5 Retirement Planning Myths Busted (To Help You Plan Your Finances Better)

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Thankfully, younger citizens are becoming more conscious by the day and are opening up to embracing less conventional financing options. If your parents have lived throughout their eighties and their nineties, it’s pretty much possible that they have spent the major portion of their wealth on themselves owing to their luxury lifestyle, charities and other responsibilities, or even their medical expenditure.

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10 Easy Money Hacks to Improve Your Finances

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Personal finance doesn’t have to complicated. The following are 10 easy money hacks that can take your personal finance management to the next level: Online Shopping. Your credit score will play a huge role in your life as far as the finances are concerned. For instance, Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) allow you to put money into an account tax-free and withdraw it tax-free when used to cover medical costs.

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Eight Mistakes You Could be Making with Your Health Insurance

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Health insurance can be expensive, but not having it can be an even bigger mistake. There are several common mistakes people make when it comes to your health insurance, and you don’t want to make them if you can help it. Picking Health Insurance with a Low Premium. With health insurance, your premium is the amount you pay each year for your healthcare before your insurance covers the rest. See Also: What To Look For In A Good Health Insurance Plan.

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What To Look For In Health Insurance Plans for Parents

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Finding the right health insurance plans for parents can be tough but when you know exactly what to look for, it can become a seamless process. Old age brings with it ailments and health-related problems. It can cause problems not just with your finances but your relationship with your parents and siblings, too. One of the best ways to be prepared is to invest in the right health insurance plan. See Also: 7 Medical Procedures That Are Not Covered by Health Insurance.

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4 Reasons you Should Continue Providing your Employees Health Insurance

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As some of the Obama administration’s health care reform legislation goes into effect in 2014, many businesses are left wondering what they should do about their employee’s health insurance coverage. Having un- or under-insured employees means that your workforce will likely forego routine checkups and needed medical care for all but the most dire medical problems. Entrepreneurs Human Resources employees health insurance productivity

Five Surprising Health Insurance Tax Tips For Small Business Owners and The Self Employed

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And with Health Reform underway, there are new laws in effect that may translate into a bigger refund check. Here are five health insurance-related tax tips to consider before you file your taxes this year: 1. Take a one-time opportunity to reduce your self-employment taxes - In addition to the standard ‘above the line’ deduction described below, self-employed persons can also deduct the cost of their health insurance premiums from their self-employment taxes on Schedule SE.

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5 Best Tips for Back Pain Relief

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And that’s really bad for your overall health. Via spine-health. Be sure to tell your doctor about it and any other medications you are taking to avoid negative reactions. There are several pain medications that can ease your back pain. It can also be a reflection of your health. Your mental health can suffer as well as your lifestyle and finances. It’s not meant to treat any existing health issues you are experiencing.

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4 Ways Small Businesses Can Reduce Workers’ Compensation Costs

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The costs of a workplace accident also include time lost, attorney fees, disruption to your daily operations and medical costs. … Finance Legal compensation costs health and safety work injuries workplace safetyWorkers’ compensation costs extend far beyond the cost of your insurance policy. Injuries – no matter how minor or severe – can be time-consuming and costly for any business. Here are four ways you can reduce workers’ compensation costs.

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3 Ways Office Employees Can Get Better Insurance

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While the Department of Labour’s Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs (OWCP) offers various compensation programs (that provide wage replacement benefits, medical treatment, and other benefits) your employer’s health insurance programs may not fully take care of you or your family. Especially if you’re an employee who doesn’t know what you rightfully deserve in terms of benefits and health plans. … Finance employee benefits employee insurance personal financ

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5 Financial Emergencies Everyone Must Be Prepared For

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Everyone wishes to have a financially secure future by way of hard work, planning and managing their finances wisely. The costliest expenses in today’s times would surely be medical expenses, which we often prepare for. Sudden Medical Expenses. How often have you heard someone say that they have not taken a health insurance policy at the moment because they have just got their medical tests done and everything is as it should be?

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5 Reasons Being Self Employed Sucks

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This is especially true when it comes to finances, as many of the benefits that we take for granted were collectively bargained for through years of protest and negotiation. In the United States, medical, dental, and vision insurance is usually covered by an employer sponsored plan. Moreover, the fear and uncertainty can lead to higher stress and anxiety, elevating health risks.

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The Booming Business Of Dogs

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By 2022, the pet health insurance business is predicted to reach a value of $2 billion – that’s $2 billion worth of backup funds to pay medical bills in case of emergency. An estimated one in three pets require an urgent veterinary visit every year and medical emergencies, even common issues, can begin to add up. 6500: the cost of some common pet health problems. Medical care prevention, rather than after-the-fact damage control, becomes a more realistic option.

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7 Ways to Control Your Business Travel Anxiety

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Travel insurance is a great way to protect your health and finances while traveling. This is because most standard travel health insurance plans don’t cover mental health condition. Therefore, it is important to work with your healthcare provider to find out what therapy or medication can help you deal with travel-related anxiety. Business trips are not fun trips.

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How to Get Out of Credit Card Debt Fast

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And the less they are able to pay those bills, the more their finances suffer. Just use them sparingly to pay your electricity bills, medical bills, grocery bills, and fuel expenses. Why can debt snowballing and debt avalanche be bad for your financial health? You might smell less than awesome but your finances will feel amazing! This will help you make sense of the top priority payments and cut the unwanted expenses weighing your finances down.

Essential Tips for an Effective Budget Plan

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Health insurance payments. Medical treatment and copays. Cutting costs is good, but try not to cut costs that will lead to poor health outcomes. Your finances can help you get the life you desire if you plan. Money makes the world go round. We work for money so we can afford a high quality of life; that’s just how it is. Given money’s importance, you don’t want to be blind to your own financial realities.

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Top Careers In Chemistry After Graduation You Need To Know

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Medical companies, universities, and public-sector research centers are also looking for chemistry graduates. Chemists work in several state agencies such as Law, Defense, Public Health, Policy, and the Environment. Fintech & finance. Chemistry, just like other natural sciences, is the backbone of how the world is shaping up at present. It says a lot about the structure of things, how they react with and to each other, and the way they change.

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Start the New Year off with a New Focus on Your Personal Affairs.

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  I personally LOVE how easy it is to manage all of the complex medical information we have in our family.    This tool is very user friendly and allows you to know exactly what is going on with your finances.  Here is a great article On CBS about Getting Your Finances in Order in 5 Days. Take care of yourself - you are the only you that you have Get your health in order We hear this all of the time, but it still holds true. 

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Why Productivity is a Matter of Life and Death for Me


Dallon is the direct of accounting and finance and chief financial officer of Evolution Power Tools in Davenport, Iowa. This is not the case in my family, where being productive and organized can mean the difference between a healthy lifestyle or a dangerous medical situation. Too high of a blood sugar level can lead to long-term health issues. Thomas'' health depends on routine, and we document these routines so they are out of our head.

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MBO Partners: A Business Platform for Independent Consultants.

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  Their infrastructure service includes (from their website):  "group health benefits, retirement programs, a business and medical expense reimbursement program, billing and invoicing, and more."   MBO Partners offers group health and other benefits.    He also said his accountant estimated he broke even on their service before accounting for health care costs. 

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Standard Operating Procedures: Tips for Creating Business Systems | Office Organization & Office Efficiency | OfficeArrow


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Not all accountants are created equal (how do you choose an.

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