week?

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Real World Advice for Reaching Your Goals [free webinar]

Office Dynamics

Are you struggling with reaching your goal? Or are you one of the 16% of assistants who don’t have a goal for themselves at all? We’re here to help you achieve your goals with this real-world advice on goal setting and goal getting with administrative expert, Joan Burge.

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16 Habits That Are Killing Your Productivity and How to Fix Them

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We’ve never had more tools at our disposal to work more efficiently, and yet we’ve never been more distracted. We spend most days trapped in our inboxes and shuffling around our calendars, only to be left wondering where the day went.

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Do You Have Too Many Goals? Here's How to Prioritize Them

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How many goals are you chasing right now? We all want to achieve the best we're capable of, and experts advise us to set challenging, even "audacious" goals. The problem is, having ten simultaneous goals is worse than having none at all. Smallest goal first.

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How To Get Rich Quick

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In addition to those, money allows us to pursue our passions or philanthropic desires. During my own journey to wealth, I learned a few distinctions that deepened my relationship with money and allowed the idea of getting rich quick to be a real possibility. Getting rich quick can often refer to a scam or gamblers mentality. That’s not what I’m referring to. Becoming rich is not an event that happens to you. Featured How To Money

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How to Fail, so you never Lose !

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The post How to Fail, so you never Lose ! How To Success

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5 Really Simple Tips On How To Stay Energetic For Your Goals

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It got to the point where I thought I would be a failure my entire life. I started with marijuana and slowly moved on to more hardcore drugs. At 23, I got sentenced to two years in prison and that was when I realized I had to change. I had to get clean. The anxiety and depression this situation caused me led me to relapse. I went back to rehab, determined to fix what remained broken the first time I was there.

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Achieving Your Goals: How To Go From Spinning Your Wheels To Incredible Traction

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The brutal truth of achieving your long term goal is this: It’s hard to get the traction you need to succeed. There are so many things you need to get done it can be completely overwhelming. He has concrete goals. He has a plan to attack his dream daily.

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10 Tips on How to Do Sh*t You Hate!

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One of the greatest challenges to getting to where you want to go and accomplishing your greater goals is having to do all the sh*t you hate along the way! But I realize that it is a necessity if I’m going to accomplish my long term personal and professional goals.

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How to Become Lucky

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I think aligning luck to the placebo effect is a convenient explanation for the phenomenon we observe as fortunate chance. But it doesn’t explain the entire equation to my satisfaction. Say you were hypnotized into believing you were super lucky, and everything was working in your favor, how would you be feeling? And because you’re feeling like life is pretty amazing right now, the people you’re hanging out with are going to pick up on that vibe too.

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How To Get Out Of A Rut: 5 Ways To Move On

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You don’t know what to do with your life and, worse, you don’t know how to find out. How do you even begin and, if you begin, how do you choose? What are the ways to move on? Stop trying to meticulously plan your life. Planning is the antithesis to the adventure and improvisation that life requires. Remember that the best way to plan your future is to go out and create it! This is the only way to learn.

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How To Be Extraordinary In Any Walk Of Life

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We all want to be extraordinary. Sadly, most of us struggle to believe it’s even possible. The truth, however, is that knowing how to be extraordinary is only a part of the equation. To be one, you must work hard to have that strong will power to stand above the rest.

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Set These 3 Goals Now!

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You have a vision of your dream life but don’t know how to get there? Time keeps going by and you wonder why you are making so little progress compared to the potential you know is inside of you? You even start wondering whether it’s worth it to keep going?

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4 Powerful Ways To Stay Motivated And Reach Your Goals Through Tough Times

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Have you ever gotten excited about your New Year’s resolutions only to have them fizzle out mere weeks after? So, what can we do to keep our motivation high for the longer run? Here are 4 great ways to stay motivated. Listen to your heart. If you want to feel motivated in the long term, choose a goal with your heart. When an objective comes from your heart, it will be easier to stick with it through tough times. Reassess your goals over time.

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10 Mind Exercises That Will Teach You How To Build Self Confidence

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Do you know how to build self-confidence? How can you tell? Is it because you make sure you have all your ducks in a row all the time so you know what to expect? I knew who I was, and I didn’t allow any man, woman or child to treat me any less than I deserved. It’s not bravado or cockiness as those relate more to insecurity. It’s that trust in yourself and your abilities that move you to action. Aim to fail every day.

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How To Be A Better You, In 14 Steps or Less

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In theory we all want to be better; better friends, better spouses, better people, whatever. In order to become better you need to focus on being a better you, not changing yourself into another person. What are some realistic steps you can take to be a better you?

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Whose Goals Are You Really Chasing?

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Do you have a big goal for the next year – or perhaps a three-year or five-year plan? You may want to write them down. Whose goals are these? Perhaps that seems like a stupid question: obviously, they're your goals. Your friends might not talk about their goals as such.

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How To Make Your Job Search More Productive

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Job-seeking can be quite the undertaking, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the process. You’ll need to have a good amount of self-discipline to get through the application stages, and a good amount of resilience to power through the inevitable rejections. Set goals.

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How To Overcome Obstacles: 5 Ways On How To Be A Conquerer

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To stress you out beyond your normal limits with extreme mental and physical challenges to make you worthy of serving with the world’s most elite fighting force. In order to be one the greatest warriors on the planet, you must conquer the obstacles in front of you. Out of approximately 40,000 Navy recruits a year, only 250 (or less than 1%) actually possess the mental and physical toughness necessary to make it through Hell week and become a SEAL. Goals Success

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Framework for Creating Holistical?ly Ambitious Goals for 2014

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One common problem that occurs with goal setting is that we tend not to take into account all the areas of their lives that are important to us when we craft our aspirations. This can result in an unbalance between how we spend our time and what is important to us.

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How to Master The Art of Supporting Multiple Managers

Office Dynamics

However, after a recent turn of events such as staffing vacancies and promotions, I have found myself providing administrative support to several other key managers while we recruit for vacant positions. Find out who else has information related to the project.

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Life's A Momentum Game. Here's How To Win Using Mini Habits.

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Every day that passes is a chance to move forward or backward, I think we all realize that. But what can be a little less obvious is that today is largely going to be a result of the days before it. The more you move forward, the easier it will be to continue and achieve more.

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4 Cheesy But Effective Tips To Set Goals And Achieve Them

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The word alone is enough to create a swirl of flavors in my mouth. To be honest, pizza is the only thing I never want to share with anybody. Even when I am stuffed up to my soul, I somehow manage to squeeze in another bite. I don’t know how much to eat. When I try to overstuff myself, I always regret it later. And, if I try to eat far less than what my stomach can handle, it leaves me hungry. I started listening to my appetite.

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How to Run a Successful Bar Business

Small Business CEO

Every entrepreneur’s dream is to be successful and generate revenue consistently, but there are so many factors that will contribute to the attainment of these goals. New bars are emerging and the existing ones are busy working hard to stay in business.

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How to Achieve Every Goal You Will Ever Set

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What would your life look like if you could achieve every goal you set? The problem with setting goals is that most people choose goals that they don't even want. They let society set their goals for them. This will make you feel motivated and inspired to take action.

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Why You Should Consider Enhancing Your Persuasive Powers & How to Do it Effectively

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How Can You Enhance Your Persuasion Power? Are you the one who makes things happen or do you work for other people’s interests and goals? The post Why You Should Consider Enhancing Your Persuasive Powers & How to Do it Effectively appeared first on Dumb Little Man.

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