Communication Skills That Have Impact…Choose The Right Medium

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Mentor? In his article for, Chuck Martin quoted a manager who described face-to-face communication this way: “We need to take vacations from our BlackBerries, computers and voice-mail and get out and talk to everyone in the organization.

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Why e-Mail Isn’t Always Your Best Option

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The average number of e-mails and assistant manages between her/his e-mail and their executive’s email is 225 per day; and about 350 on the high side! Mentor?

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10 Must Follow Admin Resources On Twitter

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PatriciaRossi Etiquette Expert, Author EVERYDAY ETIQUETTE, Professional Speaker,NBC Daytime’s National Manners Correspondent,Kindness not Formality,Relationships not Rules. Twitter was founded March 21, 2006.

Assistant Certifications: free webinar replay & handout

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There are some certification programs out there that, unfortunately, don’t teach you how to build partnership with your executive or how to manage your executive’s day; but our programs do. (JB). I have a BS in management and over 15 years work experience.

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Lessons in Revolutionary Thinking

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Dr. Daren Martin’s presentation on showing up like an owner – and not “just an admin” – provided many great examples of how we can choose to show up, from dress and grooming to meeting etiquette to original professional contributions. Activate Creative Potential: through the power of their stories… Make Our World Better: to become heroes of their careers and mentors to others. Guest post by Tara Browne, DTM, 2016 Conference Scholarship Winner. .

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Interview with Rob Siefker of Zappos – Part 4 of 4

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We used to have every twice a year, once a year, whatever, HR would email all the leadership teams so all the managers from all the different departments and stuff, and say okay, it’s review time and everybody gets an email of the most up–to–date review form and all that stuff. So they have manageable team sizes. They’re still mentors. The only exception is the supervisor role and members beyond that that have grown in supervisor, manager, senior manager, me.

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Senior managers have to be involved, instead of just delegating training to lower-level managers. Service Untitled The blog about customer service and the customer service experience.

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State of the Administrative Profession

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They had great expertise in protocol, etiquette, and how to dress, speak and act as executive assistants. Managers who do not know how to utilize administrative assistants in new ways. Managers are technically savvy and very independent, but they are often performing functions that administrative professionals can do with ease; Perceptions. There are no millennium managers yet. The majority of managers are Boomers (75% of principal supports are Boomers.).

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Getting your foot in the door.

Laughing all the Way to Work

It used to be the secretary did everything for the boss, now the executives do a lot of their own administrative work, such as email management, so a background as an admin assistant can certainly help. ► August (4) Managing your Boss's Inbox Nice ways to say, "Hurry up!"

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Feelings mixed about recent college hires

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Achille says she’s “frustrated” with some professors “who are trying to be friends and not mentors” to students, and believes that schools should offer “an MBA of life course” to help students understand that in the workplace “there are boundaries.”

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