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Easy event management

Practically Perfect PA

We recently worked with Gallus Events who managed our Assist Travel event in London. Eventbrite Event Management. Well almost.

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Nine steps to fantastic events

Practically Perfect PA

Events will continue to be an arena in which assistants can showcase their core skills. It covers every possible type of event.

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Five top tips for using a unique event space

Practically Perfect PA

Event Management is now one of the main tasks for assistants – practically every assistant I talk to has organised something!

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Tips for booking entertainment at your events

Practically Perfect PA

Over the years I have booked many different types of entertainment for events I have been asked to organise. Budget. What do the audience want?

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How to organise a fantastic social event for your organisation

Practically Perfect PA

So here are some tips on how to organise a fantastic social event for your organisation. Even social events! What are the objectives?

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Event feedback form

Practically Perfect PA

Congratulations, your event is finished. Feedback from the events you organise is really important for a number of reasons. Not at all.

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Five Tools To Improve Your Online Event Marketing

The Small Business Blog

Event promotion is none of these things: easy, stress free, glamorous. Guest Blog analytics business event business events event marketing

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Joining instructions for company events

Practically Perfect PA

Joining instructions are sent out to attendees prior to the event and should include the following details: The name, date and time of the event.

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5 Killer “Hacks” for Networking at Events

Dumb Little Man

Social media is hot. Everyone is talking about Facebook, Twitter, and every other social media site under the sun. But they aren’t everything.



First off, I''d like to thank everyone who turned up or messaged me during my book event at Chapters Victoria last week. Information

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Webinar Etiquette and Protocol for Live Events

Office Dynamics

We’ve been hosting a free monthly webinar since January of 2015 and as the events grow each month the chatter during the event increases.

Our Event Management Training course is two weeks away!

Practically Perfect PA

I just wanted to remind you that our Event Management Training course is two weeks away! Events Management for Assistants. Event design.

Event Schedules and Speakers

Practically Perfect PA

Organising an event is a tricky tricky thing with lots of moving parts and details that have to be well managed. Event scheduling.

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Using social media when organising an event

Practically Perfect PA

Yesterday I attended the BNC Global Event Show and on a number of occasions I was asked if I work in the event industry. Research.

Squaremeal Venues + Events Live

Practically Perfect PA

I have also used both the website and the Squaremeal guide for numerous events, from small external meetings to week long residential conferences.

The wonderful world of events – roundup

Practically Perfect PA

I wanted to give you a quick round up of the issues discussed and some additional tips that I think you will find useful when running your events.

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20 do’s and don’ts for team building events

Practically Perfect PA

Over the years I’ve organised a variety of team building events from week long forums to after work drinks in the local pub.

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Assistants! Get the most out of attending an event

Practically Perfect PA

So we need to attend events on a regular basis. How do we ensure we get the most out of events when the prospect can be overwhelming?

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Seven tips: What to look for in an event supplier

Practically Perfect PA

What does a good event supplier do? What is frustrating from an event supplier? Event supplier ‘Red Lines’ – things to avoid!

3 Steps to Hosting and Organizing a Successul Telesummit Event

Office Organization Success

In exchange for speaking at your event, the speaker will then promote the event to their networks … and this is how you build your list quickly.

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sme3 Rules For Live Music At Corporate Events

The Small Business Blog

Guest Blog corporate events corporate party entertainment live music music musicians networking events

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Planning music for business events

Practically Perfect PA

All business events, from client socials and staff parties to corporate awards dinners, benefit from a considered soundtrack.

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Five Reasons Why Attending Live Events is a Must

Step It Up VA Coaching

For those who work virtually, and even some who don’t, we can easily get stuck in a comfort zone of learning and networking solely by email, phone, teleclasses, and internet and don’t always find a way to get out to a live marketing, networking, or educational event or workshop. by Donna Toothaker. Get motivated and inspired and learn.

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Spotlight on assistant resources: Square Meal Venues and Events Live

Practically Perfect PA

I have also used both the website and the Square Meal guide for numerous events, from small external meetings to week long residential conferences.

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Words for Extreme Weather Events

Daily Writing Tips

And why are there separate designations for hurricanes, typhoons, and cyclones, which are essentially identical weather events? Vocabulary

3 Rules For Live Music At Corporate Events

The Small Business Blog

When planning and booking live music for corporate events, as the organiser you will need to ensure you’ve done research and planned your entertainment in conjunction with your venue and needs. Guest Blog corporate events corporate party entertainment live music music musicians networking events

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So you’ve been asked to organise an event… now what?

Practically Perfect PA

How often do you organise events? The planning meetings (and there should be more than one) are a vital part of creating a great event.

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Five Steps to Holding a Welcome Event

The Small Business Blog

If you’re a new small business, or your client base seems to have diminished, hosting a welcome event is a great way of generating new business.

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FSB Events to Assess Growth Potential for North

The Small Business Blog

The Federation of Small Businesses has announced talks to assess the growth potential in the North of England. Business News fsb news

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Event objectives and the questions you should be asking

Practically Perfect PA

One of the issues I said you should discuss are the event objectives. It really does depend on the event. There is more to it than that!

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3 Simple Shifts That Will Make You the Star At The Next Event

Dumb Little Man

When you’re at a business training or networking event, you’re probably there for two reasons: 1. To learn how to grow your business 2.

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Triple the Results You Get from Live Conferences and Events

Productive & Organized

Today I'm going to share my secret tips for how you can triple your results from attending live conferences and events.   Bring them! 

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How to make your event more environmentally friendly

Practically Perfect PA

Sustainable events don’t need to be expensive events. Here are a few examples for your events. Embrace online events.

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Tips On Getting Your Event Promoted

Small Business CEO

By now you probably have a date set for the event, the location and you are now left with just letting your audience know about it.

Bringing the “wow” factor to your events

Practically Perfect PA

The “wow” factor is intangible but there are three main areas of event planning you can look to for that elusive “wow” for your events.

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How going digital can make business events more valuable

Practically Perfect PA

Networking events are vital to the visibility of a business and present valuable opportunities to build strategic relationships.

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Infographic: What an Event Looks Like to Small Businesses

The Small Business Blog

Has your business ever hosted an event? Business Events Business Infographics business event business events infographic

Licensing and Permissions for Planning a Public Event

Small Business CEO

… Legal event licensing event permissions event planning public event

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Technology to make events simpler

Practically Perfect PA

Assistants are using technology to help them manage their events and also to make their events better. And they do all of this online.

5 Reasons People Run From You at Networking Events

On The Job

If you want to stop a conversation cold at a professional event, talk about religion. I've included not only my own goofs, but those of others.