Day in the life: Catherine Thomas, EA, Public Health Wales

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The post Day in the life: Catherine Thomas, EA, Public Health Wales appeared first on Practically Perfect PA. What does your career path look like? I left school without a clue as to what I wanted to do when I grew up.

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Retrieve Your Files With Ease

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Home About Me Advertise Retrieve Your Files With Ease By The Professional Assistant on Wednesday, November 05, 2008 Filed Under: MS-Access , MS-Excel , Organize , Productivity D o you have quite a bit of filing to do? Do you feel that you should have some sort of control over these files on how you find them, for future reference? One of my readers asks: I am trying to organize a file room based not on traditional alphabetical filing, but on a retrieval system.

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Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: The Pros and Cons You Need to Know

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Nobody in this busy world wants to file for bankruptcy. The decision to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy is a big one and it has its pros and cons, which you need to pay attention to. Generally, a debtor can select to file for either a chapter 7 bankruptcy or a chapter 13 bankruptcy.

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Planner Or Tickler (1-31) File? - How to Use Both For Optimal.

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Work With Stephanie « Cause and Effect - Productivity is an Action, Not a Result @QuietSpacing | Main | Organize Your Ideas and Watch Them Unfold » Planner Or Tickler (1-31) File? - How to Use Both For Optimal Professional & Personal Productivity (guest post by Meggin McIntosh) A question that often comes up in workshops as well as on my blog is this one: How do you suggest people use their calendar (planner) in conjunction with the tickler (1-31) files?

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Getting Organized Helped Me Find Health and Lose 65+ Pounds

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Main | Overwhelm Busters (my buddies share their best again) » Getting Organized Helped Me Find Health and Lose 65+ Pounds  A few weeks ago my colleague Janice Simon and I were chatting on Twitter about some of the changes that I have put into place in the last 1.5   You can check out the post here: Getting Organized Helped Me Find Health and Lose 65+ Pounds Let me know what you think of the post.  Productive & Organized Home Contribute to P&O!

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Is There A Social Impact To Mixing Business And Medicine?

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times more likely to file for bankruptcy after their treatment than the general population. See Also: The Future of Health Insurance And Healthcare: What Everyone Needs to Know. Business Health Science

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8 Time-Saving Tips

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Find urgent computer files faster by starting file names with numbers. That ensures that they will be at the top of your list of files. Instead of jumping up every time you have work to deliver, stow it in an expandable file with slots organized by department.

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Five Surprising Health Insurance Tax Tips For Small Business Owners and The Self Employed

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And with Health Reform underway, there are new laws in effect that may translate into a bigger refund check. Here are five health insurance-related tax tips to consider before you file your taxes this year: 1.

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Miscommunication, Misfiled, and Misplaced = Misrepresentation

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Sunday, August 22, 2010 Miscommunication, Misfiled, and Misplaced = Misrepresentation A work day consists of filing, answering phones, greeting visitors, and a host of communication efforts with coworkers, supervisors, and customers, plus other duties and responsibilities that can get overwhelming.

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7 Tips for Decluttering Your Desk

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If your desk harbours mounds of papers, books, files and personal accessories, you may be adding unnecessary stress to your day. Set up a good filing system. Colour–coded files are especially helpful — they show you at a glance where something should go.

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What Do Insurance Brokers Do for You?

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See Also: What To Look For In A Good Health Insurance Plan. These clarifications can help customers prevent filing incorrect claims and avoid misunderstanding coverage. They are tasked with remaining discreet and maintaining confidential files for all of their customers.

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What Happens If You’re A Passenger In An Uber Accident?

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Filing a Claim. If another driver caused the accident, you can file a claim with his insurance company. By filing a claim, you’ll receive payment for your hospitalization expenses, surgery fees, medication costs, and physical therapy. Automotive Health MoneyTravel has recently undergone quite a revolution and Uber is one of the most visible trends to have sprung up in the past decade.

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Tax Tip for the Office Professional

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This is the time of year that most people stress over because we are waiting for documents like W2’s, mortgage statements, 1099’s, and other information in order to file taxes. Log Files As with most other websites, we collect and use the data contained in log files.

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Stephanie Hosts Jill Hively: What's for Dinner? 5 Steps to Meal.

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5 Steps to Meal Planning Success There is no denying that there is a strong tie between your health and your productivity or ability to focus and get things done.  Productive & Organized Home Contribute to P&O! Archive Network with Steph Is This You?

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Your Home Business: Is It Business As Usual in the Midst of COVID-19 Social Distancing?

Tips From T. Marie

We use online technology like Zoom to conduct business meetings regularly and accessing files from cloud storage like Dropbox is old hat. Those of us who already own a home-based business are lucky. We already know the ins and outs of working from home.

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The New Tax Law: Freelancers Win on Taxes, Lose on Healthcare

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This deduction also phases out starting at $157,500 of individual income and $315,000 of income for couples filing jointly. We'll also see an increase in health insurance "job lock" as people choose to stay with traditional jobs so they're covered under corporate health plans.

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Downsize and Organize Your Digital Clutter

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Physical clutter can damage your health. If you’ve ever spent a morning trying to track down a lost file on your hard drive or searching through a decade of email, you know that digital disorder can also take a toll on your wellbeing. Back up Important Files.

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How to exorcise your demons of disorganization

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Manage paper effectively – Barbara Hemphill, author of The Paper Tiger, offers the FAT principle for paper burden: file it, act on it, or toss it. Reference Files: store in a convenient location close to your desk. Archive Files: store in a filing cabinet or an off-site location.

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Re-inspire Yourself this Fall!

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Do papers and files cover your desk like autumn leaves on your lawn? Time to toss and file. This fall, take time to reclaim your office space, review your year to date, reinvigorate your ‘resume’ and health and wellness routines, and reconnect with what is important.

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Winter Blues

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It is hard to get motivated to do the filing (which is a boring but necessary part of our job), but even more so at this time of year. Files were laid out under the tree with to-do lists here and there. Tags: winter health cold energy This is not my favourite time of year. Between adjusting to the time change, going home in the dark and the colder temperatures (especially up here in Canada Brrr!) it can be a pretty dreary time.

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Manage Your Paper With a RAFT

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Files can be kept in open piles on a desk or in folders, according to your style. Use the RAFT template: refer it, act on it, file it or toss it. File it, if necessary. Eighty percent of filed papers are never looked at again.

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Pandora's Office May Have Been Worse than Her Box

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File According to Sara Caputo, OfficeArrow’s Productivity Guru, 80% of what is filed is never looked at again. If possible, “Go Green,&# eliminate the paper clutter and file documents electronically. Make time, at least weekly, to file papers away.

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Re-inspire Yourself this Fall!

Step It Up VA Coaching

Do papers and files cover your desk like autumn leaves on your lawn? Time to toss and file. This fall, take time to reclaim your office space, review your year to date, reinvigorate your ‘resume’ and health and wellness routines, and reconnect with what is important.

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Hamilton, Jefferson and Trumpcare's Impact on the Self-Employed

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First off, the most important thing to know about American Health Care Act (AHCA or Trumpcare) is it will almost certainly be changed in major ways by the Senate.  This will almost certainly mean state cuts in health programs that support the poor. 

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3 Tips for Breaking the Clutter Cycle at Your Desk

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Make sure that you have enough drawers to adequately file and store paperwork, in addition to all the tape, staples, sticky notes, etc… that might be lying around scatter-shot. A file cabinet can be your most useful accessory. Guest post by Kenneth McCall.

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The Solopreneur Life’s “Friday Bits” Column #40

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If you have a WordPress blog, file this column in Evernote in a folder named “Web Site Disasters and How to Fix&# and give it a tag named “cron.&# Cron View told me the name of the action that was hitting/calling the cron file at a rate of once every 90 seconds.

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Podcast 133: How to create good habits

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She’d had some health issues by then and driving to the store was not the simple operation that it used to be. Or you could tell yourself that you’d like filing more if you could talk to a friend on the phone while you do it. For someone else, filing would be likeable if they could watch TV at the same time. by Listen or subscribe here: iTunes ? Stitcher ?. Soundcloud ? YouTube ? Google Play ? iHeartRadio You can leave a review here! ?.

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Join the “Worklife Line” Chat – Beginning Monday, July 19, 7 pm CST

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Posted by Dewoun Hayes at 8:14 AM Labels: Communication , Workplace Mental Health 5comments: ???? Log Files As with most other websites, we collect and use the data contained in log files.

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Tips For Happy Marriage: 7 Simple Ways To Maintain A Loving Relationship

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It is also reported that there are up to 100 couples filing for a divorce every hour every day. The Better Health Channel of Australia reports that a happy relationship relies on being both a good listener and good communicator. Having sexual intercourse with a partner on a regular basis has many health benefits for the both of you. Sex can improve your immune system, contribute to better heart health, and cause your blood pressure levels to decline.

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Good News for Solopreneurs: 1099-Reporting Requirement Will Be Repealed

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The reporting mandate was tucked in last year’s health-care reform legislation. It also repeals a requirement passed in the small-business lending bill in which people getting rental income must distribute and file 1099s on payments made in excess of $600 annually, according to the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council. A new, onerous 1099-reporting requirement for small businesses and solopreneurs is about to be repealed.

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10 Tips to Help Keep Your Desk Clean

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Schedule filing time at least once per week. Add dated or calendar items to a tickler file system or a diary as soon as they arrive. anything you need reminded of on some future date goes into your tickler file. This is not the same as a tickler file.

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Digital Detox

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If my files were lost, how could I do my job effectively? Backup electronic files. Most businesses have an IT department that may take care ensuring that your files can be accessible if your computer crashed. But what if the IT department couldn’t access those files either?

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Backpackers vs. Glampackers: What Kind of Traveler Are You?

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Glampackers take the time to save up for their trip to have all the money they need before filing their vacation leave or going on a career break. It offers potential health benefits , too.

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Personal Injury Claims After A Car Accident

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See Also: What To Look For In A Good Health Insurance Plan . Price Of Mental Health Counseling. If you are considering filing a car crash injury claim, it may benefit you to hire an experienced personal injury attorney. File Your Case In Court.

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8 Tips to Help You Clean Off Your Desk

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Sort – everything into boxes/containers according to what needs to be done: file , shred, recycle , refer, toss, etc. Ian’s Messy Desk Helping you get the most out of the 24 hours in your day.

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E-Receipts vs. Paper Receipts

Eco-Office Gals

Costs associated with issuing and filing paper receipts is driving the conversion to e-receipts. may in fact be saving everyone’s health in the long run.

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5 Ways to Free Up Room on Your Brain's Hard Drive

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Delete unnecessary files: With a computer, you can free up space by sending unnecessary files to the trash. How about all those “junk files” on your mental hard drive? Download: Many “must keep” files that don’t need to reside on your hard drive can be downloaded onto a disk.

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What Are You Thankful For?

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I am thankful that I have my “workplace mental health&#. Log Files As with most other websites, we collect and use the data contained in log files.

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Self Defense for Admins

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Organization Skills Filing correspondence, organizing a meeting, keeping your bosses calendar, and maintaining your office area are viable skills that all office professionals need to master. Need a filing system?

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Start the New Year off with a New Focus on Your Personal Affairs.

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  Here are a few for you to consider: If you would like to go paperless with your home filing, this is definitely the tool to consider!    However, you can use this tool for much more than filing paper!  Productive & Organized Home Contribute to P&O!

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Is Your Startup Prepared for a Cyberattack

Small Business CEO

Just a month earlier, the world was hit by the WannaCry ransomware that infected more than 230,000 computers including those of UK’s National Health Service (NHS), Fedex, Honda and Renault.

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Start 2011 off Organized! - Productive & Organized

Productive & Organized

Clean Out Your Files It’s easy for your cabinets and folders to become overstuffed with outdated paperwork, so it’s important that you take time once a year to purge the old and make room for the new. Start with your reference, client, and financial files.

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Effectively Deal with Anger in the Workplace

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Posted by Dewoun Hayes at 6:41 PM Labels: Communication , Workplace Mental Health 6comments: ??? Log Files As with most other websites, we collect and use the data contained in log files.

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