Debunking The Myths — And Uncovering The Advantages — Of Health Savings Accounts

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When you started your career, you were probably told that working hard and saving plenty of money would put you on your way to financial independence and a comfortable retirement. Your health is your most valuable asset. Health problems can also affect your finances.

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Retirement Made Easy: Tips To Make The Transition Simple

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At some point in your life, you may have to retire. To make your transition more simple, here are some of the best retirement planning tips you can try. At your retirement party, network with other coworkers who’ve already retired to see what jobs they’ve taken up. Just because you feel like you have saved enough money does not mean you are already financially prepared for retirement. These expenses can easily hit the six-figure level for many retirees.


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How To Use Life Insurance For Your Retirement Strategy

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Retirement. The idea of retiring and running out of money can be scary, particularly for someone who’s not prepared. It’s the fact that there’s no hard formula to help you know how much money you need to prepare for retirement. In reality, life insurance can offer more as long as you’re able to pick the right type and utilize it in your retirement income plan. Now, you’re probably wondering: How do I utilize life insurance for my retirement planning?

5 Simple Hacks To Increase Your Retirement Savings

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Are you saving for your retirement? If you haven’t been able to start saving for retirement, you are not alone. Half of today’s Americans couldn’t afford $400 to cover an emergency expense without borrowing money or selling something. The importance of saving for your retirement cannot be overemphasized. Saving for retirement is not optional; it is something that everybody ought to take seriously. Cut Down On Living Expenses.

What To Look For In A Good Health Insurance Plan

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A good health insurance plan will help you cover the cost of illnesses and many other difficulties that might affect your financial security over the course of your life. This insurance helps people pay for their health car, making it easier by not putting the entire financial burden on them. When you have health insurance and get hurt or sick then your policy will be a blessing since a certain percentage of the medical and care bills will be paid by your insurance company.

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The FIRE Movement (Financial Independence, Retire Early) and Independent Work

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The New York Times article  How to Retire in Your 30s With $1 Million in the Bank nicely covers the " growing movement of young professionals who are intently focused on quitting their jobs forever." " It's called the FIRE movement and the acronym stands for Financial Independence, Retire Early. To be “firing” is to slash one’s expenses to maximize saving while amassing income-generating investments sufficient to support oneself.

10 Ways Over-Productivity Can Affect Your Health

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Stress, overreaction, anger management issues, physical and mental health issues, disturbed sleep patterns, irregular family life, lack of social stimulation and other factors can destroy life’s quality over time. Here are 10 ways how over-productivity can affect your health. A balanced outlook is necessary to reap good health, both mental and physical. Overworking is not good if it is done at the expense of relationships and physical health.

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5 Financial Emergencies Everyone Must Be Prepared For

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Financial security and planning can help us achieve the life goals we have set for ourselves such as purchasing a vehicle, a house, funding your children’s education and marriage, saving up for your own retirement, and so on. However, all these are expenses which one plans for. There are also many expenses which arise suddenly out of nowhere, and one may often find themselves ill-prepared to deal with them. Sudden Medical Expenses.

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Free Blog Posts | Men With Pens

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Time to think about the retirement fund.&# “We get to retire? No one ever told me that…&# We both know there’s no retirement fund in what we do. How kids REALLY have total recall – Today’s Humor of the Day Reply John Bardos ( @jetsetcitizen ) December 7, 2009 at 6:19 am Bloggers like us are not offering free content, the articles are a marketing expense to get readers to pay attention to what we have to say.

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About Dementia: The Silent Epidemic

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Today, most people live well beyond childhood, their childbearing years, and even retirement. We all know that dementia care is expensive. One study found that it was 80% more expensive than caring for someone with cancer. Brain HealthDespite the notable dips in life expectancy in the United States in recent years, humans’ overall life expectancy is up. A hundred years ago, life expectancy in the U.S. was 48.3 for men and 51.1 for women.

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The Freelancers Union National Benefits Platform

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Health insurance. We know from personal experience as well as our research that pulling together retirement plans, health insurance and other benefits is hard, time consuming and expensive for the self-employed. Yesterday the Freelancers Union launched their National Benefits Platform. This is a one-stop, online site that will enable freelancers and other independent workers to access a suite of curated, freelancer-focused benefits, including: 401(k) plans.

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5 Reasons Being Self Employed Sucks

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Retirement Benefits. Contributions to a retirement plan are usually matched by an employer, and many businesses offer pensions and other benefits to ease the transition into old age. While the self-employed can invest in a tax-sheltered, individual retirement account, there are no matching contributions made from an outside benefactor. A self-employed individual, on the other hand, must take time off at the risk and expense of their business.

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MBO Partners: A Business Platform for Independent Consultants.

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  Their infrastructure service includes (from their website):  "group health benefits, retirement programs, a business and medical expense reimbursement program, billing and invoicing, and more."   MBO Partners offers group health and other benefits.    He also said his accountant estimated he broke even on their service before accounting for health care costs. 

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You're Hired! Understanding Job Benefits

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Choosing a Health Insurance Plan. Health insurance is a standard feature in most employer benefits packages. According to Consumer Reports, there are three key variables that need to be considered when picking out a health insurance policy: coverage, cost and whether your local health care provider accepts that insurance. Some will pay for mental health services, while others will refuse. You should also find out the expenses that you''ll be expected to cover.

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Featured Soloist Jim Sheard: “I Try To Be the Best ‘Me’ Possible”

The Solopreneur Life

I retired early at age 55 due to my bi-polar disorder, and I needed something to occupy my mind and time. It led to some health risk factors. Fortunately I have a good retirement plan. At times this has been “an expensive hobby.&#. To retire early to do this was one of the great blessings of my life. T his is “Featured Soloist,” a feature that appears every Tuesday at The Solopreneur Life. Jim Sheard, Ph.D.

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Featured Soloist Kathleen Moore: “Get People to Help You”

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Choose things you’re not good at or don’t enjoy and make the decision to let them go, or else pay someone to do them — consider it an investment in your mental health. My husband is retired, and so far we have been able to get by on his annuity, social security, and our savings. Luckily I get health coverage through his retiree program. Build up your savings so you have a cushion to reduce the pressure of daily living expenses once you begin your business.

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The Trend Towards US Manufacturing

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Blog powered by TypePad Member since 01/2005 « Non-Mortgage Debt and Working in Retirement | Main | Foreign Born in the U.S.   Likely taxes on CO2 emissions will also make long distance shipping more expensive. To see a shift away from China in relation to manufacturing would be no bad thing.some of the working conditions,health and safety etc.

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Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: The Pros and Cons You Need to Know

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Example 1: Mia is a retired educator on a fixed income. Mia, in critical health, was cornered by creditors. Her social security and retirement money were ultimately excused and protected. Loss of expensive property: In the process of filing, you will most likely lose some of your assets, especially extraneous luxury items including all sorts of cars. Nobody in this busy world wants to file for bankruptcy.

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Handbook for Life: 52 Tips for Happiness and Productivity

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But losing your extra fat (and when I say lose weight, I mean lose fat), decreases your health risks (obviously), makes you look better, and in general is very likely to increase your happiness about yourself. The problem with many of us is that we always think that we’ll be happy when we reach a certain destination — when we get a certain job, or retire, or get our dream house. Goals are important, but not at the expense of happiness now.   Retire early.

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Answering Reader Mail: Can an EA salary support a family?

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Always buy the most expensive health insurance you can afford. You should have 3 savings accounts - retirement, rainy day, and emergency. Retirement is your 401k, CDs, cash, etc. “I was wondering if as a career EA, you can make enough to support a family. I've been an EA for about a year now and am thinking about the future. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!” Thank you for the great question and good job for thinking ahead!

Not all accountants are created equal (how do you choose an.

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Price may be driven down by some; however, we refuse to compromise on fees as they are set a realistic middle of the road, not the cheapest nor the most expensive rate. While technology allows to make certain things less expensive and often even provider a better product for less money – see WinWeb OnlineOffice as an example – services like accounting are knowledge based and as such not easily provided cheaper. E-Mail me or follow me.

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Is Your Education Useless? | Men With Pens

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Now I can just work the job I want and retire happy&# I’m like, you moron, education never stops!

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Will This Tough Job Market Change Generation Y?

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And due to outsourcing, Boomers not retiring, and Gen Yers being told (by older generations mind you) to get degrees in their "passion" or that "any degree" is a path to end up with a lot of overworked, underpaid 20somethings. My Dad lost his job and all his retirement benefits when I was in college, and worked in a gas station for the next 10 years. Many have no health insurance, many can't find a well paying job, or even be independent.

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