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5 Unconventional Google Search Tips for Power Searching

Dumb Little Man

If you Google [google search tips], you''re bound to find plenty of articles that explain several ways you can improve your search techniques.

Google+: Google’s Productivity Killer


Google+ launched a few weeks back, so there’s no time better for me to discuss it than today. Admittedly I haven’t had enough time to formally wrap my head around Google’s latest attempt at some form of “social networking thingy&# , but I have had the time to informally do so.

Today’s Admin Needs to Become a Mobile Office Pro

Office Dynamics

Google Drive. A free Google app which includes a suite of productivity tools similar to Microsoft Office. It’s all in the apps. Dropbox.

2016 106

3 Tech Tools to Improve Your Organization’s Efficiency

Office Dynamics

Make your everyday operations more efficient: Google Docs. Improve Your Organization’s Efficiency. Sage One. Producteev.

2016 84

What Is HTTPS? And Why Your Website Will Need HTTPS Soon

The Solopreneur Life

Google announced in August that HTTPS is a new element in its search-ranking algorithm. Google’s HTTPS Everywhere Campaign. Woohoo!

2015 57

The Future of SEO – Predictions and Premonitions That Will Dominate 2017

Dumb Little Man

Last year, Google underwent a complete makeover. From minor updates to additional algorithms, Google has changed the way we view web searches.

2017 19

Reducing Overheads Can Save A Business | THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG

The Small Business Blog

In the simplest form this means having more money coming in than is going out. E-Mail me or follow me. What is Small Business Infrastructure?

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Optimizing Your Social Media Presence for Link Building and SEO

Andrea Kalli

Like most marketing forms, the value of social media is variable. lite to make it brainless to use the Google URL Shortening tool when wanting to create shortened URL s. Here’s an article from Search Engine Land about Google’s URL Shortening service compared to Top Five Reasons Websites Lose Google Index Ranking.

New in Google Docs: Spreadsheets Form Summary

Denise Aday

I love how Google quietly and consistently adds new tools – and new capabilities to existing ones. A favorite tool of mine is Google Docs – spreadsheets in particular. This questionnaire is a Google spreadsheet that has been turned into an online form that can be conveniently completed in a browser.

Goodbye Google: Ridding Myself of Google Reader


Reeder, however, uses Google Reader as the source of its feed importing and syncing. Google Reader: Removed or Retained? Fever. Zite.

Asana Comes to Android


Add or change due dates, notes, tags, followers, recurring schedules and projects for any task. Communicate with your team by adding comments to tasks.

Google drops Wave


BBC News reports that Google is dropping Google wave due to lack of users. To read Google drops Wave because of lack of users.

How to appear on Page 1 of Google

Catch Friday

Guus Ellenkamp, our business partner in the Philippines is an ace in getting our clients to the top of google. Guus explains. Conclusions.

10 Great Books that Will Boost Your Creativity

Dumb Little Man

You’ve probably already scoured Google for the answers to all your creative problems and whether if you’ve found answers or not, you walked away from the search engine not feeling like you found what would get you over the hump. The following list was formed with no particular order in mind. Happiness Lifehacks

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Competition to Hire On-Demand Economy Workers Heating Up

Small Business Labs

The article chart below shows the impact of these efforts on the prices of common Google adword search terms related to the on-demand economy.

2015 46

Coworking at a Growth Inflection Point

Small Business Labs

Coworking facilities - shared, collaborative workspaces - are rapidly gaining traction as a work location option.    Coworking

2011 65

How to Write the Perfect About Page: Prove You’re Not a Gangster

The Solopreneur Life

Share your story: tell how your business came to be formed. I’m not kidding about this at all. Photo by David Spinks. Include your phone number.

2015 55

The Freelancer’s Guide to PDF Management

Dumb Little Man

Choose “Prepare Form” from the menu and select signature boxes from the options. Make sure to sign the form yourself then hit “Send for Signature” and enter the receiver’s email. It can even let you know when the form has been viewed and signed. If you’re a freelancer, juggling multiple balls in the air is a must-know trick.

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5 Top Weird Brain Facts

Dumb Little Man

Our visual cortex forms a map of the world around us from the electrical signals form our eyes. I think it should. We are so strange.

2016 111

How to Keep Your Job When You've Got Fickle Customers

On The Job

18%) Google Wallet or other form of mobile payment was accepted in store by the retailer. (9%) A study of 2,000 U.S. he says.

2017 34

How to Breathe New Life into Old Blog Posts

Tips From T. Marie

Google Drive has a presentation feature, Microsoft offers PowerPoint through Office Online or Office 365. started blogging in 2004. No excuses.

2014 46

Creativity In Your Career Portfolio

Office Dynamics

Here are some cool things that other admins have done with theirs: • Set up a virtual career portfolio in Google Docs to use when applying for jobs outside of their state (in PowerPoint form). If you have an innovative idea, please email it to us to be added to the album. Personality assessments. Share here in the comments section

8 Common Content Marketing Myths You Should Stop Believing

Dumb Little Man

Those reasons existed way before Google and they’ll continue into the future. Are you aware of content marketing myths ? Then what?

2016 47

Using social media to empower Assistants

Practically Perfect PA

Did you know that 2 billion people are on social media in some shape or form? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. awesome.

The Essential Elements of Modern Web Design

Dumb Little Man

Not just that, the hamburger menu could also be seen on the top right of Google Chrome. Modern web-surfers share the impatience of a child.

2017 65

Beware of Career Marketing Firms

Job Advice Blog

He was asking me to evaluate a proposal he had received from a career marketing firm. At this point, though, your money is gone forever.

The Assistant's Toolkit - ProAssisting's free assistant training.

ProAssisting Blog

Put your name and email in the form below and hit the ‘submit’ button. Wanna impress your boss with your newfound skills?

Four SEO Tips for Affiliate Marketing – from a Search Engine.

Andrea Kalli

Some affiliate networks limit the forms of traffic that you can drive to an offer. Test offers with PPC first. Count your time against profits.

Cutting Out Confusion: How to Explain SEO to Non-Techie Clients

Andrea Kalli

And yet, despite SEO’s immense value and potential for businesses, it is a remarkably hard sell for marketers and search consultants.

Using Social Media for Product Launches

Andrea Kalli

May 6th, 2010 at 7:23 pm my PPC advertising on Google Adwords is really effective in promoting my affiliate links. Remove gatekeepers. link] [.]

Using Social Media for Product Launches | Internet Marketing.

Andrea Kalli

May 6th, 2010 at 7:23 pm my PPC advertising on Google Adwords is really effective in promoting my affiliate links. Remove gatekeepers. link] [.]

Between You and I vs. Between You and Me

Daily Writing Tips

Note: By labeling this form “polite usage,” the authors encourage the false idea that the pronoun I is somehow “nicer” than me. Time will tell.

2014 27

Small Business Startup Checklist – Company Structure | THE SMALL.

The Small Business Blog

Things to remember: The legal form that your business takes will affect numerous aspects of your business trading. E-Mail me or follow me.

Additional Platforms for Link Building Campaigns

Andrea Kalli

Many websites have grown into high-earning online assets, with even the simplest ones earning top rankings in Google SERPs, steady inflows of traffic, and a bevy of advertising income. Like most other forms of link building, it’s one that has the potential to cost a great deal of time for relatively little value.

Dude and Dudette

Daily Writing Tips

Google Ngram Viewer shows the use of dude rising precipitately from the 1960s to the present. You’ve really duded up for the occasion.

Top 13 Tools For Efficiently Running Your Online Business

Dumb Little Man

Google Apps Google Apps is a package of popular Google tools like Gmail, Google Docs and all, allotted specifically for your domain.

Laughing All the Way to Work: A Survival Blog for Today's.

Laughing all the Way to Work

In its simplest form minutes are a record of discussion, decisions and actions to be taken and the date by when it needs to be completed. Laughing All the Way to Work: A Survival Blog for Todays Administrative Assistant We all have to work, but who says we cant enjoy it too! Lets enjoy our day together.© Bravo! 23, 1 p.m. " Warning!

Coping With Chronic Illness: 6 Ways You Can Stay Effective

Dumb Little Man

A daily diary lets you form a habit. It might be in Excel, Google Sheets or an app specific to your condition. If you suffer from any type of chronic illness, then you know that your body can play a strong role when it comes to the plans you make for yourself. It can also feel as though your decisions are not always your own to make.

2017 27

WordPress Plugin Analysis & Facelift.

Eco-Office Gals

WordPress is a wonderful platform, back in it’s early onset I knew this was going to be the medium I wanted to work with at Eco-Office Gals.

2013 56

Acclimate vs. Acclimatise

Daily Writing Tips

As for acclimate , the form is not an American creation. The form acclimate overtakes acclimatize and surpasses it in frequency in the 1980s.