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9 Immediate Tips To Stay Focused on Your Goals

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If you're like most people, chances are you've long abandoned those goals. Some of you may not even recall what goals you have set.

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Can We Really Trust Facebook With Our Online Identity?

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Before Facebook. For most of us, our online identity is owned by Facebook. Is Facebook creepy? Before Twitter. Now it’s not.

Do You Have Too Many Goals? Here's How to Prioritize Them

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How many goals are you chasing right now? The problem is, having ten simultaneous goals is worse than having none at all. etc.)

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7 Incredibly Powerful Ways to Reach Your Goals Using Inspiring Quotes

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Lifehacks Goals Business Change Happiness Brain Motivation Quotching is completely free, and can produce truly wonderful results. Read more ».

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The Hard Truth About Achieving Your Goals

Eat Your Career

I’m a big believer in setting goals. Only, the problem with goals is that achieving them isn’t always all its cracked up to be. Oops.

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The Facebook Changes: How Will They Affect Solopreneurs?

The Solopreneur Life

I spent most of mine beefing up The Solopreneur Life’s Facebook “fan&# page. But when I heard late last week about the latest Facebook changes, I knew it was a game-changer for me, and I suspect it will have big implications for a huge number of solopreneurs. Knowing that Facebook now was viable, I had work to do.

Four Tips For Small Businesses Using Facebook As Their Main Website

Small Business CEO

More and more small businesses are setting up their Web headquarters on Facebook instead of a traditional website. What is entertaining content?

How to Create SMART Goals

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Share this on Facebook. Video Training goalsSubscribe to the comments for this post? Share this on Digg this! Tweet This!

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Beginning Your Job Search? Start By Building Your Brand

Office Dynamics

Take the time to create a LinkedIn account if you haven’t already and fill out the details of your education and career goals.

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Get Started With Long-Term Goals Easily

Simple Productivity Blog

The post Get Started With Long-Term Goals Easily appeared first on Simple Productivity Blog. Productivity Reviews

Translating Yearly Goals into Monthly and Weekly Goals – An Example

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Last week I talked about how setting yearly goals, then generating monthly, weekly and daily goals and tasks can bring you to completion quickly. The post Translating Yearly Goals into Monthly and Weekly Goals – An Example appeared first on Today I wanted to give you a concrete example.

How To Track and Progress On Long-Term Goals

Simple Productivity Blog

Reader Leonid emailed me to ask “how do you manage your annual goals and track progress?” The Long-Term Complex Goal.

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It’s Time to Get Competitive! Facebook Contests May Lead to More Customers

Small Business CEO

As a business owner, you may be updating your Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn pages on a daily basis. Keep a Goal in Mind.

Google+, Is it Worth the Effort?

Tips From T. Marie

Google+ vs Facebook? Facebook supports 882 colleges today – there are about 2,000 in the U.S. So a year after launch Facebook had 3.85

5 Tips to Form New Habits that Stick – Train Yourself Like a Dog

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Other options include donating to a cause you hate, having an accountability partner or uploading an embarrassing photo to Facebook if you fail.

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5 Habits to Make The New Year Your Best Year Yet

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Every year, people make goals and resolutions to better themselves only to fail. Fun Goals HappinessA new year is now ahead of us.

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Facebook Changes Got You Down?

Andrea Kalli

By AndreaKalli For those that live in Facebook -land, you know the pain of their platform changes when they affect Facebook Pages.

4 Motivational Triggers to Get You Started Right Now

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For people like you and me who find it hard getting motivated, it is better to set small goals that can be achieved quickly and effectively.

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Stop Allowing Bad News to Destroy Your Good Attitude

Office Dynamics

Set goals! People who have goals, whether big or small; personal or professional, have better attitudes than people who have no goals.

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5 Must-Have Tools for Networking Online

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It’s hard to imagine how we ever kept in touch with distant friends and family before Facebook, LinkedIn and all the other social networks came along.

What You Missed in that TED Talk You Watched

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Goals Success I know what you did this week. But guess what. It won’t. And you wasted your time. Sorry! Think about what you found. Is nothing.

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The Right Approach On How You Can Truly Be Successful

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He exercises however his Facebook feed says is “the best way it’s done”. Goals Passion SuccessOne of them is success. He’s self-aware.

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Ways to Minimize Your Chances of Regret in Life

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Sounds like a good goal, right? What activities get in the way of your goals? Howie Follow Dumb Little Man on Facebook already!

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5 Life Hacks To Become A Productivity Star

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Do you head to the pit stops too frequently – texting, tweeting, sending e-mails or socializing on Facebook? Goals Lifehacks

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First Impressions: How to Make Sure You Are Remembered for the Right Reasons

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If they didn’t, Facebook and Twitter wouldn’t have a leg to stand on as social media platforms. . Goals Happiness How ToExample ?

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How Online Blogging Is Influencing Business Trends

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See Also: 4 Good Reasons For Marketing With Facebook . Business Goals Writing1) Influencers: A New Way of Advertising. You get the idea.

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9 Baby Steps To Happiness For The Naturally Gloomy

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I don’t need to tell you about the pleasures of Facebook. Fun Goals HappinessConsider yourself to be a bit of a Debbie Downer? 10.3%.

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How To Trick Out A Facebook Business Page | Internet Marketing.

Andrea Kalli

Facebook doesn’t like them. The more that people comment, the more their own Facebook friends will see the link to your page.

12 Days of Christmas Webinar: Question and Answer with Joan Burge

Office Dynamics

– Actualizing your professional goals webinar. Day 2 Replay Goal Setting & Branding. We asked you… Naughty or nice?

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56 Challenges To Kick-Start Life After Fifty

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Try Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Goals Happiness MotivationSome people wait their whole life to start living… don’t be one of them.

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7 Common Mistakes Making Your Home Prone to Burglary

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No wonder 4 out of 5 burglars use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to pick targets. Goals Home Security

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The 5 Internet Marketing Trends That Will Dominate in 2017

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Business Entrepreneur GoalsIt’s that time of the year again. This year, we witnessed plenty of amazing developments in marketing.

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Online-Marketing Tools: What Has Worked for Me and What Hasn’t

The Solopreneur Life

Facebook fan page. In February I began putting effort into Facebook. Even before that, though, Facebook was the number-one social-media traffic driver for my site, which is amazing with how little time I put into it. Facebook is excellent for establishing connections and for the sharing and gathering of information.

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5 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Action

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This could be a number of things such as a paper, home work, cleaning, or maybe it's a goal you want to accomplish. Here's a good example.

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Five Steps To Turn Doing What You Love Into A Successful Business

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Business Goals PassionWe all have our passions. But what if you could turn what you love doing most into your livelihood? Do Your Research.

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The X’s and O’s of a Solopreneur Marketing Strategy

The Solopreneur Life

In a November 2010 article at his Web site, John Jantsch described the differences between a company’s mission, objectives, goals, strategies, and tactics. To double the number of new customers is a goal. Mission for The Solopreneur Life: help solopreneurs reach their business objectives and goals.

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Save An Hour A Day With IQTELL

Productivity Bits

The reality is that we set goals and rarely achieve them on time because we are trying to do too many tasks (usually) without adjusting our efforts to the reality of our lives. We have a lot on our agenda, and we carry an oversized to do list that limits our ability to use strategy and plan our day to achieve our goals. Guest post.

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Action Steps to Accomplish Your Goals | Internet Marketing.

Andrea Kalli

This article will give you action steps to help you move your goals from thoughts to concrete experiences. 1. Write them down.

The Mobility of Facebook: Social Networking on the Go

Andrea Kalli

Thankfully Facebook has taken pains to offer it to you: Facebook Mobile. Facebook Mobile applications are as svelte as they are engaging.

Monday Motivators: Family Values, Goals, Priorities

Office Dynamics

Both families should have shared values, identify their top priorities, have common goals and write a mission statement by which they live. A work family and home life family should have goals, plans, and set priorities. At work, you need to know the goals of your leader and department. Values and goals can feed into each other.