Life After Twitter And Facebook

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But instead of all the Earth being hit, let’s pretend that only two major things are hit: Twitter and Facebook. Lets try to imagine our life after the sad end of Twitter and Facebook. Many years after the complete extinction of Twitter and Facebook, a brilliant (yet strangely unadapted) student, dumped by his girlfriend, will want to show to the whole world that he’s not as bad as he looks. Post tags: facebook , social media , twittrer.

Can We Really Trust Facebook With Our Online Identity?

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Before Facebook. Before Twitter. For most of us, our online identity is owned by Facebook. Is Facebook creepy? With or without Facebook the internet was going to eventually heavily influence the way we are presented to the world. Technology Twitter

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Twitter Vs Facebook

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By now we all realize that Facebook and Twitter can have some advantages in marketing our small businesses. So I’m here today sharing with you an article I recently came across that gives a good overview of both the pros and cons of using Twitter and Facebook.

27% of Small Businesses Using Facebook

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As the chart below (chart 14 from the report) shows, Facebook is used by 27% of small businesses for business purposes.          This is stunning growth and another data point suggesting Facebook is taking over the web. 

Twitter Hits a Home Run With Its Twitter For Business Microsite

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T witter has relaunched its Twitter For Business microsite. The site was built to get you to use Twitter advertising, but I’m extremely impressed with the quality and quantity of helpful information that the microsite provides for small businesses. Twitter #Success Stories.

Clean up the Clutter on Your Facebook Newsfeed - Productive.

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Motivation: Create a Work Environment that Enhances Your Goals (@GinaParris Video) | Main | This is the Year & NOW is the Time - Take the Self-Assessment to See If You Qualify for a Free Strategy Session » Clean up the Clutter on Your Facebook Newsfeed From a Reader:  Steph, I love all of the connections that I can make on Facebook, but I am so sick of the goofy games.    I use Facebook to build new relationships and reconnect with people. 

Daily Writing Tips Is On Facebook and Twitter Now

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We finally made this possible on the two largest networks: Facebook and Twitter. If you have a Facebook account please visit and click on the “Like&# button to connect with us. Once you do that you’ll start seeing links to our posts on your Facebook stream. Alternatively you can visit this post on our website and hit the “Like&# button directly on the Facebook Like Box.

Results of the 2014 Solopreneur Survey: Quality of Life is Up, Expectations are Up, Facebook is Down

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Q uality of life improved for solopreneurs in 2014, solopreneurs have high expectations for 2015, and Facebook has fallen out of favor. Social-media platforms: Facebook has fallen out of favor with solopreneurs. Twitter took up the slack; in 2014, 35.2%

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Want Help Making Lists on Twitter? Check out this great tool

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» Want Help Making Lists on Twitter? Check out this great tool   If you are on Twitter, then I encourage you to consider this tool.    After I posted Productive Social Networking-Making the Most of Your Twitter & Facebook Experience - Do You Use Lists?

Get Connected Before, During and After Our Conference [Blab Replay]

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In this video, we teach you ways to use Twitter, Facebook, Periscope and more before, during and after the conference. Admin Assistant Training Admin Tips Technology Workplace Tools Blab digital media Facebook get connected Julie Perrine linkedin Lucy Brazier social media twitter

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Which companies use social media the best?

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They seem pretty open to creativity, so I’d like to know if anyone’s noticed any companies out there that really seem to know how to get people’s attention on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Who’s using social media the most effectively?

Trash Talking the Boss

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If you use Facebook, you're going to think the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is your new best friend. The NLRB has reached a settlement with an ambulance company that fired an employee after she posted snippy comments about her boss on Facebook from her home computer.

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Infographic: Social Media Cheat Sheet

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Business Infographics Facebook Google Plus infographic instagram linkedin Pinterest Social Media twitter YouTube

Infographic: Free Web Services

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Business Infographics Facebook Facebook Marketing free Google Infographic twitter Nowadays we expect a lot of things for free on the internet.

Four Tips For Small Businesses Using Facebook As Their Main Website

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More and more small businesses are setting up their Web headquarters on Facebook instead of a traditional website. For one, a Facebook page is free. Facebook is like an online version of Main Street - you want your space to be as attractive to customers as possible.

Top 5 Tips for Maximising ROI with Social Media

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Small Business / SOHO Facebook Google Plus linkedin Social Media top 5 tips twitter Small business owners have a very finite amount of time in their working day, yet it seems like the list of tasks they must complete grows constantly. Social media has become another one of those “must-do” daily tasks for the average entrepreneur.

Why Use Social Media While in Transition?

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Interview Skills by Alex Freund Alex Freund Career coacing Facebook landingexpert LinkedIn Social Media TwitterStarting around 2008, many organizations’ human resources departments needed to eliminate their own staffs, and thus many of the traditional human resources functions got bounced over to the respective hiring managers. Unfortunately, those discrete departments couldn’t always afford expensive job boards, so they needed to think out of the box in order to meet their [.].

4 Ways Smartphones Can Increase Workplace Safety

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As a manager, you might be concerned that the smartphones that employees seem to have attached to their hips might tempt them to spend time on Facebook or Twitter rather than tend to their job duties.

Best (and Worst) Online Marketing Techniques For Small Businesses

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Facebook/Twitter. Facebook ads. Marketing Blog Facebook Groupon LinkedIn online marketing Twitter W hat works and what doesn’t when promoting your small business online? A Westerville, Ohio-based marketing company named Triad decided to find out. Triad’s 2012 case study follows a start-up summer camp through its first year of business. In 6 months Triad used different marketing techniques, spending similar amounts on each option.

It’s Time to Get Competitive! Facebook Contests May Lead to More Customers

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As a business owner, you may be updating your Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn pages on a daily basis. According to a study by AllFacebook , 30% of people have participated in contests or promotion via Facebook. A Facebook post was created on February 27, 2013.

Online-Marketing Tools: What Has Worked for Me and What Hasn’t

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Facebook fan page. In February I began putting effort into Facebook. Even before that, though, Facebook was the number-one social-media traffic driver for my site, which is amazing with how little time I put into it. Facebook is excellent for establishing connections and for the sharing and gathering of information. Twitter is my best tool for initiating connections. Related posts: The Facebook Changes: How Will They Affect Solopreneurs?

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Why You Should Spend Less Time Focusing on Spreading Your Social Media Circle and More on Specialization

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Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, LinkedIn – the mere mention of most social networks is enough to get a new media marketer working hard. Article by Andrea Kalli Take a stroll over to my Facebook. Facebook Marketing: Are You Using It In Your Business? What Can Twitter Do For Your Offline Business? Social Media Marketing facebook marketing niche marketing social networking twitter marketing

Is It OK To Be Facebook Friends With Your Boss? 5 Steps That Lead You To a Yes

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While Twitter and LinkedIn are professional and usually appropriate, Facebook is another story. The question then becomes: Should take the risk and be friends with your boss on Facebook? Although even this does not hide everything that occurs on Facebook, it will help your cause.

How Social Media Helps Students Study

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Think of all the interactions and connections that can take place on a Facebook page or group. Some things that can be put into practice when sharing: Stream a class through live video on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Google Hangouts, or YouTube.

Social Media Do’s and Don’ts for assistants

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Twitter is great for networking and hearing from other assistants, LinkedIn is great for professional development and job hunting, Facebook is useful for interesting articles and receiving updates from relevant companies. Facebook: Practically Perfect PA.

Social Networking Tips for Executive and Administrative Assistants

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Key characteristics desired are those who are avid users of the Internet, blogs, Twitter and/or who have a Facebook page or other social networking account. Encouragement to participate on Facebook.

Social Media Wows!

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Virtual Assistant Resources best uses of twitter creative uses of social media great uses for linkedin how to use facebook creatively most effective uses you've seen for social networkingEverybody is using one or more of the social networks these days.

Using your social media skills at work

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I know a lot of business are still banning certain websites and it can be difficult to change the executive management’s mind when it comes to using social media at work but if your company is embracing all of the positive aspects of Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc. Facebook??

Heads-Up on Amplyfyd, a New Referral Software for Freelancers

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Amplyfyd has been built for the Facebook platform, but Rob plans to make it available on other social-media platforms in the future. You invite colleagues and former customers to share the campaign on their Facebook wall.

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Are You a Twitter Menace?

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I’ve talked about Twitter Do’s and Don’ts before. Today I want to talk about making sure you’re not a Twitter menace. So just what is a Twitter menace? Those people that are using Twitter as a bullhorn rather than a communication device. Share this on Facebook.

Facebook Changes Got You Down?

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By AndreaKalli For those that live in Facebook -land, you know the pain of their platform changes when they affect Facebook Pages. If the owner wants a Page, that Page is constructed separately and then once it is constructed, they can then start the Facebook Assurance Program.

Businesses using Facebook for customer service

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Topping the list with 48 percent was Facebook, 17 percent used Twitter, and another 17 percent relied on company blogs. Facebook can spot out the latest trends, behaviors, and what the most influential customers are buying. But no successful Facebook campaign is random.

Money: Quote of the Week

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Business Quotations business quotes dotcom Facebook money matters twitter “These companies have money thrown at them. And that’s good, but it’s also dangerous.

Giveaway: Like Eco-Office Gals Win Studiopress!

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On Facebook? Over at Twitter? Brian Gardner – Founder of StudioPress – is donating a copy of Social Eyes (or child theme of choice) to one lucky Eco-Office Gals Facebook Fan and upon request, Eco-Office Gals will install it on WordPress for you!

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Social Networking Tips for Executive and Administrative Assistants

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Key characteristics desired are those who are avid users of the Internet, blogs, Twitter and/or who have a Facebook page or other social networking account. Encouragement to participate on Facebook.

Yes, Your Business Needs a Facebook Page

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Anyone who reads this blog knows I’m a big fan of Twitter. And although I myself sort of dragged my heels at first, I have come to the conclusion that when it comes to social media for business, a Facebook Page is a necessity. The problem is, many small businesses are overwhelmed by social media and find the Facebook Page a bit confusing. Facebook is the devil.” Below are a few simple tips and hints to help you utilize the power of Facebook for your biz.

Should Small Businesses Use Twitter?

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The quick answer is yes -  if you see a positive return from the time and effort required to maintain a Twitter presence.    A very small percentage of adult Americans are regular users of Twitter

Productive Social Networking-Making the Most of Your Twitter.

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Work With Stephanie « Increase Productivity: Focus on What You CAN Control - Free Yourself from Feeling Overwhelmed/Stressed | Main | Check Out This Great Resource for Organizing Tips and Products (and maybe win some stuff too) » Productive Social Networking-Making the Most of Your Twitter & Facebook Experience - Do You Use Lists?   Both Twitter and Facebook give you the option to "list" your connections. 

Free Webinar: Using Twitter to Grow Your Business

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Follow us on Twitter Emergent Research EMERGENT RESEARCH is focused on better understanding the small business sector of the US and global economy. I will be moderating the session and I'm excited to hear about Twitter from these outstanding social media experts. Twitter.

Having Trouble Uploading a New Twitter Background Lately.

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By AndreaKalli A client of mine has recently experienced an inability to upload a custom Twitter background they had designed, so I decided to do a little digging around the ‘net for similar experiences. Having Trouble Uploading a New Twitter Background Lately?