Why Using Personal Phone Numbers Looks Unprofessional

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You can’t grow your business using your personal phone. More importantly, if you use your personal phone for business, it will make your business look unprofessional in the eyes of potential buyers. You can set up a VoIP line and still take business calls on your cell phone. In the future, however, your VoIP phone number can grow along with your business. … The post Why Using Personal Phone Numbers Looks Unprofessional appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO.

Mobile Phone Recycling – Promoting Proper Disposal of Electronic Gadgets

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Mobile phone recycling is the best practice to save the planet and also to generate money in the process. Improper disposal of phones only fills out the landfills. Despite an economic downturn, the consumption of cell phones is on a steady rise. Every youngster anywhere in the world replaces a phone almost every 18 months. Thus, mobile phones hardly have a life-cycle of 2 years. With the use of mobile phones, network consumption has also increased over time.

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Staying Focused At Work: How To Be Productive In A Challenging Environment

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While working on an important project, put your phone on silent or switch it off. If you really want to stay updated with your social media accounts, you can designate dedicated time slots to check your phone. Managing your focus in an office environment can be quite tricky. Focus on bringing tranquility to your workplace, so the whole environment undergoes a positive change. A lot of organizations deal with challenges like maintaining productivity and quality of work.

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How to Win the First Impressions Game: Start with Your Phone Answering Service

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… The post How to Win the First Impressions Game: Start with Your Phone Answering Service appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO. Economy & Environment phone answering serviceAs the popular saying goes, “first impression is the last impression”. You only get one chance to build a good first impression, and it is crucial that you do. Having a good first impression can go a long way in maintaining a loyal client base, who believe in you and your business.

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Desk Phones Vs. Softphones – Which one is better?

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Desk phones are going out of trend. In fact, most of the decision makers have already migrated to soft and VoIP phones according to recent Frost & Sullivan survey. It is hardly surprising why many firms in first world nations have switched to softphones and left PBX-based phone behind. A mid-grade, voice only desk phone costs nearly $100. … Economy & Environment Human Resources business communication desk phones softphones

Proactive steps for developing a business that won’t affect the environment

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200 years ago, there was the rise of the industrial revolution and since then, the environment has suffered as a result of improved innovation and commercialisation. It’s common for business owners to prioritise monetisation at the expense of the environment. For example, ink cartridges are one of the most problematic items affecting the environment. Even mobile phone recyclers will pay organisations to receive their used mobile phones.

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Attracting Productivity: Work Environments

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Home About Me Advertise Attracting Productivity: Work Environments By The Professional Assistant on Tuesday, September 02, 2008 Filed Under: Client Service , Job Seeking , Networking , Productivity D o you think of yourself as a productive person? There are many reasons for this, such as not enough money, a crumby boss or a negative work environment. The work environment is great and I have an amazing boss.

Keeping focussed in a busy environment

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© Copyright Patricia Robb 2010 17 April, 2010 Keeping focussed in a busy environment There are so many distractions in the office -- the telephone, your co-workers, email and your boss! If you have to answer the phone, deal with an email or attend to something for your boss, do so, as that is the nature of the admin job -- multi-tasking, but once you have done it, go right back to your to-do list, re-focus and continue what you were doing.

Mon. Motivation: Create a Work Environment that Enhances Your.

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Motivation: Create a Work Environment that Enhances Your Goals (@GinaParris Video) I'm out on Twitter  meeting new and interesting people all of the time.  Your environment and how it is set up will always have a big impact on what you can get done in a day.  Motivation: Create a Work Environment that Enhances Your Goals (@GinaParris Video) : Comments Mon. Productive & Organized Home Contribute to P&O! Archive Network with Steph Is This You?

Could Mobile Phones Lead The Rise of The Cashless Economy in Africa?

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… Economy & Environment Information Technology cashless economy financial technology mobile technologyThe world is moving towards a global economy that deals less with paper and more digitalized data. Electronic payments have made substantial inroads among consumers in some developed countries, and many of these markets have been building the infrastructure for cashless transactions for a long time.

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Eco Mobile and Broadband

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Cell phones and broadband are now an everyday part of life not only in the developed world but increasingly in many developing countries. Every year, millions of people around the world upgrade their cell phones often discarding the old phone rather than recycling them. Discarded cell phones, computers and other electronic devices usually end up in garbage dumps and landfills creating a major high techwaste problem. Recycling cell phones.

On the Job by Anita Bruzzese: Shoes, Phones and Backpacks: What.

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Helpful information and advice from Americas favorite workplace columnist About Anita Blog Books Syndicated Column Interviews Career Links Contact Thursday, May 7, 2009 Shoes, Phones and Backpacks: What Theyre Really Looking at During Your Job Interview As I mentioned in my previous post, I got a real kick out of spending time recently with college students about to enter the job market. Dont play with your phone. Robert, Good point about the phone.

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Are you open? To what?

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I’ve started working at least one day a week outside my usual work environment. I find that when I’m elsewhere, where the phone doesn’t interrupt me, and the cats don’t want to be cuddled, I can be exceedingly productive. Virtual Moxie - The Cure For The Common Virtual Assistance Practice I Want Moxie! And you can also join in the conversation about Moxie posts happening over on my Facebook page Recent Comments Stephanie on Speed is the enemy of many good things.

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The Vanishing Executive Assistant—NOT!

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And yet assistants help file digital documents and manage calls through their cell phones, so the skills required for these tasks haven’t completely gone away. Admin Assistant Training Career Management Executive And Assistant Partnership Mgr/Asst Team Self Development Uncategorized Work EnvironmentI would like to address the recent article that appeared in the Wall Street Journal on January 18, 2020 by Rachel Feintzeig regarding The Vanishing Executive Assistant.

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Caffeine-Free Ways to Increase Focus & Attention - Productive.

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"  That was one of the first things she said to me on the phone.    Change your environment If you find that you are consistently getting sleepy at 1pm in your office, consider going to a different location in the building or a different building all together. "  That was one of the first things she said to me on the phone.  Network with Stephanie or Connect with Your Smart Phone Become a Fan Follow this blog Categories News & Updates!

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Cubicle Etiquette 101

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Home About Me Advertise Cubicle Etiquette 101 By The Professional Assistant on Thursday, November 01, 2007 Filed Under: Office Gossip , Productivity D o you find that your colleagues are hovering around you when youre on the phone? If you work in a cubicle, here are some guidelines to follow for good cubicle etiquette: You see the person you wish to talk to on the phone. If you need to talk on the phone, make sure that you keep your voice to a lower volume.

How to rid the world of bottled water

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Of course, the environment is also a factor. If you have a Smartphone may apps are available to now help you hydrate at your convenience, like The Drinking Water and WeTap apps on the Android phone. Take a minute to think about if you think you can make these simple changes for your wallet, your health, your coworkers, and your environment. Lately, all around us more and more cities, universities, companies, and the like are banning bottled water.

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Reduce Your Household Bills By Going Green

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Companies such as phone/energy providers, credit cards and catalogs have all been known to charge a little per month for printing and sending paper bills. Green Tips Guest Post energy energy bills energy providers environment going green Reduce saving energyTimes are tough and money is tight for a lot of us. Here are a few tips you can easily implement to reduce your household bills whilst you save energy. Go Paperless.

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What a top-level Assistant does…

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Because of this evolution, assistants are asked to take on more bosses and perform in a team environment versus a 1-on-1 position however at the C-Level, a 1-on-1 boss/assistant partnership is still the norm. Home Blog About Us Who we are About the Program Program Specifics Execs, HR Depts.

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Are you Sabotaging Your Productivity? The Most Productive Lunch.

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  When I used to work in a corporate environment, I almost always ate at my desk.  JanetBarclay   I always leave my desk to eat lunch but when I had a j-o-b I often ate at my desk MasterCruz   I eat lunch away from my desk, either outside or in a cafe environment therileygroup   Usually skip unless I have a lunch meeting. :( inspiredjen   Depending on the day, I eat lunch standing in the kitchen and finish up at my desk.

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5 Ways to Scale Your Online Business by Hiring a Virtual Receptionist

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Fast facts about the “true” cost of hiring in-house phone reps. … Economy & Environment virtual receptionistMost of you reading this are either considering hiring a receptionist, or looking for ways to slash the often high cost associated with these front line employees. The truth is that an in-house receptionist can easily end up costing you up to $5000 a month when you add up all their costs.

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3 Ways to Reduce Your Anxiety Before Going to Sleep

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Set yourself up to relax by making the environment calm and peaceful. Reduce the noise and turn off your phone. It becomes too distracting when my phone keeps ringing or notifying me about emails and social media.

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Keeping it Real When Working from Home

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It’s why many of us occasionally choose to work from a coffee shop or co-working environment. If you’re an introvert like me, I much prefer email communication to live messaging, video calls and even the phone. When I started pushing myself to do phone and video calls, my business improved and I started getting more referrals. Keeping it real when working from home is as easy as choosing a video call over an email or picking up the phone instead of texting.

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How to Coach Your Brain to Improve Your Mental Strength and Motivation

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Enriching your environment. For this reason, setting up an environment for success can be an efficient way to increase our chances of improvement. For example, if you want to learn a new language, try setting your laptop or phone in the language you are seeking to learn.

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3 Biggest Mistakes Made While Writing Emails that are Simple to Solve

Jen Lawrence

We live in a global environment and with more people working remotely than ever, assuming someone knows what timezone you’re referring to in your emails isn’t going to work anymore.

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5 Tips for Aging Men And Women to Improve Memory and Focus

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For the phone-savvy, there is a wide array of mental exercise games available in the app stores. Different environments force the brain to adapt and learn something new. Exposing yourself to these environments can be a very enjoyable form of mental exercise. Memory and focus are both parts of the psyche negatively affected by age. Fortunately, there are tons of tips on how to keep your memory sharp.

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How to Change the Pointer Speed in Android

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Nowadays, our Android phones are our constant companions (unless you’re an Apple user). Browsing something on the internet, connecting with friends via social networks- everything can be done via our Android phone with ease. But unfortunately, most of us don’t even know the proper functions and many interesting options of the Android phones. Do you know why Android phones are popular amongst many of us? How to change the pointer speed of an Android phone.

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What Is Authentication & Why Is It Important?

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This technique confirms the user’s identity by calling the phone number registered to the account. active phone service, appropriate environment). How to stay safe online remains a catch-22.

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Co-Workers Annoying You?

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I also work in an environment where it gets a little too loud at times. Home About Me Advertise Co-Workers Annoying You? By The Professional Assistant on Monday, December 31, 2007 Filed Under: Meetings , Office Gossip , Productivity A re your co-workers annoying you at work by talking to loudly? Do you wish you could take a fog horn and toot it around, just so that they would quiet down? Its an open-concept office and at times, I would like my colleagues to simmer down a bit.

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Eco-Friendly Ways Of Disposing Of Your Electronic Gadgets

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Have you recently upgraded to a new phone? Either way, if you have any type of electronic gadget that you no longer use, or that has broken, then you need to make sure you dispose of it in the right way; a way that won’t harm our environment or contribute to polluted air or contaminated land. Perhaps you have received a new laptop as a gift?

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7 Tips for Reading More

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But just like watching tv, listening to podcasts, or playing a quick game on your phone, reading can be done in bite-sized pieces and greet you wherever you are in your day. If you pick up your phone multiple times a day to do mindless scrolling, get into the habit of opening a reading app (or cracking a book) for 5 minutes first. I wish I read more. I think this a few times a week as I try to balance all the aspects of my life.

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Welcome to your first day on the job.

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Telephones We speak into our telephone receivers and punch in phone numbers on the keypad. Think along those lines with the new employee and welcome them to a clean environment. Tags: new employee welcome kit new hire administration assistant professional assistant clean environment There is a lot to remember when welcoming new employees. You want to make sure they get a tour of the office and proper introductions are made.

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How to Implement a Zero Waste Business Strategy

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Fewer toxins in the environment mean healthier human populations across the board — including, more than likely, fewer sick days taken by employees. Motorola once had a vision of a cell phone that, once it reached the end of its life, users could plant in the ground to grow their own sunflower. Zero waste is enjoying a newfound spotlight in the business community, but it’s something that should’ve been standard practice a long time ago.

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How To Manage School Documents Efficiently

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Save the environment. If you want to cut the printing costs, save the environment and have a tidy desk, you should use less paper in the classroom. They can use their phones to follow your lesson from the handout or they can listen to you, make notes, and check the handouts later. They can either write down the answers in their notebooks or keep the homework on their phones or tablets.

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Waste Not, Want Not: Recycling In Your Office

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And with us constantly turning to newer, more advanced technologies, this is in turn leaving many computers and mobile phones deemed obsolete. But what you might not realise is that this is extremely harmful to the environment, as many of these electronics contain toxins and hazardous materials, which can leak out and effect the environment around them if not disposed of correctly.

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Ten Simple Ways to Go Green On A Budget

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Plastics damage our natural environment by leaching toxins into the ground and water. You don’t have to completely eliminate meat from your diet, but if you can reduce your consumption, you will help the environment. Unfortunately, many parts of the world are experiencing a water shortage and mankind is removing a substantial amount of water from the natural environment. You can save money while saving the environment!

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5 Reasons To Migrate To A Paperless Office

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You can intercept these faxes as they come into your automated phone system and convert them to digital documents. Economy & Environment Entrepreneurs digital documents security Have you ever waded through stacks of files only to discover what you’re looking for is in another filing cabinet? It’s times like these you wish you had a paperless office. You’re not too sure about the hype though.

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Creating Great Habits Through Self-Improvement

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Turn your bedroom into a sanctuary for sleep with a cool, dark, quiet environment. There should be no distractions, such as phones or television. If your environment is too noisy, then think about investing in earplugs. Reading books and magazines takes us away from the phone screen and transports us into a world of pure imagination and fantasy. When you realize you’re not happy in the situation you find yourself in, it’s time to take action.

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Streamlining Your Workstation For Productivity

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At the end of the day, your desk should have little more on it than your computer, keyboard, mouse pad, phone, and perhaps a framed photograph of a loved one. Entrepreneurs office environments office equipment organizationWhat’s all the fuss about keeping a clean desk? In college, my favorite professor had stacks of books and articles that rivaled the Empire State Building.

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6 Tips for Focusing When Writing

Daily Writing Tips

As I struggle to keep deadlines, I realize that my work environment is filled with distractions – whether it’s other people’s conversations filling my head or the flashing of my instant-messaging window telling me a co-worker has a question. In a cubicle environment, conversations carry. Continuing along the lines of sticking to a formal work environment, I’ve found that working at my desk keeps me focused. Keep your cell phone out of sight.

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Why Your Small Business Must Have an Internal Employee App?

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With an internal employee app, employees are encouraged to use their phones at work to access the app. This creates a better work environment, which would help in improved productivity. An internal employee app is a great way for organizations to engage with their employees.

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Snuff Out the Burnout

Office Dynamics

If you can’t take a few days off, even just one day, in a relaxing environment with no computers, faxes, e-mails, phone calls or any thoughts of work, can help renew you. If you feel you are on the verge of stressing too much because of your job or even home life, take a step back. You might be burning out. Before it becomes full-blown, take these steps: Find time to play. Even if it means forcing yourself.

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Mobile Threats – What Stays in Your Mobile Without Your Permission

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According to a study , 70% of employees use their smartphones within their office environment and 71% spend over two hours a week to access company information on the phone. Our phones are our constant companions, whether we like it or not. Clearly, mobile phones, their optimal use and security are longer topics of concern for tech leaders and innovators. Now, think of your mobile phone – it possibly has more personal possessions than your home.

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