Executives and Assistants are Struggling Today

Office Dynamics

[This article was originally posted at Executive Secretary Magazine.]. As founder and CEO of Office Dynamics International, I have been on the “other side of the desk” for 25 years. Between email, virtual Assistants, palm pilots, high speed Internet connections and a host of other technological marvels, executives mistakenly believe they are more independent than ever – making their own travel plans, faxing their own letters and scheduling their own meetings.

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Job descriptions for Personal Assistants – Merited or inherited?

Practically Perfect PA

When the printer/scanner/fax breaks down I am ultimately the person who troubleshoots and fixes the machine in question. Lucy Brazier – Executive Secretary Magazine April 23, 2105. Jennifer Corcoran is an Office Manager with 20 years’ admin/PA experience working with Senior Executives at international level. Once upon a time you spotted or were presented with a Job Spec which caught your attention.

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Overworked? Unload Your Workload to a Freelancer!

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I work for a magazine and we hire freelancers for all sorts of reasons. Home About Me Advertise Overworked? Unload Your Workload to a Freelancer! By The Professional Assistant on Tuesday, September 23, 2008 Filed Under: Prioritize , Productivity D o you need extra help with your workload ? Do you feel overwhelmed by the number of tasks that keep getting piled on your desk like a never ending mountain of files?

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The E-tiquette of E-mail

Professional Assistant Blog

Your company may have a strict policy on what they want you to include in the signature line and what it should look like, but generally you would include your name, title, company name and address, telephone and fax number.

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