19 Tips for Managing Your Email Even When You Don't Want To.

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Productive & Organized Goes Audio in 3 Different Ways » 19 Tips for Managing Your Email Even When You Dont Want To E-mail, it is the form of communication that we love to hate and love to love.  Today, 19 of my friends and colleagues have shared their favorite tip for keeping control of the electronic monster.  Today, 19 of my friends and colleagues have shared their favorite tip for keeping control of the electronic monster

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3 Signs You’re Losing Hope

Dumb Little Man

Without this trait, we run the risk of be swallowed whole by the monster of despair. That alone in its purest form is a sense of hope. On the subject of hope, civil rights hero Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”

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The E-tiquette of E-mail

Professional Assistant Blog

E-mail is no longer just for personal use, with all our accepted short forms: LOL, U, GB and a co-workers favourite, OMG! Writing all in caps is a form of e-mail shouting. This is the commonest form of color blindness, but it affects only.4 In Summary In our fast-paced society e-mail is a quick way of communicating and used properly can be a effective business tool, but e-mail can also be impersonal and is not always the best form of communication.

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Happy (belated) New Year!

ProAssisting Blog

ProAssisting came into being last year and this year our goal is to expand upon the great successes we’ve had so far… Just to re-cap, in addition to becoming a featured writer for Monster’s AdminSecret , we had a very robust beta testing period thanks to their community of assistants who put our training through its paces. Then, we opened our doors and right out of the gate formed a 1-for-1 partnership with the prestigious and world wide philanthropy Dress for Success.

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Is that a Hapax Legomenon?

Daily Writing Tips

n]: A word or form of which only one instance is recorded in a literature or an author. – Nashe, Lenten Stuffe (1599) The Wikipedia article on honorificabilitudinitatibus defines it as “the state of being able to achieve honours&# and points out that the form honorificabilitudo occurs in a Latin charter of 1186 and in a play by John Marston (1576 -1634): The Dutch Courtezan (1605). Klaeber glosses orcneas as “evil spirits, monsters.&#

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A Map Of Mythical Creatures And Where To Find Them

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With our monster map, you’ll finally know where they live, what they do, and where they are from. It’s thought that the kelpies’ ability to shape-shift (they can also appear as beautiful young women, children, and other forms) comes from its bridle. The Loch Ness Monster. So, if you’re planning an intrepid holiday to catch sight of your favorite mythical beast, we hope this monster map comes in handy. Have you always dreamed of seeing a yeti?

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How To Make Your Website More Mobile-Friendly

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You can check out theme directories like Tesla Themes, Theme Forest or Template Monster to see if you find one you like better than the above. Most people who are on their smartphones aren’t going to want to spend twenty minutes or more scrolling through a long-form article. If you must include longer-form content, make sure it’s broken up into easily-digestible chunks through headlines or subheads.

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Why We Need More Warriors (And How to Become One)

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The Hero’s Journey is omnipresent in the genetically driven archetypal forms that arise from all cultures. The monsters arise from within and without, seeking to consume us, craving violence. A man discovers his Warrior nature facing such monsters guided by his principles and strengthened by his resolve. In mythic terms, each time we slay the monster, face the ordeal, or choose principle over comfort, we discover and deepen our Warrior self.

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Soulmates: Truth or Fiction?

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It’s like when your 4-year-old kid asks: “Do monsters exist?” Also, remember that you may have already encountered the one, but not in the form of your heart’s desire. The idea of having a perfect partner has been skimming around since the dawn of time.

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What I Needed to Know About Life I Learned by Playing Dungeons and Dragons

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I also did not get close enough to form friendships with the neighborhood kids. You probably sucked at fighting monsters, and your one spell made loud noises. As a child, I was a loner. I was an only child, and my mother was a single parent raising her son in the 1980s.

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Genspace - A Biotech Coworking Community

Small Business Labs

  More commonly called genetic engineering, potential applications include new forms of biofuels, bacteria based biosensors, bacteria that eat pollutants and new drug therapies.  As this video from PSFK shows , the lab looks very cool and there's no sign of monsters. Genspace is a community biotech laboratory in Brooklyn, New York.  According to their website, they. "

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Admonitions and Premonitions

Daily Writing Tips

Admonition and its sister noun admonishment are distinguished by the senses “warning about behavior” and “criticism of behavior,” respectively; the verb form, admonish , applies to both senses. A premonition, meanwhile, is a feeling of forewarning not based on conscious thought; unlike admonition , the noun does not take other forms. Summons is a noun meaning “an act of summoning,” usually in the form of an order to appear in court; the plural is summonses.

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Daily Writing Tips

Understatement has been a popular form of expression in English since the earliest times. Says the poet, “[The monster] did not mourn for it.”. --> Get access to 300+ interactive grammar exercises! A rhetorical term for understatement is litotes : litotes [LY-tuh-teez] (noun): understatement in which an affirmative is expressed by the negative of the contrary (as in “He’s not a bad ballplayer”)—Merriam-Webster. Litotes can be used to express a variety of meanings.

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Words with the -ster Suffix

Daily Writing Tips

Various words for people who practice various forms of humor include gagster , jokester , prankster , punster , and quipster. Monster , for example, is based on the Latin term monstrum , meaning “monster” or “omen.”. The suffix -ster originated in Old English as -ister , serving to turn a verb into an agent noun, one describing a person who (or thing that) performs an action.

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Prodigal vs. Prodigy

Daily Writing Tips

Prodigy , by contrast, is from a distinct Latin word, prodigium , meaning “omen or monster” (both of which stem from a precursor word that means “to warn”). The adjectival form, prodigious , has lost its connection with omen (portentous is often, in its place, applied to omens) and means “strange or exciting” or, in keeping with the connection to monster , “enormous.”. Prodigal means “to spend wastefully.”

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A Historical Analysis of Headphones

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Headphones can be found at the dollar store, in luxury forms or even included as a complimentary item when purchasing a new cell phone. That leaves us where we are today: Monster Beats By Dr. Dre and the latest cultural phenomenon AirPods. Headphones have become one of the most reproduced tech gadgets in history and our relationship with them will continue to grow as headphones evolve.

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How To Become Bitter and Resentful in 9 Easy Steps

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You’re probably doing it in some shape or form anyway so just keep at it. Ignore the monsters under your bed. There are all sorts of benefits to being bitter and resentful. There’s getting rid of the people around you, ruining the things that are going well for you, and causing general self-sabotage. Getting to that state of ruin doesn’t take that much, really. You just need to get the ball rolling and let it grow as it goes downhill.

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A Better Way to Stop Negative Self Talk

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You ask yourself what you have to do to evict this little monster from your brain. Ask yourself what form of pain or what kind of negative situation it wants to prevent you from experiencing. If you couldn’t tell yet, it’s a form of positive self-talk, but instead of talking to your ‘self’ as you perceive it, you’re talking to your ‘gremlin-self.’ Admit it. You’ve tried everything and still your inner gremlin is destined to outlive your earthly existence.

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5 Reasons Why You Need to Stop Taking Life Seriously

Dumb Little Man

If you believe in the continuity of spirit, eternal life or any form of reality after the Earth-plane, the same basic questions apply — why would you spend a single second in fear of tackling head on each and every beckoning to revel in the experience of a unique, fleeting world? Maybe the person you hate at work isn’t a vindictive monster because she never gives you the days off you request.

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A Short Quiz About Parallel Construction

Daily Writing Tips

Marc Antony was not to be depicted as a monster, but as a love-struck fool.”. Marc Antony was to be depicted not as a monster but as a love-struck fool.”. Explanation : This syntax resembles the correct form of the “not only. However, the phrase “was not to be depicted as a monster” works only if it is juxtaposed with an independent clause: “Marc Antony was not to be depicted as a monster; the intent was to portray him as a love-struck fool.”.

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5 Biggest Problems Faced By Small Businesses And How To Overcome Them

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If you can form a good relationship with them, you’ll probably get discounts or better deals when it comes to subscriptions or items in your inventory. But when the customers start complaining, when the deliveries start arriving late, and when the lawyers start calling, you may instantly notice how your stakeholders start to look like monsters clawing away at you. Startups are known to have specific needs that bigger companies won’t understand.

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How to stop Planning and starting Doing

The Shrink for Entrepreneurs

Planning is the sneakiest form of self sabotage. This post provides a practical guide for preventing your planning sessions from morphing into time-sucking, momentum killing monsters. . The idea is to always design a plan that requires some form of real-world experimentation for the plan itself to be complete. You’ll never again be seduced by what feels like the most productive form of procrastination.

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Subvert and Suborn

Daily Writing Tips

Literary critics use the word subvert in terms of challenging and undermining a conventional idea, form, or genre by presenting it in a new way. An example of this use of subvert is the way Joss Whedon took the cliché of the helpless, usually blonde, beauty who enters an alley to be murdered by a monster, and turned it on its head to create the character of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. A reader has asked for a discussion of the words subvert and suborn.

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12 More Military Terms Used in Civilian Contexts

Daily Writing Tips

muster : from Latin monstrare (“to show”)—interestingly, akin to monster —referring to an assembly of military personnel or serving as a verb synonymous with assemble , but also pertains to any assembly, collection, or inventory or to a sample or specimen. task force : from taxare (“tax”), a unit formed temporarily to achieve a specific objective; the sense in civilian usage is the same.

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Social Media: Open This Pandora’s Box At Your Risk

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There is a strong possibility that such users can turn out to be the green-eyed monster with sinister intentions. When they form such habits, they cannot focus on their daily sleep schedule. It is now universally accepted that social media is an addiction more harmful than cigarettes, alcohol, and hard drug. Unfortunately, this addiction has gripped kids, young blood, and adults in its tentacles. The entire gamut of social networks works as sugar-coated poison.

20 Synonyms for “Ghost”

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bogey (or bogie or bogy): synonymous with phantom and spirit , but also something that prompts fear or dread; by extension, an unidentified aircraft, especially an enemy warplane (also the source of the term bogeyman — often spelled boogeyman — referring to a monster whose name is invoked by parents or other adults to frighten children into obedience.

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System Useability: Very funny short pixar video


Watch Monsters vs Aliens - button failure. Volunteering, Environmental, Public Health) to form unique collaborations with their fans/supporters for mutual benefit. "What idiot designed this thing? You did sir!" One thing this web2.0/iphone era has taught us big time is the importance of useability design. Users simply will not tolerate making them think about how to do things in apps. Neither will they will invest any time in learning the basics of an app - it must be self-evident.

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10 Comma Cases in Which More Is More

Daily Writing Tips

Because wonders can be a noun as well as a verb, and because a pairing of the noun form with benefits initially makes sense, it might be misread here as such. Halle Berry is the first African American woman to win a Best Actress Oscar for her performance in Monster’s Ball.”. To set the record straight, set the qualification off with a comma: “Halle Berry is the first African American woman to win a Best Actress Oscar, for her performance in Monster’s Ball.”

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Forgot Your Password? Again?

Professional Assistant Blog

Fill long registration and checkout forms with one click. Home About Me Advertise Forgot Your Password? Again? By The Professional Assistant on Thursday, August 14, 2008 Filed Under: Productivity , System Security F orgetting your Windows password happens to everyone from time to time. Yes, even I forget it at times. People are always bombarded with computers asking them to change their passwords every so often. Then you have to try to remember all of these passwords!

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Using Microsoft Office E-mail Templates

Professional Assistant Blog

About 90% of my work comes in the form of e-mails, since I want to be able to track anything and everything that managers and fellow staff members send me. Home About Me Advertise Using Microsoft Office E-mail Templates By The Professional Assistant on Friday, February 08, 2008 Filed Under: MS-Outlook , Organize , Productivity D o you wite reccurring e-mails on a regular basis? Are your hands getting tired from constantly having to retype the same e-mail over and over again?

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List of 50 Great Word Games for Kids and Adults

Daily Writing Tips

This game is a bit like a deconstructed crossword: you get bits of the puzzle and you drag them together to form words that will all match with the clue. You can kill monsters, buy better equipment, and make your way to the top of the Spellspire. This game combines a fantasy RPG setting (where you fight monsters, get loot, gain levels and so on), with word games to play along the way. This game is an interactive story, told in the form of letters (epistolary).

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Retrieve Your Files With Ease

Professional Assistant Blog

This way, you can keep track of all files in any way, shape or form. Home About Me Advertise Retrieve Your Files With Ease By The Professional Assistant on Wednesday, November 05, 2008 Filed Under: MS-Access , MS-Excel , Organize , Productivity D o you have quite a bit of filing to do? Do you feel that you should have some sort of control over these files on how you find them, for future reference?

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Cook Meals During the Week in 10 Minutes: Weeknight Survival.

Simple Productivity Blog

You may comment on any article by scrolling down and using the form at the bottom of all articles. It puzzled me, because I thought I had successfully conquered this monster a few years ago with a system of menu planning, helped out by products from the Saving Dinner website.

2010 131

Handle Popular Culture Terms with Care

Daily Writing Tips

The traditional definition of the noun form describes a collegiate athlete kept out of competition in their freshman year to allow them to be eligible in their second through fifth years of higher education, rather than in the usual first four years. Similarly, at least one horror movie fan site, in its reviews, refers to doomed film characters as monster chow.). Writers and editors must exercise caution when using terms and idioms that organically develop in popular culture.

2011 68

Idioms Referring to Colors of the Rainbow

Daily Writing Tips

Although it is a bright, cheerful color often found in nature, the only common expression that uses the word orange employs the plural form referring to the fruit of that name –“apples and oranges,” meaning “unrelated subjects or issues,” to emphasize irrelevance. The six colors of the spectrum have contributed significantly to expressions and turns of phrase that are themselves often quite colorful. Here’s a sampling of idioms employing the words for colors.

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Microsoft Office Poll Results

Professional Assistant Blog

There are quite a bit of AA forms there. Home About Me Advertise Microsoft Office Poll Results By The Professional Assistant on Wednesday, March 05, 2008 Filed Under: MS-Access , MS-Excel , MS-Outlook , MS-PowerPoint , MS-Word , Productivity I am sure that all of you use Microsoft Office in your workplace. There really isnt a chance that you dont use it, whether you are on a PC or a Mac. The results actually surprised me quite a bit, since some of you consider yourselves gurus.

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Writing Tips from Blackbeard the Pirate

Men With Pens

Charles Johnson, author of the 1724 book, A General History of the Robberies and Murders of the Most Notorious Pirates , described Teach as “such a figure that imagination cannot form an idea of a fury from hell to look more frightful.” You can get her weekly newsletter of marketing tips when you download her FREE ebook: Unleash the Beast: Releasing Your Inner Creative Monster.

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Boost Your Online PR: Public Relations as Part of Online Marketing Strategy

Small Business CEO

Social media is an ever changing, and ever hungry monster. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is another vital form of online marketing. Public relations should be an essential part of your online marketing arsenal, from the inception of your business.

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When you should stop slogging throught writing | Men With Pens

Men With Pens

There were orcs and goblins and all kinds of fantasy monsters. To get experience points, you bashed monsters. You bashed monsters for hours. You bashed monsters by hitting keys on your keyboard whilst wondering if you could hook up a nodding bird à la Homer Simpson. You bashed monsters while watching the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy, extended edition. Writing is a form of communication, and there’s a person on the receiving end.

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Can a “Chimera” be Real?

Daily Writing Tips

was formed in the womb when developing fraternal twins merged into one embryo. If you want to track it down, here’s a place to begin: https://records.viu.ca/~johnstoi/homer/homertranslations.htm For a more recent rendering, here are the lines (Book VI) as translated by Stanley Lombado: He ordered him, first, to kill the Chimaera, A raging monster, divine, inhuman– A lion in the front, a serpent in the rear, In the middle a goat–and breathing fire.

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What The Panda Google Algorithm Change Means To Small Business Owners

Small Business CEO

By and large this was designed to punish duplicate content farms that re-purpose the same written content over and over in different forms. I’m going to ignore Facebook as the omnipotent monster that many businesses don’t know how to leverage yet. In February 2011, Google made big news on the Internet by publishing an algorithm change for search engine relevancy.

2011 74

The Subtle Comfort Of The Discomfort Zone

Brilliantly Better

There is a certain time when all the first three steps are coming together, forming a fantastic realm of pressured satisfaction.

2010 79

33 Ways To Overcome Frustration

Brilliantly Better

I do employ some of your strategies and the ones that work best for me are different forms meditation, and painting. It’s like deep inside, thought associations are formed that let you reach the message inside the frustration so you don’t have to experience that same frustration again. Do These Green Eyed Monsters Lurk In Your Shadow?

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